Pulp-Paperworld.com / European News http://www.pulp-paperworld.com Tue, 14 Aug 2018 21:18:42 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb BillerudKorsnäs appoints Senior Vice President Board http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7845-billerudkorsnaes-appoints-senior-vice-president-board http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7845-billerudkorsnaes-appoints-senior-vice-president-board

BillerudKorsnäs announced today that Mikael Andersson is appointed Senior Vice President for Board, one of the company's three divisions in the new organisation. The new organisation takes effect on the 1st of October.

Earlier this year, BillerudKorsnäs announced that the company will create three divisions with full profit and loss responsibility in order to more effectively realise the company's growth strategy. The three divisions will be Board, Paper and Solutions.

Mikael AnderssonMikael AnderssonMikael Andersson, today Senior Vice President for the current business area Corrugated Solutions, is appointed Senior Vice President Board. Corrugated Solutions will when the new organisation takes effect be split and the parts integrated in respectively Board and Solutions. Mikael Andersson will be, and is already today, part of the company's senior management team.

- "I am very happy that Mikael Andersson has accepted the offer to assume the role of Senior Vice President Board, one of our three divisions. Mikael has proven to be a strong leader as well as team player in the role of head of the business area Corrugated Solutions. I am convinced that Mikael is the right person to continue to develop and create growth in the Board division," says Petra Einarsson, President and CEO BillerudKorsnäs.

- "It is with great excitement I take on the role as Senior Vice President for the Board division. BillerudKorsnäs is on a journey to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future and hence also a growth journey. On this journey, liquid board, carton board, liner, fluting and other product categories included in the Board division are essential pieces. I am looking forward to developing this part of BillerudKorsnäs´ business together with my new team", says Mikael Andersson.

Mikael will take up his new position on October 1st, when the new organisation takes effect. The other two divisions´ Senior Vice Presidents are expected to be appointed within short.

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    Valmet to upgrade the Ahlstrom-Munksjö Billingsfors pulp mill in Sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7844-valmet-to-upgrade-the-ahlstrom-munksjoe-billingsfors-pulp-mill-in-sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7844-valmet-to-upgrade-the-ahlstrom-munksjoe-billingsfors-pulp-mill-in-sweden

    Valmet has been chosen as a supplier by Ahlstrom-Munksjö for the upgrade of the recovery boiler and surrounding systems in the Billingsfors mill in Sweden. The main objective is to increase the capacity of the recovery boiler. The upgrade will also result in a better boiler availability and environmental performance.

    The order was included in Valmet's second quarter 2018 orders received. The value of this kind of order is typically above EUR 10 million. The upgraded recovery boiler is planned to be started in the second half of 2019.

    valmet logoValmet will bring major upgrades to the pulp mill's recovery boiler. The lower part will be replaced with a new pressure vessel based on the latest designs for Valmet's high-performing RECOX recovery boilers. New heating surfaces will be installed to increase the boiler's heat economy and enable a higher production of steam. Surrounding systems for combustion air, black liquor, smelt and green liquor will be upgraded.

    Valmet has a very high focus on the management of health, safety and environment (HSE) and the delivery to Billingsfors also includes improvements that focus on worker safety and a better working environment in the boiler building.

    "We are very happy and proud to have been chosen as supplier for this important upgrade and are really looking forward to working together with Billingsfors. We will bring the knowledge and technology of Valmet and will combine this with a solid partnership approach that brings the mill's performance forward," says Marcus Grundevik, Sales Manager at Valmet.

    "We at Ahlstrom-Munksjö Billingsfors look forward to work with Valmet in the upgrade of our recovery boiler. This project is an important step for Billingsfors to meet the stricter environmental regulations through improved process combustion, reducing local air emissions. This investment is also key for improved efficiency in the mill including lower maintenance costs and higher pulp and insulation paper production," says Jonas Lindqvist, Plant Manager, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Paper AB Billingsfors.

    Information about the customer Ahlstrom Munksjö

    Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to customers worldwide. Its offerings include decor paper, filter media, release liners, abrasive backings, nonwovens, electrotechnical paper, glass fiber materials, food packaging and labeling, tape, medical fiber materials and solutions for diagnostics. Ahlstrom-Munksjö's annual net sales are about EUR 2.2 billion and it employs 6,000 people. The Ahlstrom-Munksjö share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki and Stockholm. Read more at www.ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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      Valmet will supply BCTMP plant conversion, slab press and conveyor systems to Estonian Cell pulp mill in Estonia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7841-valmet-will-supply-bctmp-plant-conversion-slab-press-and-conveyor-systems-to-estonian-cell-pulp-mill-in-estonia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7841-valmet-will-supply-bctmp-plant-conversion-slab-press-and-conveyor-systems-to-estonian-cell-pulp-mill-in-estonia

      Valmet has received an order from Estonian Cell which will be delivered in two stages. In the first stage, Valmet will supply a conversion of the existing bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp plant, which will increase production and reduce steam, fresh water and chemical consumption. In the second stage, Valmet will deliver a slab press and conveyor systems with connecting control system. The new machinery will boost production capacity and make the line more cost-efficient. The second stage will increase the annual production volume.

      Valmet's delivery is part of Estonian Cell's EUR 20 million growth investment program that will enable the company to achieve an annual production capacity of 185,000 tons and improve the plant's efficiency. In 2017, the production capacity of Estonian Cell was 171,708 tons of aspen pulp and all production was exported.

      valmet logoThe order was included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. A project of this size and scope is typically valued at EUR 5-10 million. The start-up is planned for the second quarter of 2019.

      "We are ready to start with the first stage of the investment program which focuses on liquidating the bottlenecks of the production and wastewater treatment and improving efficiency. In the second stage, we have chosen to invest in another slab press from Valmet to increase our production capacity. The good experience from the earlier installed slab press, which increased availability and stabilized production, makes us confident that this investment will make us reach our set production target," says Lauri Raid, Mill Manager at Estonian Cell.

      "We appreciate the long cooperation we have had around the BCTMP plant and the repeat order of a slab press. To see the plans being realized is something we are really looking forward to, as well as to be working together again in this new project," says Mikael Ehrnholm, Senior Product Specialist, Mechanical Fiber at Valmet.

      Details about Valmet's delivery

      The BCTMP plant conversion includes a mechanical steam separator, a new washing stage by a screw press with medium consistency pump and a new final washing stage before the flash dryer with heavy duty TwinRoll presses. Reconfiguration and reprogramming of the existing bleaching system with detailed automation engineering is also included. The new slab press is replacing the original slab press, which was a prototype that did not meet stability expectations. Mechanical installation of the slab press is included. Commissioning and start-up supervision are included for both stages.

      About the customer Estonian Cell

      Estonian Cell's Kunda aspen pulp mill launched production in 2006. With EUR 185 million, the facility boasts one of the biggest foreign greenfield investments made in Estonia over the course of the last decade. The company produces a high quality chemi-thermomechanical aspen pulp that is fully exported to different countries in Europe and Asia. The company employs 89 people directly and generates work for around 500 employees within its value chain. The sole owner of Estonian Cell is Heinzel Holding GmbH, a leading producer of market pulp and packaging papers from Austria.

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        Fabio Perini S.p.A. only one in the tissue industry to obtain the prestigious AEO F certification, allowing simpler and faster export http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7836-fabio-perini-s-p-a-only-one-in-the-tissue-industry-to-obtain-the-prestigious-aeo-f-certification-allowing-simpler-and-faster-export http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7836-fabio-perini-s-p-a-only-one-in-the-tissue-industry-to-obtain-the-prestigious-aeo-f-certification-allowing-simpler-and-faster-export

        Fabio Perini S.p.A. obtained by the Customs Authority the award of the status of AEO F -– Authorized Economic Operator Full for customs simplifications and safety/security.

        The AEO authorization grants Fabio Perini the recognition of its status of customs reliability, valid at European level (but internationally recognized); the appointment is the result of a process of adjustment of internal procedures and successful audits, carried out by the certifying body, of the regulatory requirements related to customs compliance, keeping of accounting records, financial solvency and safety/security standards.

        2018 08 09 100946

        The direct and indirect benefits provided by AEO have an immediate, positive impact on the whole international logistic chain operated by Fabio Perini and its customers, such as:

        • fewer document and safety controls
        • priority shipment treatment
        • better relations with Customs authorities
        • rapidity in procedures
        • fewer delays of shipments at borders, resulting in less time and costs and also less risk of theft and loss of goods, and of safety-related accidents

        All this results in greater efficiency in customs procedures and, consequently, in the offer of customer services.

        “The path to this achievement has been going on for about a year - said Paolo Sodero, Fabio Perini S.p.A’s responsible for Digitalization and Export Control Manager – involving almost all the company departments, and aligning all employees to this key world-class goal.”

        This authorization, allowing the offer of better customer assistance, represents a major strength for Fabio Perini to keep its leading position in the global market of machinery for tissue production. In fact, Paolo Sodero commented: “Our Company is the only one in our sector to have achieved this type of authorization”.

        In fact, as of today, the recipients of AEO F authorizations - excluding companies exclusively dealing in shipments and logistic and customs services operators – amounts to 400 companies, all representative of Italian excellence.

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          ANDRITZ successfully starts up new production technologies and equipment for the extension of SCA’s Östrand pulp mill, Sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7834-andritz-successfully-starts-up-new-production-technologies-and-equipment-for-the-extension-of-sca-s-oestrand-pulp-mill-sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7834-andritz-successfully-starts-up-new-production-technologies-and-equipment-for-the-extension-of-sca-s-oestrand-pulp-mill-sweden

          International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully completed the start-up of new production technologies and equipment for the extension of SCA’s Östrand pulp mill in Timrå, Sweden.

          ANDRITZ recovery boiler Photo: AndritzANDRITZ recovery boiler Photo: Andritz

          ANDRITZ supplied the following equipment for the SCA Östrand mill:

          • a complete debarking plant with two parallel debarking and chipping lines each consisting of a PowerFeed de-icing conveyor, a hydrostatically supported debarking drum for a capacity of 425 m3 sob/h and measuring 5.5 x 39 meters, and a horizontally fed, XL-size HHQ-Chipper operating with a TK-IV knife system. The delivery also includes two new-generation HQ-Press bark presses resulting in excellent bark dry content, as well as modernization of the existing chip handling system;
          • the new innovative EvoDry pulp drying system with its energy-saving technologies that substantially reduce the mill’s operating costs, including a boiler exhaust energy recovery system, fine screening, a twin wire dewatering system with a fully automatic tail threading system to meet strictest health, safety, and environmental regulations, a new-generation sheet dryer for lowest downtime and fast start up, as well as a cutter and two baling lines;
          • new recausticizing machinery including a LimeGreen green liquor filter enabling efficient green liquor filtration with a minimum of waste going to landfill, two LimeFree centrifuges for dregs, LimeSlake technology, LimeWhite white liquor disc filter to optimize white liquor quality, and LimeDry lime mud disc filter upgrade;
          • ANDRITZ LimeFlash technology, enabling a substantial increase in the capacity of the existing lime kiln without the need to invest in a new lime kiln. The delivery also included upgrade of the existing wood dust burning system, which ANDRITZ supplied in 2011 in order to support the new increased lime kiln capacity.
          • substantial increase in the recovery boiler capacity from 3,300 to 5,000 tds/d. The existing boiler was supplied by ANDRITZ in 2006 and had already been designed to enable a major extension by moving the boiler side wall and widening the heating surfaces of the superheater, boiler generation bank, and economizers. The boiler extension by moving the side wall allows optimum flue gas flux before and after the rebuild, which has great benefits compared to traditional technology for expanding the recovery boiler by moving its front wall. The total increase of the boiler width was 3.8 meters. In addition to boiler enlargement, one additional ESP°(electrostatic precipitator) chamber and feed water pump were added.

          The mill expansion was one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden and the largest ever in northern Sweden. SCA Östrand is doubling its annual production capacity from 430,000 to 900,000°tons, thereby becoming the largest mill in the world for softwood kraft pulp.

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            Gomà-Camps boosts capacity with Voith XcelLine machine for Ejea de los Caballeros http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7833-goma-camps-boosts-capacity-with-voith-xcelline-machine-for-ejea-de-los-caballeros http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7833-goma-camps-boosts-capacity-with-voith-xcelline-machine-for-ejea-de-los-caballeros

            At the beginning of the year the new Tissue XcelLine TM 7 successfully started up at the Ejea de los Caballeros mill of Gomà Camps Consumer in Spain. The smooth startup of the tissue line was achieved thru the modern and efficient XcelLine concept.

            “From stock on wire, to paper on reel it took only 30 minutes and the TM 7 speed-up is over achieving the planned start up curve. This was a great team performance.” José Ignacio González Sarasúa, Mill Manager of Gomà Camps Consumer S.L.U., confirms. “With passion and technological knowledge all the specialists involved teamed up, resulting in the remarkable success of TM 7 project.”

            Voith TM 7 XcelLine Tissue Machine at Gomà-Camps Ejea de los Caballeros, SpainVoith TM 7 XcelLine Tissue Machine at Gomà-Camps Ejea de los Caballeros, Spain

            The TM 7 will have a working width of 2,800 millimeter and produces toilet paper and paper towels from 100 percent virgin pulp at a working speed of 2,000 meters per minute. Voith delivered the entire process line package to Gomà Camps: from BlueLine stock preparation and the double dilution approach flow system, the TM 7 XcelLine tissue machine, auxiliary equipment and system accessories all the way to the full automation, electrification and engineering. In addition, extensive services and replacement parts were included in the delivery, such as the entire clothing package, which is ideally coordinated with the requirements of shoe press technology. The entire new plant will be serviced 100 percent by Voith in an integrated maintenance and service concept.

            Voith's XcelLine machines feature seamlessly coordinated and integrated components, technologies and services that enable fast start-up, excellent performance and high added value for its customers' investments. The scope of supply includes technologies that enable increased productivity and a lower use of energy and natural resources, including the MasterJet Pro T headbox, the modern NipcoFlex T shoe press, the EvoDry Y steel plate Yankee cylinder, the high-efficiency EcoHood T drying hood and the EcoChange T reel with automatic reel spool exchange. The NipcoFlex T shoe press contributes to the low energy consumption as well as to high super soft tissue qualities.

            “With the integration in the Ejea site, the new TM 7 is a strategic step to strengthen our presence in the Iberian Peninsula and to deliver superior tissue quality with focus on sustainability,” explains Jordi Gomà-Camps, President of Gomà-Camps Group S.L., “From the very first minute of the project Voith was a true and reliable partner. With the latest Voith technologies installed in the process line, we ensure to have a competitive advantage for the best of our customers.”

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              Burgo Group chooses A.Celli Paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7832-burgo-group-chooses-a-celli-paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7832-burgo-group-chooses-a-celli-paper

              The Italian company, a well-known producer of graphic and special papers, turned to A.Celli Paper for the supply of a high-tech Pope Winder to be used at its facility in Lugo di Vicenza.

              A.Celli designs and develops technological solutions that meet or anticipate the needs of the target market and achieve the objectives set by its customers.

