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New director builds brands

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Henk Bremer assumed the position of Commercial Director on 16 April. He says, resolutely: “We are entering a new phase in the Satino story. The first huge step, i.e. thinking in terms of brands, has been completed and the next step is to accelerate and deepen our Satino activities. I see contributing to the future prospects of this fantastic company as an exciting challenge.”

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Henk Bremer is a specialist when it comes to transforming a product-driven organisation into a more market-driven business. He was one of the driving forces behind the process that transformed clothing company Vlisco in Helmond from a textile printing business into an international fashion brand. “Building brands, linking specific experiences to products and achieving growth; those are our targets for the coming years”, says Henk Bremer.

“As a small, trendsetting paper producer in a fiercely competitive market, we simply have to differentiate ourselves even more strongly. Satino Black has been positioned excellently in the market during the past three years, but our brand portfolio is much broader and we have so many other products in our range. Not only do we intend to link them to the CSR story, we are also going to convince consumers that loyally buying our branded products is exciting, fun and trendy.”

Satino Black is an excellent example of how to successfully build a brand, he says. “We got the market talking, generated interest in the product, innovated at product level and gave our CSR activities their own individual face. My job now is to innovate even more strongly in the market in order to achieve further growth. We will succeed by positioning the Satino brand even more clearly, by adapting our thinking to focus even more strongly on brands, by becoming more successful in regions outside the Benelux and by developing promotions to give the Satino brand an extra boost.”

Assuring the future of the entire organisation is our central concern. Henk Bremer: “That is a very lengthy process; in fact, it's something that will always be ongoing. Our main objective is to stay in the spotlight, in the same way as Adidas, Apple or Spa Reine continually manage to do so. The future development of Satino involves coming up with something new again each year for each generation. We want to stay in the news and continue to set the trend. Via our communication campaigns on some occasions, based on products on other occasions, or based on the way we handle customers and business relations. So we will always put our energy into increasing and constantly improving the presence and attraction of our brands. The road to success is open to us and that is the road we will take.”

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