Pulp-Paperworld.com / European News http://www.pulp-paperworld.com Sun, 16 Dec 2018 01:53:31 +0100 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Valmet signs on-line performance monitoring agreement with Mercer Group's Stendal pulp mill in Germany http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7951-valmet-signs-on-line-performance-monitoring-agreement-with-mercer-group-s-stendal-pulp-mill-in-germany http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7951-valmet-signs-on-line-performance-monitoring-agreement-with-mercer-group-s-stendal-pulp-mill-in-germany

Valmet and Mercer Group have signed an agreement for on-line performance monitoring for nine Valmet TwinRoll wash presses at the Mercer Stendal mill in Germany. The agreement is valid for one year, with the option of being extended. During this period, Valmet and Mercer will co-operate to further develop fleet management with respect to predictive maintenance and reliability.

The order is included in Valmet's fourth quarter 2018 orders received and constitutes an important step in promoting Valmet's Industrial Internet offering for the chemical pulping business.

valmet logoThe on-line system monitors individual functions of the wash presses by performing advanced data analysis, which generates status reports displayed on dashboards. If any of the monitored functions goes outside the operating limits, an event is triggered and recorded, which enables issues to be predicted and corrected rapidly.

"This will allow the Stendal mill to monitor performance, which will hopefully result in more uptime as well as savings on chemicals," says Dr. Gerhard Wulf, Technical Manager at Mercer Stendal.

"The pilot project has been running at the Stendal mill with a core team of experts from both the customers' side and Valmet. The sharing of knowledge and innovative ideas have been the driving forces for implementation. The wash presses will be connected to the Valmet Performance Center, allowing Valmet to provide Mercer Stendal with the services of experts from different fields, who can provide support to ensure rapid response times and appropriate solutions," says Tomas Edström, Industrial Internet Manager in the Pulp and Energy business line at Valmet.

About Mercer Stendal

Mercer Stendal is located in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The plant has an annual production capacity of 660,000 tonnes of northern bleached softwood kraft pulp and an electricity generation capacity of 148 MW. In addition, it produces turpentine and tall oil.

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy. 

Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.1 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. 

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    Lenzing applies for 25 patents for LENZING™ Web Technology http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7950-lenzing-applies-for-25-patents-for-lenzing-web-technology http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7950-lenzing-applies-for-25-patents-for-lenzing-web-technology

    lenzing logo 2019Lenzing – The Lenzing Group filed a first wave of patent applications for its new LENZING™ Web Technology with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The 25 applications focus on product, process and application inventions and are part of Lenzing’s intellectual property protection strategy.

    • Twenty-five patent applications claiming product, process and application inventions published
    • New technology platform starts with botanic wood pulp and creates a nonwoven fabric made of 100 percent continuous lyocell filament

    The LENZING™ Web Technology is a nonwoven web formation process that starts with botanic wood pulp and produces a nonwoven fabric made of 100 percent continuous lyocell filament. The technology offers a unique self-bonding mechanism where filaments bond into a fabric during the laydown process. This self-bonding mechanism allows for a much wider variety of basis weight, surface textures, drapeability and dimensional stability than other nonwoven technologies.

    “Lenzing’s corporate strategy sCore TEN is very focused on driving growth via sustainability focused innovation. The new LENZING™ Web Technology is one of the most exciting Research & Development projects. The 25 patent applications related to this new technology underline our commitment to the nonwoven industry. We will continue to support our partners in their business and help consumers with sustainable innovative solutions for their everyday needs”, says Stefan Doboczky, Chief Executive Officer of the Lenzing Group.

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      Lucart starts up a Toscotec-supplied AHEAD-2.0S tissue machine at its Porcari mill. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7947-lucart-starts-up-a-toscotec-supplied-ahead-2-0s-tissue-machine-at-its-porcari-mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7947-lucart-starts-up-a-toscotec-supplied-ahead-2-0s-tissue-machine-at-its-porcari-mill

      Lucart fired up an AHEAD-2.0S tissue machine and a TT WIND-H slitter rewinder supplied by Toscotec at its Porcari mill, Lucca, Italy.

      The AHEAD-2.0S machine has a paper width of 2,850 mm, an operating speed of 2,000 m/min, with a production of 125 t/d. It features a shoe press TT NextPress, a second-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, gas-fired TT Milltech-DYH hoods, and a new pope reel, which preserves the sheet bulk through the accurate control of the jumbo roll winding pressure. The machine is also equipped with the dust and mist removal systems. In accordance with Lucart’s high standards of bulk and softness, the forming section of the AHEAD-2.0S machine is designed for future integration of TT S-Crescent technology.

      2018 11 29 082844

      The TT WIND-H slitter rewinder features a web tensioning control, an automatic tail feeding system and a core winding assist system.  

      The scope of supply also includes the erection supervision, commissioning, start-up assistance and personnel training programs. 

      This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who has been awarded a number of contracts by the Lucart Group since 2008, both in Italy and in France.

      “Lucart is a strategic partner”, says Riccardo Gennai, Toscotec Sales Manager for Europe, “we have been working on gaining and maintaining their trust for over 10 years, on a range of rebuild projects in Italy and in France. The start-up of this first complete tissue line is a significant accomplishment. It strengthens our mutual long-standing cooperation, and Toscotec’s leading position in the Italian market.

      Elena Troia, Toscotec’s Tissue Division Project Manager, adds, “Lucart’s technical team helped us working out the best solutions tailored to their need. We worked together to achieve this ambitious goal. The shoe press, paired with the new pope reel design and the future integration of the S-Crescent, contribute all together to the increase of the paper bulk and the achievement of excellent paper quality.

      Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart, states, “Our sustained growth is driven by careful investments. We set the highest standards for our suppliers when it comes to environmental protection. We selected Toscotec for the expansion of our Porcari production base, because over the past 10 years we learned from direct experience that their technology gives us a real energy-efficiency advantage. Another important consideration for this choice was tissue quality. This line will be dedicated to premium products, with higher bulk and superior hand feel.”

      Lucart has voluntarily undergone an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the AHEAD-2.0S project, in order to improve the environmental performance of this new production line that replaced an existing MG paper machine. Toscotec has recently proved a strong commitment to its environmental performance, as in 2018 they renewed their ISO 14001 certificate and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration for the twelfth consecutive year.

      About Lucart

      Lucart, a leading company in Europe in the production of tissue products for daily use (toilet, kitchen, napkins, tablecloths, handkerchiefs etc.), airlaid products, and MG paper was founded in 1953 by the Pasquini Family.

      The company's production activities are distributed over 3 Business Units (Business to Business, Away from Home and Consumer) operating in the development and sales of products with brands such as Tenderly, Tutto, Grazie Natural and Smile (Consumer area), Lucart Professional, Tenderly Professional, Fato and Velo (Away from Home area).

      Lucart’s production capacity is 395,000 tonnes/year of paper on 12 continuous machines and 65 converting lines. Its consolidated turnover will amount to more than €450 million, with more than 1,500 employees in 10 production plants (five in Italy, one in France, one in Hungary and three in Spain) and a Logistics Centre in Italy. 

      For further information, please contact:

      Marco Dalle Piagge, Sales Director, Toscotec Tissue division, marco.dallepiagge@toscotec.com

      Riccardo Gennai, Sales Manager Europe, Toscotec Tissue division, riccardo.gennai@toscotec.com

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        Expansion in Laakirchen: New production and office areas for Voith http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7946-expansion-in-laakirchen-new-production-and-office-areas-for-voith http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7946-expansion-in-laakirchen-new-production-and-office-areas-for-voith

        Voith is expanding its facility in Laakirchen. For more efficient production, the company is currently extending its production areas by around 3,150 square meters. It is also adding new offices and a logistics hall with a new access road for heavy goods vehicles. 

        A large proportion of global paper production is done on Voith machines and equipment. The technology group, which has its head office in Heidenheim, Germany, delivers rolls for paper machines all over the world from its facility in Laakirchen, Austria. As well as producing new rolls, the Laakirchen plant also receives rolls for servicing at regular intervals, e.g. for the renewal of roll covers. The different types of rolls have various functions, e.g. they help guide the paper webs evenly through the machine, and are used for dewatering, pressing and drying. They also ensure that the paper has a uniform smoothness and gloss. In addition, the rolls, which can be up to 15 meters long and weigh as much as 120 metric tons, have to master speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

        Voith Laakirchen, AustriaVoith Laakirchen, Austria

        The purpose of the expansion is to be able to assemble the rolls with as little effort and waiting times as possible and thus significantly accelerate the entire process. Following the expansion, this will be achieved by systematic cycle timing, the clear separation of production lines and a realigned machining tool. “Through this comprehensive investment in Laakirchen we are underscoring our leading role for the European paper industry in respect of rolls, roll covers and associated services,” says Manfred Jaspersen, Operations Manager of Voith Paper Rolls. Due to its central location, Laakirchen is the ideal site for facilitating short routes to customers.

        About Voith Paper
        The Group Division Voith Paper is part of the Voith Group and a leading full-line supplier as well as pioneer in the paper industry. Through constant innovations Voith is optimizing the paper manufacturing process and facilitating resource-conserving production. With its Servolution concept, Voith offers its customers as reliable partner tailored service solutions for all sections of the production process. The company’s Papermaking 4.0 concept ensures that equipment is optimally networked, while the effective and secure use of the generated data enables paper manufacturers to improve their competitiveness.

        About the Voith Group
        The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has more than 19,000 employees, sales of € 4.2 billion and locations in over 60 countries worldwide and is thus one of the large family-owned companies in Europe.

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          JAMES CROPPER SIGNS WASTE TO WEALTH COMMITMENT AT SUMMIT ATTENDED BY HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7944-james-cropper-signs-waste-to-wealth-commitment-at-summit-attended-by-hrh-the-prince-of-wales http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7944-james-cropper-signs-waste-to-wealth-commitment-at-summit-attended-by-hrh-the-prince-of-wales

          Master papermaker, James Cropper, will sign the Waste to Wealth Commitment today at the Waste to Wealth Summit - an event convened by Business in the Community – The Prince’s Responsible Business Network. 

          200 leaders from business, government, academia and civil society will gather at the event to tackle the challenges of climate change and the destruction of natural habitats by committing to actions in a Waste to Wealth Commitment. The Commitment will help to collectively double the nation’s resource productivity and reduce avoidable waste by 2030 (supercharging the UK Industrial Strategy’s 2050 targets).   

          2018 11 22 103057The event, held today at Veolia Southwark’s integrated waste management facility in London, will be attended by the HRH The Prince of Wales where he will deliver a keynote address. The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will also deliver a speech in which he will detail how the government will support businesses which are stepping up to this challenge.  

          James Cropper is one of over 40 Waste to Wealth Commitment signatories and is pledging to continue its work as a key innovator in the packaging and recycling industries, having already created world-first technologies. The papermaker’s unique CupCycling™technology - the world’s first process dedicated to upcycling disposable coffee cups – has seen 30 million coffee cups recycled to date. Instead of going to waste, the cups are turned into beautiful papers and consumer packaging. The process involves removing the tricky polyethylene coating that makes take-away cups waterproof, while preserving the precious paper fibres. 

          Taking this process a step further, James Cropper’s latest innovation in plastic-free packaging – COLOURFORM™ – uses paper fibre from renewable forests, as well as used coffee cups to create plastic-free packaging. With over 173 years’ worth of experience in papermaking behind it, COLOURFORM was a natural evolution for James Cropper, offering brands, and in turn consumers, more choice. The packaging is 100 per cent renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, which means that even if it is not recycled, it breaks down without any harm to the environment.

          Signing the Waste to Wealth Commitment recognises the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) conclusion from October 2018 that there is only 12 years to change the world’s relationship with the resources people use to avoid catastrophic climate change and restore the health of the environment.  The Waste to Wealth Commitment signatories are committing to the following actions: 

          Set targets to improve the productivity of resources that are key for our business.    

          Work collectively towards doubling the nation’s resource productivity and reduce avoidable waste by 2030, contributing in the way that is most relevant to their business. 

          Redesign how resources are used in our products, services and operations. 

          Collaborate across our organisations, value chains and sectors. 

          Reconvene and report on progress annually to share learning and demonstrate results.  

          Phil Wild, CEO at James Cropper, said:  

          2018 11 22 103033“Earlier this year we hosted one of the BITC’s Seeing is Believing roundtables at our paper mill where our plastic-free packaging and coffee cup recycling processes were used as inspiration for discussion on what more businesses can do to create value from waste. We’ve developed these processes over a number of years because we recognise the need for brands to consider their packaging design and explore plastic-free alternatives.  

          “To date, we have recycled 30 million coffee cups at our world-first CupCycling facility. However, we actually have the capacity to convert 500 million per year into papers for packaging, and effectively utilising this capacity is one of the key areas of focus as part of our commitment today.”

          Gudrun Cartwright, environment director at Business in the Community, said: 

          “James Cropper has demonstrated leadership and commitment to tackle systemic challenges by signing up to the Waste to Wealth Commitment.   

          “2030 is a critical year if we are to ensure we have an environment in which business and communities can flourish. The risks of inaction are enormous, but so too are the opportunities that could be created from a prosperous and resilient, low carbon economy.  We must make the most out of precious resources, waste as little as possible and find ways of turning the waste we do create into new wealth. 

          “We welcome other organisations to sign up to the Waste to Wealth Commitment and take action to solve this critical problem.” 

          Based in the English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site, sustainability is at the heart of everything James Cropper does. It has a commitment to the highest standards of sustainability ranging from sourcing raw materials, to investment in renewable energy, and world-leading recycling innovation.