              2018 08 06 100851

              In this case, the Customer Service team of A.Celli Paper will install, in line with a pre-existing plant for the production of special paper, a complete Pope Winder that includes, in addition to nip control and an assisted transmission system for secondary carriages and primary arms, the new A.Celli integrated supervision system which will interface with the current DCS system of the paper mill. The aim is to ensure the best and most consistent production performance over time, as well as complete safety and ease of operation.

              During the It’s Tissue event (from the 25th to the 29th of June) the equipment, courtesy of the Burgo Group, was exhibited at the A.Celli Paper factory. Some of its features were demonstrated, arousing the interest of the many people present.

              Delivery is underway, in compliance with the contractual agreements and to the customer’s complete satisfaction, while commissioning is scheduled for the end of August.

              A.Celli Paper remains at the complete disposal of the Burgo Group, proud to be able to serve and assist a constantly evolving market.

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                Domtar Takes Next Step in Lignin Development with Prisma http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7830-domtar-takes-next-step-in-lignin-development-with-prisma http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7830-domtar-takes-next-step-in-lignin-development-with-prisma

                Domtar’s Biomaterials team and research partners have been focusing time and resources on lignin development — specifically, developing lignin-based materials that could eventually serve as sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to petroleum and other fossil fuel–based products.

                We recently took another step forward in lignin development and the process of commercializing lignin-based applications by investing in Prisma Renewable Composites, which is developing advanced materials from lignin and other natural resources. With this investment, we will help commercialize the process of using lignin to make engineered plastic compounds, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and other high-value applications.

                “We’re pleased to have the opportunity to partner with an industry-leading renewable composite company,” says Mark DeAndrea, Domtar’s vice president of Biomaterials. “This investment leverages Prisma’s scientific research capabilities and unique product development strategy with Domtar’s commercialization and lignin production expertise.”

                2018 08 06 100044

                Lignin Development Gains Momentum

                Lignin, the natural glue that holds wood fibers together, is a byproduct of the kraft pulping process. Traditionally, lignin has been burned to provide energy to a pulp and paper mill. However, it also has the potential for use in a wide range of industrial applications as a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to petroleum and other fossil fuels.

                Lignin development and the use of lignin as a biomaterial has gained momentum in the past few years, beginning with our installation of a commercial-scale lignin separation plant in Plymouth, North Carolina, in 2013. Today, we use state-of-the-art extruding equipment to deliver commercial-grade lignin in dried, compounded and modified lignin granules/pellets, as well as lignin-polymer blends.

                We also recently installed a demonstration plant at a mill in Ontario to showcase lignin pellets as a potential bioalternative to plastic, chemicals and other industrial products. This project has garnered interest from several industries, as well as support from provincial and federal governments, specifically through Natural Resources Canada’s Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program.

                We’re learning more in the lab every day, and we hope to expand our research to understand the full potential, capabilities and commercial opportunities for lignin-based graphene and lignin-based carbon fiber.

                “Innovation is core to Domtar Biomaterials’ growth strategy,” DeAndrea says. “Domtar Biomaterials is a bridge between science and commercialization, and we’re very excited by the numerous opportunities we see in lignin.”

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                  A.Celli iDEAL® forged YD: the future of Steel Yankee Dryers http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7829-a-celli-ideal-forged-yd-the-future-of-steel-yankee-dryers http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7829-a-celli-ideal-forged-yd-the-future-of-steel-yankee-dryers

                  2018 08 06 095344A.Celli Paper presents a new revolutionary concept for the production of Yankee Dryer Shells.

                  The two goals were to minimise mechanical issues and maximise uniformity and heat transfer.

                  Both have been achieved with iDEAL® forged YD: the new production technology conceived and patented by A.Celli Paper to respond to these very needs.
                  iDEAL® forged YD is characterised by a shell made with a single piece of steel moulded and processed using hot forging and rolling systems.

                  The result is a highly innovative and seamless product that stands out for its exceptional quality of manufacture.

                  The homogeneous material and structure, free from residual stress, allow for greater variation in operating pressure and enhanced safety by reducing the risk of failure.

                  The conventional method, which requires welding, poses the risk of defects; therefore, regular maintenance and inspection is required throughout the life span of the vessel, reducing confidence and increasing cost from expensive inspections and loss of production due to periods of inactivity.

                  Furthermore, iDEAL® forged YD is innovative in terms of the shape of its internal grooves; the patented shell corner minimises deformation and stress at the edges resulting in a thinner root increasing drying capacity. No less innovative is the head insulation system; comprising of a patented ceramic layer reducing heat loss and steam consumption.

                  A.Celli Paper iDEAL® forged YD: the future of Steel Yankee Dryers!

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                    Mondi transforms office paper portfolio focused on consumer needs http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7828-mondi-transforms-office-paper-portfolio-focused-on-consumer-needs http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7828-mondi-transforms-office-paper-portfolio-focused-on-consumer-needs

                    Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is transforming its office paper portfolio, with focus on the needs of the consumer for a clearly structured premium and universal office paper offering. Therefore, instead of differentiating between B and C paper qualities, Mondi is launching a universal office paper that combines the best features of both grades and holds a unique position on the market in terms of whiteness.The new strategy applies to Mondi’s office paper brands IQ and MAESTRO®, which take two of the top five spots for paper mill brand awareness in Europe according to the latest EMGE cut-size and brand positioning survey.

                    “With our new approach, we are initiating a significant change in the office paper market,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “Through our own market research, we have learned that our consumer care most about the whiteness, the runnability and the appeal of our paper. That was the driving force behind our new office portfolio strategy, which builds on the strengths of our Mondi mills.”

                    Mondi’s market research across several European countries showed that the difference between universal office papers, traditionally separated into B and C qualities, is becoming smaller and smaller, with the key differentiator being whiteness. Mondi’s new strategy disrupts this outdated classification and instead differentiates between premium papers and a single universal quality. Today’s end-users value premium quality paper for high-end company communication materials, while one universal product is sufficient for everyday office needs. Mondi’s new office portfolio offers customers the best of both worlds.

                    2018 08 01 101740

                    High-bulk lightweight premium office paper launched

                    Within premium qualities, Mondi is launching another innovation with the new portfolio: A high-bulk office paper with a weight of 75 g/m2. The new product looks and feels like a high quality 80 g/m2 paper, offering great opacity and the high whiteness customers expect of a premium paper, combined with the efficiency of a lightweight sheet.

                    Produced by Mondi mills in Austria and Slovakia, both of the new products in the premium and universal segments are FSC or PEFC™ and EU Ecolabel certified.

                    Strong distribution partners for Mondi’s mill brands

                    In the B2B environment, Mondi cooperates with merchants partners throughout Europe and in overseas markets to sell its office portfolio. Mondi’s IQ portfolio is exclusively distributed by Europapier in Central Eastern Europe. “Feedback from our customers across Europe has been very positive towards Mondi’s new office range,” says Wolfgang Riedl, Purchase & Product Manager for office papers at Europapier. “IQ smart convinces with its above-average thickness, its perceptibly bulky feel and its fresh and cool white shade. Its excellent opacity is ideal for duplex printing and it offers superior quality in terms of inkjet printability. IQ economy+, on the other hand, is a very efficient office paper with great runnability and a new and improved high whiteness.”

                    In Germany, Mondi works closest with IGEPA, the exclusive distributor of MAESTRO® in that market. “Our customers appreciate the sharp focus of Mondi’s new portfolio,” says Bernd Loschelder, Business Unit Director Office & Packaging of IGEPA Germany. “The new MAESTRO® beat creates an 80 g/m² premium experience at 75 g/m² and thus offers more value per sheet, making it a very unique solution on the market. MAESTRO® standard+, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose paper for everyday office needs. It offers high whiteness, and it is smoother than the previous qualities.”

                    Mondi’s unique TRIOTEC® sandwich technology

                    The Group’s new strategy makes use of its assets in its paper mills, including the patented TRIOTEC® technology in Mondi Neusiedler. As its name indicates, TRIOTEC® technology combines three layers that are sandwiched together into one product. While the outer layer of all TRIOTEC® papers contain sustainably produced and certified virgin fibers, the middle layer can consist of various raw materials, such as recycled fibre or BCTMP (Bleached Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp). The benefits include excellent bulk, high opacity and increased paper stiffness, enabling perfect runnability for high-volume print jobs and minimizing machine downtime, as well as reduced machine wear thanks to low dusting.

                    “With the customer always in focus and together with our strong merchant partners, we are convinced that the time is right to transform how we position and sell our office papers and make this change happen on the market,” concludes Johannes Klumpp.

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                      Stora Enso invests EUR 25 million to boost green energy generation at Maxau Mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7827-stora-enso-invests-eur-25-million-to-boost-green-energy-generation-at-maxau-mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7827-stora-enso-invests-eur-25-million-to-boost-green-energy-generation-at-maxau-mill

                      Stora Enso has decided to install a new steam turbine with a closed-loop cooling system and additional biomass storage at its mill in Maxau, Germany. The investment cost is approximately EUR 25 million and implementation of the project is scheduled to start during the third quarter of 2018 with completion in 2020.

                      stora new 2017Stora Enso wants to secure the long-term profitable energy production in Maxau Mill by increased electricity generation and higher efficiency. The new 57 MW extraction-condensing turbine complements the existing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant which started up in 2010. The investment will reduce the energy cost and secure long term cost competitiveness of the paper mill. Once installed, the payback time will be around four years.

                      The investment contributes to Stora Enso’s carbon neutral roadmap and science-based targets through higher share of biomass and higher efficiency ( >50 000t CO2 savings per year). The closed loop cooling system will relieve the Rhine River significantly by less thermal output and considerably lower river water extraction.

                      “We are happy to announce this important investment which underpins our long-term commitment to serve our customers with high-quality paper products from cost-efficient and sustainable operations. It also highlights our ambition to replace fossil-based materials and to contribute to a greener economy,” says Kati ter Horst, EVP Head of Paper Division.

                      Maxau Mill
                      Located on the Rhine River near Karlsruhe in southwest Germany, Maxau Mill is the key pillar in the Uncoated Magazine Paper (SC) product segment. The mill is strategically and geographically well located to serve its customers, including major European publishers, retailers and printing houses. It has a short distance access to all raw materials and biofuels. The two paper machines produce approx. 530 000 tonnes of uncoated magazine papers per year. Paper for Recycling (PfR) serves as the main raw material for the paper production.

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                        Global teamwork: AFT’s growing advantage http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7826-global-teamwork-aft-s-growing-advantage http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7826-global-teamwork-aft-s-growing-advantage

                        The Pulp and Paper Industry just gained an advocate for teamwork, naming Jacques Beauchemin as President and CEO of AFT. In his previous position as CFO, Jacques was instrumental in helping to acquire two of AFT’s largest innovations with Finebar and POM. He has built a reputation for fostering teamwork within the organization, travelling regularly to AFT’s five manufacturing sites and promoting global collaboration.

                        Jacques BeaucheminJacques BeaucheminSays Jacques: “My focus is to strengthen our teams, built around core capabilities. Each person in our company has the support to grow and continuously improve; together we have a strong work force. We are doing more to understand our customer’s needs and bring opportunities for personal growth to our employees. We want big picture thinkers who understand customer processes, good collaborators, and individuals who can multi-task. That’s the essence of a great team.

                        One recent example for key change has been to unify our global project management and service teams. This change presents a single face to our customers and strengthens our internal collaboration. It is at times a challenge to stay locally focused while being globally collaborative within the organization; my past leadership with our global information technology team will help. Our support needs to be at the same high level for customers located around the world."

                        Follow this link for more of Jacques interview as he steps in to lead AFT: http://ow.ly/JEa030kVnr1

                        • AFT
                        • POM Technology Oy AB
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                          KMMS announces strategic partnership with The Aaron Group http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7825-kmms-announces-strategic-partnership-with-the-aaron-group http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7825-kmms-announces-strategic-partnership-with-the-aaron-group

                          Marketing activation specialist Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS), announces a new partnership with The Aaron Group of Companies. Effective immediately, the partnership will see the businesses combining their offering to deliver more streamlined and lucrative results for new and existing clients.

                          The partnership will provide both companies with an enhanced ability to produce marketing materials around the world, capitalizing on combined print industry acumen. The timeframes of print production projects will be significantly reduced through The Aaron Group’s direct access to paper mills and suppliers. Similarly, the cost of projects will fall as third-party roles are brought in-house.

                          2018 07 27 113639Current clients of The Aaron Group will now have a breadth of additional services on offer to them through KMMS. As leaders in global marketing activation, KMMS will work with new and existing clients to offer a 360-degree service from multi-channel management and delivery through to customer insight, creative production and agency services.

                          Harris Atkins, KMMS CEO North America, said: “We are thrilled to bring The Aaron Group into the KMMS family. Our global reach and client base demands the best in print procurement, and this alliance adds to our ability to activate effective marketing across channels, at pace, with great efficiency.”         

                          Gene Aaron, Chairman of The Aaron Group, said: “The Aaron Group looks forward to all of our business partners enjoying the many benefits of this new streamlined, technologically advanced and extremely diversified team. We are not just focusing on paper and packaging for today and tomorrow but are looking towards the future of both organizations in an ever-changing retail environment.”

                          • the aaron group
                          • konica minolta marketing services
                          • kmms
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                            100% of Engraving Solutions to Fabio Perini http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7823-100-of-engraving-solutions-to-fabio-perini http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7823-100-of-engraving-solutions-to-fabio-perini

                            Simec Group signs the agreement for the sale of the shares

                            Fabio Perini S.p.A. and NARA S.r.l. (Simec Group) have completed the transfer of all the investments in Engraving Solutions S.r.l. to Fabio Perini S.p.A. which already held 70% of the company's shares.

                            The consolidated industrial partnership between the two groups will remain active in the future for a better customer satisfaction and will continue to innovate following the needs of the market.

                            2018 07 27 101636

                            Engraving Solutions was founded in 2003 thanks to the union of intentions of Fabio Perini and Simec Group, a leader in the production of rolls with surface machining for different application sectors. Thanks to the know-how and technological excellence of the two companies, it immediately distinguished itself in the market for its ability to develop new designs and to support the customer in the study of engravings for embossed products in the Tissue sector.

                            More than 4,000 rolls already produced, the creation of over 12,000 embossing graphics solutions and 15 patents active all over the world, are the assets of Engraving Solutions. Currently, 20 employees work at the Lucca plant. Among the most successful products at the international level, we mention the Softop, PP-Evo, 4D, and Pixel.

                            "This acquisition is in line with our growth strategy 2025 and strengthens our positioning on the Tissue Area business market - says Oswaldo Cruz, CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A. - Engraving Solutions is an important and strategic resource for our tissue companies that will benefit from this consolidated experience and will be able to provide increasingly customized and innovative solutions to maximize the added value of our customers' finished products ".

                            “This experience - states Laura Della Torre, Member of the board of Simec Group - has made possible the exchange of knowledge between the parties involved and has enriched the background and the specific know-how of the sector. Simec Group has also been able to focus on other segments, strengthening its production assets and nowadays it is a leading company thanks to the wide range of applications available in its product portfolio”.

                            Fabio Perini S.p.A. with its five production sites in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it is the only company, on a global scale, capable of producing complete lines of tissue production, integrating converting and packaging, offering exceptional advantages in controlling the entire production process, optimizing performance, maximizing the quality of the finished product and reducing operating costs. An extraordinary value for customers who find solutions for their activities in a single partner.

