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Speed record for a Recard machine: 2150 m/min

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Speed record attained: 2150 m/min! Holder of this record is the machine owned by M.C. Tissue produced by Recard for Cartiere Carrara for the Tassignano (Lucca) plant. A figure very close to the world record.

2018 04 11 092133

Already just 3 months after start-up, M.C. Tissue’s PM5 – the seventh machine supplied by Recard to the Lucca-based group and started up in the summer of 2017 – had shown great performance, running at 2130 m/min for 24 hours. The 2150 m/min were reached in February 2018 and there is ample margin to be able to exceed not just this personal record, but the world record, too.

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