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Friday, 03 May 2019 12:21

Another success for A.Celli: the commissioning of a winder and rewinder in Poland!

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A Stream winder and Rapid rewinder have been installed with success!

A.Celli Nonwovens has proven once again to be a benchmark company in the global market of non-woven fabric with the installation of a winding and rewinding system for Spunlace products at the plants of Novita S.A. in Poland, and the commissioning of the system on February 7th.

Novita S.A. has operated on the non-woven fabrics market for over 40 years, offering high-quality hygiene, industrial, medical and home products created by applying the best technologies to its production processes of which A.Celli machines now form a part.

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In detail, A.Celli supplied:

– a Stream winder of 3600 mm that handles reels up to 2500 mm in diameter, with basis weights from 25 to 100 gsm and designed specifically for carded products. It is highly reliable and requires minimum maintenance, and has a maximum operating speed of 350 m/min;

– a Rapid Rewinder of 3600 mm, calibrated for reels up to 1200 mm in diameter, with basis weights from 25 to 100 gsm and an operating speed of 800 m/min. It is equipped with the “DSS” (defect stop system) that monitors the reel and signals any defects to be removed. The system also has a second metal detector installed on the rewinder for the purpose of avoiding metallic contamination. An automatic shaft handling unit for management of the shafts and positioning of the cardboard cores was also supplied with the rewinder.

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