                            The new way of interpreting Industry 4.0 has led Fabio Perini S.p.A. to define new solutions to manage the machines, lines, and production, processes, and activities that set the world of Digital Tissue™. All this helps to have intelligent structures that allow maximizing the production efficiency of the individual machines, the complete lines and even more the effectiveness of the production sites.

                            Today Fabio Perini companies have a total of 150,000 square meters dedicated to research, development, and assembly of machinery with the Bologna site exclusively devoted to packaging solutions. A total of around 1,100 employees, investments in R&D equal to 7% of annual turnover and 1,000 patents active internationally.

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                            • fabio perini spa
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                              Sappi approves construction of demonstration plant for Xylitol & Furfural production in line with strategic biorefinery plans http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7822-sappi-approves-construction-of-demonstration-plant-for-xylitol-furfural-production-in-line-with-strategic-biorefinery-plans http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7822-sappi-approves-construction-of-demonstration-plant-for-xylitol-furfural-production-in-line-with-strategic-biorefinery-plans

                              Sappi has just announced further progress in the development of its biorefinery capacity with the confirmation that it will construct a demonstration plant to further scale up its novel Xylex® technology for the production of Xylitol and Furfural. The plant will be located adjacent to the existing sugars and lignin extraction plant at Ngodwana Mill. It should be operational early in 2019. Pending successful results and further approvals it is anticipated that Sappi may construct commercial Xylitol and Furfural plants adjacent to our mills in the USA and South Africa.

                              sappi logoCommenting on the decision Sappi CEO Steve Binnie said: "We are very happy with the progress being made by our biorefinery team, as well as with the value we are deriving from the acquisition and integration last year of the key biorefinery technologies and expert staff from Plaxica. Biomaterials and biochemicals are integral to Sappi’s strategy of extracting maximum value from wood fibre, our natural and renewable resource. We have taken a significant step towards generating meaningful revenue from this new business segment."

                              Louis Kruyshaar, EVP for Sappi Biotech, explained: "Sappi’s biorefinery plans are focused on building a sustainable, profitable business from the manufacture and sale of food ingredients, materials and chemical intermediates derived from the C5 sugars produced as a co-product of our dissolving wood pulp production, and from the lignin produced in our global pulp production."

                              The combination of Sappi’s operational excellence, the proposed co-location of the commercial plants at existing mill sites delivers strong integration synergies, and the cost advantages offered by Sappi’s scale and the Xylex® technology mean that Sappi will have a globally competitive cost base for sugars and xylitol and furfural production.

                              Turning to the products which the demonstration plant will provide a platform for, Kruyshaar said: "Xylitol is a high value sweetener with exciting growth prospects - it is a low-calorie sweetener which has positive dental properties and produces no insulin response, so is suitable for diabetics. Furfual is a versatile green industrial chemical derived from C5 sugars with a diverse range of derivatives".  

                              A quick overview of the development of Sappi’s sugars extraction capacity:

                               In 2016 Sappi announced it would invest in demonstration capacity at its Ngodwana Mill in South Africa to extract hemicellulose sugars and lignin from its dissolving wood pulp (DWP) line for eventual beneficiation to higher value products

                              • In 2017 this plant, built in partnership with Valmet, was commissioned. After operating for 12 months to demonstrate the extraction of C5 sugars from DWP production, the plant has exceeded all efficiency targets for cost, cycle time and yield.
                              • Later in 2017 Sappi acquired the patented Xylex® technology for the hydrolysis and clean-up of these C5 sugars, as well as to produce a valuable lignin stream.
                              • In April 2018, Sappi sanctioned a scale-up demonstration plant for the Xylex® technology to be located alongside the existing sugars plant at Ngodwana Mill. The plant will be commissioned in the first calendar quarter of 2019.
                              • This plant will enable the demonstration of technologies for the production of Xylitol and Furfural.
                              • Following successful commissioning of the Xylitol process, Sappi’s strategic intent is to enter the Xylitol value chain with a world-scale production plant.
                              • As regards Furfural, sugars extraction from our DWP assets combined with our Xylex® and Furfural capabilities will allow Sappi to pursue various partnerships in the furan chemical value chain. The furan markets are showing strong market pull for new investments due to growth as well as replacing older and smaller unsustainable assets
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                                Toscotec boosts its green performance through sustainable operations. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7821-toscotec-boosts-its-green-performance-through-sustainable-operations http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7821-toscotec-boosts-its-green-performance-through-sustainable-operations

                                Toscotec has successfully renewed its ISO 14001 certificate and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration for the twelfth consecutive year since 2006. It thereby confirms its long-standing commitment to eco-sustainability, starting from its own environmental performance.

                                In 2005, Toscotec began procedures to evaluate its internal processes according to the strictest international standards of environmental protection. This entailed undergoing an articulate and audited procedure, which led to the the draw up of an environmental management system and a three-year plan. Specifically for EMAS, the Italian supplier also issues an annual report, examined by private and public bodies, including external auditors and EMAS national Competent Body ISPRA.

                                As a result, back in 2006, Toscotec became the first Italian supplier of tissue and paper machinery to obtain both the ISO 14001 and the EMAS registration and to this day, it remains the only one in Italy.

                                2018 07 26 090723

                                Toscotec strives to step up the eco-efficiency of its operations on an annual basis. In this view, EMAS is a guarantee vis-à-vis the community and the market at large, as it ensures a comprehensive set of corporate behaviours with environmental impact is kept under serious scrutiny.

                                Andrea Marzaro, Toscotec’s Operations Director (COO), affirmed, “Toscotec is working towards a continued and tangible improvement of its environmental performance, on a voluntary basis. Full compliance with Italian laws and regulations is the minimum prerequisite for us. We are determined to go the extra mile, pursue the highest environment standards and achieve excellence. Eco-sustainability and environmental protection are our core values and as such inspire our operations. Energy reduction, in its widest sense, is a big part of it”.

                                In recent years, Toscotec has partly redesigned its layout to become a fully integrated and compact production base, thereby optimizing its manufacturing efficiency. Inspired by lean production, it streamlined its logistic operations and achieved a concrete reduction of power consumption, due to the rationalization of handling and transportation processes.

                                Toscotec’s headquarters currently include eight workshops, four of which dedicated to the pre-assembly of tissue and paper & board lines. Pre-assembly is one of the cornerstones of Toscotec’s quality guarantee. It aims to reduce the time, the energy and the costs of the erection at the mill and therefore achieve the performance guarantees in a shorter period. 

                                Andrea Marzaro also pointed out “With respect to renewable energy, since 2011 we have been generating electric power from solar energy. In 2011, we implemented the first installation of solar panels on the roofs, covering an area of approximately 1,250 m2 and generating up to 190 kWh electricity, which we give back to the grid. Phase two was carried out in 2012, across 600 m2, with an output of 100 kWh. Phase three is currently underway”.

                                Toscotec is committed to protecting the environment at local level through its operations, and globally through the design and manufacture of its cutting-edge technology. The Italian manufacturer manages both direct environmental aspects - pertaining to its own operations, like waste, emissions, use of raw materials, energy and water resources, etc. - and indirect aspects.

                                With respect to its indirect environmental aspects, Toscotec’s Technical Director, Paolo Raffaelli pointed out, “through our advanced design and manufacturing process, we have achieved a significant reduction of the environmental impact generated by our machinery and process, confirmed by field data and positive customer feedback. Our engineering approach aims to enable paper mills to improve their overall performance, by reducing the need of fresh water, electricity and thermal energy, and minimizing their atmospheric emissions, including noise”.     

                                From TT SYD and TT SteelDryers, to Energy Saving tissue lines, to TT SAF (Short Approach Flow) and TT DOES (Drying Optimization for Energy Saving), Toscotec is the leading supplier of technology specifically designed for energy savings and with view to this, it is extensively investing in R&D and innovation.

                                • Toscotec
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                                  Terra incognita: missing maps in the tropical forestry sector hamper efforts to combat forest loss http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7818-terra-incognita-missing-maps-in-the-tropical-forestry-sector-hamper-efforts-to-combat-forest-loss http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7818-terra-incognita-missing-maps-in-the-tropical-forestry-sector-hamper-efforts-to-combat-forest-loss

                                  ZSL finds lack of transparency in tropical forestry sector restricts monitoring of corporate commitments

                                  Efforts to monitor and manage the impacts of the tropical forestry sector are being hindered, due to many companies failing to accurately disclose where they operate – leaving biodiverse forests at risk of unsustainable exploitation. This is just one finding of an in-depth evaluation of forestry companies, published today on 18 July 2018 by ZSL (Zoological Society of London).

                                  In assessing 50 of the world’s most significant tropical timber and pulp producers, ZSL’s SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit) found that most are failing to publish accurate maps of their operations. With 2017 the second worst year on record for tropical tree cover loss, the forestry sector must now move to publish maps that support independent monitoring of corporate commitments targeted at addressing risks to forests.

                                  2018 07 23 093709

                                  ZSL’s SPOTT assessments cover timber and pulp producers with combined land holdings of over 350,000 square kilometres, an area the size of Germany. In the latest annual assessments, only eight companies were found to publish clear and comprehensive maps of their forestry operations, while 27 companies disclosed incomplete information. A further 15 companies do not provide any suitable maps of their operations, meaning the location of over 45,000 square kilometres – or over six million football pitches – of forestry operations remains unclear.

                                  To increase accountability, the tropical forestry sector should freely publish digitised maps that allow the exact locations and boundaries of their operations to be identified. Certification schemes such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forestry Certification) should also take steps to encourage the publication of certified companies’ mapped boundaries.

                                  Chris Eves, ZSL Forestry Officer said: “A lack of spatial data pinpointing where forestry companies are operating makes it difficult for third parties to fully assess their impacts on the world’s remaining tropical forest. Certification schemes including the FSC and PEFC have a vital role to play in ensuring forest products are sustainably sourced. They can lead the way by making the publication of such information a requirement.”

                                  As the only forestry sector assessment of its kind, SPOTT scores companies against over 100 environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators that measure company transparency. Issues covered by the assessments include biodiversity conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, land conflicts, and labour rights. The 2018 results emphasise the pressing need for improved transparency across the board: on average, companies scored just 31%. Only five of the 50 companies assessed, demonstrated higher levels of transparency (scoring more than 66%).

                                  Other key findings from the 2018 SPOTT assessments include inadequate commitments to conserve biodiversity within company concessions, putting Critically Endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) and Western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) at risk. Over a third of forestry companies assessed by ZSL lack a full commitment to conserve biodiversity, whilst over half are failing to disclose whether they have set aside any of their land for the benefit of wildlife. 

                                  Robert-Alexandre Poujade, ESG Analyst at BNP Paribas Asset Management, said: “Responsible investors and banking institutions are increasingly aware of the impact that unsustainable commodity production can have on forests globally. Tools relying on satellite imagery are already proving crucial in tracking deforestation, but the loop can only be closed when companies publicly disclose the exact location of their operations.”

                                  A summary of the latest SPOTT timber and pulp assessments can be found here: www.spott.org/timber-pulp-summary. Full details of all 50 timber and pulp producers assessed on SPOTT can be found here: www.spott.org/timber-pulp

                                  SPOTT (Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit)

                                  Developed by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), SPOTT is an online platform supporting sustainable commodity production and trade. By tracking transparency, SPOTT incentivises the implementation of corporate best practice.

                                  SPOTT assesses commodity producers and traders on the public disclosure of their policies, operations and commitments related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. SPOTT scores companies annually against sector-specific indicators, allowing them to benchmark their progress over time. Investors, buyers and other key influencers can use SPOTT assessments to inform stakeholder engagement, manage risk, and increase industry transparency. For more information, visit www.SPOTT.org

                                  ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

                                  Founded in 1826, ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is an international scientific, conservation and educational charity whose mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. Our mission is realised through our ground-breaking science, our active conservation projects in more than 50 countries and our two Zoos, ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. For more information visit www.zsl.org

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                                    Toscotec and tissue industry leaders join forces at TAPPI to set guidelines for steel Yankee dryers. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7817-toscotec-and-tissue-industry-leaders-join-forces-at-tappi-to-set-guidelines-for-steel-yankee-dryers http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7817-toscotec-and-tissue-industry-leaders-join-forces-at-tappi-to-set-guidelines-for-steel-yankee-dryers

                                    Steel Yankee dryers have been operating since 2000, and in recent years, they have become the dominant trend in the tissue industry. At present, the estimated number of steel Yankee dryers in operation worldwide is almost 400 units.

                                    2018 07 20 090143

                                    However, to this day, there aren’t any official guidelines regulating their safe operation, proper inspection and maintenance. The National Board Inspection codes for pressure vessels (such as ASME, PED, CSEI, JIS etc.) regulate the design and construction of steel Yankees, but their domain ends with the delivery. End users often demand that SYD checks and services be performed according to TAPPI’s standards, pointing to the need for an internationally recognized set of guidelines.    

                                    In 2015, Toscotec first put forth the idea of creating an official set of standard practices for steel Yankee’s operations. TAPPI has since entrusted the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee - Steel Yankee Subcommittee with the task of creating a new TAPPI TIP (Technical Information Paper) dedicated to Steel Yankee Dryers. In parallel, Toscotec has played a key role in helping update the TAPPI reference book Guidelines for Safe Operation and Condition Assessment of Yankee Dryers, which includes both updated contents for cast iron Yankees and steel Yankees. These publications are expected to become available in 2019.

                                    Toscotec North America’s Lead Technical Service Analyst, Troy Kapalczynski is Chairperson of TAPPI’s Steel Yankee Subcommittee. As he explained, “the subcommittee is composed of manufacturers and end users who collaborate to expand the knowledge of Yankee dryers and address key questions about what and how procedures should be done in order to safely operate, properly control and maintain one of the most important equipment of a tissue mill. We are working to give end users the answers they need to optimize their operations”.

                                    Riccardo Pierini, Toscotec’s Customer Care & Yankee Dryer Service Manager, added, “The subcommittee runs a peer-reviewed, highly specialized and technical project. Specifically for steel Yankees, we addressed issues such as inspection guidelines and principles, non-destructive examinations, routine and non-routine inspections, warm-up and cool-down procedures, and boiler water chemistry. In addition, we also developed maintenance and repair practices among other operating and reliability guidelines. These are all fundamental questions for Yankee managers worldwide”.  

                                    As the leading supplier of steel Yankee dryers worldwide, Toscotec is the leading provider of content for TAPPI’s Steel Yankee Subcommittee. In this respect, Toscotec North America’s Area Engineering Manager, Alessandro Rocchiccioli pointed out, “We have 18 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and operation monitoring and service of steel Yankee dryers. With over 200 references, we have TT SYD running across the globe under a wide range of different environmental, pressure and operating conditions. We want to share this experience with the entire tissue industry, because the market has confirmed that steel Yankees are the future and, as an industry, we need a clear regulatory framework, as cast iron Yankees had back in 1992”.  

