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Monday, 27 January 2020 09:28

With MobiLab, SpeedUp Certificate, 3D Scan, Voith extends its Measurement and Diagnostic Services

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Voith is adding three new products to its range of Measurement and Diagnostic Services. MobiLab is a mobile analysis laboratory to investigate and optimize stock quality on site. With the SpeedUp Certificate, Voith is examining the possibilities for paper manufacturers to operate their paper machines above the original design speed, in consideration of the machine-dynamic behavior. And 3D Scan produces high-precision digital images of the current condition of the production facilities.

As part of its Servolution range, Voith’s Measurement and Diagnostic Services are tailored specifically to the requirements of the paper industry. Plant operators benefit from the mechanical and technological expertise of a full-line supplier and service experts with more than 10 years industry experience on average. This means that Voith’s Measurement and Diagnostic Services not only ensure smooth operation but also improve the economic efficiency of the system.

“Through our Measurement and Diagnostic Services, we are offering paper manufacturers tailored solutions that are state-of-the-art,” explains Stefan Natterer, Head of Measurement and Diagnostic Service at Voith. “And we are continually adding new technologies and services like MobiLab, SpeedUp Certificate and 3D Scan to our range.”

Through its Measurement and Diagnostic Services, Voith offers customized solutions for optimizing paper production.Through its Measurement and Diagnostic Services, Voith offers customized solutions for optimizing paper production.

MobiLab – mobile laboratory to optimize stock preparation
In the event of quality and process fluctuations in the paper production process, plant operators face the challenge of identifying the triggers. Generally, this has to be determined by analyzing and evaluating a large number of stock samples. However, as only very few paper manufacturers maintain a well-equipped wet laboratory on site, large numbers of samples must be sent to designated institutes for testing. This not only involves a significant logistical effort but is generally also very time-consuming and costly. Due to the complex process necessary to preserve the samples, valuable results may be falsified or even rendered worthless.

The solution: the Voith MobiLab – a fully equipped mobile containerized wet laboratory for the analysis of typical problems in the stock preparation process, from fiber loss to issues with chemicals mixing. When trying to identify the causes, Voith experts on site can utilize all the usual analysis processes.

In addition to laboratory measurements in the MobiLab, Voith also offers the Wet End Process Analysis Package. Thanks to a combination of various measurement techniques (pressure pulsation, stock density, air content, online paper transmission and offline Tapio analysis) the basis weight stability profiles of the paper can be determined, for example. Using a paper sample database and best practices, the current status and any faults can be identified quickly and efficiently and action initiated to rectify them. In addition, the MobiLab can be used when trialing new paper grades or qualities in the course of machine tests on actual customer equipment – to get the best possible results from what are generally expensive field tests.

The Voith MobiLab is a fully equipped wet laboratory for analyzing stock samples directly on site.The Voith MobiLab is a fully equipped wet laboratory for analyzing stock samples directly on site.

SpeedUp Certificate – verifying speed increase options
In theory, the operating speed of a paper machine can be increased by installing a new, technologically improved component, and as a result the cost efficiency of the entire manufacturing process improved. But what if the original maximum design speed of the paper machine is lower than the potential speed of the new component?

With the Voith SpeedUp Certificate, companies can have an audit performed on the entire paper machine to determine whether the design of the machine components is suitable for a future operating speed that is higher than the original design speed. For example, machine dynamic limitations such as vibrations, critical speeds, drive design, condition of existing components and technological process considerations are checked as necessary. Unsuitable components are identified, and the measures required to increase the operating speed are indicated. Such measures could include, for example, the replacement of unsuitable guide rolls or adding bracing to the machine frame.

Following successful completion of a speed-up inspection by Voith, the machine gets a “Type Design Speed Certificate” that defines a new maximum design speed of the analyzed components and machine groups. This gives paper manufacturers a reliable basis to work with before they increase the production speed of their machine.

: With the 3D Scan, Voith experts on site can create a digital spatial image of a machine and its environment.: With the 3D Scan, Voith experts on site can create a digital spatial image of a machine and its environment.

3D Scan – spatial image of actual machine accurate to the millimeter
Paper mills change over time, for example as a result of upgrades and the installation of new components. Often, however, this is not documented in the design drawings, which can cause complications in the event of further rebuilds.

With the 3D Scan, the Voith experts on site can create a digital spatial image of a machine and its environment, and in this way record the actual situation of the machine to an accuracy of one millimeter at a scanning distance of ten meters and a maximum scanning range of 360 meters. The real data obtained can be stored as point clouds in various formats and then processed to be used as a template for a rebuild project, installation check or for measurements on your desktop. Point cloud data can be combined with CAD data to produce a machine model including all cable and piping. The spatial review in the 3D CAD system with automatic collision check reduces the likelihood of complicated rework and adaptations on site.

Attila Bencs, General Manager at Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., views this as a distinct advantage: “When converting the pulpers at our plant in Dunaújváros, the 3D Scans had already given us the most accurate information in advance on the spatial conditions on site. The improved visualization was beneficial to both all project participants and machine operators,” Bencs says, summing up the extremely useful deployment of the 3D Scan by Voith, and adding: “This saved us a lot of time and work for the rebuild.”

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