          About James Cropper

          James Cropper is a prestige paper innovator based in the English Lake District, supplying distinct, custom-made paper products to many of the world’s leading luxury brands, art galleries and designers. 

          Throughout 173 years of high quality paper production, the business has been carefully stewarded and nurtured by six generations of the Cropper family and is renowned globally for individual expertise in colour, dedicated responses to the most challenging custom projects and award-winning commitment to the highest standards of sustainability. 

          COLOURFORM™ moulded fibre packaging is the latest sustainable paper innovation from James Cropper. The plastic-free packaging is bespoke in terms of colour, shape, surface finish and functionality and is used across a wide range of product categories from cosmetics to consumer electronics.

          James Cropper is a member of the Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group (PCRRG), a cross-industry group that exists to develop collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups and identify and support solutions that sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource.

          For more information, visit www.jamescropper.com

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            Fifth Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT tissue line successfully started up at ICT's Iberica mill in Spain http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7940-fifth-valmet-supplied-advantage-dct-tissue-line-successfully-started-up-at-ict-s-iberica-mill-in-spain http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7940-fifth-valmet-supplied-advantage-dct-tissue-line-successfully-started-up-at-ict-s-iberica-mill-in-spain

            Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT 200HS tissue production line including an extensive automation package was successfully started up at ICT Iberica's mill in Burgo, Spain, in September 2018. The new tissue line meets the company's intention to adopt state of the art technology for highest quality tissue production. Valmet has previously delivered four tissue lines to ICT companies in Italy, France and Poland.

            "Thanks to the teamwork between Valmet and ICT technicians, the project achieved all the objectives, both in terms of quality and timing. The capability to manage the main planning of all the phases - engineering, installation and commissioning - in a flexible way, the final tuning of the on-site activities, joined with the skills of the team members involved in the project, were the keys to achieve a regular and smooth start-up," says Silvano Marcelli, Technical manager at ICT and Antonio Jordan, Project manager at ICT Iberica.

            "Despite all the work, all people involved did a great job. Together we managed to achieve a very good result and a start-up according to the plan. It was one of the smoothest start-up's I have ever seen," says Stefan Ziegel, Project manager at Valmet.

            Successful startup in Burgo, Spain on September 12, 2018.Successful startup in Burgo, Spain on September 12, 2018.

            The production line was optimized to save energy and enhance final product quality. The new line will add 70,000 tons a year of high-quality toilet, towel, facial, and napkin grades for the European market. The raw material for the new line will be virgin fiber. The flexibility of Valmet's Advantage ViscoNip press makes it possible to adjust the production to fit current and future market needs, from production of tissue with high bulk and softness to energy- and cost-efficient products with high quality, only within minutes.

            Technical information of the delivery

            Valmet's scope of delivery comprised a complete tissue production line including a stock preparation system and an Advantage DCT 200HS tissue machine. The delivery also included a two-layer OptiFlo Headbox, Advantage ReTurne energy recovery system, Advantage ViscoNip press and Advantage SoftReel reel, as well as Advantage AirCap hood, steam generator and a complete mill equipment system from bale handling to fan pumps.

            Complete engineering, training, start-up and commissioning were also included in the delivery as well as an extensive Valmet automation package.

            About the customer ICT

            ICT Group, has been in the tissue business since 1978 and is a European market leader that specializes in premium products. The business also includes the sales of parent reels to converters and diapers and personal hygiene products. ICT Group operates ten paper machines in four European countries and the global production capacity currently amounts to about 540,000 tons per annum which will increase to 610,000 tons by the end of 2018, when the latest investment in Spain will be completed. The ICT Group has a revenue of approximatively EUR 700 million and employees over 1,400 people. Read more: www.ictgroup.net

            Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

            Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

            Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.1 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

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              Largest coffee cup recycler and packaging manufacture http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7939-largest-coffee-cup-recycler-and-packaging-manufacture http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7939-largest-coffee-cup-recycler-and-packaging-manufacture

              James Cropper CEO Phil Wild comments: “It’s encouraging to see the Government seek to work closely with industry to progress the development of a sustainable infrastructure around recycling. 

              "Significant strides have been made in the supply chain already. This can only improve as more plastic-free packaging solutions are made available and the infrastructure for waste materials works to keep recyclable materials in the value chain.  

              2016 01 25 111815

              “We have shown that there are credible plastic-free packaging alternatives through our COLOURFORM innovation, which is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It was inspired by the principles of a circular economy – one where packaging leaves no trace. 

              “Partnerships between brands, recycling facilities, waste management companies and government are key in building on the great work that is already being done in establishing best practice for ‘on-the-go’ recycling.  

              “We hope that the decision from the Chancellor will put fire in the bellies of UK businesses to accelerate plans to seek plastic-free packaging alternatives.”

              Specifically on the latte levy, Phil says: “While the levy would have been a welcome positive step towards tackling the issues surrounding disposable coffee cups, it wasn’t the only solution. More needs to be done to build an effective infrastructure, not just for cups, but other waste materials, to facilitate effective recycling and keep recyclable materials in the value chain."

              Some fast facts: 

              • James Cropper's CupCycling plant is the world’s first process dedicated to upcycling disposable coffee cups. This valuable waste stream is turned instead into beautiful papers and consumer packaging. The process involves removing the tricky polyethylene coating that makes take-away cups waterproof, while preserving the precious paper fibres. 
              • James Cropper's CupCycling facility has recycled 24 million cups since September 2017 alone - one positive step in reducing the 2.5 billion takeaway cups currently being thrown away in the UK every year. But the real area of interest is the potential to do more; the facility has the capacity to upcycle 500 million each year. 
              • Their latest innovation COLOURFORM (visited by The Prince of Wales this year), takes CupCycling one step further by using the paper fibre from used coffee cups, the process creates 100% plastic-free packaging solutions for businesses. The packaging is already being used by several household brands.
              • Companies that work with James Cropper to create a circular economy for their packaging include coffee shops (Costa), waste management partners (Veolia) and brands (Lush, Selfridges).  
              • There’s also a huge amount of work being done to make recycling consistent and easy to do. For example, Leeds is currently trialling an ‘On the Go’ scheme led by Hubbub which ensures people are never more than five minutes away from a recycling station. There’s over 30 cup recycling stations in Leeds City Centre alone, which include Caffè Nero, Costa, McDonald's, Pret a Manger and Starbucks. It’s an amazing example of how collective pledges can bring about real change in cities
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                BMI Healthcare replaces plastic with future-friendly coffee cups http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7937-bmi-healthcare-replaces-plastic-with-future-friendly-coffee-cups http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7937-bmi-healthcare-replaces-plastic-with-future-friendly-coffee-cups

                BMI Healthcare, the UK’s largest network of private hospitals, is ending the use of plastic and non-recyclable cups in each of its 58 hospitals and clinics across England, Wales and Scotland.

                2018 11 05 205906Altogether, the hospital group uses around 4 million single-use disposable coffee/tea cups and a further 1.2 million water cups, each year. By the end of November 2018, patients and visitors will instead be offered recyclable paper water cups and compostable paper coffee cups, which break down within 30 days after use, leaving no adverse effects on the environment.

                Jason Hession, Head of Hotel Services for BMI Healthcare, said: “Our previous tea and coffee cups were either Styrofoam or double-walled plastic-lined cups, while our water cups were plastic. None of these break down properly in the environment and we at BMI Healthcare share concerns over the effects of plastic on our wildlife, our oceans and in the food that we eat. By moving to the new recyclable cups, we hope to contribute to the long-term health of our planet and hope we inspire others to do the same. And, of course, we will continue to use, wash and re-use crockery as far as possible.”

                The new cups are the latest in a company-wide drive to replace non-essential single-use plastics. BMI Healthcare has already replaced plastic spoons with wooden stirrers, and plastic cutlery with bamboo knives, forks and spoons.

                About BMI Healthcare

                Established in 1970, BMI Healthcare is the UK’s largest independent provider of private healthcare with 58 hospitals and healthcare facilities. More than 7,000 consultants practice at BMI hospitals, which handle more than 2m patient visits a year.

                An independent survey of 116,747 patients carried out by Quality Health, the same company which assesses patient satisfaction within the NHS, between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017, showed that 98.5% would recommend their hospital to their families and friends. 95.2% rated the overall quality of their nursing care as excellent or very good, 95.2% said that their hospital’s diagnostic imaging met or exceeded their expectations and 98.3% would apply the same rating to their experience of physiotherapy.

                For more information or to make an appointment, visit www.bmihealthcare.co.uk

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                  A.Celli Rebuilding: Shaniv Paper Industries Tissue Machine TM1 launched http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7934-a-celli-rebuilding-shaniv-paper-industries-tissue-machine-tm1-launched http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7934-a-celli-rebuilding-shaniv-paper-industries-tissue-machine-tm1-launched

                  The important rebuilding operation was successfully completed by A.Celli Paper and ended with the start-up of the Israeli customer's machine

                  In early October, the Customer Service team at A.Celli Paper launched the Tissue Machine TM1 of Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd, the second largest Israeli paper manufacturer for home use.

                  The operation consisted in the supply of a new reel, an innovative DCS system, a set of more efficient motors, renewed roller equipment and the relative drives. The dryer roller (Yankee Dryer) was also insulated by shielding the heads with a layer of coating.

                  2018 10 25 075650

                  The operation, completed by a team of qualified technicians, allowed the machine to reach the speed of 1500 mpm for the production of high quality tissue paper.

                  The ambitious project was carried out in full compliance with the client's expectations, which complimented the team of A.Celli Paper for the excellent work performed.

                  The technicians will also accompany the customer's operators during this first post-start phase, for a brief period of baby sitting based on the well-known spirit of partnership that has always distinguished the A.Celli Group.

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                    Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report ranked among top ten globally http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7932-stora-enso-s-sustainability-report-ranked-among-top-ten-globally http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7932-stora-enso-s-sustainability-report-ranked-among-top-ten-globally

                    Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report 2017 has been included in the top ten sustainability reports globally according to the latest Reporting matters publication by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

                    In WBCSD’s Reporting matters publication, Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report is praised for its disclosure of internal sustainability management processes. The external assurance of the report’s sustainability information also received good feedback as it strengthens the credibility of Stora Enso’s disclosure.

                    stora new 2017“We are proud of our transparent reporting being acknowledged,” says Noel Morrin, EVP Sustainability at Stora Enso. “It is especially encouraging to see that the four-tier reporting structure we use to present the most material opportunities and challenges is recognised as good practice.”

                    “In addition to being coherent and highly informative, good reporting requires continuous development. Our report should reflect our ambition to ensure a positive contribution to society and meeting the challenges along the way,” Ulrika Lilja, EVP Communications at Stora Enso, concludes.

                    “We are pleased to highlight Stora Enso’s strong reporting practices. Their 2017 Sustainability Report clearly articulates the potential impacts of external trends and regulations and describes the approaches the company has taken to manage and address this. We hope other companies will see Stora Enso as an example of good practice as they approach sustainability reporting across their own companies,” says Rodney Irwin, Managing Director of Redefining Value, WBCSD.

                    The WBCSD produces Reporting matters to help improve the effectiveness of non-financial corporate reporting. The report lists Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report as one of the top ten in the world out of the 158 reviewed in the scope of the publication without disclosing the exact rankings.

                    The Stora Enso Annual Report 2017 consists of the Progress Book, the Financial Report, the Sustainability Report, and the Corporate Governance Report. All parts of the Annual Report are available in PDF format at storaenso.com/annualreport.

                    WBCSD’s Reporting matters publication is available here.

                    Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper globally. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Stora Enso has some 26 000 employees in over 30 countries. Our sales in 2017 were EUR 10 billion. Stora Enso shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Nasdaq Stockholm (STE A, STE R). In addition, the shares are traded in the USA as ADRs (SEOAY). storaenso.com

                    • Stora Enso
                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 24 Oct 2018 08:40:03 +0200
                      Mondi launches premium multifunctional paper “Color Copy Go Office” http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7930-mondi-launches-premium-multifunctional-paper-color-copy-go-office http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7930-mondi-launches-premium-multifunctional-paper-color-copy-go-office

                      Mondi, the global paper and packaging Group, is launching a new product for their flagship brand Color Copy. Targeted for the office paper segment, “Color Copy Go Office” is a newly developed, best-in-class multifunctional product for high contrast colours. Color Copy Go Office offers a high whiteness paired with the smoothness for which Color Copy is known. It is the first product in the Color Copy portfolio explicitly guaranteed for both laser and inkjet printing, featuring ColorLok® technology to ensure bold blacks, vivid colours and quick drying. As with all Color Copy products, Color Copy Go Office comes with Mondi’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

                      2018 10 19 092415“Almost 30 years ago, we invented the colour laser paper with Color Copy. With last year’s redesign of our packaging, we started a journey to become the perfect paper for digital colour printing – inkjet included. Color Copy Go Office is the first step in this direction. In terms of positioning among high white multifunctional papers for high contrast printing, it is the best office paper we offer today. It perfectly complements our flagship brand Color Copy as the premium paper solution for full colour printing with the widest colour gamut and incomparably consistent top quality”, says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director at Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.

                      A pipeline of innovations for Color Copy

                      Earlier this year a new range of digital formats were announced for Color Copy, valid for all our sales partners around the world. For all other future innovations and portfolio extensions under the Color Copy brand, including the introduction of Color Copy in 80 g/m2 as well as new banner formats, there is a new and (semi-) exclusive distribution strategy in place. This means that all new developments are available at selected Color Copy Evolution Partners only.

                      Europapier will be Mondi’s partner in Austria and Russia, Igepa and Papyrus in Germany, Augusto Berni, Comunica, Officart and Polyedra in Italy, Premier Paper in UK and Papyrus in Benelux, with discussions on-going in several other countries.