                                    For more information about TAPPI's Steel Yankee Subcommittee, visit: 


                                    • Toscotec
                                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 20 Jul 2018 09:06:40 +0200
                                      Progroup selects Voith to supply new Propapier PM 3 packaging paper line http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7816-progroup-selects-voith-to-supply-new-propapier-pm-3-packaging-paper-line http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7816-progroup-selects-voith-to-supply-new-propapier-pm-3-packaging-paper-line

                                      German papermaker Progroup AG has chosen Voith’s XcelLine machine concept for its flagship greenfield plant, Propapier PM 3 GmbH. The site is scheduled to open in 2020 in Sandersdorf-Brehna in the northwest of Leipzig.

                                      • High performance XcelLine concept as decisive factor to receive contract
                                      • New PM 3 will produce 750,000 tons of testliner and corrugated medium annually
                                      • Start-up planned for 2020

                                      voith logo 2013Progroup contracted with Voith in July to deliver PM 3, a 10,000 millimeter wire width machine with an annual production capacity of 750,000 tons of testliner and corrugated medium. Voith will supply the feeding system, BlueLine stock preparation; reject system, paper machine with hood and process air system, hall ventilation, reel spool transport system and winder. The new machine will have an operating speed of 1,600 meter per minute.

                                      Voith Paper was selected because of the outstanding performance of its XcelLine machine concept, as well as the proven BlueLine stock preparation, clothing and roll covers, VariFlex XL winder, and mechanical roll service.

                                      Construction is scheduled to begin on the Propapier PM 3 plant in early 2019 with completion slated for the second half of 2020. Together with Progroup’s nearby facilities in Burg and Eisenhüttenstadt, the containerboard manufacturer will have a total annual production capacity of approximately 1.85 million tons.

                                      About the Company
                                      Voith Paper is a Group Division of Voith and the leading partner and pioneer in the paper industry. Through constant innovations, the technology group is continually optimizing the paper manufacturing process and paving the way for resource-saving production. Thanks to Papermaking 4.0, paper manufacturers can interconnect their equipment in an optimum way and increase their competitiveness through the effective and secure use of generated data. With Servolution, Voith Paper offers its customers tailored service solutions for all sections of the production process.

                                      Voith is a global technology group. With its wide range of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets for energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith today has more than 19,000 employees and earns 4.2 billion euros in sales. It has locations in over 60 countries and is one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.

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                                      • voith paper
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                                        Sappi to fund research on Artificial Intelligence and bringing carbon emissions to net zero in the paper and pulp industry http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7815-sappi-to-fund-research-on-artificial-intelligence-and-bringing-carbon-emissions-to-net-zero-in-the-paper-and-pulp-industry http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7815-sappi-to-fund-research-on-artificial-intelligence-and-bringing-carbon-emissions-to-net-zero-in-the-paper-and-pulp-industry

                                        As one of the founding partners of The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme

                                        Sappi Limited, a leading global producer of dissolving wood pulp, speciality and packaging papers, graphic (printing and writing) paper and biomaterials, is pleased to announce its support as one of the founding partners of The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme .

                                        The 3-5 year fellowships, announced last week by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), will attract academics from around the world to identify breakthrough solutions to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At launch eight Fellowships have been funded.

                                        2018 07 19 091810

                                        The Sappi supported Fellowship will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Reshaping the future of industry” (SDG9). It aims to build on Sappi’s current engagement with the CISL by investigating how trends of innovation and sustainability will come together to reshape the future of industry – looking at the paper and pulp industry as an initial example and examining drivers including the rise of artificial intelligence and the need to bring carbon emissions to net zero.

                                        Commenting on Sappi’s decision to become a Founding Partner of the Fellowship Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited, said:

                                        “We have been engaging at a group and European level with Dame Polly Courtice and the CISL team since 2013. They have helped and supported our European industry efforts related to the Green Growth Platform, the development of a new low carbon pulp technology (DES), exploring financing options to support industry’s transformation and investigating block-chain technology for timber certification.” He continued “The challenge for the pulp and paper industry is how to be much more effective than today, both in our journey towards durable sustainability and to the need for economic vitality and employment for future generations. This Fellowship programme and the research it will deliver will help take this work forward. We live in an age of hyper-innovation and we take responsibility for making it work positively. That is why we have chosen a subject which joins the desire and need for sustainable materials with the most revolutionary technology to appear for over a generation – that of Artificial Intelligence. We anticipate that the Fellowship programme will deliver students with a profound knowledge and understanding of these issues which will help drive new solutions for us and others, creating exciting opportunities far into the future.”

                                        CISL, a 30-year old Institute with 80 staff and a network of 8,000 alumni and 250 companies, will host the Fellowship Programme alongside its existing industry collaborations and executive education programmes to foster an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

                                        Speaking at the launch of the Fellowship, Dame Polly Courtice, Director of the CISL said: “The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme will create a rich intellectual space for collaboration between researchers and industry as we seek breakthrough ideas and leadership actions to towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

                                        Over and above Sappi’s topic of Industrial Transformation, the other confirmed research topics include Social and Environmental Accounting; Investing in Sustainable Communities; Sustainable Health; Radical Innovation and Disruption; The Role of Responsible Business in the Community; Inclusive Growth; Pathways to a Circular Economy.

                                        • sappi
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                                          More transparency, efficiency and safety thanks to Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7814-more-transparency-efficiency-and-safety-thanks-to-virtual-reality-solutions-by-voith-paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7814-more-transparency-efficiency-and-safety-thanks-to-virtual-reality-solutions-by-voith-paper

                                          On 26 June, during ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2018, Voith introduced its new smart service package, Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper. It offers paper manufacturers the opportunity to have their new machine modeled in virtual reality. This means that Voith customers can benefit from more transparency, efficiency and safety in paper production over the entire life cycle of the machine.

                                          Thanks to the new virtual reality technology a company can experience its own paper machine as early as the planning phaseThanks to the new virtual reality technology a company can experience its own paper machine as early as the planning phase

                                          • New paper machine can be brought to life as early as the planning phase
                                          • Better learning outcomes thanks to customized, interactive training programs for new and existing machines.
                                          • Staff can acquire proficiency in a safe virtual environment

                                          With Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper, paper manufacturers can obtain a digital representation of their very own new machine within a matter of days. The system allows the machine to be brought to life before it is even built, either on a monitor or for an even more realistic experience using virtual reality goggles. In the planning phase this makes it much easier to configure the machine and develop infrastructure e.g. for stock preparation, buildings and access routes in the planning phase. Providing information to stakeholders is also a much simpler matter if the characteristics and functions of individual components and the entire machine can be represented realistically at any location in the world.

                                          With Virtual Reality by Voith Paper, paper manufacturers can become familiar with their paper machine in the planning phaseWith Virtual Reality by Voith Paper, paper manufacturers can become familiar with their paper machine in the planning phase

                                          With Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper effective use can be made of the time available prior to commissioning of the machine. Operators, maintenance crews and managers can acquire proficiency and familiarize themselves with the machine and those inner workings that are not directly accessible in real life. Virtual training programs allow personnel to acquire experience with the operation even though their paper machine is not yet running. Training in a virtual reality environment is about more than just visual perception; there is also a realistic noise backdrop and controls allow the user to move along the entire machine and execute certain hand actions. Much better learning outcomes can be achieved by addressing several sensory perceptions at once.

                                          Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper also ensures more efficiency during operation itself. Staff can practice maintenance activities in advance in interactive training scenarios. The training not only includes all work processes, which are simulated step by step with the necessary tools, it also focuses on occupational safety. For example, the replacement of a press sleeve or screen basket can be simulated and practiced in a safe virtual environment before the task is due to be performed at the machine. The routine acquired in this way then leads to shorter downtimes in real-life maintenance, a lower error rate and a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

                                          Maintenance operations can be tried out in advance in a safe environment by means of virtual training programsMaintenance operations can be tried out in advance in a safe environment by means of virtual training programs

                                          With Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper the company is taking its next step on route to Papermaking 4.0. “Our aim is to combine the potential offered by digitalization with the physical manufacturing process and in this way optimize paper production,” explains Thomas Holzer, President Business Line Projects Voith Paper. In doing so, Voith is once again offering its customers a tailored, intelligent service solution based on customer requirements that will significantly increase machine availability and process reliability

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                                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 18 Jul 2018 10:00:35 +0200
                                            Swedish research breaks new ground – closer to a commercial paper battery http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7812-swedish-research-breaks-new-ground-closer-to-a-commercial-paper-battery http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7812-swedish-research-breaks-new-ground-closer-to-a-commercial-paper-battery

                                            BillerudKorsnäs and Uppsala University are making paper batteries a reality, paving the way for energy storage in packaging materials.

                                            BillerudKorsnäs and researchers at Uppsala University have together taken an important step towards the future’s paper batteries. Together they have taken basic research based on pure cellulose from algae and developed it to work with the same type of fibre that BillerudKorsnäs usually uses to manufacture packaging material. This development opens up for both inexpensive and eco-friendly batteries. The long-term aim is to enable large-scale production and the future use of paper batteries for applications in areas such as smart packaging.

                                            testing of the materialtesting of the material

                                            Technology for large-scale production processes
                                            The development work is being carried out by one of Sweden’s foremost research teams under Maria Strömme, collaborating with BillerudKorsnäs, as a leading company in the development of sustainable packaging technology, in a completely new form.

                                            “What’s special in this case is the model for collaboration between BillerudKorsnäs and Uppsala University that has resulted in technology adapted to large-scale production processes. We’re combining the deep theoretical expertise of the researchers with our understanding of innovation and production technology. By successfully creating a joint platform, we can focus our work on the future, on creating an advanced product that can still be produced in an effective way,” says Lars Sandberg, project manager for innovation at BillerudKorsnäs.

                                            Smart, connected packaging
                                            In the long term, the paper battery opens up possibilities for developing packaging that is both smart and more sustainable. Small paper batteries with sensors can in the future open up for packaging that can be traced through the entire transport chain. This includes, for example, packaging that measures temperature or position in real time and provides information on what is happening with an item during transport.

                                            A paper battery entails many new ways of using packaging and can thus offer exciting opportunities for the packaging industry and BillerudKorsnäs customers that wish to establish systems that safeguard quality and delivery reliability. For example, a light sensor along with a BillerudKorsnäs paper battery could provide information on where in the transport chain a product disappeared from its packaging.

                                            With electrodes based on cellulose from wood fibre, the ambition is that in the future, it will be possible to recycle batteries along with their boxes and make them into new boxes or paper batteries.  

                                            testing the paper battery potential and chargetesting the paper battery potential and charge

                                            “The paper battery is a key piece of the puzzle in efforts to produce smart packaging that requires small, sustainable power sources. By enabling this type of sustainable packaging, the work on the paper battery is fully in line with BillerudKorsnäs’ vision of challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future. Storing energy in paper instead of in lithium batteries, for example, allows for bio-based batteries that can form part of a circular system, which provides major sustainability benefits,” says Magnus Wikström, technical director at BillerudKorsnäs.

                                            • BillerudKorsnäs
                                              no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:20:31 +0200
                                              Valmet to supply a third Advantage tissue production line to Lila Group in Turkey http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7811-valmet-to-supply-a-third-advantage-tissue-production-line-to-lila-group-in-turkey http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7811-valmet-to-supply-a-third-advantage-tissue-production-line-to-lila-group-in-turkey

                                              Valmet will supply a complete Valmet Advantage DCT 200 tissue line to the Turkish tissue manufacturer Lila Group in Corlu, 100 km west of Istanbul. The TM3 line will be equipped with all state-of-the-art options available including stock-preparation and an extensive automation package to achieve production with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Start-up is planned for 2020.

                                              valmet logoValmet has previously delivered two Advantage DCT 200 tissue lines to the same mill. TM1 started up in 2007 and TM2 in 2012. In addition to the new tissue line, Lila Group also ordered a rebuild of their TM1 and TM2 to Advantage ViscoNip press configuration.

                                              The orders were included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

                                              "For us it is important to collaborate with a supplier who understands our demands and has the capability to deliver equipment that can meet our targets for efficient production, low energy consumption and high tissue quality. From our experience, we know that Valmet provides the best technology for our needs. In addition to the new tissue machine, we also have high expectations to improve our operations on TM1 and TM2 with the rebuild of the press sections," says Orhan Ogucu, Chairman of Lila Group.

                                              "The Valmet Advantage DCT 200 concept with the Advantage ViscoNip press has become standard in the Turkish tissue market. We are happy to once again be trusted as a partner, supporting Lila Group's expansion plans and are looking forward to working together realizing their targets," says Björn Magnus, Sales Director, EMEA, Valmet.

                                              Technical information about the delivery

                                              Valmet's tissue machine delivery will comprise of a complete Advantage DCT 200 tissue production line with stock preparation equipment and the Advantage tissue technology. The scope will also include an extensive automation package with DCS, QCS and Softness sensor. Start-up, commissioning and training are also part of the delivery.

                                              The new machine TM3 will add a capacity of 70,000 tons of tissue products for the domestic and export market.

                                              About Lila Group

                                              Lila Group is a leading Turkish industrial enterprise headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The group operates in four different sectors in tissue paper, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), energy and textile. The factory in Corlu is set to become the biggest tissue manufacturing facility under a single roof in Turkey and Middle East and North Africa. It employs nearly 1,000 people.

                                              Read more www.lilagroup.com, https://www.linkedin.com/company/lilagroup

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                                              • valmet corporation
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                                                ANDRITZ acquires Diatec, Italy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7807-andritz-acquires-diatec-italy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7807-andritz-acquires-diatec-italy

                                                International technology Group ANDRITZ has acquired a 70% stake in Diatec S.R.L., a leading manufacturer of converting machines for the hygiene and food packaging industries based in Collecorvino in the region of Pescara, Italy. The remaining 30% will stay in the hands of the two current shareholding families.

                                                2018 07 12 082807Diatec designs and manufactures a wide range of special machines and technological solutions, mainly for the production of baby diapers and other absorbent hygiene products, but also for food packaging. With this acquisition, ANDRITZ complements its product portfolio in Nonwoven and is now able to offer the complete supply and value chain, from the raw material, to webfoming, finishing, and converting.

                                                Diatec was established in 1992 and has developed very favorably since then, with many international references and renowned customers around the the world. The company is known for its innovative spirit, providing flexible and sophisticated solutions for the hygiene sector.

                                                The Diatec owners and managers, who will continue to work in the company, acknowledge that ANDRITZ is the best partner to support the company’s long-term growth and – together with employees and suppliers – to create synergies that can satisfy the demands of its customers.

                                                Andreas Lukas, Division Manager for ANDRITZ Nonwoven, says: “We are very excited about this complementary acquisition that extends our market coverage, process technology, and product range within the nonwovens industry.”

                                                Diatec’s General Manager, Luigi Mancini, comments: “With ANDRITZ, we have found our ideal partner to strengthen our international market position and we are looking forward to growing further within this collaboration.”

                                                • Andritz
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                                                  Paperboard is replacing plastic to reduce climate impact http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7803-paperboard-is-replacing-plastic-to-reduce-climate-impact http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7803-paperboard-is-replacing-plastic-to-reduce-climate-impact

                                                  A number of global companies have replaced or are doing trials to replace the material in their gift cards – from plastic to paperboard. Sweden’s largest cinema chain, SF Bio, has taken the plunge and is now replacing all its cards.

