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Toscotec with its associate Milltech  have been awarded a contract to deliver a major dry-end rebuild of the L.C.Paper 1881 SA PM 2 in Besalu, Catalunya - Spain. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for the second quarter of 2014.

llc tos ppw

LC Paper was formed in 1881 on the back of the Industrial Revolution and is now well regarded for its production of niche tissue products contained with two tissue machines (PM2 and PM3) annually producing 45,000 tonnes of tissue for the AfH market.

The main recognized company product is OnePly® tissue paper that is produced on PM3 from virgin pulp while on PM2 actually every kind of paper is made from 100% recycled paper. This range of products includes Table 72, 37 g/m2 and Exterkraft 50 g/m2. The products are certified by the ISO 14001 European policy and the Ecolabel tag, both of them ensuring an extraordinary attention to the environment. Apart of this LC Paper is also well recognized in the European tissue market for its attention into the energy reduction problems and on its leadership of cogeneration ap- plication .

In 1993, the Company  introduced a cogeneration plant. It was the first plant with a diesel engine of 6.5 MW in Spain that was expanded in 1999 with a second 6 MW engine.

In 2009 LC Paper launched PM3 with a patented process that takes gases from the cogeneration plant to dry the pa- per by the means of an innovative hood provided already by Milltech. In 2011 the first diesel engine was sold and in

2012 LC paper installed a new gas engine. 6 MW of this energy will be used for feeding the new hood by Milltech on

PM2 with a further decrease of energy consumption.

Toscotec 's delivery includes a major rebuild of the PM2 dry end and press section, which will be replaced with a TT DOES (Drying Optimization for Energy Saving) package. This will features a double presses solution with a rebuild of the felt run, a new TT SYD-15FT with doctoring system and a Duo-system Yankee hood, SMART eMT type from Milltech. The wet end hood is burner feeding type, the dry end hood could be fed either by cogeneration gases or con- ventional burner (normally with COG on is switched off). Exhaust gases are used to generate two stages of steam (high and low pressure) through steam generators in addition to the heat recovery to pre-heat the make-up and com- bustion air. Maximum drying production with a machine trim width at reel of 3050 mm will be 130 tpd. With this new intervention the PM2 consumption will be lower than 1,350 kWh/t.

According to the LC Paper CEO Joan Vila, this investment will allow to increase the competitiveness of the Company.

”After a detailed analysis of our project we decided to choose once more Milltech and Toscotec for the innovative solu- tion they were able to introduce, that is aligned with LC Paper business philosophy as well as for the previous positive experience we have done on PM3”, he said.

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Milltech, the Lucca-based supplier of advanced solutions for drying to the tissue and paper industry, owned by Toscotec, started up a new SMART-eMT Yankee Hood complete with Air system and Heat Recovery, at Wepa Cassino tissue mill in August 2013.

tosc hood ppw

This investment allows Wepa to achieve significant improvements in production and consumption, while offering the best solution for a safe, quick installation within the existing machine.

The SMART-eMT Yankee Hood, designed in accordance with the best available technologies, uses multiple heat recovery stages to recover exhaust energy. With this important new upgrade the Cassino mill can now optimize the production cycle and achieve a real improvement in paper quality, while decreasing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Wepa Cassino is located in the Centre of Italy, close to Rome; it is part of Wepa Group -  a leading company in tissue manufacture. The mill is an important and modern facility, which is completely integrated with a 5600 mm width tissue machine, converting lines and automatic storage system. Its capacity is more than 60.000 t/year.

Milltech, which has formed part of the Toscotec group since 2012, specializes in machine hoods, dust extraction systems, Yankee steam and condensate systems and energy recovery. Its main purpose is to maximize the use of modern technology to minimize energy consumption throughout the drying process. Milltech's keen eye for customer service and expectations, is in the tradition of all Toscotec companies.

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eurovast top banner

The Italian company Eurovast has chosen Toscotec to supply new machinery for its Cartiera della Basilica Lugliano-Bagni di Lucca (LU) plant.

The machinery with a maximum production capacity of over 30.000 tonnes/year and winder paper size of 2800 mm will go into production in the first quarter of 2014.

Eurovast, a limited liability company managed by the Romano family and headed by entrepreneur Vincenzo Romano, is at the forefront of the Lucchese paper making industry. It has been working in the tissue market since the beginning of the ‘90s. The company currently has a production capacity of more than 70,000 tonnes per year with a total plant surface area of 36,000 m2 (three paper production plants and two processing plants located in the Lucca region in Bagni di Lucca, Villa Basilica, Lanciole, Capannori and Borgo a Mozzano). The production chain starts with the raw material and the fibres that are selected directly from Cartiera della Basilica. These are then transformed in the converting area of Eurovast SpA plants. Products are developed paying particular attention to health, safety, practicality and eco-sustainability.