                      “In 2019 we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Color Copy and will have more news to share related to the diversification of the brand portfolio. Stay tuned for more details in early 2019,” explained Klumpp.

                      Go Office range

                      Color Copy Go Office is available in A4 and A3 and 80, 90, 100 as well as 120 g/m2 , featuring our new easy-open reams for all our A4 products in 80, 90 and 100 g/m2 and improved box strength. For optimal presentation, easy handling and a tidy office space, all A4 products can be ordered in shelf-ready boxes. Color Copy Go Office is produced in our Mondi Neusiedler mill and is offered with FSC® and EU Ecolabel certification.

                      About Color Copy

                      Color Copy is the leading brand for digital colour printing and is CO2 neutral. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of digital printing and guarantees true-to-life, brilliant colour copies and perfect print results every time. Color Copy has an elegant and smooth feel and its soft white hue gives accurate colour reproduction that emphasises your image. It also has an exceptional environmental profile, being CO2 neutral in addition to having FSC®, EU Ecolabel and ISO 9706, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications. Color Copy is part of Mondi’s Green Range of sustainably produced products.


                      About Mondi          

                      Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, delighting its customers and consumers with innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions. Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. Sustainability is embedded in everything Mondi does. In 2017, Mondi had revenues of €7.10 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.48 billion.

                      Mondi has a dual listed company structure, with a primary listing on the JSE Limited for Mondi Limited under the ticker MND, and a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange for Mondi plc, under the ticker MNDI. Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007.


                      About Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper

                      Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper is a business unit of Mondi Group. In five paper mills in Austria, Slovakia, Russia, and South Africa, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper produces environmentally sound office and professional printing papers tailored to the latest professional digital and offset print technologies. The company complies with the strictest international certification standards to support sustainable production processes through the responsible management of forest, water and air resources. All Mondi uncoated fine papers belong to the Green Range of papers that are FSC® or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or bleached entirely without chlorine.

                      Its renowned brands such as Color Copy, DNS®, IQ, MAESTRO®, NAUTILUS®, BIO TOP 3®, PERGRAPHICA®, NEUJET®, Snegurochka or ROTATRIM are used in office environments on laser or inkjet printers and by professional printers on digital or offset presses to create brochures, transactional material, folders, invitations, business cards, letterheads or other high-impact communication. Converters appreciate the excellent printability and smooth handling of Mondi’s professional printing papers.

                      • Mondi Group
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                        Lucart joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7927-lucart-joins-the-ellen-macarthur-foundation-s-circular-economy-100-ce100-network http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7927-lucart-joins-the-ellen-macarthur-foundation-s-circular-economy-100-ce100-network

                        The Italy-based company is one of three Italian organisations, along with Intesa Sanpaolo and Gruppo Hera, that are part of the network created by the Foundation

                        Lucart is increasingly committed to the circular economy. The Italy-based Group, a leading manufacturer in Europe of tissue paper, airlaid products, and MG paper has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundations CE100 network, a pre-competitive innovation programme established to enable organisations to develop new opportunities and realise their circular economy ambitions faster.

                        2018 10 19 090923Launched in 2010, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Since its creation, the charity has emerged as a global thought leader, establishing the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government and academia. 

                        Lucart, which has made of sustainability and innovation in the environmental field its core values, is one of only three Italian organisations that are members of the CE100 along with, Intesa Sanpaolo and Gruppo Hera. The network focusses on collaboration, capacity building, networking and research and insights - bringing together companies to create further opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

                        “Quality, innovation and sustainability: these are the key words for building the future of tissue paper and of our Group. This is why joining the community created by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation makes us proud of what we have achieved to date: it demonstrates our full commitment to a “circular” paper economy, as we like to call it” – Massimo Pasquini, Chief Executive Officer of Lucart, commented – “We hope that this cooperation will pave the way for new, challenging scenarios for the development of circular economy on a global level, covering a multitude of different sectors and projects. And we want to play an active role in this development”.

                        In the environmental field, Lucart is a pioneering company in Europe: in 1997, it launched the world’s first recycled toilet paper with Mater-Bi packs on the market, and in 1998 it was the first company in Italy to obtain the Ecolabel. In 2010, the company launched the Natural project in cooperation with Tetra Pak®, creating Fiberpack®, a virtuous and award-winning circular economy project, which represents the evolution of paper. Thanks to this project, the Group has managed to recycle more than 3.6 billion beverage cartons, which, if lined up one after the other, would cover a distance equal to the circumvention of the Earth 21 times over and, above all, to prevent the emission of 93,800 tonnes of CO2e into the atmosphere, which is equal to the emissions of as many as 736,000 trips by car from Rome to Milan.

                        About Lucart

                        Lucart, a leading company in Europe in the production of tissue paper products (paper items for daily use such as toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins, tablecloths, handkerchiefs etc.), airlaid products and MG paper, was founded in 1953 by the Pasquini Family. The company's production activities are distributed over 3 Business Units (Business to Business, Away from Home and Consumer) operating in the development and sales of products with brands such as Tenderly, Tutto, Grazie Natural and Smile (Consumer area), Lucart Professional, Tenderly Professional, Fato and Velo (Away from Home area).

                        Lucart's production capacity exceeds 395,000 tonnes/year of paper on 12 continuous machines and 65 converting lines. Its consolidated turnover amounts to more than €450 million, with more than 1,500 employees in ten production plants (five in Italy, one in France, one in Hungary and three in Spain).

                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 19 Oct 2018 09:07:05 +0200
                        Paper & Beyond stages industry’s leadership on Europe’s circular bioeconomy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7926-paper-beyond-stages-industry-s-leadership-on-europe-s-circular-bioeconomy http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7926-paper-beyond-stages-industry-s-leadership-on-europe-s-circular-bioeconomy

                        Paper & Beyond, the new event concept where circular bioeconomy leaders meet, took place just a week following the release of the EU’s new Bioeconomy Strategy, which set out a clear path for better linking the bioeconomy and circularity. 

                        “The new European strategy comes at a defining moment for the bioeconomy” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso and Chairman of CEPI. “Industry’s transformation is gaining pace across the entire forest fibre and paper value chain. As the mainstream renewable and recyclable material industry, we are ready to take the lead on Europe’s circular bioeconomy”.  

                        2018 10 18 102805The first of its kind conference got off to an innovative start with a competition gathering some of Europe’s most promising young researchers. From the engineering of spider silk strong nanocellulose filaments to paper-based electrodes for fuel cells, researchers illustrated the innovativeness and European lead in forest fibre research. 

                        Building on this year’s theme, the “Europe & Beyond – Getting the best from the bioeconomy” session welcomed keynote speaker Peggy Liu, a world-renowned sustainability expert on China who brought a global perspective on the circular bioeconomy. She touched upon recent developments in China, including the country’s waste restrictions, its policy on single-use plastics and its recent investments in Europe under the Belt and Road initiative.

                        Following the positive trends in production (up 1.5%), exports (up 5.4%) and investment (up 7.5%) seen in the latest market data for 2017, RISI returned to provide insights into circular bioeconomy markets, with, for the first time, a business intelligence session on European nanocellulose markets.

                        Paper & Beyond also hosted the final conference of the EU-funded Provides project which has confirmed the Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) technology. This breakthrough aims at achieving a 40% reduction in energy use and a 80% life cycle reduction in CO2 emissions, while also producing high-quality lignin from wood for biochemicals or biocomposite production. The consortium will continue research on a DES pulping pilot and demo, aiming at commercial deployment by 2030.

                        CEPI is the European association representing the forest fibre and paper industry. Through its 18 national associations CEPI gathers 495 companies operating more than 900 pulp and paper mills across Europe producing paper, cardboard, pulp and other bio-based products. CEPI represents 22% of world production, €82 billion of annual turnover to the European economy and directly employs more than 177,000 people.

                        From forest fibre technology to advance paper design, the industry currently invests almost 5.5 billion annually in Europe and is a recognised leader of the low-carbon circular bioeconomy transition. CEPI’s 2050 ‘Investment Roadmap’ outlines the industry’s vision to advance this transformation in Europe through value creation and decarbonisation.

                        • cepi
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                          ANDRITZ successfully closes its acquisition of Xerium Technologies, Inc. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7924-andritz-successfully-closes-its-acquisition-of-xerium-technologies-inc http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7924-andritz-successfully-closes-its-acquisition-of-xerium-technologies-inc

                          International technology group ANDRITZ has just announced the successful closing of its previously announced acquisition of Xerium Technologies, Inc.

                          2018 10 18 100442Xerium, headquartered in Youngsville, North Carolina, is a global manufacturer and supplier of machine clothing (forming fabrics, press felts, drying fabrics) and roll covers for paper, tissue, and board machines, including maintenance and aftermarket services. With its Smart® technology, the company provides a sophisticated digital software tool to optimize pressing performance by means of sensors integrated into the roll covers.

                          ANDRITZ, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments.

                          ANDRITZ GROUP

                          ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments. Other important fields of business are animal feed and biomass pelleting, as well as automation, where ANDRITZ offers a wide range of innovative products and services in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sector under the brand name of Metris. In addition, the international technology Group is active in power generation (steam boiler plants, biomass power plants, recovery boilers, and gasification plants) and environmental technology (flue gas cleaning plants) and offers equipment for the production of nonwovens, dissolving pulp, and panelboard, as well as recycling plants.

                          A passion for innovative technology, absolute customer focus, reliability, and integrity are the central values to which ANDRITZ commits. The listed Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria. With over 160 years of experience, circa 30,000 employees, and around 280 locations in over 40 countries worldwide, ANDRITZ is a reliable and competent partner and helps its customers to achieve their corporate and sustainability goals.

                          • Andritz
                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 18 Oct 2018 10:04:09 +0200
                            A new A.Celli E-WIND® T80S rewinder for Fapajal http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7923-a-new-a-celli-e-wind-t80s-rewinder-for-fapajal http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7923-a-new-a-celli-e-wind-t80s-rewinder-for-fapajal

                            Portuguese Producer chooses A.Celli Paper for its new investment

                            It is with extreme satisfaction that A.Celli Paper S.p.A. announces the start of a precious collaboration with Fapajal – Fábrica De Papel Do Tojal, S.A. through the agreement for the supply of a latest-generation E-WIND® T80S rewinder for the production of tissue.

                            2018 10 18 095854

                            A.Celli Paper E-WIND® T80S is a modular and fully automated rewinder, running at 1000mpm, with built-in electrical cabinets, capable of managing products that involve a specific volume, diameter and cutting format while also guaranteeing extra capacity during production peaks.

                            It is customisable, plug-and-play, perfectly adaptable and compatible with any standard rewinding system or complete line in the tissue sector.

                            Yet another confirmation for A.Celli Paper technology that is even more present and is capable of meeting the needs of different customers, promptly answering the motley production variables with flexibility.

                            COMPANY PROFILE

                            Fapajal has a paper-making tradition dating back to 1755 and is currently focussed on producing tissue paper. Headquartered in São Julião do Tojal, Loures, the Company relies on the contribution of over 150 employees and approximately 50 outsourced employees.

                            • acelli paper
                            • acelli
                              no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 18 Oct 2018 09:59:36 +0200
                              Towards a more sustainable pulp and paper industry with Deep Eutectic Solvents http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7922-towards-a-more-sustainable-pulp-and-paper-industry-with-deep-eutectic-solvents http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7922-towards-a-more-sustainable-pulp-and-paper-industry-with-deep-eutectic-solvents

                              At a special conference just organised as part of the Paper and Beyond 2018 event in Brussels, the first phase of the PROVIDES  project was officially completed. PROVIDES, which stands for ‘PROcesses for Value added fibres by Innovative Deep Eutectic Solvents’, is a research and innovation project within the Biobased Industries Initiative, with the goal of significantly reducing CO2 emissions in pulp and papermaking.

                              Sappi is an active participant in the project, thus supporting the pulp and paper industry’s technological transition towards meeting its climate objectives.

                              2018 10 18 090152

                              The completion of the first phase was celebrated with the publication of a booklet describing the potential of Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) for creating breakthrough innovations in the pulp and paper industry. The publication ‘Deep Eutectic Solvents in the paper industry’ can be downloaded here.

                              Revolutionising the industry

                              In November 2011, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) launched its vision for the sector in the next 35 years, concluding that breakthrough technologies would be needed to make the industry more sustainable. Specifically, it aims to achieve an 80% reduction of CO2 emissions and at the same time create 50% more value. The PROVIDES consortium shows that a revolutionary change is now possible. New, mild pulping technologies based on natural Deep Eutectic Solvents lead to a significantly more sustainable process that is energy-, cost- and resource-effective, while producing much lower CO2 emissions.

                              The total DES concept

                              Deep Eutectic Solvents are nature-based, renewable, biodegradable, low-volatile and cost-effective. The overall objective of the DES concept is to achieve a 40% reduction of energy use and an 80% reduction of CO2 emissions in pulp and papermaking. The DES concept will enable the industry to obtain a radically new, sustainable and techno-economically feasible pulping technology, while also enabling the selective recovery of dissolved components. In addition, DESs can be regenerated and recycled, ensuring economical use of resources. This technological innovation produces high-quality cellulose fibres for papermaking, while simultaneously producing high-quality lignin and hemicellulose fractions for a variety of high-volume applications.

                              Results and achievements

                              In the first phase of the PROVIDES project, more than one hundred new DESs were developed. Of these, two have been further developed as successful delignifying agents. The project proved that the entire DES pulping process can be run at operational costs similar to those kraft pulping, and that the resulting cellulose fibres have good tensile strength and extreme internal bond strength. In addition, it was proven that DES delignification results in 95% lignin removal, and that the lignin can be successfully recovered and the DES regenerated.