                                                  “When our card supplier, Megacard, suggested we could make our gift cards from paperboard and thereby drastically reduce their environmental impact, it was self-evident to us to switch,” explains Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.

                                                  :“When we could have just as impactful cards in paperboard as in plastic we didn’t hesitate to switch – for the environment’s sake,” says Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.:“When we could have just as impactful cards in paperboard as in plastic we didn’t hesitate to switch – for the environment’s sake,” says Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.

                                                  “In plain language, it means we’re phasing out the use of 10 tonnes of PVC a year by phasing out the plastic and replacing it with cards made of Invercote from Iggesund Paperboard,” she continues.

                                                  Replacing plastic with a non-fossil material is a clear trend, not least in the packaging industry. Switching from fossil plastic to an alternative material such as paperboard reduces companies’ climate impact. Changing an established infrastructure takes time, though, especially if it means that the packaging must be redesigned, the packing equipment modified or replaced, and the distribution from manufacturer to consumer is affected. The UK food company Iceland has attracted widespread attention with its pledges to eliminate plastic in its packaging within five years. Many people with packaging experience say five years is a fairly short time given the challenges faced by Iceland.

                                                  In light of these factors, the switchovers by IKEA and SF Bio have occurred very quickly, and there is reason to believe that many more companies will follow their example.

                                                  “Because the cards’ format is identical, it’s easy to make the switch. Apart from the actual production process for making the cards, very few other components of companies’ existing equipment need to be modified. So this is a very simple step to take compared with redesigning a plastic packaging solution, where complex and fully automated packing lines must be modified,” explains Johan Granås, Head of Sustainability at Iggesund Paperboard, who was closely involved in developing the solution that IKEA finally chose.

                                                  Another example of this packaging industry trend is Apple, where packaging developers are focusing on reducing the use of plastic. This is clear from Apple’s Paper and Packaging Strategy, which the company published in October 2017. Among other things, the report details how Apple succeeded in reducing the plastic content of the iPhone 7 packaging by 84 per cent compared with that of the iPhone 6s.

                                                  The cord holder for Apple’s smart speaker HomePod, which was launched at the beginning of 2018, is a clear example of the trend to replace plastic with paperboard. Ten years ago plastic would have been the obvious choice – but not today.The cord holder for Apple’s smart speaker HomePod, which was launched at the beginning of 2018, is a clear example of the trend to replace plastic with paperboard. Ten years ago plastic would have been the obvious choice – but not today.

                                                  Apple’s smart speaker, HomePod, launched at the beginning of 2018, is a clear example of this approach. An incredibly complex paperboard construction with closures holds the speaker cord in place and there is also a setup to secure the plug.

                                                  “Ten years ago, any manufacturer would have solved this issue with plastic,” Granås says. “But now we’re seeing time and again how companies are investing strongly to create alternative solutions in paperboard – not only Apple but many, many others.”

                                                  Granås is careful to say that plastic is still an important material in both today’s and tomorrow’s packaging market. Traditional paperboard packaging for food often needs a plastic barrier to create a seal that protects against grease, moisture and aromas. Making the packaging’s construction out of paperboard and then creating the barrier with the thinnest possible plastic coating is already a good example of good materials management.

                                                  “The development of fossil-free plastic materials is happening very quickly and I predict we will soon have bioplastics with less and less fossil content, which will significantly reduce the climate impact of food packaging in particular,” Granås concludes.


                                                  Iggesund Paperboard is part of the Swedish forest industry group Holmen, one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies listed on the United Nations Global Compact Index. Iggesund’s turnover is just over €500 million and its flagship product Invercote is sold in more than 100 countries. The company has two brand families, Invercote and Incada, both positioned at the high end of their respective segments. Since 2010 Iggesund has invested more than €380 million to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the fossil emissions from its production.

                                                  Iggesund and the Holmen Group report all their fossil carbon emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The environmental data form an integral part of an annual report that complies with the Global Reporting Initiative’s highest level of sustainability reporting. Iggesund was founded as an iron mill in 1685, but has been making paperboard for more than 50 years. The two mills, in northern Sweden and northern England employ 1500 people.

                                                  • Iggesund Paperboard
                                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Tue, 10 Jul 2018 10:55:04 +0200
                                                    Argynnis Group acquires French Solaronics http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7801-argynnis-group-acquires-french-solaronics http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7801-argynnis-group-acquires-french-solaronics

                                                    Argynnis Group AB acquires the French company Solaronics SA. Consequently, the Group can now offer its customers a complete range of products and services in the non- contact drying based on infrared (IR) heating technology.

                                                    Argynnis Group AB, formerly Binar AB, develops niche companies with unique products and technologies for professional customers. One of the companies is Ircon Drying Systems AB, which expertise is in industrial heating based on infrared and microwave technology.

                                                    2018 07 09 160105

                                                    Ircon is today one of the world's leading companies in non-contact drying based on electric IR technology. The products are, for example, used in the paper and board industry, contributing to both increased capacity and improved quality of the customers’ products.

                                                    Solaronics is a global leader in gas driven infrared drying combined with air technology for a wide range of industries: Paper & Board, Metal, Glass processes and other applications. Solaronics develops and markets infrared products and has been active for more than 50 years.

                                                    With this acquisition, Argynnis Group can now offer an enriched range of products and services in

                                                    Paper & Board and all other markets where both companies are active.

                                                    "As many large paper and board mills around the world have access to gas, we are happy to complete our range with gas driven IR products. Now our customers have access to non-contact drying based on IR heating - regardless of their energy supply” says Leif Gustavsson, Deputy CEO of Argynnis Group AB.

                                                    Solaronics is located near Lille in the North of France and has about 60 employees. The company previously belonged to the Bekaert Group, a global market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings.

                                                    “We are very happy to have found in Argynnis an acquisition partner who by combining Solaronics’ leadership in gas IR drying with Ircon’s outstanding competence in electric IR drying will create new opportunities for future successful growth” says Oliver Forberich, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Stainless Technologies of Bekaert.

                                                    Argynnis Group now forms a new business unit that works with industrial heating and drying, including both Ircon and Solaronics.

                                                    "This is an acquisition that feels very logical and fits well with our acquisition strategy. Since previously we have operations in France and our experience from working with French companies is that it works very well for us” says Jan Bardell, CEO, Argynnis Group.

                                                    For further information, please contact:

                                                    Leif Gustavsson, Deputy CEO, Argynnis Group AB, tel: +46 702-630158

                                                    Argynnis Group (formerly Binar AB), with headquarters- in Trollhättan Sweden develops niche companies with unique products or technologies for professional customers. We operate within four main areas: First Responder Technology (FRT), Binar Handling, Industrial Solutions and Heating & Drying. The group has around 330 employees in Sweden, Germany, France, and Finland.

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                                                      Toscotec launches its key innovations at iT’s Tissue 2018. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7799-toscotec-launches-its-key-innovations-at-it-s-tissue-2018 http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7799-toscotec-launches-its-key-innovations-at-it-s-tissue-2018

                                                      Toscotec launched its latest innovations during iT’s Tissue 2018. The advanced technologies it presented at its NOWNEXT open house include: Toscotec’s S-Crescent Former and the new TADVISION® machine. 

                                                      The S-Crescent is a high efficiency forming section, which significantly increases dryness before the pressing area, through optimized dewatering. The aim is to reduce the burden of water removal for the press and consequently the drying section, by boosting dewatering in the wet section of the tissue machine.

                                                      2018 07 09 082801

                                                      Drawing on the experience of its successful installation in the U.S. market in 2004, Toscotec entirely redesigned its TAD machine to achieve superior tissue properties, including bulk and absorbency, and outstanding results in energy consumption. The new TADVISION® ensures improved runnability and machine efficiency thanks to its unique serpentine TAD section, composed of three TAD honeycomb coated drums. A detailed Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis ensures a highly optimized airflow in the air-system ducts leading to the TAD section and Yankee hoods. Overall, TADVISION® ensures a more effective use of energy, bringing consumption down to 4.5-5.5 MWh/ton, a significant decrease compared to the consumption of current TAD machines, which is estimated in the range of 6.0-7.5 MWh/ton. Toscotec is continuing its energy reduction program and is committed to further reducing the overall consumption to less than 4.5 MWh/ton for a plant of the same production capability over the next few years.

                                                      The other advanced technologies presented at Toscotec’s NOWNEXT open house include new upgrades of Toscotec’s rewinding line, TT WIND-H and TT WIND-L, and an overview of Toscotec’s excellence in tissue drying, with TT SYD and the Yankee Hood and Air System plants. In particular, Toscotec’s rewinders feature improved performances through a newly perfected automatic web tension control, fast cycles, operator friendly automation and the automatic shaft handling system. The Energy and Environment department presented the most comprehensive range of drying configurations presently available in tissue making, designed to suit all needs and operating conditions, with state-of-the-art heat recovery technology, including up to six energy recovery stages in one single plant.

                                                      Finally, Toscotec’s YES (Your Expert Service) division launched its 24/7 service catering for customers round the clock all over the world, with a very special tool, YES – CONNECT-VISION, the new helmet enabling fully integrated communication and problem-shooting excellence.

                                                      This year visitors concluded their experience of NOWNEXT open house in the newly inaugurated canteen, a brand-new building within the expanded perimeter of Toscotec’s headquarters, which includes recreational space for employees, such as a fitness center and two lounges.

                                                      • Toscotec
                                                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 09 Jul 2018 08:28:47 +0200
                                                        ANDRITZ pulp drying plant achieves new world record at UPM’s Kymi mill, Finland http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7795-andritz-pulp-drying-plant-achieves-new-world-record-at-upm-s-kymi-mill-finland http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7795-andritz-pulp-drying-plant-achieves-new-world-record-at-upm-s-kymi-mill-finland

                                                        The ANDRITZ pulp drying plant installed at UPM’s Kymi mill in Kouvola, Finland, achieved a new record production capacity of 2,452 tons per day on May 31, 2018. In terms of specific drying capacity, this equals 389.2 tons per day and meter of working width on the 6.3 meter wide sheet drying machine, which is a new world record for drying of bleached birch and pine kraft. The mill was started up successfully in 2015 and has achieved several production records since then.

                                                        ANDRITZ pulp drying lineANDRITZ pulp drying line

                                                        The ANDRITZ high-capacity pulp drying line enables efficient and very quick switches between birch and pine pulp production within less than 23 minutes and handles the wide production range of 1,550°to 2,452 tons per day perfectly.

                                                        ANDRITZ high-capacity pulp drying lines feature:

                                                        • Highest capacities at highest operational reliability for any pulp grade thanks to proven pulp drying technology, including the ANDRITZ Twin Wire Former and shoe press equipment.
                                                        • Maximum production flexibility and adaptability for large production windows and short grade changing times.
                                                        • Stable operation and low maintenance due to high degree of automation.

                                                        This impressive production record is the result of ANDRITZ's leading and proven pulp drying technology and of the excellent cooperation and partnership with UPM.

                                                        UPM Kymi is one of the world's most efficient producers of softwood and birch pulp and is recognized worldwide for its high-quality products and excellent customer service, which makes the company a benchmark producer in Europe.

                                                        • Andritz
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                                                          A.Celli Paper has presented from Tissue to Tissue http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7794-a-celli-paper-has-presented-from-tissue-to-tissue http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7794-a-celli-paper-has-presented-from-tissue-to-tissue
                                                          2018 07 04 151129
                                                          Evolution, innovation and ongoing research.

                                                          These are the main elements on which the clear vision of A.Celli Paper is based.

                                                          During the third edition of iT’s Tissue (Lucca, 25-29 June 2018), A.Celli Paper welcomed visitors to discover the great path it has chosen, inviting them to see for themselves the 11 technology stations representing the same number of system solutions for complete turnkey plants.

                                                          The FROM TISSUE TO TISSUE tour was a unique experience, offering a special opportunity to view a complete Tissue production line.

                                                          It was an occasion to present the new generation of the iDEAL® Tissue Machine, the E-WIND® winders and the innovative R-WAY® Roll Handling & Packaging system.

                                                          But this was just the beginning, because the journey planned for the visitor also included a look at Research and Development and the new solutions in the context of the Yankee Dryer, with our FORGED YD®; the revolutionary iREEL® data traceability and analysis system; and the latest R-WAY® reel management system with automated guided vehicles (AGVs): all in the name of efficiency, safety and automation.

                                                          The visitors were impressed by this direct contact with the world of A.Celli equipment solutions, which is all about the best in production efficiency, reduced consumption and costs, and excellence in terms of both quality and technology.

                                                          We would like to thank all those who came, and hope to see you again next time.

                                                          A.Celli is on a roll!

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                                                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 04 Jul 2018 15:12:37 +0200
                                                            Mondi offers new digital formats in Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA® papers http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7793-mondi-offers-new-digital-formats-in-color-copy-and-pergraphica-papers http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7793-mondi-offers-new-digital-formats-in-color-copy-and-pergraphica-papers

                                                            2018 07 04 144342

                                                            Mondi has recently enhanced the portfolio of its key paper brands Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA® in new digital formats to offer bulk-packed paper options saving its professional printing customers time and money while increasing speed and efficiency.

                                                            The market leader for digital colour printing Color Copy is now offered with new digital formats as SRA3, SRA3+, A3+ and 33 x 48.3 cm, all of them available in long grain (LG) and short grain (SG). The SG format is the standard format for A4 brochure printing or book-on-demand printing and is now available bulk-packed, with reams on the pallet with or without a box enabling high-volume, long-run print jobs to run more smoothly. The offer specifically targets professional printing businesses looking for best possible printing results with satisfaction guaranteed, and getting the benefits of the finishing options.

                                                            Mondi’s premium design paper PERGRAPHICA® has also extended its offer to the creative and premium print industries, and is now available in a bulk-packed and reamed on pallet SRA3 format in both long grain and short grain options. The recent SRA3 update allows designers to digitally print and review their work on PERGRAPHICA® paper thus testing it, before actually going to (offset) print. In line with the brand’s promise and thanks to the product’s versatility, this addition supports designers to achieve outstanding printing quality turning their vision into reality.

                                                            “Customer satisfaction and flexibility are key drivers in our strategic planning,” says Mondi Marketing and Sales Director Johannes Klumpp. “For designers and printing professionals, grain direction in paper is critical, as it influences the paper’s creasing and folding behaviour. Our new folio line offers perfect cutting quality and accuracy direct from the mill, which together with our fully automated pallet stacking offers a clear competitive advantage for our flagship brands Color Copy and PERGRAPHICA®.”

                                                            About Color Copy

                                                            Color Copy is the leading brand for digital colour printing and is CO2 neutral. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of digital printing and guarantees true-to-life, brilliant colour copies and perfect print results every time. Color Copy has an elegant and smooth feel and its soft white hue gives accurate colour reproduction that emphasises your image. It also has an exceptional environmental profile, being CO2 neutral in addition to having FSC®, EU Ecolabel and ISO 9706, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications. Color Copy is part of Mondi’s Green Range of sustainably produced products.