The company has followed a dynamic and innovative path, which resulted in bringing “Rotolotto®” to the shelf in 1994. “Rotolotto®” is the first single roll (typical of the industrial sector) for domestic use. For Eurovast this product was the driving force for growth and expansion that continues today with a complete range that includes the Fior di Carta® and Fior di Carta Lifestyle® brands.

The new machinery is a MODULO plus crescent former in double press configuration and steel Yankee dryer TT SYD-3200MM with a maximum speed of 1500 m/min; it’s the ideal solution for meeting the demand for a high quality product together with the need for energy savings and emission reductions.

Care for the environment and the desire to install an eco-sustainable and innovative system were Eurovast’s determining factors in choosing to offer the consumer manufacturing excellence in a rapidly expanding sector.

toscThe machinery will be installed at the existing site following the dismantling of the current machinery. Engineering services, assembly supervision, commissioning and start-up are all taken care of by Toscotec.

This new investment made by Eurovast will ensure the continuation of the growth process that begun in 2007 and allowed the company to adopt new paper making systems aimed at improved paper quality. For example, the purchase in 2008 and 2011 of new machinery for the paper transformation plant led to an improvement in product quality and aesthetics.

Attention to health, safety, energy saving and eco-sustainability, which is the fruit of a privileged relationship between the company and its clients, make up the driving force in choosing Toscotec as a reliable partner for this project.

The partnership between the two companies will long continue given that last October, on the occasion of the celebrations for the sale of Toscotec’s 100th steel Yankee dryer, Eurovast was awarded as the first company in the world to have installed the TT SYD Yankee dryer in 2000 in its Botticino plant.

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parteksLUCCA, Italy, August 21, 2013 – The Italian leading paper machinery manufacturer Toscotec will supply a complete tissue production line to the Turkish Company Parteks. The tissue line will be installed in Kayseri capital of the same district in the Central Anatolian region. The line will be started up in the first half of 2014.

Founded in 1996, Parteks Paper Co. is a fully integrated large manufacturer of tissue paper for household and community, corrugated cardboard and fluting paper. The existing plant, that houses the TM1 tissue machine (started up in 2007), the PM1 fluting machine and corrugating line, covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Converting facility for tissue is close by the plant. The company employs around 300 people. Thanks to the huge investment process in the last two years, Parteks focuses on adding value to its brand name and products.
The tissue paper is produced with recycled paper and virgin pulp. Panda and Senta are well-known tissue paper brands produced by Parteks.

"Eco-friendly since we are in the business" is the Parteks slogan. By its means, the company acknowledges the values of quality, tradition and interest in the environment and the community.
According to this slogan and to this philosophy the new Toscotec project will be focused on reduced energy consumptions, usage of selected raw materials in the manufacturing process, recovery and re-usage of the process water, low emissions (noise and pollutants) as well as on green energy adoption  with the application of a steel yankee dryer technology .

parteks logoThe delivery, based on an intensive energy-saving concept, includes the approach flow featuring ultimate Toscotec technology TT SAF®, broke line, a MODULO-PLUS tissue machine with single-layer headbox,  single press configuration and Toscotec steel Yankee dryer TT SYD-12FT. The supply will also comprise an electrification and controls package, tissue machine auxiliaries like a natural gas heated hood, steam & condensate system, provided by Toscotec associate Milltech. A two unwind stands Toscotec rewinder TT WIND-P will complete the package.

With a width of 2,85m and a design speed of 1600 mpm, the new production line will produce 75 tons a day of high-quality facial, toilet and towel grades, despite the mill is located at 1050 m above the sea level.

With this latest order, the 10th in 2013, Toscotec continues its expansion also in the challenging Middle East market, strengthening its position as one of the worldwide leading suppliers of tissue machines.

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mplementing the expansion of its paper business, Grigiskes AB has recently signed a contract with Toscotec for a new tissue line with a maximum capacity of 110 tpd.

Grigiskes AB company group is one of the leading regional player, operating in pulp and paper, packaging and wood industries, employing around 900 employees, with a yearly turnover of  EUR 84 Mio. Grigiskes AB is Lithuania’s only producer of tissue products, working in this type of business for 190 years.

Company’s history counts since 1823, when the first paper manufactory was founded in Kuckuriskes that later years was incorporated into Grigiskes Group. Through many years the company was expanding and grew up into the biggest pulp and paper manufacturer in the Baltic Region. Today, Grigiskes Paper Mill is a private company belonging to the Grigiskes AB Group, operating 3 PMs with an annual tissue paper production of 28,000 tons.