                              Next steps

                              In the coming years, the pulping part of the DES research cluster, coordinated by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT), will continue to conduct further applied research towards the realisation of a DES pulping pilot and demo, ultimately leading to commercial implementation in 2030.

                              • sappi
                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 18 Oct 2018 09:56:41 +0200
                                Södra recognized as best pulp producer supplier and for best social sustainable project by Sofidel http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7919-soedra-recognized-as-best-pulp-producer-supplier-and-for-best-social-sustainable-project-by-sofidel http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7919-soedra-recognized-as-best-pulp-producer-supplier-and-for-best-social-sustainable-project-by-sofidel

                                Södra was awarded two prizes, as Best Supplier – Pulp Producer Category and for Best Sustainability Project – Social Category during the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award (3SAward). This year the prize ceremony took place in Columbus, Ohio

                                Sofidel, one of the leading manufacturers of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide, on occasion of its annual 3SAward, awarded Södra among its best suppliers.

                                2018 10 15 103027The Suppliers Sustainability Award organised every year by Sofidel aimed at its national and international suppliers to encourage, spread and highlight best practices and improvements carried out by suppliers in the field of social and environmental responsibility.

                                On this occasion Södra, the Sweden's largest forest-owner association, was nominated and won in two categories: in the Best Supplier – Pulp Producer for the sustainability performance of the mills in Mönsterås, Mörrum, and Värö, which between them produce close to 2 million tons of market pulp annually, was especially highlighted. Södra also won in the category The Best Sustainable Project – Social, for their campaign “Act of a Hero”.

                                “The prize for ‘Best Supplier – Pulp Producer Category’ shows that we at Södra maintain a high level in our sustainability efforts, thanks to the focus and commitment of our employees – this award is an honour and accolade for them. Our mills are well invested and expertly run for the benefit of customers, and for selected key sustainability targets we have” says Gunilla Saltin CEO at Södra Cell.

                                The “Act of a Hero” campaign was a social media expression of Södra’s belief in the sustainable role played by tissue and other paper products in society.

                                Paper production is a very resource demanding industry, both in terms of water, forest, and energy. For this reason, Sofidel works actively for a more sustainable paper and pulp industry. As of today, Sofidel has reduced direct emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere by 20.6% thanks to investments in energy efficiency, in the use of cogeneration plants and the use of renewable energy sources. Another fundamental area of action is the sourcing of pulp from independent certified sources with forest certification schemes (FSC®, FSC Controlled Wood, SFI®, PEFC™), which has reached a level of 100%. Moreover, Sofidel operates to safeguard water resources, limiting the consumption inside their production processes (the amount of water used in the production is distinctly lower than the industry benchmark: 7.1 l/kg vs. 15-25 l/kg)

                                Read more about Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Awards here

                                • södra
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                                  Fabio Perini S.p.A. presents its customer service 4.0 at MIAC http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7918-fabio-perini-s-p-a-presents-its-customer-service-4-0-at-miac http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7918-fabio-perini-s-p-a-presents-its-customer-service-4-0-at-miac

                                  Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director: “More efficiency and less costs. This is the objective of customer service: help our customers in preserving over time the value of their capital asset”

                                  Fabio Perini S.p.A. took part in MIAC, where during the convention “Towards Converting Tissue 4.0” Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director, disclosed the new company strategy and presented the best available technologies to enhance performances, quality and management of the production process.

                                  “Industry 4.0 for our company has its own application even in customer service, –Gianfranco Agnusdei comments – a field where the use and analysis of production data, together with the technical expertise of Fabio Perini’s people, allow customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their lines. Digital services are not limited to lines and systems supplied by Fabio Perini, but they can be used on equipment by other producers as well."

                                  Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service DirectorGianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director

                                  Three years ago, Fabio Perini launched its Customer Service Portal, which has evolved becoming the customers’ digital touch point, with information on their installed base, the history of maintenance services, the suggested equipment modifications and a web shop for spare parts, placing orders directly online. Today the Portal becomes also the tool to activate and monitor line performance using two solutions, Tissue Data Cloud and Digital Shift Support.

                                  The Tissue Data Cloud processes data based on a wide set of performance indicators, so as to offer the customer immediate visibility of the process critical points. Thanks to the Web Dashboard, the values of the line are re-elaborated easily and intuitively and available in real time for the production manager.

                                  The second new feature is the Digital Shift Support, also activated from the Portal and available on the operator’s tablet. The Digital Shift Support is a smart application that collects, together with a minimal set of performance indicators, the production speed and the justifications of alarms by the operators.

                                  “Up to now our path has been going through digitalization, from equipment alarm detection to production indicators analysis, so as to identify inefficiencies and be able to act on specific line sections. – Agnusdei goes on – But we at Fabio Perini are firmly convinced that no digital revolution can exist without the technical know-how accrued in our 50-years-long experience. Our Customer Service 4.0 is all about this: an extraordinary integration between technical expertise and the availability of data supplied by digital solutions”.

                                  In fact, the availability of data and the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians will allow to supply a real Digital Audit and remotely detect causes, establishing in advance actions to solve issues. In this framework, even the Wearable Glasses find their place: in its new “goggle” version, this technologic solution for remote, real-time technical assistance is more ergonomic and performing, with 3D interaction and Augmented Reality. For this device, too, the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians is a key factor.

                                  • fabio perini
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                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 12 Oct 2018 14:13:56 +0200
                                    BlueLine technology convinces Lucart with significant increase in production capacity and energy savings http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7916-blueline-technology-convinces-lucart-with-significant-increase-in-production-capacity-and-energy-savings http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7916-blueline-technology-convinces-lucart-with-significant-increase-in-production-capacity-and-energy-savings

                                    Voith recently reached a deal with Lucart Group for the delivery of a BlueLine stock preparation system at the company’s paper mill headquarters in Porcari, Italy. 

                                    • Significant increase in production capacity
                                    • Energy savings of up to 25 percent
                                    • Maximum fiber cleaning and sustainable fiber utilization 

                                    The scope of supply includes all the latest Voith technologies to minimize energy consumption and achieve maximum efficiency in fiber usage. Above all, the Intensa technology was a key factor for Lucart in choosing Voith. With this pulping technology, based on a flow optimized vat and an eccentrically arranged rotor, Lucart will benefit from a significant increase in production capacity and energy savings of up to 25 percent compared to conventional technologies. The new stock preparation line will be equipped with additional energy-efficient components and systems – like ComMix, InduraHiClean and the Pluralis refining technology – which will help the mill to accomplish its goal of maximum sustainable fiber usage.

                                    Voith BlueLineVoith BlueLine

                                    “At Lucart, we’re continuously seeking to improve the sustainability of our operations,” said Franco Pasquini, Technical Director at Lucart. “Energy consumption reduction and efficient fiber usage are key targets in all our operations. The installation of the latest stock preparation technologies from Voith will contribute to accomplish our strategic goals.”

                                    “Lucart is well known for its focus on environmental sustainability and experience in raw materials usage,” said Roberto Buzzi, Sales Manager, Voith Paper. “We’re proud of having earned their trust with our stock preparation technologies.”

                                    About Lucart
                                    Lucart, a leading company in Europe in the production of MG paper, tissue products and airlaid products, was founded in 1953 by the Pasquini Family. Lucart’s production capacity is 395,000 tons/year of paper on 12 paper machines and 65 converting lines. Its consolidated turnover will amount to more than €450 million, with more than 1,500 employees in ten production plants and a Logistic Center in Italy.

                                    About Voith
                                    Voith Paper is a Group Division of Voith and the leading partner and pioneer in the paper industry. Through constant innovations, the technology group is continually optimizing the paper manufacturing process and paving the way for resource-saving production. Thanks to Papermaking 4.0, paper manufacturers can interconnect their equipment in an optimum way and increase their competitiveness through the effective and secure use of generated data. With Servolution, Voith Paper offers its customers tailored service solutions for all sections of the production process.

                                    Voith is a global technology group. With its wide range of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets for energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith today has more than 19,000 employees and earns 4.2 billion euros in sales. It has locations in over 60 countries and is one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.

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                                      Södra’s sustainability achievements recognised with two Sofidel awards http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7915-soedra-s-sustainability-achievements-recognised-with-two-sofidel-awards http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7915-soedra-s-sustainability-achievements-recognised-with-two-sofidel-awards

                                      Södra received two of the 2018 Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Awards (3SAward) presented in Columbus, Ohio (USA) last week. Södra was named Best Supplier in the Pulp Producer Category and in the Best Sustainable Project, Social Category.

                                      The prestigious 3SAward is an accolade awarded each year by the tissue manufacturer Sofidel to the suppliers who have distinguished themselves through their environmental and social sustainability activities.

                                      L to r: Marcus Hellberg, sales director, Södra; Andrea Piazzolla, chief purchasing officer, Sofidel; Gunilla Saltin, CEO Södra Cell; Luigi Lazzareschi, group chief executive, SofidelL to r: Marcus Hellberg, sales director, Södra; Andrea Piazzolla, chief purchasing officer, Sofidel; Gunilla Saltin, CEO Södra Cell; Luigi Lazzareschi, group chief executive, Sofidel

                                      In the Pulp Producer Category, Södra was recognised for the sustainability performance of its Swedish mills, Mönsterås, Mörrum and Värö, which between them produce close to 2 million tons of market pulp annually. The Best Sustainable Project, Social Category, was awarded for Södra’s ground-breaking “Act of a Hero” social media campaign.

                                      Södra Cell CEO Gunilla Saltin said: “The prize for ‘Best Supplier’ shows that we at Södra maintain a high level in our sustainability efforts, thanks to the focus and commitment of our employees – this award is an honour and accolade for them. Our mills are well invested and expertly run for the benefit of customers, and selected key sustainability targets have the same status as financial ones.”

                                      Södra’s strategy until 2020 is based on being a value-generating and cohesive Group with profitable growth, inspired by the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. “Our ambitions on fossil free operations are high,” said Saltin. “Fossil-free and climate-positive operations are at the top of our agenda, as are sustainable forestry, sustainable innovation, resource efficiency and responsibility to our employees and those throughout the value chain.”

                                      The “Act of a Hero” campaign was a social media expression of Södra’s belief in the sustainable role played by tissue and other paper products in society. Sofidel explained the winning formula: “For realizing an "out-of-the-box" communication approach, through a campaign developed by a b2b company and dedicated to a wide targeted audience of final customers, based on active involvement of retailers, and effective in influencing consumers' choice in favour of sustainable fibre/paper.”

                                      “We thought out of the box for sure,” said head of marketing communications Linda Ottosson. “Our aim was to reach not only our customers, who know the sustainability credentials of our pulp, but to our customers’ customers and consumers who in many cases don’t. Through a simple but unexpected message delivered with humour and a strong human touch, the result was a level of targeted engagement beyond our most optimistic expectations, with more than 1.6 million impressions in the first three months.”

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                                        A.Celli E-WIND® T80S: flexibility close at hand http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7914-a-celli-e-wind-t80s-flexibility-close-at-hand http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7914-a-celli-e-wind-t80s-flexibility-close-at-hand

                                        A.Celli Paper presents a new rewinder of high production flexibility.

                                        The two goals were to optimise production and increase line productivity.

                                        Both have now been achieved, limiting investment to a minimum, with E-WIND® T80S: the new rewinder designed by A. Celli Paper to respond to these very needs.

                                        2018 10 11 182532

                                        A.Celli Paper E-WIND® T80S is a modular and fully automatic entry level rewinder, with built-in electrical cabinets, capable of managing products that involve a specific volume, diameter and cutting format while also guaranteeing extra capacity during production peaks.

                                        It is customisable, plug-and-play, perfectly adaptable and compatible with any standard rewinding system or complete line in the tissue sector.

                                        A.Celli Paper E-WIND® T80S: flexibility for everyone!
                                        For more information, please contact us

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                                        • acelli group
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                                          Fabio Perini S.p.A. presents at MIAC the digital revolution of Customer Service http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7913-fabio-perini-s-p-a-presents-at-miac-the-digital-revolution-of-customer-service http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7913-fabio-perini-s-p-a-presents-at-miac-the-digital-revolution-of-customer-service

                                          The new platform of services and technical solutions that optimizes production efficiency, reduces operating costs and helps customers maintain the value of their production assets over time.

                                          Fabio Perini chooses MIAC for the worldwide launch of digital solutions for Customer Service and the improvement of production efficiency, consolidating its role as a 360° business partner through the new dimensions of Industry 4.0.

                                          If initially the Digital Tissue™ was aimed only for new installations, today, a few months after its launch, the most important innovation is that the suite of digital solutions can also be implemented for the installed base not only of all Fabio Perini customers but also of machinery from other manufacturers.

                                          In this way, Customer Service becomes 4.0 where the use and analysis of production data, combined with the technical expertise of Fabio Perini's staff, allows customers to maintain the value of their capital assets over time and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the lines.

                                          Here are the solutions presented in detail:

                                          Tissue Data Cloud  

                                          2018 10 11 084131

                                          The data processing through different performance indicators gives immediate visibility to the customer of the critical points of the process. Through the use of a Web Dashboard, directly accessible from the Customer Service Portal of Fabio Perini, the data of the line are processed simply and intuitively. Thanks to the analysis of these values and the competence of the Company's technicians, it is possible to offer to customers a real Digital Audit that will allow, even remotely, to detect the causes of line malfunction and establish in advance the actions to solve them.

                                          WEAREABLE GLASSES

                                          2018 10 11 084110

                                          Two years after the launch of WEAREABLE - the technological solution for remote and real-time technical assistance - the MIAC 2018 becomes the stage for the worldwide launch of the new WEAREABLE GLASSES which becomes more ergonomic in the new "glasses" version and more performing (with the interaction of 3D and AR augmented reality).

