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2018 08 06 095344A.Celli Paper presents a new revolutionary concept for the production of Yankee Dryer Shells.

The two goals were to minimise mechanical issues and maximise uniformity and heat transfer.

Both have been achieved with iDEAL® forged YD: the new production technology conceived and patented by A.Celli Paper to respond to these very needs.
iDEAL® forged YD is characterised by a shell made with a single piece of steel moulded and processed using hot forging and rolling systems.

The result is a highly innovative and seamless product that stands out for its exceptional quality of manufacture.

The homogeneous material and structure, free from residual stress, allow for greater variation in operating pressure and enhanced safety by reducing the risk of failure.

The conventional method, which requires welding, poses the risk of defects; therefore, regular maintenance and inspection is required throughout the life span of the vessel, reducing confidence and increasing cost from expensive inspections and loss of production due to periods of inactivity.

Furthermore, iDEAL® forged YD is innovative in terms of the shape of its internal grooves; the patented shell corner minimises deformation and stress at the edges resulting in a thinner root increasing drying capacity. No less innovative is the head insulation system; comprising of a patented ceramic layer reducing heat loss and steam consumption.

A.Celli Paper iDEAL® forged YD: the future of Steel Yankee Dryers!

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A.Celli Paper celebrates with great satisfaction the start-up of three E-WIND® winders for tissue, installed in Indonesia for the customer Asia Pulp & Paper (APP).

In March, a set of new generation E-WIND® T200 winders was installed at APP’ s Perawang mill in Indonesia.

The start-up and subsequent running-in all went smoothly, with the customer’s complete satisfaction. It is one of many other successful business machinery equipment partnership through the years that A.Celli Paper is achieving with the world-wide based International Group.

The three new generation winders, being a partial delivery of a larger sizeable order currently under delivery e/o installation, consisting of two E-WIND® T200 winders, a calender and Slittomatic® automatic knives positioning system, and an additional E-WIND® T200 winder.

With this project, A.Celli Paper has offered the customer a giant leap in quality for meeting high and ambitious production targets to increase and strengthen its presence in Indonesia and through the whole Asia.

2018 07 24 110923

About Asia Pulp & Paper
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), part of Sinar Mas, is a trade name for a group of pulp and paper manufacturing companies in Indonesia and China. APP is responsible for delivering quality products to meet the growing global demand for tissue, packaging and paper, with an annual combined pulp, paper, packaging product and converting capacity of over 19 million tons per annum. On any given day, APP’s products find their way into the hands of consumers in various branded forms from all over the world.

Ensuring supply chain integrity and commitment to the Sustainable Roadmap Vision 2020 are crucial to APP’s operations.

Learn more about APP’s path to operational excellence by reading our Sustainability Reports and Forest Conservation Policy at www.asiapulppaper.com

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2018 07 04 151129
Evolution, innovation and ongoing research.

These are the main elements on which the clear vision of A.Celli Paper is based.

During the third edition of iT’s Tissue (Lucca, 25-29 June 2018), A.Celli Paper welcomed visitors to discover the great path it has chosen, inviting them to see for themselves the 11 technology stations representing the same number of system solutions for complete turnkey plants.

The FROM TISSUE TO TISSUE tour was a unique experience, offering a special opportunity to view a complete Tissue production line.

It was an occasion to present the new generation of the iDEAL® Tissue Machine, the E-WIND® winders and the innovative R-WAY® Roll Handling & Packaging system.

But this was just the beginning, because the journey planned for the visitor also included a look at Research and Development and the new solutions in the context of the Yankee Dryer, with our FORGED YD®; the revolutionary iREEL® data traceability and analysis system; and the latest R-WAY® reel management system with automated guided vehicles (AGVs): all in the name of efficiency, safety and automation.

The visitors were impressed by this direct contact with the world of A.Celli equipment solutions, which is all about the best in production efficiency, reduced consumption and costs, and excellence in terms of both quality and technology.

We would like to thank all those who came, and hope to see you again next time.

A.Celli is on a roll!

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It is with great satisfaction that A.Celli Nonwovens confirms its position as an important partner in this regard, currently with 10 major projects worldwide.

The first half of 2018 has seen real success for A.Celli Nonwovens.

As many as ten plants have now been delivered to customers in Europe, the Americas and some areas of the Middle East.

2018 06 11 091847

These ten new production lines include Master Roll winders (most of which with cutting in line), Rewinders and Spooling plants. These have all been fully designed by A.Celli Nonwovens for the use of ATB (Air Through Bonded) products based on natural and synthetic fibres.