                                                            About PERGRAPHICA®

                                                            PERGRAPHICA® is Mondi’s premium design paper range that covers the needs of the creative and premium print industries. PERGRAPHICA® fulfils the most demanding requirements for sophisticated and elegant printed documents while meeting top sustainability standards. The portfolio provides excellent printability and it is available in two textures (Rough and Smooth), three shades (High White, Classic and Natural) and six grammages between 90 and 300 g/m2. Customers in many European countries can purchase PERGRAPHICA® through local distribution companies.



                                                            About Mondi

                                                            Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, delighting its customers and consumers with innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions. Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. Sustainability is embedded in everything Mondi does. In 2017, Mondi had revenues of €7.10 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.44 billion.

                                                            Mondi has a dual listed company structure, with a primary listing on the JSE Limited for Mondi Limited under the ticker MND, and a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange for Mondi plc, under the ticker MNDI. Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007.


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                                                              no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 04 Jul 2018 14:43:59 +0200
                                                              Winder upgrade by Voith: 15 percent increase in capacity thanks to SmoothRun damping bearing system http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7792-winder-upgrade-by-voith-15-percent-increase-in-capacity-thanks-to-smoothrun-damping-bearing-system http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7792-winder-upgrade-by-voith-15-percent-increase-in-capacity-thanks-to-smoothrun-damping-bearing-system

                                                              The new SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearing system for winders effectively reduces vibrations occurring during the winding process. Hydropneumatic damping allows for higher operating speeds and better winding results. Overall, capacity increases of up to 15 percent are possible. This compact upgrade solution is suitable for Voith and Jagenberg two-drum winders.

                                                              In conventional winders without special damping, vibrations can occur at higher production speeds for certain paper grades, and these vibrations can impair winding quality. To minimize the disruptive effect of vibrations during the winding process, the production speed and accelerations rates are reduced below the maximum capability of the winder. The solution: With SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearings from Voith the vibrations can be effectively reduced even at high speeds, allowing the equipment to operate at consistently high production speeds. At the same time, SmoothRun improves the winding results and reduces the overall mechanical stress on the machine.

                                                              SmoothRun helps achieve higher operating speeds and improved winding results.SmoothRun helps achieve higher operating speeds and improved winding results.

                                                              Eliminating bottlenecks through capacity upgrades
                                                              Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (PKV) based in Lower Saxony, produces high-quality corrugating medium and testliner on its PM 5. Until now, the existing VariFlex M had to be run at a lower speed when producing paper grades sensitive to vibrations. The result is the winder could barely keep up with the production of the paper machine.

                                                              The purpose of the hydropneumatic damping bearings was to allow the winder to be operated at the maximum speed. “Following commissioning of the new bearing system we were able to reduce vibrations for all paper grades and increase speeds. We are currently optimizing the settings of the bearing system with intensive support from Voith,” explains Michael Wolff, Line Manager Equipment at PK Varel. “Following this optimization phase we assume that the speed of the winder can be increased. While further enhancements together with Voith are being made the winder can keep pace with the production of the PM 5,” says Wolff. Voith is helping the company achieve this goal by providing intensive support, e.g. by performing vibration measurements.

                                                              Wide range of winder upgrades
                                                              Voith offers a wide selection of upgrades enabling existing winders to be specifically adapted to today's requirements. For further information have a look at http://voith.com/winder-upgrades

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                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 04 Jul 2018 09:15:40 +0200
                                                                Voith TerraSpeed Supreme: New thermal coating impresses at Hamburger Austria and Mondi http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7791-voith-terraspeed-supreme-new-thermal-coating-impresses-at-hamburger-austria-and-mondi http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7791-voith-terraspeed-supreme-new-thermal-coating-impresses-at-hamburger-austria-and-mondi

                                                                TerraSpeed roll coatings from Voith have been used successfully for many years. The product range now has a new addition – TerraSpeed Supreme, featuring new and impressive design parameters that give the coating outstanding performance values. TerraSpeed Supreme is already being used successfully in more than 15 installations worldwide.

                                                                The new functional coating of TerraSpeed Supreme ensures very stable roughness values and outstanding sheet release. Thanks to its improved coating structure, TerraSpeed Supreme minimizes web breaks and can reduce the open draws. In addition, TerraSpeed Supreme enables much longer roll service lives.

                                                                The new functional coating of TerraSpeed Supreme ensures very stable roughness values and outstanding sheet release.The new functional coating of TerraSpeed Supreme ensures very stable roughness values and outstanding sheet release.

                                                                Improved operational reliability at Hamburger Austria
                                                                There are already more than 15 successful installations operating worldwide. Voith customers are impressed by the new coating and have already placed follow-up orders. One such customer is renowned corrugated base board manufacturer Hamburger Pitten. Josef Krenn, Operations Director and Markus Ungersböck, Head of Mechanical Maintenance at Hamburger Pitten in Austria explain the success story of TerraSpeed Supreme as follows: “At Hamburger Austria we produce a high-quality, diverse range of corrugating medium, packaging papers and plasterboard on our PM 4 in Pitten. The sophisticated use of different raw materials, auxiliaries and operating supplies imposes stringent requirements on the Nipco-P roll, the key position in the press section. Following the expansion of our range of paper grades, performance and doctoring using standard ceramic roll covers for this position became very unstable. A greater number of web breaks, and in some cases even sheet passing under the doctor blade, as well as premature roll changes to re-machine surfaces after relatively short periods of service, were suddenly day-to-day occurrences.”

                                                                Voith engineers also recognized the challenge and helped the customer to select the best coating in combination with suitable doctor blades, as Krenn and Ungersböck confirm: “Since we have been using the new TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper operation has been absolutely reliable at this critical position. In combination with Voith's SkyTerra S doctor blades, we have now been operating the unit for more than 2 years without interruptions and there has been no need to re-machine the roll surface. Web breaks originating from the Nipco-P roll have dropped significantly, sheet passing does not occur anymore and performance has been very stable over the entire operating time. The newly developed ceramic-coating TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper has significantly improved our production but above all has made it operationally reliable again.”

                                                                The SkyTerra S blade with negative facet was specially developed for use with TerraSpeed Supreme.The SkyTerra S blade with negative facet was specially developed for use with TerraSpeed Supreme.

                                                                Mondi impressed by TerraSpeed Supreme and SkyTerra S
                                                                Basically, the high wear resistance of Voith's TerraSpeed Supreme enables continuous doctoring at maximum load. The SkyTerra S blade with negative facet was specially developed for use with TerraSpeed Supreme. But the successful use of TerraSpeed Supreme at Hamburger Pitten is not an isolated example. The Mondi production facility in Frantschach, Austria, has also had a similar experience. Andreas Petschenig, maintenance engineer at the Mondi paper mill in Frantschach, is also impressed by the premium coating: “In Frantschach we produce high-quality sack kraft paper grades on our PM 6 and PM 8. The sophisticated use of materials including chemical auxiliaries and operating supplies means that the press has to meet fairly exacting production engineering requirements. For example, following the installation of the shoe press at the PM 6 the doctoring on the ceramic covers of the shoe press counter roll became unreliable. A greater number of web breaks, sheet passing, and high web draws were almost part of the daily routine, as were roll changes to re-machine surfaces after relatively short periods in operation.”

                                                                Thanks to the new coating there has been a considerable improvement in performance at Mondi in Frantschach as well, as Petschenig reports: “All these problems have been solved since we started using TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith Paper. In combination with the Voith doctor blades SkyTerra and SkyTop, the cover service lives could be substantially increased. There is no more sheet passing and web draws could be reduced. The newly developed ceramic cover TerraSpeed Supreme from Voith has considerably simplified our production.” In the meantime, TerraSpeed Supreme has also been running successfully for a year in the shoe press of the PM 5 at Mondi Steti.

                                                                Now that numerous other Voith customers have had a similar positive experience with TerraSpeed Supreme. Taylor designed doctor blades like SkyTerra S and SkyTop S can even enhance that high performance level.

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                                                                  Magnus Kangas new Mill Manager of Ortviken paper mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7790-magnus-kangas-new-mill-manager-of-ortviken-paper-mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7790-magnus-kangas-new-mill-manager-of-ortviken-paper-mill

                                                                  SCA has employed Magnus Kangas as new Mill Manager of Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall. He will take on his new postion as of January 1, 2019.

                                                                  2018 07 04 090659Magnus Kangas comes to Ortviken from a position as manager of BillerudKorsnäs’ paper mill in Gävle. He has held a number of leading positions in the paper industry and the energy sector.

                                                                  Magnus Kangas is succeeding Kristina Enander, new President of SCA’s business area Pulp.

                                                                  “With Magnus Kangas, the Ortviken paper mill will get a very experienced leader with broad experience from Sweden and abroad”, says Mats Nordlander, President of SCAs business area Paper .

                                                                  Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall produces coated and uncoated publication paper, has a capacity of 775,000 tonnes per annum and 625 employees.

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                                                                    UNTHA XR shredders aid closed loop recycled paper production http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7788-untha-xr-shredders-aid-closed-loop-recycled-paper-production http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7788-untha-xr-shredders-aid-closed-loop-recycled-paper-production

                                                                    Two UNTHA XR waste shredders are now in operation for VPK Packaging Group in continental Europe, shredding pulped ropes as part of a closed loop paper production process.

                                                                    Renowned for manufacturing 900,000 tonnes of paper per year from 100% recycled materials, VPK’s mill in Dendermonde, Belgium and Blue Paper Mill, co-owned with Klingele Papierwerke, in Strasbourg, France, naturally generate a waste by-product including complex pulper ropes.

                                                                    This multifaceted 1:3 metal and plastic material was previously treated off site by a third party. However, the new shredding investment means that both sites can now process the waste themselves to manufacture an alternative fuel for their own energy generation.

                                                                    At Dendermonde, untreated pulper rope waste is being fed into an UNTHA XR3000C shredder via a ceiling-mounted claw grab, at a throughput rate of five tonnes per hour. A 50mm screen ensures homogenous particle sizing before the fraction drops onto a horizontal discharge conveyor. The shredded material then passes up an elevated conveyor to an electro-magnetic FE-separator, where metals are extracted for onward sale and recycling. The finished product is an SRF specification fuel that VPK uses in its own on-site Waste to Energy facility.

                                                                    2018 07 02 154745

                                                                    The SRF travels via a final horizontal conveyor into a bunker with walking floor to directly feed the plant. A level detector senses when the vessel is 70% full and the conveyor auto-reverses so that excess material can instead drop into a storage bay.

                                                                    The complete solution including control cabinet room, steel support, service platforms, stairways and even the cranage sourcing, was supplied by UNTHA as a turnkey package. The tender stated a system capable of handling 5800 tonnes per annum (only during daytime working hours), but the VPK team is already confident that this target will be surpassed.

                                                                    Commenting on the project, VPK’s Group Energy & Environment Manager Johan Dhaese said: “We are particularly impressed that we can process this waste material in a single step, as two shredders have traditionally been required for pulper ropes. We knew from a reference visit to another client site in Turkey, that this one-step methodology would be extremely effective, which is why we proceeded with the XR investment for both our Belgian and French sites.

                                                                    “By bringing this process in-house we’ve benefited from cost savings, reduced the carbon impact of unnecessary waste transport and created an entirely self-sufficient closed loop too.”

                                                                    UNTHA’s sales manager Daniel Wresnik, who was responsible for the project from the outset added: “Pulper rope shredding is a notoriously difficult, heavy duty operation which requires a robust and reliable machine. No two grabs of material are ever really the same, so the shredder must be capable of dealing with whatever is thrown at it.

                                                                    “We’ve equipped the XR with two cutting rows and a torque+ gearbox for maximum torque on the shaft, which ensures performance without the need for high speeds. We have remote diagnostic capabilities should we need to advise on rotor speed or ram adjustments, for instance, but early indications suggest that the line’s only operator has this process fully under control.”

                                                                    The complex nature of the input material was not the only challenge with this project. The footprint of the turnkey package was originally designed to sit outside in the open air. However, further research indicated the benefits of enclosing the line , which resulted in the construction of a 180sqm building to house the system. Adjustments therefore had to be made to the height, angle and lengths of the conveyors, and the shredder even had to be lowered into the building using a 100 tonnes crane before the building’s roof was installed.

                                                                    UNTHA’s machine delivery in the Blue Paper Mill in France is virtually identical, apart from the fact that it will be handling approximately 4,500 tonnes of material per year.

                                                                    Offering a concluding point, Johan said: “Recycling can become a costly and complex process for paper manufacturers, especially when handling waste such as pulper ropes. At the same time, we  are always striving to minimise the net environmental impact of our operations – whilst reducing costs – so it made a lot of sense to manage the shredding, separation and SRF production ourselves. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to fully close the loop.”

                                                                    VPK has purchased the two turnkey packages outright with an extended warranty package inclusive of service inspections provided by UNTHA’s Austrian engineers.

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                                                                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 02 Jul 2018 15:48:33 +0200
                                                                      Sulzer launches new CPE end-suction single-stage centrifugal pump http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7785-sulzer-launches-new-cpe-end-suction-single-stage-centrifugal-pump http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7785-sulzer-launches-new-cpe-end-suction-single-stage-centrifugal-pump

                                                                      Sulzer has once again broken the conventions in the name of efficiency. The new CPE ANSI process pumps are specifically designed to exceed the strictest energy regulations for all industries as well as the requirements of ASME B73.1. With revolutionary hydraulics and high efficiency, they offer low life cycle costs.

                                                                       2018 07 02 083919

                                                                      The new CPE pumps meet the process requirements in a variety of industrial applications, and are suitable for use with clean or slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids of up to 3’000 cSt, and fibrous slurries with a consistency up to 6%.

                                                                      When engineering the new range of CPE pumps, we at Sulzer considered numerous factors that can potentially influence the total cost of ownership of a process pump. The result is an innovative design that makes it possible for the user to achieve remarkable annual savings.

                                                                      We improved the reliability of the CPE pump and reduced the risk for unplanned shutdowns by optimizing the shaft sealing. Heavy-duty rigid bearing units ensure a long bearing life and further protection against unexpected shutdowns. Learn more on sulzer.com.

                                                                      The new pump design brings higher efficiency that translates into lower energy consumption. Coupled with this, the high standardization, easy installation and robust construction also equate to lower maintenance and operating costs.

                                                                      “We are eager to offer our new CPE pump range to our customers, because it fits a wide range of industrial applications and will reduce operating costs.”

                                                                      Joe Salah, Sales Manager, Sulzer Pump Solutions Inc.

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                                                                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 02 Jul 2018 08:41:32 +0200
                                                                        Sustainable Water Management: The Heart of Our Pulp and Paper Mills http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7783-sustainable-water-management-the-heart-of-our-pulp-and-paper-mills http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7783-sustainable-water-management-the-heart-of-our-pulp-and-paper-mills

                                                                        When people think of paper manufacturing, the first natural resource that comes to mind is probably trees. But water plays an equally important role in our industry. That’s why sustainable water management is one of our top priorities.

                                                                        The location of our facilities shows how important water is to our manufacturing process. We’ve built our mills near abundant water supplies, such as the shores of rivers, to draw water for our operations. Managing these natural resources is important to us and to the communities in which we live.