Grigiskes owns the brands called GRITE and GRITE PROFESSIONAL. Today, Grite is a renowned brand not only in Lithuanian market, but in all the surrounding countries as well. The focus of the brand is to create cosiness, comfort and safety to the consumer.
Grite has a wide variety of consumer hygienic paper and away-from-home products: toilet paper, towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, folded towels, wiping paper, etc.
With a market share of 41% for toilet paper and 33% for kitchen towels in Lithuania, this company exports more than 60% of production to 22 countries worldwide.

In early 2011 the Company has already modernized the dry section of existing TM5 with the installation of a Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-4200MM. The project was successful, with a 25% of energy savings and 40% of capacity increasement. The good cooperation between the two companies has driven the decision to continue with this new order.

The new Toscotec’s line includes AHEAD-1.5S crescent former tissue machine with single-layer headbox, single press configuration and a Steel Yankee Dryer (TT SYD-15FT), machine auxiliaries including vacuum pumps, stock preparation plant for virgin pulp and electrification & control system. Milltech, Toscotec associate will be also deep involved in the project providing a natural gas heated hood with three stages heat recovery system, machine dust and mist removal system, hall ventilation system.
A two unwind stands tissue slitter rewinder TT WIND-M and an automatic roll handling system complete the supply.
The machine design speed is 1900 mpm with a net web width of 2750 mm. The project will be managed by Toscotec on an EPC (Engineering and Procurement) basis.

The turnkey project will be focused on energy savings and low emission concepts with a great attention to the environmental issues. “For us, the environment is a main issue. We have been trying to reduce CO2 production for some years now, and we always remember that respect for the environment is an issue that many people have at heart in our country. So these are the main reasons why we recognize in Toscotec the right partner for our continuous growth” said Mr. Pangonis, President of Grigiskes Company Group.

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On June 2013, the Nigerian tissue producer Bel Papyrus Ltd, member of the Boulos Group Of Companies, started up their new Toscotec supplied complete tissue production line installed in Lagos (Nigeria).

2 opt

The new Toscotec's line, with an average production of 23,000 tons per year, includes AHEAD-1.5S crescent former tissue machine with single-layer headbox, single press configuration and a Steel Yankee Dryer (TT SYD-12FT), machine auxiliaries, stock preparation plant for virgin pulp and for recycled paper including deinking cells, 2-loop washer system and a hot dispersion system and the electrification starting from medium voltage cabinets and control system.

The supply contract also includes: Steam generator, air compressors, a three unwind stands tissue slitter rewinder TT WIND-P with a calendering station and a jumbo reel wrapping machine.
The machine design speed is 1800 mpm with a net web width of 2850 mm. The project has been managed by Toscotec on an EPC (Engineering and Procurement) basis.

The new line, designed according to the Best Available Technology (B.A.T.), for tissue production, will allow the Nigerian producer to guarantee its own requirements for the existing converting facilities and to consolidate its leading position in the West African tissue market (ECOWAS countries) raising the company’s total production capacity above forty five thousand tons per year.

1 opt

“Besides the long term and successful cooperation between our companies, the decisional factor for choosing once again Toscotec for this challenging project - said Mr. Riad Baloukji, Managing Director of Boulos Group of companies – was its vocation to provide "state of the art" equipment and realize complex "turn-key" projects worldwide.

Toscotec is very pleased with the third consecutive order for major project received from Bel Papyrus. PM1 (a Sloped Wire machine) and PM2 (a MODULO Crescent former) were supplied in 1990 and 2004 respectively.

On top of the above, Toscotec is presently studying on site in Nigeria the layout of the paper mill number 4, expected to be of a capacity of 28,000 tons per year, and to start production in September 2015, which will further consolidate the position of the Group in the tissue supply for the whole West African market with a foreseen capacity of 75,000 MT per year.

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In order to keep pace with the astonishing growth of the Asia Pacific tissue market, Toscotec S.p.A. has successfully established its Chinese subsidiary, Toscotec Paper Machine (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Toscotec is proud to be able to contribute to the Chinese economy by employing local young engineers and highly qualified personnel for the construction of state-of-the-art machinery.

esterno optThe new company, a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), is located approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Shanghai downtown and 20 minutes from Pudong international airport, in the Gaohang district of Shanghai, and has a total covered area of 1500 m² dedicated to paper machine manufacturing and commercial offices.

Toscotec Shanghai’s mission is to become a benchmark for tissue technology in the Asia Pacific region, to provide the best service level to its Customers and strengthen the company’s presence in one of the world’s most significant and fastest growing markets.