This is clear confirmation that the A.Celli Group is gaining favour among producers for its supply of high performance rollers and cutters which meet the quality specifications and most exacting needs of the market, while ensuring the highest levels of productivity.

A.Celli Nonwovens is in fact able to offer a complete range of Master Roll winders, rewinders and automatic packaging systems with advanced solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and the dictates of Industry 4.0 . The product range also includes reel packing, palletisation and handling systems and multifunctional lines incorporating laminating  and  printing systems.

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A.Celli Nonwovens is delighted to confirm its collaboration with the important Turkish industrial company for the supply of a new generation STREAM® winder.

The Merkas Tekstil Sanayi VE Ticaret AS Company has once again chosen the technology of A.Celli Nonwovens to fulfil the order of a STREAM® winder.
In doing so, the company belonging to the Hassan Group has availed itself of A.Celli’s technological excellence for the manufacture of air through bonded nonwovens improved mainly to perform as Acquisition Distribution Layer and TopSheet components in disposable baby/adult diaper and feminine hygiene industries.
Gentle, soft and bulky texture of these multifunctional air through bonded nonwovens has met with considerable success in a number of sectors besides hygiene.

2018 05 23 222950

The new STREAM® winder will have a working speed of 350 mpm.
The new generation HMI and the excellent performance of the new cutting system are the additional elements of technological excellence, the hallmark of the A.Celli Company whose offer perfectly meets the many disparate needs of the market in terms of experience and professionalism, and real added value for customers.

The start-up of the plant is scheduled for the beginning of the second half of 2018.

Merkas Tekstil Sanayi VE Ticaret COMPANY PROFILE
Merkas Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A S was founded in 2010 as a part of the Hassan Group.
The company’s line of business includes the manufacture of air through bonded nonwoven products.
The Hassan Group is well known in the global sector of nonwoven products, an industry that requires a very particular manufacturing process and specific areas of expertise. The group continues to grow thanks to the efficient management of the 2nd and 3rd generations of its founding family and the dedication of its professional workforce. Its mission, as always, is to share its values and products with Turkey and with the rest of the world.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 21:20

A.Celli is waiting for your at CIDPEX 2018

2018 04 11 211553

CIDPEX 2018, the 25th China International Disposable Paper Expo is the largest exhibition for tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world. It will take place in Nanjing, China, at Nanjing International Expo Centre (NIEC), from 18 - 20 April, 2018

A.Celli Paper and A.Celli Nonwovens are participating at CIDPEX 2018 together with its staff from A.Celli Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd. and will be pleased host you at booth number 8D21, to illustrate the latest novelties in system solutions for complete turn-key plants, with special attention focused on the new generation of iDEAL® Tissue Machines and the E-WIND® winders for tissue, flat papers and cardboard.
Much attention will be dedicated also to system solution for nonwovens winding and rewinding; packaging lines, palletizing and reel handling for nonwovens including Multifunctional solutions in High Speed Lamination, Spooling.

A.Celli's wide-ranging offer is completed by the developments dedicated to Printing Systems - IRIDIUM® and the range of services offered on the theme of industrial automation - Industry 4.0.

In the course of the event, there will several opportunities for exchange of information through debates, technical conferences, seminars and in-depth views on the developments and latest novelties in the field: a must for all those involved in the industry!

During CIDPEX we would also like to invite you to A.Celli's Open House "FROM TISSUE TO TISSUE" scheduled to take place in Lucca, during iT's Tissue main event, at our plant.

For further information and/or to fix an appointment at the A.Celli stand, please contact our Sales Managers, Francesco Scatena and Riccardo Cattani, at the following email address: f.scatena@acelli.it; r.cattani@acelli.it.

Come see us at stand number 8D21!

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2018 03 23 111350

A.Celli Paper will have its work cut out during the TWM cycle of conferences, as it will be holding a conference on the Yankee Dryer and another on the topic of Industry 4.0.

A.Celli Paper is pleased to announce its participation in the cycle of conferences of the ninth edition of TISSUE WORLD MIAMI, which will take place this month (on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd) at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, USA.

The company will take part in the conference Yankee Operations Workshop: Continuous Improvement, with a contribution entitled 'Crown optimisation' on March 20, 2018 by Clive Butler (Product Manager for Yankee Dryer at A.Celli Paper, UK) who will describe the approach of A.Celli Paper to crown optimisation.

The second contribution, instead, will be 'A.Celli Paper and Industry 4.0. A journey in the Smart Factory' on March 22, 2018 by Thoomas Bentzler (Director of Sales-Paper & Tissue North America A.Celli International Inc., USA) who will explain the approach of A.Celli Paper to the development of tissue production and converting technologies for the fourth industrial revolution - INDUSTRY 4.0.