                                          Process control

                                          Process control is a package of solutions and services that can now be installed not only on all new converting lines but also on an installed base already in production. Being able to measure the tissue web and the finished product and collect the data to transform it into useful information for production efficiency is now part of the complete Digital Tissue™ solution package launched last June at iT's Tissue 2018; a huge advantage for customers who will benefit from this solution to increase production performance, finished product quality and converting process management.

                                          2018 10 11 084007

                                          The digital services offered are not only limited to Fabio Perini lines and systems but can also be used on machines of other manufacturers. Thanks to Körber Digital, the new Business Area of the Körber group dedicated to the development of digital solutions, it has been developed a new solution to collect data from any installed base.

                                          In the Open House set up at the Fabio Perini plants in Lucca, it is possible to see the MYTIME line in operation with the patented "Punzoncini" technology for the production of an extremely soft kitchen towel product. Besides, the line is equipped with new upgrades of machinery (T.I.P. - Technical Improvement Program) that allow both the increase in production efficiency and the reduction of operating costs. In particular, a new fire-fighting system has been developed based on two fundamental elements: a guarantee of detection that minimizes false alarms (without the use of optical sensors, UV, IR, ultrasound that would suffer dust, areosol and movements of hot air masses) and a patented extinguishing system based on low-pressure "water mist" technology.

                                          In addition, there are further T.I.P. such as the new glue filter and glue mixer, the reversible rotor to ensure a higher quality of log cutting and blade life up to 30% more and the new lotion applicator "Leonardo" able to deposit 99.9% of the lotion used on paper.

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                                            BillerudKorsnäs appoints Senior Vice President Paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7912-billerudkorsnaes-appoints-senior-vice-president-paper http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7912-billerudkorsnaes-appoints-senior-vice-president-paper

                                            BillerudKorsnäs have just announced that Helene Biström is appointed as Senior Vice President for Paper, one of the company’s three divisions in the new organisation that came into effect on the 1st of October.

                                            billkorlogoEarlier this year, BillerudKorsnäs announced that the company will create three divisions with profit and loss responsibility in order to more effectively realise the company's growth strategy. The three divisions are Board, Paper and Solutions. Helene Biström is appointed Senior Vice President Division Paper. She will be a member of the company’s senior management team. Helene is currently the CEO of Infanord.

                                            “It is my conviction that Helene, along with the strong team at Paper, will lift the division to new heights both in regards to production stability and new products. Helene will also contribute to Group Management with her broad leadership experience,” says Petra Einarsson, President and CEO of BillerudKorsnäs.

                                            “I am honoured to be offered the position Senior Vice President for the Paper division at BillerudKorsnäs. It will be very exciting to take on this challenge. The combination of solid competence and innovation with a strong focus on sustainability, makes BillerudKorsnäs direction and products perfectly positioned in time. I look forward to developing the Paper division along with my team,” says Helene Biström.

                                            Helene is a highly experienced leader with previous assignments as deputy CEO of Vattenfall and CEO of Norrenergi. Helene also has a background with several significant board assignments, including as chairman of Sveaskog, and is currently active in Pöyry's Board. In 2008 Helene was named Business Woman of the Year by Veckans Affärer.

                                            Helene will start in the position at the latest during April 2019.

                                            BillerudKorsnäs provides packaging materials and solutions that challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. We are a world-leading provider of primary fibre based packaging materials and have customers in over 100 countries. The company has 8 production sites in Sweden, Finland and the UK and about 4 300 employees in over 13 countries. BillerudKorsnäs has an annual turnover of about SEK 22 billion and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. www.billerudkorsnas.com

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                                              Stora Enso and Gasum to make renewable energy from wastewater in Sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7910-stora-enso-and-gasum-to-make-renewable-energy-from-wastewater-in-sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7910-stora-enso-and-gasum-to-make-renewable-energy-from-wastewater-in-sweden

                                              Stora Enso and energy company Gasum have signed a contract to build a biogas plant at Stora Enso’s Nymölla paper mill in Sweden. The plant, built and operated by Gasum, will turn the mill’s wastewater effluent into renewable energy. 

                                              Gasum plans to upgrade the biogas into Liquefied Biogas (LBG) and sell it as fuel for cars, buses, trucks, and ferries. The expected LBG production of the plant is 75-90 GWh per year, equivalent to the amount of fuel needed annually for more than 200 average long haul lorries in Sweden. Production is expected to start during 2020.

                                              stora new1“We are happy to be part of a project that will turn waste into valuable renewable energy,” says Michael Lindemann, Mill Director at Nymölla Mill. “For Stora Enso, substituting fossil-based fuels in our society with renewable solutions is a vital way to combat global warming. The cooperation with Gasum is a good example of the collaborative efforts Stora Enso is taking to do this.”

                                              ”We are pleased about the circular economy cooperation with Stora Enso. The biogas plant is a sustainable solution for the processing of wastewater. Gasum is actively building a gas ecosystem for industry, marine and road transport segment in the Nordics,” says Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer of Gasum.

                                              The total investment of the project for Gasum is around EUR 27 million and for Stora Enso around EUR 5 million. Gasum has been granted an investment subsidy of SEK 121.5 million (EUR 12.7 million) by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency under the Climate Leap (‘Klimatklivet’) programme.

                                              Located in southern Sweden, Stora Enso’s Nymölla Mill has an annual production capacity of 340 000 tonnes pulp and 485 000 tonnes woodfree uncoated (WFU) paper for office and postal use. Stora Enso’s well-known office paper brand Multicopy is produced in Nymölla.

                                              Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper globally. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Stora Enso has some 26 000 employees in over 30 countries. Our sales in 2017 were EUR 10 billion. Stora Enso shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Nasdaq Stockholm (STE A, STE R). In addition, the shares are traded in the USA as ADRs (SEOAY). storaenso.com

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                                                Valmet-supplied world's largest production line for bleached softwood pulp successfully started up at SCA Östrand mill in Sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7909-valmet-supplied-world-s-largest-production-line-for-bleached-softwood-pulp-successfully-started-up-at-sca-oestrand-mill-in-sweden http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7909-valmet-supplied-world-s-largest-production-line-for-bleached-softwood-pulp-successfully-started-up-at-sca-oestrand-mill-in-sweden

                                                The expanded pulp mill SCA Östrand in Timrå, Sweden, was started up end of June 2018, according to plan. SCA invested SEK 7.8 billion in Östrand pulp mill expansion project making it one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden to date. With this project SCA Östrand doubled its production capacity from 430,000 tonnes to 900,000 tonnes per year and became the largest production line for bleached softwood kraft pulp in the world.

                                                "The rebuild and expansion of Östrand pulp mill is one of the greatest industrial investments in northern Sweden ever. In spite of complexities such as building a twice as big pulp mill in a running mill, we started up the new plant on schedule and budget. The success is the work of many actors, not the least our supplier Valmet", says Ingela Ekebro, Project Director, SCA.

                                                "The start-up went very well.  Valmet delivered the most sustainable solution available today consisting of the new cooking, fiber line and evaporation plants," says Stefan Mattsson, Sales Director, Fiber Processing Business Unit, Valmet.

                                                Östrand pulp mill. Picture: Torbjörn Bergkvist. Östrand pulp mill. Picture: Torbjörn Bergkvist.

                                                The project was implemented in phases, and the new evaporation plant was started up some months before the cooking and fiber line. Very soon after the start-up, pulp was produced with high strength, purity and brightness. In the next phase, the production is increased gradually towards the new nominal production capacity.

                                                State-of-the-art technology and environmental performance

                                                Valmet's delivery to the project included new cooking, fiber line and evaporation plant. The cooking plant has the world's largest soft wood digester, while the new evaporation plant is Sweden's largest with an evaporation capacity of 1,150 tons of water per hour.

                                                The 7-effect evaporation plant is extremely energy-efficient, with its in-built possibility to also recover excess heat from Valmet's cooking plant and includes a methanol plant for producing liquid methanol. This enables Östrand to sell surplus energy in the form of green electricity.

                                                Following the investment, SCA Östrand mill has state-of-the-art technology to minimize emissions to air and water. Customers will be offered both TCF (total chlorine free) and ECF (elemental chlorine free) pulp, produced with wood from sustainable forestry.

                                                Information about the customer SCA

                                                The core of SCA's business is the forest, Europe's largest private forest holding. Around this unique resource, SCA has built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw material from own and others' forests. SCA offers paper for packaging and print, pulp, wood products, renewable energy, services for forest owners and efficient transport solutions. In 2017, the forest products company SCA had approximately 4,000 employees and its sales amounted to approximately SEK 16.7 bn (EUR 1,6 bn). SCA was founded in 1929 and has its headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden.

                                                Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

                                                Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

                                                Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.1 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.  

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                                                  PMP supports the dynamic growth of Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. (Poland) – ”315” project is the next development step for the Kostrzyn’s Plant. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7908-pmp-supports-the-dynamic-growth-of-arctic-paper-kostrzyn-s-a-poland-315-project-is-the-next-development-step-for-the-kostrzyn-s-plant http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7908-pmp-supports-the-dynamic-growth-of-arctic-paper-kostrzyn-s-a-poland-315-project-is-the-next-development-step-for-the-kostrzyn-s-plant

                                                  On June 4th, 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract with Arctic Paper Kostrzyn, for a PM1 press section rebuild, that includes a delivery of a new Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press.

                                                  pmp logo 2016Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. for several years has been consistently working on its assets modernization. Previous investitions were conducted to prepare PM1 for a future, significant capacity increase. The name of whole project is ”315” [thousand tons of capacity for whole plant] and it will be completed in 2019, when the new press section with PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press will be implemented at the PM1.

                                                  The main goal of the ”315” project is to increase manufacturing capacity, to boost paper properties and to implement energy saving solutions. Arctic Paper has decided to choose state-of-the-art solutions provided by PMP, and invested in a press section equipped with Intelli-Nip® Shoe Module. Solutions that will be designed and manufactured by PMP, will play a key role in the ”315” project final success. What is most important, it will allow to improve the after press dryness from 43% before rebuild, to up to 50% after rebuild. It is also worth to mention that each 1% of dryness brings around 4% of steam savings in the dryer section. Furthermore, Shoe Press technology will significantly improve final product quality (especially its bulkness and bursting strength), it will also majorly improve PM1 runnability.

                                                  Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press technology is a great combination of energy saving solutions & impressive paper properties and is nowadays a desired solution worldwide. Recently PMP has executed number of projects that included shoe press solution, for example in USA, Mexico, Colombia, China and Poland. For Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A., it will be a huge step in whole plant development.

                                                  PM1 is producing writing and offset papers, with the basis weight of 60 up to 100 gsm. PM1’s current operating speed is on the level of 700 mpm, with a plan to increase it up to 1000 mpm after rebuild. PMP’s scope of supply covers press section with Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press (design nip load 600 kN/m, module dia 1100 mm). In addition, PMP will supply most of the controls equipment, spare parts and on-site services, including on-site erection, start-up supervision. The assembly and start-up are scheduled for the year 2019.

                                                  About Arctic Paper Group:

                                                  Arctic Paper Group is a leading European producer of high-quality graphic paper, with annual revenues of approximately PLN 3 billion. Annually, company delivers over 700,000 tonnes of premium graphic paper – for quality printing, reading and branding purposes – produced by more than 1,250 dedicated employees at three mills. Their strong and recognisable brands are synonymous with quality and environmentally friendly production processes. (learn more: www.arcticpaper.com)

                                                  About PMP:

                                                  PMP – Paper Machinery Producer - a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology, has been supporting pulp and paper industry for over 160 years, executing projects on 6 continents, in 34 countries. Company owns 6 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP is a recognized international player in both paper & tissue industry. (learn more: www.pmpgroup.com)

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                                                    Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf selected Toscotec to supply a dryer section rebuild. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7906-smurfit-kappa-nettingsdorf-selected-toscotec-to-supply-a-dryer-section-rebuild http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7906-smurfit-kappa-nettingsdorf-selected-toscotec-to-supply-a-dryer-section-rebuild

                                                    Nettingsdorfer Papierfabrik AG & Co KG selected Toscotec to rebuild the dryer section of PM6 at Nettingsdorf mill in Austria. Nettingsdorfer Papierfabrik is a member of Smurfit Kappa Group and one of the largest European sites of the company. The mill is one of the leading producer of containerboard in Europe. The paper machine 6 produces Kraftliner with 7.4 m reel trim and 1100 mpm speed.

                                                    The rebuild of the dryer section of PM6 is part of the Future Energy Plant Project. This forward-looking project has the objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonnes (= 2/3 of the current emissions).

                                                    2018 10 10 075900

                                                    With this rebuild, Toscotec breaks new ground and takes it to the next level, by supplying a new dryer section for a large-format paper machine.

                                                    Smurfit Kappa has decided to install 5 TT SteelDryers (3 additional and out of the 63 existing dryers 2 will be replaced), as the best technical solution to achieve its production and efficiency increase targets. The TT SteelDryers will be designed for a steam pressure of 12 barg. The supply is on a turnkey basis, including erection supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

                                                    The rebuild is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

                                                    About Smurfit Kappa Group

                                                    Smurfit Kappa is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world, with around 46,000 employees in approximately 370 production sites across 35 countries and with revenue of €8.6 billion in 2017. SK is located in 22 countries in Europe and 13 in the Americas and is the only large-scale pan-regional player in Latin America.