                                                                        Water Use at Domtar

                                                                        In 2017, our pulp and paper mills used enough water to fill 164,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. But because of our extensive water recycling loops, we can reuse that water an average of 10 times in the mill before we treat it one final time in our onsite wastewater treatment plants. Of the water we bring into our mills, about 90 percent is returned to its original source. The other 10 percent evaporates or becomes part of our products and byproducts.

                                                                        The water we do use — 94 percent of which comes from surface-water sources such as lakes and rivers — does a lot of work. It’s used to wash and transport pulp, dilute and prepare process chemicals, generate steam and electricity, carry energy and raw materials throughout the mill, and clean and cool equipment.

                                                                        2018 07 02 081546

                                                                        Each of our mills has a unique water footprint. Mill age, the kind of equipment we use and the types of pulp and paper products we produce are the primary drivers of how much water we use.

                                                                        For example, specialty papers, such as medical paper, require more water to produce than everyday copy paper. That’s because specialty papers are generally manufactured using shorter runs with more grade changes. They also have more stringent quality requirements, such as FDA requirements for food packaging, which can limit opportunities to reuse water.

                                                                        A Focus on Sustainable Water Management

                                                                        Some of our mills, first built in the late 1800s, did not include water conservation features in their original design. But as we’ve upgraded them and built new mills, we’ve placed special emphasis on sustainable water management.

                                                                        We’re doing our part to conserve water. Our mills have reduced total water use by 4 percent since 2013. That means we can now avoid using enough water to fill 6,560 Olympic-sized swimming pools each year.

                                                                        “Water is a local resource best managed with site-specific strategies,” says Paige Goff, Domtar’s vice president of sustainability. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities where we operate, we can manage water usage in a way that helps us be better stewards of this shared resource, making our business and communities more sustainable.

                                                                        As in many other parts of nature, sustainable water management and sustainable forestry work hand in hand. Forests play a critical role in protecting and conserving valuable water resources by recharging ground water supplies, buffering and absorbing storm water surges, and cleaning and protecting the lakes and rivers our mills and local communities depend on. We support the protection of the forested landscapes, forest wetlands and watersheds from which we source forest and water resources.

                                                                        We also recognize that we literally are connected to our neighbors through the rivers and lakes that supply our water. As we continue to innovate, we are also working to improve water quality and water management so that we can serve as better stewards of these shared resources. Learn more by reading our 2017 Sustainability Report.

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                                                                        • Domtar Corporation
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                                                                          Voith Product selector: Customize your roll cover with new software http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7782-voith-product-selector-customize-your-roll-cover-with-new-software http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7782-voith-product-selector-customize-your-roll-cover-with-new-software

                                                                          The NanoSelect calender roll covers are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of a paper machine and as a result increase machine efficiency and paper quality. The desired roll cover properties are determined in consultation between a specialist from the paper manufacturer and the Voith sales engineer. The NanoSelect calender roll covers are configured using the specially developed product selector software.

                                                                          The Voith consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components.The Voith consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components.

                                                                          Through the product selector and NanoSelect calender roll covers Voith is offering a new and unique way of satisfying individual customer requirements. Because the requirements that a roll cover needs to meet differ from paper machine to paper machine. This is why paper manufacturers often have to make compromises when selecting a cover. The new product selector software now allows paper makers to quickly and easily configure and procure the ideal roll cover for their specific application.

                                                                          During a consultation with a sales specialist from Voith, the customer prioritizes their most important properties on the basis of parameters like wear or barring resistance. The consultant uses the software to put together the best technology for the roll cover. The result is a mixture of standard and application-specific components. This means that every cover is a one-off and is produced individually for the customer. Voith is grouping these customized roll covers under the new product name NanoSelect.

                                                                          The NanoSelect calender roll covers are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of a paper machine and as a result increase machine efficiency and paper quality.The NanoSelect calender roll covers are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of a paper machine and as a result increase machine efficiency and paper quality.

                                                                          As NanoSelect roll covers are ideally matched to the requirements of a specific application, they facilitate the production of paper in the desired quality.

                                                                          Regardless of the paper manufacturers' individual requirements they can use the product selector and NanoSelect to configure their roll covers in an ideal way to obtain the desired properties. For example, if a paper producer has a barring problem in a SoftNip calender despite low loading, a new module in NanoSelect will help reduce this. Another example is the gloss module, which results in a higher gloss and can potentially allow for the adaptation of color formulations and the associated savings.

                                                                          • voith
                                                                          • voith paper
                                                                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 27 Jun 2018 09:32:19 +0200
                                                                            Valmet launches a new tool to monitor former dewatering http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7780-valmet-launches-a-new-tool-to-monitor-former-dewatering http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7780-valmet-launches-a-new-tool-to-monitor-former-dewatering

                                                                            Valmet extends its quality control systems expertise to the paper and board machine forming section with the introduction of the Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement (IQ Dryness). Utilizing microwave technology, the IQ Dryness measures the water layer thickness on the web, which can be used to calculate the web dry content. As well as removing most of the water, the majority of paper properties are also developed in the forming section. The inclusion of IQ Dryness in Valmet's paper quality control family opens new possibilities as it helps to close the information gap between the stock approach system and dry end quality sensors.

                                                                            "Perhaps the biggest effect is the better management of dewatering. This has a great influence on the amount of the subsequent drying energy needed with potentially big cost savings in paper production. An increase of just 1% in dryness before the dryer can reduce the amount of energy needed to evaporate the excess water by approximately 4%," says Marko Toskala, Director, Quality Management Solutions, Valmet.

                                                                            Continuous measurement of water removal with IQ Dryness provides energy savings with vacuum optimization, quicker startups, faster grade changes, fewer breaks and improved break recovery.Continuous measurement of water removal with IQ Dryness provides energy savings with vacuum optimization, quicker startups, faster grade changes, fewer breaks and improved break recovery.

                                                                            All grades and furnishes

                                                                            Unlike other measurement technologies, Valmet IQ Dryness is not sensitive to conductivity which makes it suitable for use with all grades of paper and board. As well as energy savings with vacuum optimization; quicker startups, faster grade changes, fewer breaks and improved break recovery are just a few of the benefits that continuous measurement of water removal makes possible.

                                                                            Optimized dewatering not only improves bonding for multilayer board machines but can also reduce the problems of blow induced breaks caused by excess moisture in the middle layer entering the drying section. Additionally, the measurement facilitates the online monitoring fabric condition together with improved troubleshooting of pulsation, vibration and other quality destroying wet end problems. The sensor's small size enables measurement in places inaccessible earlier.

                                                                            Complete moisture management

                                                                            This new sensor joins the Valmet IQ family of single point and scanning measurements to provide papermakers with a complete picture of MD and CD moisture from the forming and press sections, dryer and size press right up to the reel. Together with sophisticated moisture controls and an extensive range of actuators to control moisture levels and profiles, Valmet can close the loop to offer improved efficiency and runnability as well as better paper quality and printing properties.

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                                                                              Toscotec to supply a dryer section rebuild to Papertech PM1 in Tudela Mill, Spain http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7778-toscotec-to-supply-a-dryer-section-rebuild-to-papertech-pm1-in-tudela-mill-spain http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7778-toscotec-to-supply-a-dryer-section-rebuild-to-papertech-pm1-in-tudela-mill-spain

                                                                              Toscotec was selected to rebuild the dryer section of Papertech PM 1 at Tudela mill, Spain. The customer has recognized Toscotec is the right partner to provide the best technology available in the drying process and to accomplish the company targets.

                                                                              The ambitious aim of the project is to improve the actual gross production, by overcoming several constraints by intelligently applying Toscotec’s Steel Dryer technology and its features. The base project goals were: increasing the production, by maintaining the same length of dryer section, and drying a wider paper sheet with the same dryer face length.

                                                                              2018 06 20 121840

                                                                              The scope of supply will be on a turnkey basis, confirming once more the consolidated skill of Toscotec to manage complex projects and coordinate all the involved parties.

                                                                              With this achievement, Toscotec will strengthen its reputation for being an all-round partner for Paper and Board manufacturers.

                                                                              A key factor of the dryer section modification is to replace completely the last four sections with TT SteelDryer technology, thus resulting in 20 new TT SteelDryers with increased diameter and drying face width. The scope of supply also includes TT AirTail, an advanced rope-less tail threading system, specifically designed for low speed and high basis weight.

                                                                              Toscotec’s service specialists will provide erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

                                                                              Delivery is forecast within the end of 2018, with start-up at beginning of 2019.

                                                                              • Toscotec
                                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 20 Jun 2018 12:19:10 +0200
                                                                                ANDRITZ acquires Novimpianti, Italy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7777-andritz-acquires-novimpianti-italy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7777-andritz-acquires-novimpianti-italy

                                                                                International technology Group ANDRITZ has signed a contract for the acquisition of Novimpianti Drying Technology S.r.l., a company owned by Novigroup S.r.l. and based in Lucca, Italy. Novimpianti has approximately 40 employees and generates annual sales of approximately 10 million euros.

                                                                                andritz logo smlNovimpianti is a global supplier of engineered equipment and services for air and energy systems to the paper industry’s leading manufacturers. For ANDRITZ, the acquisition of Novimpianti further strengthens its product offerings in the field of air and energy systems, mainly for tissue and paperboard machines. “We are very excited about this complementary acquisition that extends the ANDRITZ market coverage and product range in Tissue and Paper,” says Michael Pichler, SVP and ANDRITZ Global Paper and Tissue Division Manager.

                                                                                Novimpianti’s CEO, Pietro Saccomano, comments: “The ambitions of ANDRITZ to further grow in the tissue and paper business and their international position were decisive for the decision to hand over our company and know-how to them. The sale of Novimpianti will grant ANDRITZ continuous growth in the area of air and energy systems based on the solid foundation we have built during the past decades.”

                                                                                • Andritz
                                                                                  no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 14 Jun 2018 11:00:28 +0200
                                                                                  Companies Breaking Promises Over Pulp and Paper Use; Deforestation, Climate Emissions and Human Rights Abuses Still Problematic http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7776-companies-breaking-promises-over-pulp-and-paper-use-deforestation-climate-emissions-and-human-rights-abuses-still-problematic http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7776-companies-breaking-promises-over-pulp-and-paper-use-deforestation-climate-emissions-and-human-rights-abuses-still-problematic

                                                                                  New report finds some –– like Scholastic –– are leading the pack, while others fall behind, despite commitments to clean up corporate supply chains

                                                                                  Office Depot, Penguin Random House and Japanese office supply giant Askul are among the companies called out for not living up to corporate promises in a new report released by Rainforest Action Network (RAN). 

                                                                                  The pulp and paper industry is a significant driver of deforestation and climate emissions globally, and many major end-users of pulp and paper products have adopted corporate policies to cut out deforestation and human rights abuses in their supply chain. Still, RAN’s new report finds that, despite these promises, in many cases conditions on the ground show little change.

                                                                                  2018 06 14 105755

                                                                                  “Around the world, communities have lost and continue to lose their lands and forests to existing plantations and plantation expansion. Basic human rights are not being respected, intact forests are being felled, and carbon-rich peatlands are still burning,” said Brihannala Morgan, Senior Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network (RAN). “Companies are not meeting their promises, and the world’s forests and forest-dependent communities are suffering the consequences.” 

                                                                                  RAN found that, while several companies are taking active steps to ensure that their policies are creating real change on the ground, many companies are moving slowly in turning their policy promises into real change on the ground. 

                                                                                  Companies like Scholastic, LBrands, Macmillan and Hachette are leading the pack, while pulp and paper giants like Askul, Office Depot, and Penguin Random House need to take urgent action to show the marketplace that they are serious about their commitments. RAN used company surveys and reports to benchmark 13 key companies across several pulp and paper consumer sectors that have developed policies on pulp and paper sourcing.

                                                                                  Indonesia’s forests––with their globally significant biodiversity, importance for the climate, and consequence to local and Indigenous communities––have long been a focal point for global advocacy campaigns. Indonesia’s high deforestation rate, significant greenhouse gas emissions and human rights abuses are largely driven by the nation’s massive plantation sectors, including industrial pulpwood plantations. 

                                                                                  • ran
                                                                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:57:21 +0200
                                                                                    ANDRITZ to supply a PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine to Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC in Russia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7773-andritz-to-supply-a-primelinetm-w6-xt-tissue-machine-to-arkhbum-tissue-group-llc-in-russia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7773-andritz-to-supply-a-primelinetm-w6-xt-tissue-machine-to-arkhbum-tissue-group-llc-in-russia

                                                                                    International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC to supply a tissue machine PrimeLineTM W6-XT, including stock preparation, automation, and electrification, for its mill in Vorsino (Kaluga region), Russia, for the production of high-quality facial, toilet, napkin, and kitchen towel grades made of 100% virgin pulp. Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

                                                                                    The new PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine has a design speed of 2,100 meters per minute and a paper width of 5.6 meters. The combination of a 16 ft. steel Yankee and the latest PrimePress XT shoe press technology enables a high drying capacity and achieves remarkable cost savings and operational flexibility compared to systems operated with conventional presses and cast Yankee dryers.

                                                                                    Photo: ANDRITZPhoto: ANDRITZ

                                                                                    Additionally, the drying section of the machine is equipped with a ReEvaporation system to reduce drying energy costs even further. The system uses the waste heat in the hood exhaust to recover steam from the condensate stream, thereby reducing the amount of fresh steam required.

                                                                                    The scope of supply also includes stock preparation with an approach flow system. The centerpiece of the line is the ANDRITZ Papillon refiner that treats fibers gently in the cylindrical refining zone in order to achieve superior fiber properties at low energy consumption. The approach flow system features the ANDRITZ ShortFlow concept, which allows a minimized number of equipment items and very low storage volume as well as fast grade/color changes at the tissue machine. ANDRITZ also provides process pumps, piping, and instrumentation as well as on-site services.

                                                                                    “Our new tissue machine is equipped with a new PrimePress XT shoe press, which provides high productivity and product quality, together with an ANDRITZ Papillon refiner and ShortFlow system. These technical and technological characteristics will significantly reduce the consumption of water and steam in the production process and also minimize costs in general,” says Irina Galakhova, Executive Director, Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC.

                                                                                    • Andritz
                                                                                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 11 Jun 2018 10:07:07 +0200
                                                                                      Pasaban upgrades a laminating line and a cartonboard sheeting equipment for an important packager in France http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7772-pasaban-upgrades-a-laminating-line-and-a-cartonboard-sheeting-equipment-for-an-important-packager-in-france http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7772-pasaban-upgrades-a-laminating-line-and-a-cartonboard-sheeting-equipment-for-an-important-packager-in-france

                                                                                      The laminating line is now able to produce either laminate paper rolls or sheets depending on customer’s demand.  

                                                                                      With the objective of improving the performance of one of their laminating lines and their Pasaban KDD 1500 paper sheeter, Pasaban Upgrades service carried out two different projects.  

                                                                                      On the one hand, a new configuration for the laminating line was designed by adding two new pieces of equipment; a rotary unwinder and a rewind stand. On the other hand, an electrical upgrade of the sheeter was carried out, adapting it to work both OFFLINE and INLINE with the laminator.  

                                                                                      2018 06 11 095353

                                                                                      Both the rotary unwind stand and the rewinding station installed on the laminator allow automatic splicing at maximum speed, capable of reaching 200 m/min. The two systems have electrical motors and everything is controlled by a high-performance PLC.  