A.Celli Paper will be delighted to see you at stand M200, and demonstrate its solutions for complete turnkey plants, with a particular focus on the new generation of iDEAL® tissue machines and E-WIND® winders for tissue, flat papers and cardboard. A.Celli will also present its developments in the field of packaging and reel handling and its range of services for industrial automation - Industry 4.0.

For any further information and/or to fix an appointment at the A.Celli stand, please contact our Sales Manager, Sonia Bertetto, at the following email address: s.bertetto@acelli.it.

Come and see us at stand number M200!

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Muda Paper Mills Malaysia, Tasek Mill: an old paper winder comes back into fashion!

In October 2017, A.Celli Paper's Customer Service team installed and successfully concluded the upgrade performed on an old paper winder with the final start-up.

The intervention, which entailed updating the winder's slitting section with a modern, fully automatic positioning system of the slitting units, allowed the customer to immediately increment production, substantially reducing the time loss during the production change, following all modern concepts of safety requirements for the operators.

2018 01 15 102353

A.Celli Paper worked in close contact with the customer and the teamwork yielded optimal results. Indeed, the solutions applied were designed in advance, tested and then shared with the customer's work team. The new configuration kept into consideration the convenience of the operations to be performed on the one hand, and the needs of Muda Paper Mills on the other, in order to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency in the shortest possible installation times, turning an old winder into a superbly operating and productive system.

The customer was very appreciative of the project, acknowledging the high level of professionalism of A.Celli Paper's Customer Service team and its ability to always find functional, practical and intelligent solutions through engineering/design analyses, and always keeping the strategic-industrial demands of the individual customers in mind.

A.Celli Paper is capable of offering prompt & effective consultancy in-line with any type of investment and production demand

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A.Celli Paper is pleased to confirm the start of a precious collaboration with the Portuguese Group The Navigator Company S.A. through the agreement for the supply of a latest-generation rewinder model E-WIND® T200 for their facilities in Cacia, in the district of Aveiro, in Portugal.

2017 10 16 080008

The tissue rewinder model E-WIND® T200, highly evolved from the point of view of design, has a 5670-mm format and guarantees a maximum production speed of 2000 mpm. It will be equipped with leading-edge technological innovations, among which:

  • Dust removal system including total enclosure closed hood covering also unwinder stand units
  • Latest bulk loss control system on winding and unwinding systems which allows the lowest loss currently on the market
  • Output sorting platform.

The machine, whose startup is scheduled for 2018 3Q, will allow the Portuguese group to work very high quality papers.

This new investment by The Navigator Company is the latest of many demonstrations of the technological reliability of the most evolved generation of Tissue rewinders  model E-WIND®, as well as of the fact that A.Celli Paper once again proves to be a precious, expert and professional partner capable of walking side by side with customers, building important relationships.

The Navigator Company
The Navigator Company is today one of Portugal’s strongest presences in the world, playing a structuring role for the national economy by vertically integrating its business model: applied research, forestry, cellulose pulp, renewable energy, paper and tissue.

In the pulp and paper industry, The Navigator Company is of great importance in the national economy, and was honored in June 2013 as the “Best Company in Europe” by the European Business Awards in the category “Business of the Year”.

The Company’s production capacity and exports make it a driving force for Portugal’s economy, accounting for approximately 3% of all goods exported by the country, with turnover representing close to 1% of GDP.


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Thursday, 30 March 2017 09:12

INDEX 2017 is in the air…

2017 03 30 091211

From 4 to 7 April, A.Celli Nonwovens will participate at INDEX 2017, the most important international trade show event of the year for the world of nonwovens, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Palexpo exhibition centre.

INDEX is a must for all those involved in nonwovens.

Technology, conferences, and an innovation award are the strongholds of this trade show that every three years gathers over 12,500 professional visitors coming from the world over. 586 exhibitors (with an increment of 10% over the previous edition) are taking part at the 2017 edition of INDEX, in a total exhibition area of 22,000 m2.

Four days to discover new sales opportunities, identify new markets and technological applications, and exchange experiences with the best professionals and suppliers of the nonwovens industry.

A.Celli Nonwovens would like to invite all visitors at stand no. 2527, where its staff will be pleased to illustrate the company's wide production range and dedicated technological solutions: winding and rewinding lines, packaging, reel palletising and handling for nonwovens, lamination, spooling and printing technologies for different kinds of substrates, including TNT, PP/PE film and tissue in a wide array of basis weights and much more.

A.Celli's wide-ranging offer is completed by a reliable 24/7 post-sales assistance service and the innovative MySp@res® service to identify, localize and request an on-line estimate for any spare parts need.

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