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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 09:00

Significant energy savings and more production in Arjowiggins Dalum, PM7 after EV Drying section optimization project

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Before ventilation rebuild, Dalum PM 7 suffered from several problems. Firstly, the hood humidity level was very high. Condensation in the hood caused corrosion in the drying section and hood constructions, and falling water drops led to paper defects.

Secondly, the pocket humidities were very high, which was causing uneven moisture profiles, poor evaporation and loss of drying capacity.

All these ventilation problems resulted in massive heating energy and production losses.


The ventilation project included modern heat recovery, hood exhaust units, condensate and steam coils, supply air fans, pocket ventilation technology and web stabilizing technology. Survey services for the PM 7 problems analysis and action plan as well as all different project phases were performed by EVG.

“Now 65% of the PM7 heating energy is recovered for district heating and hood supply air year round. Also the PM 7 speed has increased by about 20%. Our project was the biggest governmental energy saving project of Denmark in 2010.” (Mr. Claus Christiansen, Production Manager, Arjowiggins Dalum, PM7)

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