                                                                                      Regarding the sheeter upgrade, it was necessary to carry out improvements to the electrical system for which Pasaban drives and PLCs were used.  

                                                                                      Currently, after the changes have been made, the sheeter can be fed by either its unwinders or by the laminator working INLINE. The sheeter is prepared to cutting in register on printed mark.  

                                                                                      These solutions have enabled or customer to adapt the performance of their equipment to their specific needs, giving option to several configurations.  

                                                                                      The project although complex due to space problems, it has been satisfactory and both the customer and ourselves are satisfied with the final result.  

                                                                                      For more information regarding our Upgrades service, click here

                                                                                      • pasaban
                                                                                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 11 Jun 2018 09:56:11 +0200
                                                                                        Valmet to deliver a cooking plant to Burgo Ardennes pulp mill in Belgium http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7770-valmet-to-deliver-a-cooking-plant-to-burgo-ardennes-pulp-mill-in-belgium http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7770-valmet-to-deliver-a-cooking-plant-to-burgo-ardennes-pulp-mill-in-belgium

                                                                                        Valmet will supply Burgo Ardennes with a batch cooking plant for its pulp mill in Virton, Belgium. The order is included in Valmet's second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The start-up of the cooking plant is planned for the beginning of 2020.

                                                                                        "The new cooking plant will improve pulp characteristics and utilize wood raw material in a more efficient way. Additionally, we will improve local environment around the mill, mainly the odor, and reduce the energy consumption within the process area," says Michel Hartman, Mill manager at Burgo Ardennes mill in Virton.

                                                                                        "Valmet continues to bring valuable solutions to our pulp customers. This delivery shows once again the strength of our cooking technology portfolio," says Patrik Lidbäck, Sales Manager, Pulp and Energy Valmet.

                                                                                        Burgo Ardennes pulp mill, Burgo GroupBurgo Ardennes pulp mill, Burgo Group

                                                                                        Details about Valmet's delivery

                                                                                        Valmet's scope of supply includes a new batch cooking plant with auxiliaries, such as platforms, piping and instrumentation. The installation of the supplied equipment, the commissioning and start-up services are also included.

                                                                                        About the customer Burgo Ardennes

                                                                                        Burgo Group is one of Europe's leading producers of coated and specialty papers. The Burgo Ardennes mill has been producing pulp since 1964, and since 1994 been a part of Burgo S.p.A. The production capacity is 380,000 tons per year of pulp, which is used for the mill's own paper production while the remaining part is sold on the pulp market.

                                                                                        • valmet
                                                                                        • valmet corporation
                                                                                          no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 11 Jun 2018 09:43:26 +0200
                                                                                          ANDRITZ receives order from UPM to rebuild paper machine in Dörpen http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7769-andritz-receives-order-from-upm-to-rebuild-paper-machine-in-doerpen http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7769-andritz-receives-order-from-upm-to-rebuild-paper-machine-in-doerpen

                                                                                          International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from UPM Nordland Papier, Germany, to rebuild paper machine #2 (PM2) in Dörpen, Germany, to produce release/glassine papers. With the rebuild of PM2, the UPM group will increase the capacity of release paper production by an additional 110,000 t/a. Start-up after the rebuild is scheduled for the final quarter of 2019.

                                                                                          andritz logo smlThe complex rebuild with demanding technological requirements, not only for the equipment but also for the process and product quality, was prepared in close cooperation between UPM and ANDRITZ. Apart from the rebuild of PM2, the ANDRITZ scope of supply also includes modification of the stock preparation system, approach flow and broke system.

                                                                                          The modification of the stock preparation system includes ModuScreen CP police screens for the short and long fiber lines and two refiners TwinFlo TF-S34 for the long fiber line. For the approach flow system, ANDRITZ will deliver a new Short Flow deaeration silo including vacuum system, new headbox screens ModuScreen HBE for the HC and LC lines, and fan pumps. In addition to these items, a two-stage broke screening system with ModuScreen F, a thickening drum PRS2060, and a deflaker DFL3 are included in the scope of supply. For broke conversion, ANDRITZ will deliver an HC pulper FibreSolve FSH6 and an additional deflaker DFL3.

                                                                                          All sections of the paper machine will be modified. One of the key components is the ANDRITZ PrimeFlow SW dilution water headbox. The PrimeForm and PrimeForm HB hybrid formers include new dewatering elements that are considered to provide maximum flexibility for dewatering and also improve sheet formation.

                                                                                          The key component in the press section is a new PrimePress X shoe press with a PrimeSteam VIB steam blow-box for profiling in order to achieve the required dryness. The first dryer group will be rebuilt as a single tier with new PrimeRun Jet and PrimeRun D stabilizer boxes. Ropeless tail threading will be added to the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections.

                                                                                          Between the dryer sections, a new PrimeFilm film press will be installed including contactless, high-intensity drying. Furthermore, the after-dryer section will be equipped with a new PM hood and a new dry broke pulper. At the end of PM2, a complete new re-moisturizing system – PrimeSpray VIB – for both paper sides is included in the scope of supply. Finally, the moisturized paper will be wound using a complete new PrimeReel CenterDrive reeling system.

                                                                                          The entire field instrumentation wiring and piping are also part of the delivery. Furthermore, the scope of supply includes the complete detailed engineering, full equipment installation, start-up, commissioning, and training for all the equipment.

                                                                                          • Andritz
                                                                                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 11 Jun 2018 09:33:19 +0200
                                                                                            A.Celli Nonwovens: the best partner in the production of winders, rewinders and spooling systems for ATB (Air Through Bonded) non-woven fabric. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7768-a-celli-nonwovens-the-best-partner-in-the-production-of-winders-rewinders-and-spooling-systems-for-atb-air-through-bonded-non-woven-fabric http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7768-a-celli-nonwovens-the-best-partner-in-the-production-of-winders-rewinders-and-spooling-systems-for-atb-air-through-bonded-non-woven-fabric

                                                                                            It is with great satisfaction that A.Celli Nonwovens confirms its position as an important partner in this regard, currently with 10 major projects worldwide.

                                                                                            The first half of 2018 has seen real success for A.Celli Nonwovens.

                                                                                            As many as ten plants have now been delivered to customers in Europe, the Americas and some areas of the Middle East.

                                                                                            2018 06 11 091847

                                                                                            These ten new production lines include Master Roll winders (most of which with cutting in line), Rewinders and Spooling plants. These have all been fully designed by A.Celli Nonwovens for the use of ATB (Air Through Bonded) products based on natural and synthetic fibres.

                                                                                            This is clear confirmation that the A.Celli Group is gaining favour among producers for its supply of high performance rollers and cutters which meet the quality specifications and most exacting needs of the market, while ensuring the highest levels of productivity.

                                                                                            A.Celli Nonwovens is in fact able to offer a complete range of Master Roll winders, rewinders and automatic packaging systems with advanced solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and the dictates of Industry 4.0 . The product range also includes reel packing, palletisation and handling systems and multifunctional lines incorporating laminating  and  printing systems.

                                                                                            • acelli
                                                                                            • acelli paper
                                                                                            • acelli
                                                                                            • acelli group
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                                                                                              New Valmet Paper Lab offers improved usability and faster testing with upgrade potential for existing users http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7767-new-valmet-paper-lab-offers-improved-usability-and-faster-testing-with-upgrade-potential-for-existing-users http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7767-new-valmet-paper-lab-offers-improved-usability-and-faster-testing-with-upgrade-potential-for-existing-users

                                                                                              A new operator interface for Valmet's successful paper testing system Paper Lab opens new opportunities for users by making automated paper testing more accessible, faster and even easier to use with minimum training. Paper Lab is suitable for testing all grades of paper and board with a wide selection of industry standard paper quality tests.

                                                                                              The new interface makes entering sample data quick and easy with an integrated barcode reader with graphic and dynamic display pages guiding the user through every step of the testing process. Commissioning is simplified with faster customized configuration and very little training is required to take advantage of Paper Lab's comprehensive testing capabilities. The new interface is also available as an upgrade for current Paper Lab users. Those supplied prior to 2009 require the newer measurement frame but retain the ability to utilize most of their existing test modules.

                                                                                              2018 06 11 091455

                                                                                              "Valmet Paper Lab is under continuous development but will always combine the latest technology and be compatible with most measurement modules. New users as well as those upgrading older systems will benefit from the widest selection of testing modules, as well as faster and easier testing in addition to better connectivity to LIMS, DCS, QCS, and information/enterprise wide systems," says Tuomo Kälkäjä, Business Manager, Paper Testing.

                                                                                              Based on the Valmet Analyzer Client, the new Paper Lab operator interface is Linux based, offering lower lifetime costs, improved security and open source freedom from 3rd party licensing. Better diagnostics and a live view of testing operations improve the user experience and builds operator confidence whether used in laboratory or on the machine floor.

                                                                                              Valmet Paper Lab is a modular and scalable automated paper testing system for grades of paper and board. With the widest selection of industry standard tests on the market, reporting can detail over 400 properties. The testing system is based on more than 30 years of automated paper testing experience with almost 300 units delivered to paper and board mills around the world. The new Paper Lab provides an easy to learn and intuitive tool for paper property testing which together with Valmet Industrial Internet remote support can take automated laboratory to a new level of performance.

                                                                                              • valmet
                                                                                              • valmet corporation
                                                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 11 Jun 2018 09:15:25 +0200
                                                                                                Sulzer ─ world leader in pumping and mixing solutions for the pulp, paper and board industry http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7762-sulzer-world-leader-in-pumping-and-mixing-solutions-for-the-pulp-paper-and-board-industry http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7762-sulzer-world-leader-in-pumping-and-mixing-solutions-for-the-pulp-paper-and-board-industry

                                                                                                The knowledge accumulated through committed long-term research and development as well as through mergers and acquisitions, the most recent ones being Ahlström Pumps in 2000, Scanpump and ABS Pumps in 2011, and Ensival Moret in 2017, has strengthened Sulzer’s pump know-how and further enabled a full-scale research for the development of pumps, mixers, and agitators.

                                                                                                As the home of the following known trademarks, we serve the installed base also beyond Sulzer: Ahlström Pumps, Scanpump, ABS, Ensival Moret, Serlachius, Enso, API, Sonesson, Gothia, JMW, and Warren.

                                                                                                2018 06 07 093846

                                                                                                With our full-line product portfolio, we offer eco-efficient product solutions, including products for complete water and effluent treatment applications.

                                                                                                • The AHLSTAR pump series has proven performance with stocks and various types of suspensions and especially with high volume flows and liquids containing a high amount of gas.
                                                                                                • The MCE™ medium consistency pumping systems combine excellent performance with energy savings for the highest pulp mill production rates in the world.
                                                                                                • ZPP and Z22 low pulse feed pumps are designed specifically for paper and board machines.
                                                                                                • The MBN multistage pumps cover a range of high pressure and shower water applications.
                                                                                                • SALOMIXä, Scaba and AGISTARä agitators offer optimum tank and tower mixing results.
                                                                                                • The TMS tower management system prevents channeling in storage towers, providing unique process advantages.

                                                                                                We have full-scale test facilities in Kotka, Finland, and an expanding pump and agitator portfolio that provides unique applications coverage. Every year, we bring a new product series or a major upgrade of an existing range to the market. Sulzer is the trusted and proven partner when it comes to performance, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

                                                                                                • sulzer
                                                                                                  no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:41:45 +0200
                                                                                                  Recent major deliveries for pulp mill projects by Sulzer http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7761-recent-major-deliveries-for-pulp-mill-projects-by-sulzer http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7761-recent-major-deliveries-for-pulp-mill-projects-by-sulzer

                                                                                                  Sulzer is the key equipment supplier for many major recent pulp, paper, and board mill investments. Our products cover most of the processes, including water and wastewater applications. The ability to offer complete and high-efficient solutions for overall pumping and mixing needs in the pulp and paper industry together with the reliable services makes us a key partner for every new project in the industry.

                                                                                                  Sulzer products equip the new greenfield pulp mill of Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A., one of the largest forestry-based companies in Latin America, in the state of Maranhão in northeastern Brazil. The package of around 400 Sulzer pumps contains double suction pumps type Z22, AHLSTAR and BE process pumps, submersible pumps types ABS XFP, ABS AFP and Scavenger, Salomix and Scaba agitators, as well as medium consistency pumps. The Imperatriz mill has a planned production capacity of 1.5 million tons of pulp per year.

                                                                                                  2018 06 07 093510

                                                                                                  In 2016, Sulzer was awarded a frame contract for process and medium consistency pumps to Fibria Celulose SA’s new production line in Três Lagoas, Brazil. The new production line has a planned annual capacity of 1.95 million tons of pulp. The pump package contains our efficient AHLSTAR process pumps, MBN multistage pumps and the latest generation of Sulzer MCE medium consistency pumps.

                                                                                                  Also in 2016, Sulzer was granted an order for the delivery of an extensive process pump package to Metsä Group’s next-generation bio product mill in Äänekoski, Finland. The investment is the largest ever in the wood-processing industry in Finland. The mill’s planned annual pulp production is 1.3 million tons, of which 800’000 tons softwood pulp and 500’000 tons hardwood pulp. Besides pulp, the mill produces a broad range of bio products, such as tall oil, turpentine, lignin products, bioelectricity and wood fuel. We delivered efficient AHLSTAR process pumps, the latest generation of Sulzer MCE medium consistency pumps, as well as agitators and vacuum pumps to the bio product mill, altogether 400+ equipment.

                                                                                                  The Sulzer equipment for these major projects is designed for high reliability and energy efficiency as well as for low operating costs, and will reduce the customers’ total costs of ownership (TCO).

                                                                                                  • sulzer
                                                                                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:35:49 +0200
                                                                                                    Sulzer values strategic and committed partnerships http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7760-sulzer-values-strategic-and-committed-partnerships http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7760-sulzer-values-strategic-and-committed-partnerships

                                                                                                    Partnerships with the key players in the pulp, paper and board industry set the baseline for our research and development work. Long-term development forums that include pilots and demos are imperative for dealing with the fascinating future potential of the industry.

                                                                                                    Deep applications understanding is the key for clever and high-performance suspension transfer and treatment solutions. We are an independent equipment supplier and a trusted application solver. Our knowhow and product reliability are based on close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers, machinery suppliers, engineering companies and research institutes.

                                                                                                    2018 06 07 074921

                                                                                                    For the time being, the growth rate in the tissue and packaging boards markets is high. The increase in pulp demand continues strong for board, tissue as well as other hygienic products, and it will accelerate for textiles. The time is right to strengthen the already close cooperation between the players in the industry, to the benefit of all.

                                                                                                    Forest companies, research institutes and other industry partners are actively investigating and developing new processes for additional higher-value wood raw material based products. Such developments are, for example, to replace cotton and oil-based synthetic fibers like polyester, or to produce higher-value carbon products and modified cellulose materials for packaging barriers, coatings for medicines and nutrients.

                                                                                                    The pulp, board, tissue and paper segments offer a very interesting and important scope together with new additional wood based future products. We are committed to this new development trend.

                                                                                                    • sulzer
                                                                                                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:30:43 +0200