                                                    For further information, please contact:

                                                    Enrico Fazio, Head of Sales, Toscotec Paper & Board division, enrico.fazio@toscotec.com

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                                                      no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 10 Oct 2018 08:00:19 +0200
                                                      Sappi launches Verve – sustainable dissolving wood pulp for a thriving world http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7905-sappi-launches-verve-sustainable-dissolving-wood-pulp-for-a-thriving-world http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7905-sappi-launches-verve-sustainable-dissolving-wood-pulp-for-a-thriving-world

                                                      Building on its reputation for quality, service and responsibility, Sappi has just moved to strengthen its leadership in the dissolving wood pulp (DWP) market with the launch of the Sappi Verve brand.

                                                      Demand for DWP continues to grow as consumer preference increases for products made from renewable, sustainably sourced and processed woodfibre. As a significant producer of DWP over the past decades, Sappi today produces close to 1.4m tons per annum, enjoying a significant 16% share of the DWP market. Sappi continues to invest to ensure customers are able to meet demands for sustainably grown and responsibly processed dissolving wood pulp. 

                                                      2018 10 05 103251Commenting on the launch of the Sappi Verve brand, Steve Binnie, Sappi Limited CEO said: “Our products and service offering within the dissolving pulp market are highly valued and we remain an industry leader in this space. Verve gives recognition to this enviable reputation and the value we offer this market. Brands, including industrial business-to-business brands carry tremendous value, not just to customers but to the whole value chain. Sappi Verve represents our commitment to the entire value chain from brand owners through to the cellulosic fibre producers; our commitment to producing a natural fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests. As a responsible corporate citizen it is a commitment to our ethos of sustainability within the context of people, planet and prosperity.”

                                                      The majority of dissolving wood pulp is consumed in the viscose industry where pulp is converted through the value chain to yarn and ultimately textiles providing naturally soft, breathable fabrics which is smooth to the touch, hold colour well and drape beautifully. DWP cellulosic fibre is also used for a myriad of household, industrial and pharmaceutical applications including for tablets, personal hygiene, cellophane, washing sponges etc. 

                                                      In the past, DWP sold by Sappi was unbranded and industry generic names were used as product names. This did not reflect the specific benefits which has always differentiated Sappi’s DWP. The new Sappi Verve brand creates a very specific identity within the DWP market.

                                                      Bernhard Riegler VP Marketing for Sappi’s dissolving wood pulp explains: “At Sappi we have always known there is something special to our dissolving wood pulp products. We have consistent, outstanding quality products, supported by dedicated customer service, all underpinned by a strong sustainability story.  As a fibre produced from natural and renewable resources, Verve provides the value chain with a sustainable choice not only within the broader textile sphere which includes cotton and polyester, but as a preferred sustainable choice within the dissolving wood pulp market.”

                                                      Riegler continues: “Committing to a brand such as Sappi Verve means committing to the broader values it denotes, not only the product attributes but also the broader commitments and values that Sappi as the parent brand stands for. Consumers are becoming more active in making the right choices to contribute toward a tomorrow that is better than today. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within a brand promise. Sustainability that uplifts people, builds communities, generates economic value and secures the environment.  Sappi Verve represents enthusiasm, life, vigour and energy. Sappi Verve is the sustainable choice and our way of making tomorrow better than today.”

                                                      Binnie concludes: “Sappi Verve aligns perfectly with our goals as a business – diverse, sustainable, committed to growth and adding value to our customers, communities and investors. Sappi Verve meets the needs of a discerning, fast-growing and thriving world.”

                                                      About Sappi

                                                      A global leader in dissolving wood pulp and paper-based solutions, Sappi Limited (listed and in the Top 40 on the JSE - SAP), is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa; has over 12,000 employees; manufacturing facilities on three continents, in nine countries (ten operations in Europe, three operations in America and five operations in South Africa) and customers in over 150 countries worldwide

                                                      Sappi works closely with customers to provide relevant and sustainable dissolving wood pulp, paper (speciality, packaging and graphic), paper pulp, and biomaterial products and related services and innovations. Our market-leading range of paper products includes: flexible packaging, label, release liner, containerboard and fluting, coated fine papers, casting release papers and in our Southern African region newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers. These products serve the fashion, FMCG and industrial sectors. Our dissolving wood pulp products are used worldwide by converters to produce viscose fibre, pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of household and consumer products.

                                                      We continue to grow into a profitable and cash-generative diversified business with an exciting future in woodfibre, a renewable resource.


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                                                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 05 Oct 2018 10:33:16 +0200
                                                        Bäckhammar mill ready for start-up next week http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7904-baeckhammar-mill-ready-for-start-up-next-week http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7904-baeckhammar-mill-ready-for-start-up-next-week

                                                        Nordic Paper Bäckhammar mill is ready for start-up. The prognosis and working hypothesis are that the pulp production will start in the beginning of next week. As always, there will be a ramp up phase of the pulp production.

                                                        nordicpaper logoThe paper production will follow the pulp production. Because of the difficult situation it will take time before the production is running with full capacity and it may take time before we are in phase with our planned deliveries.

                                                        The Bäckhammar mill has been standing still due to a damaged floor drain that caused big problems. A mixture of water and soap leaked out to the recipient Visman creek during the start-up phase after the mill´s annual maintenance stop. Since the accident, the focus has been on restoring the water treatment in order to get the biodegrading of substances to work normally.

                                                        - Last week’s efforts have shown good results. The water in the Visman creek is now showing normal levels of oxygen and the mill is ready for start-up, says Marie Stenquist, director of Corporate Communications.

                                                        We are having a continuous dialogue with the local supervisory authority in this situation.

                                                        Nordic Paper has come to the conclusion that we are prepared for a safe start-up.

                                                        Nordic Paper is a leading producer of Greaseproof paper and Kraft Paper.We are located in Scandinavia and operates in Sweden and Norway. Our four paper mills and two pulp mills are all within 250 kilometers of one another.We have been manufacturing special paper for a range of applications since the late 19th century. Our expert knowledge of paper manufacturing has been passed down through generations.We use only renewable forestry resources in our manufacturing processes. Everything we do, we do with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, which is witnessed by the many certification processes we have satisfied.Our motto is that we always are near, natural and premium!For more information, please visit: www.nordic-paper.com

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                                                          no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 05 Oct 2018 10:25:12 +0200
                                                          PETRONAS Brings the Future of Industrial Lubrication to MIAC 2018 - Lucca http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7903-petronas-brings-the-future-of-industrial-lubrication-to-miac-2018-lucca http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7903-petronas-brings-the-future-of-industrial-lubrication-to-miac-2018-lucca

                                                          Santena (Turin, Italy), the division that globally produces and markets the lubricants of PETRONAS, the Malaysian national oil company, will attend the 25th edition of the Lucca’s International Exhibition of Paper Industry (Lucca Fiere, 10-12 October 2018, stand 13b, upper floor) to present the suite of tailored products and services Fluid Technology Solutions™.

                                                          Well-known in particular for the sponsorship of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS MOTORSPORT Formula 1 team, for which it develops lubricants whose winning characteristics are then also applied in everyday vehicles, PETRONAS Lubricants International can also count on a new, complete range of high quality lubricating products for industrial applications named Petronas Industry.

                                                          In counter-trend to the laws of a mature market such as lubricants, PETRONAS Lubricants decided to focus on research and development in any sector in which lubricants can play a fundamental role. For this reason it has recently opened in Santena, near Turin, with an investment of over 60 million dollars, the Global Research and Technology Center equipped with cutting-edge laboratories, equipment and systems for the development of new technologies in the field of lubricating fluids.

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants Global Research and Technology Center in Santena (Turin, Italy)PETRONAS Lubricants Global Research and Technology Center in Santena (Turin, Italy)

                                                          Fluid Technology Solutions™: tailor-made products and professional assistance

                                                          The needs and challenges of the pulp and paper industries, which are fully included in industrial applications of PETRONAS’s products, are also those of PETRONAS Lubricants that, with this perspective, developed the Fluid Technology Solutions™ concept, an approach that not only offers products but also technological solutions and a series of services all aimed to support the customer.

                                                          In a continuous-cycle industrial environment, machine downtime is one of the major problems together with the costs for energy supply: PETRONAS Lubricants has focused precisely on these aspects. In fact, it has developed products that are the result of the most advanced trials and a predictive analysis system for the level of degradation of the lubricant, which allows to program the maintenance interventions identifying problems with a greater precision, reducing or completely eliminating the waiting time of spare parts and contributing the extension of the product life cycle.

                                                          2018 10 05 084542Everlub Oil Analysis: ideal maintenance becomes reality

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants has introduced the Everlub Oil Analysis service which allows to analyse the condition of the oil used in machinery to obtain information useful for planning maintenance more effectively. The sampling kit provided is simple to use and can be employed with the machine started, the drawn liquid is shipped by prepaid courier and the results, coming from an independent and certified laboratory, are notified within 48 hours with an indication of the possible actions to be taken if necessary. The history of these analyses is an extremely useful element for perfecting predictive maintenance which, moreover, is at your fingertips via the mobile app. The result is the shift from a costly maintenance based on regular intervals to a more efficient one based on actual conditions, and give rise to lower labour and repair costs and to an extension of oil change intervals.

                                                          Oils for our partners, not for customers

                                                          In addition to this, the development of products such as hydraulic fluids and anti-wear circulation oils is also fundamental. The hydraulic oils of the ESF (Energy Saving Fluids) series are "super-stabilized", with a very high viscosity index and specifically designed and formulated to reduce the energy consumption of the plants. The anti-wear circulating oils of the PETRONAS Lubricants Circula PM series, thanks to their superior performances, have an excellent water separation capacity and are developed for circulation systems for paper mills that operate under normal to extremely heavy load conditions.

                                                          Open for comparison

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants takes the opportunity of the MIAC 2018 to reiterate one of its founding values: the ability to meet and listen to its customers and prospects in order to work side by side in the search for dedicated, cutting-edge solutions that meet the company's objectives.

                                                          "Understanding customers’ needs, acquired and potential ones, and supporting them in their competitive growth is one of our strengths – says Mario Parenti, Head, Regional Business Europe, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) – and, thanks to our expertise and to the innovations that we constantly develop in the field of lubrication, we have a complete range of products designed for industrial organizations other than the automotive ones designed to make PETRONAS Lubricants International not just a supplier but a real partner you can count on at all times".

                                                          Thanks to its 100-year history, the great success achieved in motorsports, internal R&T resources and a philosophy aimed at constant technological improvement, all this is already possible today with PETRONAS Lubricants International. It will be also tomorrow.

                                                          Petronas Lubricants International will attend the 25th MIAC, from 10 to 12 October 2018, stand 13b (upper floor) of Lucca Fiere, located in Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237, Lucca (for furher information about opening hours and parking opportunities please click here). 

                                                          To visit the Exhibition it is necessary to apply here.

                                                          2018 10 05 084800

                                                          About PETRONAS Lubricants International

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS, the national oil corporation of Malaysia. Established in 2008, PETRONAS Lubricants International manufactures and markets a full range of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricants products in over 90 markets globally. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, PLI has over 30 marketing offices in 27 countries, managed through regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Turin, Belo Horizonte, Chicago and Durban.

                                                          Currently ranked among the top 10, PLI is driving an aggressive business growth agenda to secure its position as a leading global lubricants company.

                                                          For further information:

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants International website

                                                          PETRONAS Lubricants Internationa media website

                                                          • Petronas
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                                                            Shareholders Announce Selling DMI to Mercer International Inc. http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7902-shareholders-announce-selling-dmi-to-mercer-international-inc http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7902-shareholders-announce-selling-dmi-to-mercer-international-inc

                                                            The shareholders of Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. (“DMI”), Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation, has just announced that they have entered into a share purchase agreement to sell all DMI shares to Mercer International Inc. (“Mercer”). DMI’s assets include the Peace River Pulp Mill in Peace River, Alberta, a 50% ownership of Cariboo Pulp and Paper Mill in Quesnel, British Columbia, and a 50% interest in the Peace River Logging Corporation and associated Limited Partnership, a joint venture with the Woodland Cree First Nation.

                                                            2018 10 05 084051Mr. Tomoyuki (Steve) Iida, DMI President, stated: “I believe all of DMI’s assets have bright futures. The mills have reliable access to fibre and are well-situated to serve multiple markets. Most importantly, our workforce operating these mills, logging operations, and providing corporate administrative services are well experienced and highly skilled.”

                                                            The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2018, subject to customary closing conditions.  Operations will continue as scheduled under DMI’s management until the transaction is closed.


                                                            Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. is a forest products company first established in Western Canada in 1969 and co-owns and operates two modern kraft pulp mills in British Columbia and Alberta with a total annual production capacity of approximately 648,500 ADMT of premium grade NBSK and NBHK market pulp.

                                                            • Mercer International Inc
                                                            • dmi
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                                                              E-WIND® T200: Further success of the new generation A.Celli Rewinders http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7898-e-wind-t200-further-success-of-the-new-generation-a-celli-rewinders http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7898-e-wind-t200-further-success-of-the-new-generation-a-celli-rewinders

                                                              Successful start-up of a new E-WIND® T200 rewinder by A.Celli Paper in Portugal

                                                              On September 3, the E-WIND® T200 was started-up at The Navigator Company plant in Cacia, in northern Portugal.

                                                              This rewinder, which manages rolls of 5670 mm on the unwinder, with diameters up to 3000 mm and for a weight of between 11 and 40 gsm, was designed to meet all of the customer's needs, ensuring excellent performance and a maximum operating speed of 1800 mpm.

                                                              2018 10 04 093239

                                                              The machine, equipped with a "Full Enclosure" dust removal system, is incorporated in a self-supporting aluminium and polycarbonate structure, which permits maximum containment and the relative reduction of dust deriving from unwinding, rewinding and cutting processes.

