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SmartScan™ LM, a new compact microwave sensor for measuring the humidity in the sheet will be presented.

SmartScan™ LM is a sensor based on ultra-short microwaves, for the accurate measurement of humidity in the sheet on low weights and humidity, typical of post-size positions.


SmartScan™ LM complete the SmartScan™ family targeted for the press section already on the market, a success installed in numerous machines across Europe and North America. 

SmartScan™ sensors are engineered to overcome the typical limits of the NIR (Near Infrared) technologies. This new generation of sensors is characterized by the most compact construction on the market, with single side measurement. These characteristics and the absence of reflectors and/or sensors on the reverse side of the sheet, allows a wider freedom in installation solutions than all the sensors currently on the market.

Cristini Diagnostic Systems will be present at stand 110.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 08:45

Cristini Paper Machine Clothing & Diagnostic Systems

Cristini is proud to showcase its Diagnostic systems line at MIAC 2015 in Lucca (Oct 14th-17th), featuring its EasyScan™ family of traversing beams. EasyScan 100, 300 & 500 are different versions available either for the transportation of portable felt scanners or equipped with DCS integrated sensors for the measurement of felt moisture & permeability. The beams are guaranteed maintenance free, with an extremely compact design to fit virtually any position on a paper machine.

2015 09 16 104505

Cristini continues to be one of the world’s most innovative clothing producers, offering endless and pin seam press fabrics as well as forming fabrics designed for all paper machines. In MIAC will be presented also EnerMaster™, a new Forming Fabric designed especially for packaging grades to increase forming quality, while reducing energy costs.  The new line of Spiral Dryer fabrics for all grades MaxSpiral™, Maximum stability for Maximum life will be also presented at the show. Come visit us at Booth 106.

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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 11:00

Cristini in 2014 is now : 100 Years young!

100 piccoloThe origins of the Cristini Group date back to the middle of the 18th century, and are deeply rooted in the traditions of the Fiorano Al Serio valley. Since the Middle Ages, this area has been actively involved in the textile industry.

Serving the paper Industry, since 5 generations, Cristini will have been supplying the Paper Industry from 100 years in the coming 2014. 100% family owned, the company is distributing its products lines in more than 50 countries worldwide. Some of the technologies widely used nowadays in PMC, like the first seamed press fabric (US Pat no.569040, 1956), or the first microwave consistency meter (2003), have been introduced to the market for the first time by our Company.

Our Research & Development has engineered innovative products, subsequently introduced to the market, which have become important in the evolution of the paper industry. The Company strongly believe in the constant innovation, coming by technology cooperation with universities, research centres of excellence, papermakers and paper machine builders.

Cristini has specialized in the design and application of advanced technology fabrics that make high quality paper production possible. The combined experience of the Group is aimed at improving the competitiveness of its customers.

"Continuous technological evolution of our plants and enhanced human resources operating on a systematic level". The high quality standards of Cristini's products have earned the appreciation and trust of many highly competitive markets.

With production units throughout Europe and North America, the Cristini Group is a reliable partner for all pulp and paper companies.

Responsibility for the environment is a global concern, and Cristini is committed to respecting any and all regulations in this regard. Today, it is everybody's duty to combine product quality with respect for the environment. With this is mind, Cristini has for many years, used a closed wastewater recycling system, and utilized chemicals that have a low environmental impact. Atmospheric emissions are constantly controlled to meet government standards.

Only by respecting nature today, will tomorrow's generations have the chance to enjoy it in the future.
All along this century, we staid totally dedicated to the Paper Industry, and we like the daily challenge this innovative industry present to us.

After all, companies are nothing more than people and the day to day actions they take.

Some other dates around the Cristini history:

1801 Fourdrinier was granted British patent 2487 on 20 October 1801
1852 Pietro Bombardieri started an industrial production of woolen felts and blankets in Fiorano al Serio
1914 Giuseppe Cristini purchased Soc. Pietro Bombardieri to add production capacity to the family company F.lli Cristini, based in Marone. S.A. Giuseppe Cristini is born
1956 Cristini deposited in US and several Countries the world's first patent for seamed press fabric
1994 First Insurance Quality Registration
1997 Cristini North America started Carrier Ropes and Spiral production
1998 First forming fabric facility in Austria for the Cristini Group
1999 Start-up of the Diagnostic Systems project
2001 Patent for real triple layer Forming Fabric (TrioTwin™ generation)
2001 Calandering capacities up to 14 meters
2004 Patent for the application of spiral fabrics on corrugator belts
2006 Patent for FiberScan™, world's first microwave consistency meter
2008 Patents for advanced SSB Forming Fabric (MaxiFlyer™)
2009 PermFlowDUO
2009 Development of PermFlowDUO™, world's first portable moisture & permeability meter
2011 World record for 24h production on 80g/m² packaging grade is broken at 1650 MPM with 100% Cristini press fabrics
2012 Essential™ patent for new ESB Forming Fabric
2014 Years Young!The Cristini name is present in the paper industry since 100 years. This is the right opportunity to look at the future and celebrate the event with a new logo and a completely refreshed website.
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cristini logoFiberScanFIX™ on-line microwave consistency meter delivers continuous measurement of consistency and water mass, while simultaneously providing FFT analysis of pulsations in the forming section, with great accuracy. FiberScanFIX™ confirms to be the reference consistency meter on the market, and the number of successfull installations, but especially the repeat orders worldwide, test it.

FiberScanFIX™ is also used to substitute radioactive and latest generation radiofrequency sensors, confirming the superiority of its technology.

fiberscan cris ppw

The improvement of the bonding on multilayer machines, vacuum optimization, reduction of energy consumption, are just some of the many applications of FiberScanFIX™. The unit is often used to close control loop vacuum and refining.

Numerous applications on machines provided with top formers, gap formers and pulp machines (where many of the other sensors show their limits) proved the very fast payback of the FiberScanFIX™ investment.

Several hundreds of installations worldwide!

FiberScanFIX™ microwave consistency meter allows the continuous measurement of consistency/mass/grammage pulsation in the forming section with great accuracy.

Eight to sixteen sensors can be connected to one control unit via ethernet up to 300 meters, with a very easy plug & play connection. The data can be supplied to any DCS type in both 4-20mA and digital format.

The sensor is built to work in harsh conditions, with body in AISI 316 acid proof, and special ceramic foil.

FiberScanFIX™microwave sensor is very accurate, substituting the limits of radioactive and latest generation radiofrequency sensors. The high sampling rate (1024 sps) and very stable sensor performances allow an easy troubleshooting of the paper grammage pulsations, using the powerful FFT software provided.

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cristini logoIn Propapier's PM2 at Eisenhüttenstadt has been installed the 100th Cristini press fabric.

On the occasion were present the Vice President Sales, Vittorio Montiglio, the Vice President Technology, Giovanni Cristini, the Sales Manager Europe Marco Bucchi and the Cristini German Team, to thank the Propapier Manager, Paper Division mr. Goetz Herold, the Paper Production Manager mr. Peter Resvanis, the Manager of PM 2 mr.Stefan Juergen and the whole Propapier Team.

cristini ppw

Crucial to this success - in addition to the excellent cooperation - the designs of new press fabric concept DuraFlex™ and DuraPreXX™, which were installed for the 4th time sequentially on the first press.

This combination creates an extremely high dewatering (> 5000l/min only in 1st nip), therefore a paper dry content consistently high (> 57%).

These new press fabric design obtained also a very stable runability @ 1675m/min also with light weight papers.

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