With a skilled team of permanent engineers from both Italy and China, Toscotec Shanghai is now in a position to manufacture and deliver tissue paper machines to its prestigious Clients. The Shanghai Service Team will be able to provide a full range of services such as mill site surveys, fast delivery of spare parts and mill staff training.

Already active in the Asian market since early 2000, Toscotec S.p.A. has developed a strong commercial network in the Far East in recent years  with the result that today fourteen tissue machines have successfully started-up for prestigious Chinese clients and an additional fifteen are to be started-up in 2014.

Alessandro Mennucci, CEO of Toscotec Italy, proudly declared: “This start-up, together with our existing commercial network, brings Toscotec closer to our Asian clients, wherever they are located.”

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Italian tissue machine supplier Toscotec S.p.a. has announced  the achievement of a striking result starting up ten of its tissue machines in little more than three months. From 15 October 2012 to 31 January 2013 Toscotec has closed a tight schedule of complete TM start ups in three different continents: Africa, Europe and Asia.

TT optAmong these projects there are turnkey solutions, tissue plants equipped with AHEAD 1.5 M and MODULO Plus in Energy Saving configuration with different scopes of supply, but all including engineering and overall services for international customers as Vinda, Sipat S.A., C&S Paper and MP Hygiene.

Not only different markets, but different environments and cultures also make flexibility a prerequisite if a tissue machinery supplier such as Toscotec is to remain highly competitive.

The implementation of a reliable service structure has also contributed to the success of the Italian Company. Thanks to a worldwide structure, which include Toscotec Asia & Pacific in Shanghai and Toscotec North America in Green Bay, Toscotec has made its Service Team available to the customers for all ten tissue machines supplied with a comprehensive package of services aimed at increasing efficiency and output, including training, maintenance and process assistance.

Today Toscotec with its associate Milltech hold a leading position in fast delivery and installation combined with the state of the art technology, offering a wide range of products adapted to the constant evolution of worldwide tissue producers’ demands.

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Photo optThe Moroccan tissue producer Sipat has been successfully started up PM2 machine in Meknes after a major rebuilding. The Italian company Toscotec has been the supplier of the rebuilding of the existing PM2 in crescent former. The dry end of the same PM2 was rebuilt in 2009 by Toscotec too.

The Sipat TM 2 started up smoothly according to the time schedule and produced a good-quality saleable product from the very beginning.

Sipat S.A. - Societé Industrielle Des Papiers Tissues, established in 1978, is owned by the El Kendouci family. With a production capacity of 16.000 tpy, the company can satisfy the request of the Moroccan market, capable of absorbing 70% of SIPAT’s capacity, and exports the rest to other African markets. The production range includes mainly facial tissue, then toilet rolls, napkins, and kitchen towels.

Toscotec's delivery included a major rebuild of the original Toschi sloped wire forming section, which has been replaced with a mos Plustype crescent former with TT HEADBOX SL-T, a rebuild of the existing approach system and of the felt run as well as YD doctoring system. Furthermore electrification and a new machine control system completed the package. The project has been handled on a turnkey basis, including dismantling of the existing equipment, installation of the new machinery, start-up assistance and training services.

The new machine parts have been designed for an operative speed up to 1300 mpm with a reel width of 2750 mm.

The purpose of the PM2 rebuilding was to meet the regional growing market demand in terms of products quality and production capacity with an increased output, as well as to reduce energy consumption.

The fast delivery and installation timing combined with very good performances of the machine few days after the start up underline once more Toscotec leadership not only in providing capital projects to the tissue industry with innovative energy-savings concept, but also in managing complex and integrated rebuilds with fast pay-back time for the final customers.

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pic3C&S Paper has brought a new 28,000 tonne/yr tissue machine on stream at its mill in Chengdu city, Sichuan province.

The PM, supplied by Toscotec, has a wire width of 3.6 m and a design speed of 1,600 m/min.

Another two identical units from the same supplier will come online soon at the firm's mill in Jiangmen city, Guangdong province.

The first of these is expected to start up in December, and the second will come online early next year.

Four more PMs to come: C&S Paper will also install four other tissue units which it aims to fire up in 2013, raising its total capacity to more than 520,000 tonnes/yr.

Two machines with a combined capacity of 59,000 tonnes/yr have been ordered from Toscotec. These will be erected at the Chengdu site, with startup scheduled for the second half of 2013.

One of the PMs will have a trim width of 3.55 m and a design speed of 1,650 m/min, and will be able to produce tissue at a rate of 32,000 tonnes/yr.

The other, with a trim width of 2.85 m and a design speed of 1,700 m/min, will have a capacity of 27,000 tonnes/yr.

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