                                                              A long track record, a high level of expertise and close customer relations have once again made it possible for A.Celli Paper to develop an important partnership, this time with The Navigator Company

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                                                              • acelli
                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 04 Oct 2018 09:44:15 +0200
                                                                New succesfull startup of Recard turnkey plant for Drenik ND Serbia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7897-new-succesfull-startup-of-recard-turnkey-plant-for-drenik-nd-serbia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7897-new-succesfull-startup-of-recard-turnkey-plant-for-drenik-nd-serbia

                                                                PM3 was successfully started-up on 19 September 2018.

                                                                This turn-key plant is the 3rd one supplied by Recard to Drenik ND after PM1 (2004) and PM2 (2008). An identical plant will be supplied to Drenik Hungary in 2019.

                                                                The Recard’s supply included a Crescent Former machine in a 1850-mpm speed and 2850-mm format with a production capacity of 120 tpd, will be fed by two stock preparation lines for virgin fibers and equipped with two rewinders (one pneumatic with one backstand and one hydraulic rewinder with 4 backstands), complete electrical plant, DAF system, integrated recovery boiler, mist and dust extraction systems and hall ventilation.

                                                                Belgrade, 19 September 2018. Startup PM3 of Drenik DN. The Recard’s Team with the first master roll. Belgrade, 19 September 2018. Startup PM3 of Drenik DN. The Recard’s Team with the first master roll.

                                                                “Drenik Sebia PM3 synthetizes all Recard’s features: Hi performances, user friendliness and energy saving.” says Mauro Michelini – General Manager of Recard “With this tissue plant continues the series of Recard successful start-up in which the first reel is perfect and sellable. The accuracy of our projects, the manufacturing quality and the care we give to the installation, ensure the respect of all customer’s targets.”

                                                                DRENIK is one of the largest manufacturer of tissue paper in Southeast Europe and consists of a group of industrial and commercial companies in the field of tissue products. Actually the group Drenik DN has more than 700 employees and operates in the two factories: DRENIK Belgrade and DRENIK Hungary.

                                                                Besides the Drenik's production and development of the brand's PERFEX and Boni the factory also produce the private label products for renowned wholesalers, trading companies and retail chains in Southeast Europe.

                                                                • recard
                                                                  no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 03 Oct 2018 21:02:33 +0200
                                                                  Solutions for complete turnkey systems http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7895-solutions-for-complete-turnkey-systems http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7895-solutions-for-complete-turnkey-systems

                                                                  A.Celli Paper is pleased to announce its participation in the cycle of conferences of the twenty-fifth edition of the MIAC – International Exhibition of Paper Industry, which will be held in October 2018 (on the 10th, 11th and 12th) at the Lucca Fiere Exhibition Centre.

                                                                  2018 10 02 102628

                                                                  The company’s contribution to the MIAC TISSUE CONFERENCE – First Session, is titled “Turnkey Solution: A.Celli Paper’s answer for a more efficient production system“, and is scheduled to take place at 4:45 pm on October 10th, 2018. Anyone wishing to attend needs to pre-register through the official channels of MIAC 2018.

                                                                  Daniele Checcacci (Head of Sales Capital at A.Celli Paper S.p.A.) will talk about A.Celli Paper’s solutions for complete turnkey systems: from the Tissue Ideal® machines to the E-WIND® rewinders and Roll Handling & Packaging systems R-Way®, for complete, optimised and customised management of the production process that allows the company to further strengthen relations with its esteemed customers.

                                                                  A.Celli Paper will also be delighted to welcome you to stand 1 and show you the latest in its Research & Development, as well as the extensive range of services provided in the field of industrial automationIndustry 4.0

                                                                  For any further information and/or to make an appointment at A.Celli’s stand, contact us here.

                                                                  • acelli paper
                                                                  • acelli
                                                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Tue, 02 Oct 2018 10:27:37 +0200
                                                                    Increasing efficiency with RFID system - ICL Tank Inspection System http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7894-increasing-efficiency-with-rfid-system-icl-tank-inspection-system http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7894-increasing-efficiency-with-rfid-system-icl-tank-inspection-system

                                                                    ICL’s core business in the UK is manufacturing chemicals for water treatment, and the supply of commodity chemicals to the steel, manufacturing, food and paper making industries.

                                                                    ICL wanted a solution to improve the process of inspecting their tanks, which store chemicals and raw materials.

                                                                    In order for ICL to comply with COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards), health and safety guidelines and maintenance best practise its tanks need to go through a rigorous inspection process, ensuring they are maintained correctly.

                                                                    2018 10 02 065038

                                                                    The tank inspections are conducted quarterly and are also inspected by a third party every 5 years.

                                                                    ICL chose to work with CoreRFID by introducing RFID tagging to easily identify each tank and using its Tank Inspection System, CheckedOK.  This widely used system helps improve safety management in construction, engineering, manufacturing and chemical industries by enabling customers to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers; Android and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones.

                                                                    The main aim was to provide ICL with increased accountability and reassure themselves and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) that the tanks are being inspected as required, third part inspections are accounted for and that any works orders generated are prioritised and closed off.

                                                                    Implementing RFID System

                                                                    ICL already had an existing Access database used to log the historical data of the inspections.

                                                                    CoreRFID’s proposal implemented Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology as an extension to the IBC RFID project already being rolled out with ICL.

                                                                    An RFID tag was installed on each tank to uniquely identify each vessel. This now allows inspectors to use a handheld RFID scanner to interrogate the tag.

                                                                    This has provided ICL with a whole host of benefits:

                                                                    • Eliminated paperwork or double handling of information
                                                                    • Bespoke pre-set questions were designed specifically for ICL requirements
                                                                    • Photographs can now be taken to append additional information
                                                                    • RFID proves ICL with visit and inspection route
                                                                    • KPI’s are automatically and easily interrogated

                                                                    CoreRFID’s technical director Munzi Ali comments: “We’re delighted to have worked with ICL on this successful project. ICL is now able to conduct its inspections with greater efficiency, whilst also improving the health and safety of the inspection process.’

                                                                    CoreRFID is continuing to provide additional support to ICL.



                                                                    • corerfid
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                                                                      T.CON, an SAP consulting and solution provider, is co-hosting a workshop with SAP at the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging in Prague http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7892-t-con-an-sap-consulting-and-solution-provider-is-co-hosting-a-workshop-with-sap-at-the-international-sap-conference-for-forest-products-paper-and-packaging-in-prague http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7892-t-con-an-sap-consulting-and-solution-provider-is-co-hosting-a-workshop-with-sap-at-the-international-sap-conference-for-forest-products-paper-and-packaging-in-prague

                                                                      As an SAP gold partner, T.CON is platinum sponsor of the upcoming International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging 2018, taking place in Prague, October 16-18, 2018. This conference is the largest SAP event of the paper and packaging industry and the only customer-centric event of its kind globally.

                                                                      2018 09 27 105332Contributing to this global event for the mill industry in numerous ways, T.CON has been working around the clock to bring the latest SAP advancements to the mill products industry. The cutting-edge solutions T.CON’s experts developed using SAP technology will be available at the International SAP Conference. Visitors will learn how to set new standards in terms of productivity and efficiency in production. Tailored for the specific needs of the mill process industry, T.CON will show companies how to reach new heights of Smart Manufacturing.

                                                                      "We enable our customer to gain full transparency of their production processes at their fingertips, so they can focus more on achieving their business goals," says Bradley Robb, International Business Developer at T.CON.

                                                                      T.CON is proud to co-host the “Manufacturing Operational Excellence with SAP® Software” Workshop with John Harrison, Senior Solution Specialist, IBU Chemicals, from SAP Canada. Participants can find out how SAP solutions and MES CAT software support the manufacturing environment for both discrete and process industries. T.CON’s MES CAT was built specifically for the Mill Industry. The workshop will take place October 16, 2018, from 13.30h - 17.00h. To register, please visit: https://goo.gl/mZEWF3

                                                                      At the customer presentation, “The digital future: a roadmap to operational excellence,” participants can learn based on firsthand experience from T.CON's customer Model AG. Sharing their best practices, visitors can learn how Model AG is now equipped for the digital transformation.

                                                                      In the “Top Floor to Shop Floor – Smart Manufacturing in the Mill Industry” presentation, Karl Fuchs (Managing Director, T.CON) and Thomas Blöchl (Business Unit Manager MES | Member of the Board, T.CON) will outline how to ease the path to Smart Manufacturing. Maximizing manufacturing productivity with a digital twin, optimizing the entire production chain and the steps to operational excellence through real-time KPIs are just some of the highlights.

                                                                      Industry leaders rely on T.CON to build the future of their business. Conference attendees can see T.CON’s best-in-class solutions in the presentation “T.CON Smart for Mill -- 5 key elements of a sophisticated manufacturing solution,” which enable customers to achieve smart manufacturing.

                                                                      T.CON is known for its expertise in SAP solutions and has many years of experience working with companies of any size to implement SAP solutions and develop state-of-the-art software solutions. Come to the International SAP Conference for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging and see all what T.CON has to offer to make the most out your business.

                                                                      SAP and SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See http://www.sap.com/corporate-en/legal/copyright/index.epx for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

                                                                      For more information visit https://bit.ly/2OFsXj5

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                                                                        no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 27 Sep 2018 10:54:22 +0200
                                                                        Toscotec partners with Chemitex-Egypt to increase sales in Egypt http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7891-toscotec-partners-with-chemitex-egypt-to-increase-sales-in-egypt http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7891-toscotec-partners-with-chemitex-egypt-to-increase-sales-in-egypt

                                                                        Toscotec signed an agency agreement for both its Tissue and Paper & Board divisions with Chemitex Egypt for Trading & Agencies, S.A.E. to increase its sales in the Egyptian market, where it recently landed a number of P&B rebuilding orders.

                                                                        2018 09 27 093456

                                                                        Toscotec entrusted Sameh Habib, founder and owner of Chemitex-Egypt, with the agency. Habib has fifteen years of sales experience in the tissue and paper industries in Egypt.

                                                                        Following the deal with Toscotec, Habib said, “The Egyptian paper and tissue market has a high growth potential. Toscotec’s technology fits very well in this market for its strong focus on customization and flexibility, paired with energy reduction.Building on our customer portfolio and the relationships of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation we established, we expect to see promising results in the coming years”.

                                                                        • Toscotec
                                                                          no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 27 Sep 2018 09:41:05 +0200
                                                                          SVEZA Group and Valmet have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the planned greenfield pulp mill project in Vologda Region of Russia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7889-sveza-group-and-valmet-have-signed-a-memorandum-of-understanding-regarding-the-planned-greenfield-pulp-mill-project-in-vologda-region-of-russia http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7889-sveza-group-and-valmet-have-signed-a-memorandum-of-understanding-regarding-the-planned-greenfield-pulp-mill-project-in-vologda-region-of-russia

                                                                          SVEZA Group is planning to construct a modern pulp mill in the Russian Federation, Vologda region. In November 2017, SVEZA selected Valmet as a partner to execute the potential pulp mill's basic engineering, which has now been completed.

                                                                          valmet logoOn September 26, 2018, Valmet and SVEZA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective of further cooperation in the planned pulp mill project. SVEZA is now proceeding with preparations, including environmental permits, for the possible pulp mill.

                                                                          Information about the customer SVEZA

                                                                          SVEZA is a worldwide known plywood producer. Currently the company produces high-quality plywood of natural Russian birch at its 6 mills. With annual production of 1,260,000 m3 the company is the world's largest producers of natural Russian birch plywood.

                                                                          Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

                                                                          Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

                                                                          Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.1 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

                                                                          For further information, please contact:

                                                                          Bertel Karlstedt, President, Pulp and Energy, Valmet, tel. +358 10 672 0000

                                                                          • valmet
                                                                          • valmet corporation
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                                                                            Administrative Court confirmed Finnpulp’s environmental permit http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7886-administrative-court-confirmed-finnpulp-s-environmental-permit http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7886-administrative-court-confirmed-finnpulp-s-environmental-permit

                                                                            On 21st September 2018 Vaasa administrative court has given its decision concerning the appeals of Finnpulp’s environmental permits. The terms of the permit will remain in the format provided by the Regional Administration of Eastern Finland with minor changes.

                                                                            finnpulp logoThe court dismissed appeals almost entirely in the process that lasted one and a half years. In its decision, the Administrative Court considers that permit made by authorities has taken notice of all operation and its impact on the environment.

                                                                            The progress of the permit process will enable Finnpulp to initiate financial negotiations for the next phase of the mill project. Finnish-Chinese owned company is currently carrying out pre-engineering of the plant. It is estimated to be completed next year. The pre-engineering will include preparation of the construction stage of the mill’s processes, technologies and mill site layouts. After completion of the engineering, the company will make its final investment decision on the construction of a bioproduction mill in Sorsasalo, Kuopio. 

                                                                            Finnpulp's bioproduct mill will be the world's largest softwood pulp mill. The annual pulp production capacity of the bioproduction mill is 1.2 million tons. Mill will also produce 60,000 tons of tall oil and one terawatt-hour (TWh) bioelectricity to the domestic power grid. The mill will use 6.7 million cubic meters of raw wood material per year. Once completed, the investment of 1.4 billion euros bioproduction mill’s effect on Finland’s export income will be +1% and has a permanent employment effect of around 3,400 people annually.

