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Thursday, 21 March 2019 08:52

UK Based tissue fragrance specialist re-launches formaldehyde-free microencapsulates

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MicroCapture has re-launched its range of formaldehyde-free microencapsulated fragrances amid industry concerns about the environmental impact of using melamine formaldehyde encapsulates in paper disposables.

2019 03 21 095438

The newly launched range will trade under the brand names MentholCapTM - a range of natural eucalyptus and menthol based decongestants and AromaCapTM - a range of on-trend fragrances. All are formulated using all-natural biodegradable capsule wall materials and botanical and nature identical fragrances. The tissue fragrance specialist has also added three new allergen-free fragrances to the AromaCapTM range to respond to a growing trend for fragrances which are free from any of the 22 identified allergen species which occur in commonly used botanical and nature identical fragrance formulations.

MicroCapture’s Commercial Director, Sam Fells explains: “Driven by our existing customers’ requirements, we’ve never used melamine formaldehyde or synthetic polymers and increasingly we’re being asked by new customers to help them move their encapsulates to a more environmentally sound formulation. All our encapsulates are based on shell walls made from natural gums and gels. We’ve extended the range to include a number of new on-trend fragrances including bergamot & green tea, rose & sandalwood and lavender & geranium as well as an extra strength menthol eucalyptus.”

AromaCapTM and MentholCapTM fragrances have a friction release action for a fresh burst of fragrance when the tissue is handled by consumers in use. They are supplied ready to use requiring no dilution and are best suited to application towards the end of the conversion process via low - pressure spray or rotary spray systems such as Weko.

Supplied with a 12 month shelf life in bulk form, once applied AromaCap and MentholCap fragrances stay intact on the tissue almost indefinitely. Says Sam, “I have an old box of menthol tissues made by Stuart Edgar back in the late 1980s, the fragrance is still there and still releases when you handle the tissue. Not that I’m suggesting anyone should aspire to keeping finished stock for 30 years, but it’s amazing how long it lasts once applied!”

2019 03 21 095357MicroCapture is a specialist manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience of developing microencapsulated fragrances specifically for use in tissue applications.

MicroCapture’s fragrances are used worldwide by the largest tissue convertors.

AromaCap and MentholCap fragrances are skin safe and REACH certified for use in tissue and other dry cosmetic applications.

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