                                                                            For more information, please contact:

                                                                            Finnpulp Oy / CEO Martti Fredrikson, tel. +358 50 310 4400, martti.fredrikson@finnpulp.fi

                                                                            • finnpulp
                                                                              no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Thu, 27 Sep 2018 08:55:41 +0200
                                                                              New ap­pren­tices at Gohrsmuehle mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7884-new-ap-pren-tices-at-gohrsmuehle-mill http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7884-new-ap-pren-tices-at-gohrsmuehle-mill

                                                                              Zanders continues to invest in its personal future and welcomes six new employees at the beginning of the new training year: two apprentices each will learn the professions of paper technologist, mechatronics engineer and machine and plant operator at Gohrsmühle mill.

                                                                              Zanders is offering the apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator for the first time in order to make the training offer more attractive and flexible.

                                                                              From left to right: Martón Turbucz (machine and plant operator), Tim Wätzold (paper technologist), Serhat Aydin (mechatronics engineer), Walid Kheder (machine and plant operator), Christoph Michel (mechatronics engineer), Lucas Steller (paper technologist).From left to right: Martón Turbucz (machine and plant operator), Tim Wätzold (paper technologist), Serhat Aydin (mechatronics engineer), Walid Kheder (machine and plant operator), Christoph Michel (mechatronics engineer), Lucas Steller (paper technologist).

                                                                              Thomas Döring, Head of Human Resources at Zanders: "The aim of the new training is to arouse the interest of young people who were previously not interested in working for a paper producer. In addition to the industry-specific paper technologist, with the mechatronics engineer and the machine and plant operator we can now offer two trainings, which will open up new perspectives for young people."

                                                                              The application process for 2019 has already begun and in all three apprenticeships there are several places to be allocated, said Döring.

                                                                              About Zanders
                                                                              Zanders is a German manufacturer of high-quality special papers and cartons for labels, packaging and graphic applications. Founded in 1829 by Johann Wilhelm Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach, the company still operates the Gohrsmühle paper mill thanks to around 500 loyal employees. The portfolio includes high-gloss label papers and premium board qualities of the traditional brand Chromolux, one of the world's leading paper brands, as well as high quality variants with extra smooth or naturally napped surfaces. These include Zanlabel label papers and Zanpack packaging board qualities. Especially designed for digital printing, Zanders offers the premium range of Chromolux digital and Silver digital brands as well as Zanjet, a double-sided coated paper for commercial high-speed inkjet printing. The portfolio is rounded off by Zanbarrier, the barrier paper for flexible food packaging, which is available in the variants Zanbarrier OGR (Oil and Grease Resistant) and Zanbarrier NGR (Natural Grease Resistant
                                                                              – a barrier function completely without fluorocarbon or other chemicals). The company's customers are manufacturers of beverages such as spirits; sparkling wine, wine, beer or water, food and luxury foods, tobacco products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

                                                                              • zanders
                                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Tue, 25 Sep 2018 08:43:04 +0200
                                                                                Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill switches to LNG in tissue paper production http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7883-metsae-tissue-maenttae-mill-switches-to-lng-in-tissue-paper-production http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7883-metsae-tissue-maenttae-mill-switches-to-lng-in-tissue-paper-production

                                                                                The LNG company Skangas and Metsä Tissue Corporation have entered into an agreement on the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Mänttä tissue paper mill for production process use. At the mill in Mänttä, Finland, LNG will replace liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the paper drying process. The fuel switch from LPG to LNG will improve competitiveness and cut the company’s carbon dioxide emissions.

                                                                                LNG will be delivered to the Mänttä mill by road tanker from the Skangas Pori LNG terminal. Before being used, LNG will be regasified at the mill. In cooperation with the Technical Services of its parent company, Gasum, Skangas will carry out the modification and equipment installation work relating to the fuel change.

                                                                                Metsä tissue MänttäMetsä tissue Mänttä

                                                                                ”We’re aiming to constantly improve the mill’s environmental performance. LNG will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our production, which was the decisive factor in our decision to make the switch,” Metsä Tissue Mänttä Mill Manager Kari Karttunen says. ”We celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Mänttä mill in September. We’re developing our operations so that we’ll be producing tissue and cooking papers sustainably in the future, too.”

                                                                                ”It's great that Metsä Tissue switches to cleaner energy and at the same time the Finnish LNG market grows. LNG is an excellent alternative as a fuel for the various paper industry processes and also for energy production. We offer environmentally friendly LNG for diverse industrial needs,” Skangas CEO Kimmo Rahkamo says.

                                                                                The Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill produces toilet tissues, household towels, handkerchiefs, industrial rolls and greaseproof paper for baking and cooking products. The mill has three tissue paper machines, one greaseproof paper machine and 11 converting lines for tissue paper.

                                                                                LNG can be used to replace the use of petroleum-based fuels in industry, energy production and heavy-duty road transport. Using LNG instead of oil helps achieve significant cuts in particulate as well as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The use of LNG also enables a switch to liquefied biogas (LBG) without any additional investments. LNG meets the requirements set by the Sulphur Directive regulating shipping emissions as well as the stricter emission limits to be applied in the future.

                                                                                LNG termina Pori GASUM SKANGASLNG termina Pori GASUM SKANGAS

                                                                                With its high-quality tissue and cooking papers, Metsä Tissue makes life more comfortable every day. Metsä Tissue is a leading tissue paper products supplier to households and professionals in Europe and the world’s leading supplier of baking and cooking papers. The company’s main brands are Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA. With production units in five countries, Metsä Tissue employs a total of about 2,800 people and its sales in 2017 were €1.0 billion. Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group. www.metsatissue.com

                                                                                The LNG company Skangas is the leading player in the Nordic LNG market. The company supplies LNG for shipping, industrial and heavy-duty road transport needs. We help our customers pursue their environmental and operational targets by offering efficient and stable LNG deliveries. Skangas is a subsidiary of the energy company Gasum Ltd, and its shareholders are Gasum Ltd with 70% and the Norwegian Lyse Energi AS with 30%. www.skangas.com

                                                                                For more information please contact:

                                                                                Jouni Bedda, Key Account Manager, Skangas
                                                                                Phone: +358 40 744 2870, firstname.surname(a)skangas.com

                                                                                Tomi Pesonen, Vice President, Energy Markets, Metsä Group
                                                                                Phone:+358 50 442 32 44, firstname.surname(a)metsagroup.com

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                                                                                • mantta mill
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                                                                                  Valmet to supply new winding technology for Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel in Germany http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7882-valmet-to-supply-new-winding-technology-for-papier-u-kartonfabrik-varel-in-germany http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7882-valmet-to-supply-new-winding-technology-for-papier-u-kartonfabrik-varel-in-germany

                                                                                  Valmet will supply new winding technology and surrounding equipment for Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. The existing winder will be replaced with this new winder to meet the increasing line production of paper machine PM4. The start-up is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

                                                                                  The order is included in Valmet's third quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The total value of an order of this type is typically around EUR 5-10 million.

                                                                                  A photo after the winder deal, from left: Esa Ananin (Valmet), Ulrich Lange (Varel), Sami Anttilainen (Valmet), Thomas Müller (Varel) and Dirk Petersen (Valmet).A photo after the winder deal, from left: Esa Ananin (Valmet), Ulrich Lange (Varel), Sami Anttilainen (Valmet), Thomas Müller (Varel) and Dirk Petersen (Valmet).

                                                                                  "We needed a reliable and high-capacity winder for our upcoming production capacity increases. Valmet's two-drum winder with Dual Unwinding technology were answers to these needs. Especially, the Dual Unwinding technology was a must to get to the required capacity level," says Thomas Müller, General Production Manager of Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel. "Papier u. Kartonfabrik Varel is a medium-sized family owned business. We produce cardboards and corrugated papers for our customers in the packaging industry on the basis of waste paper using state-of-the-art, highly available and reliable technologies. We were convinced of the large number of Valmet's references of both two-drum winders and Dual Unwinding," he continues.

                                                                                  Technical details about the delivery

                                                                                  Valmet's delivery for the new high-capacity winder area will include an OptiWin Drum two-drum winder with transfer rails, a parent roll turning table, a reel rebuild and an OptiSlush Broke pulper. The winder is equipped with a Dual Unwind two-unwind system. This feature makes it possible to change the parent roll in only one minute giving the winder more capacity. The Dual Unwind sequence is fully optimized and independent of a crane.

                                                                                  The winder with a web width of 5,600-mm will be designed for recycled testliner grades with a basis weight range of 100 - 280 g/m2. The production speed will be 2,700 m/min.

                                                                                  About the customer Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel 

                                                                                  Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel is a medium-sized family business with about 540 employees. It produces cardboard and corrugated board from waste paper for the German and international packaging industry, using the latest environmentally friendly technologies, which are at the heart of the packaging solutions of many well-known products. With an annual production capacity of over 850,000 tonnes on four modern production lines, Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel is one of the largest production sites of the European paper industry.

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                                                                                    PAPELEIRA COREBOARD acquires a Pasaban BM 2600 Winder http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7881-papeleira-coreboard-acquires-a-pasaban-bm-2600-winder http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7881-papeleira-coreboard-acquires-a-pasaban-bm-2600-winder

                                                                                    Papeleira Coreboard S.A., a company that produces 220 tons per day of cardboard for the paper core and angle manufacturing industry, has acquired a BM 2600 Paper Winder as part of its machinery and facilities upgrade project.  

                                                                                    Papeleira Coreboard is part of a group that includes Spiralpack and the paper core manufacturer Cicarsa. After a period of heavy investments to optimize their manufacturing process, they have become the benchmark for recycled paper in Portugal.  

                                                                                    2018 09 21 131944

                                                                                    With the cardboard production machine upgraded, the Pasaban BM winder contributes significantly to meeting the objectives set by the company: to produce and convert safely and efficiently 220 tons per day of recycled cardboard.  

                                                                                    The winder is an off-line pope winder equipped with 39 automatically positioned slitters. It converts the cardboard produced by the main PM into narrow reels that will later be used to make “Coreboard” and “Coretissue” cardboard cores. And it has the capacity to process 180 to 700 gsm cardboard at an operating speed of 1500 m/min.  

                                                                                    At Pasaban we continue to meet our commitment to provide our customers with customized solutions that help then position themselves as a quality benchmarks in their sector.

                                                                                    • pasaban
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                                                                                      The arbitration proceedings between Valmet and Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A. have ended http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7880-the-arbitration-proceedings-between-valmet-and-suzano-papel-e-celulose-s-a-have-ended http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7880-the-arbitration-proceedings-between-valmet-and-suzano-papel-e-celulose-s-a-have-ended

                                                                                      Valmet announced on September 16, 2016, that Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A. had filed a request for arbitration against Valmet Celulose, Papel e Energia Ltda, Valmet AB and Valmet Technologies Oy, subsidiaries of Valmet Oyj, claiming approximately EUR 80 million. Valmet disputed the claims brought by Suzano and pursued claims of its own against Suzano.

                                                                                      valmet logoThe parties of the dispute have now reached an agreement and the arbitration proceedings have been closed. The outcome of the agreement will not have significant impact on Valmet's financial result for 2018.


                                                                                      For further information, please contact:

                                                                                      Rasmus Oksala, General Councel, Valmet, tel. +358 10 672 0026

                                                                                      Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers.

                                                                                      Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

                                                                                      Valmet's net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 3.1 billion. Our more than 12,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day. Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

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                                                                                        Toscotec Group’s service provider S.TO.R.I. expected to outperform its 2017 record-setting results http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7877-toscotec-group-s-service-provider-s-to-r-i-expected-to-outperform-its-2017-record-setting-results http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7877-toscotec-group-s-service-provider-s-to-r-i-expected-to-outperform-its-2017-record-setting-results

                                                                                        S.TO.R.I., owned by the Toscotec Group, specializes in maintenance services for all minor and major rolls used in papermaking and converting machinery of the tissue and paper industry. In 2017, S.TO.R.I. set a record for turnover in its forty-five year history. This positive performance derives from the strategic synergies achieved with Toscotec, who acquired 100% of S.TO.R.I.’s shares in December 2011. In the period from 2012 to 2017, S.TO.R.I. sustained a 30% growth rate and interim results in 2018 have been confirming this trend, leading to expectations that it will outperform last year’s achievements.

                                                                                        Since 2012, S.TO.R.I. and Toscotec have deepened their long-standing cooperation. By merging S.TO.R.I.’s specialization in rolls maintenance with Toscotec’s engineering capabilities, they accomplished full integration of expertise and higher efficiency in the design and services of roll refurbishing. S.TO.R.I.’s workshop and offices are located inside Toscotec’s headquarters, in Marlia (Lucca).

                                                                                        2018 09 21 070514

                                                                                        S.TO.R.I.’s professional experience was built over forty-six years, starting from its foundation in 1972, when it started providing maintenance for papermaking and converting machines. S.TO.R.I. focuses on the inspection, repair and overhaul of not only press rolls but all other rolls, such as forming roll, wire and felt rolls, pope reel drum, and spools. Its mission is to deliver highly specialized services on a continuous basis. The timing becomes important insomuch as customers aim to increase their OEE and reduce maintenance costs.

                                                                                        S.TO.R.I.’s specialists make a precise assessment of the wear conditions of a roll and evaluate its expected performance and risk of failure, so that overhauling can be scheduled efficiently, maximising operation life and minimizing maintenance costs. The majority of S.TO.R.I.’s customers nowadays rely on predictive maintenance. Through regular vibration analyses, S.TO.R.I. estimates the performance trend of a given roll and the possibility of failure. Based on these results, it predicts the period before the next maintenance. This assessment is always a balance of different factors. Drawing on their vast experience, S.TO.R.I.’s specialists can provide the customer with a number of solutions, factoring in time, quality and cost. Based on the contingent needs of the mill, they apply the best-customized solution at a given moment in time. As a result, S.TO.R.I.’s skilled technicians know the components inside out, including their history, weak points and features, much like a doctor knows his patients.

                                                                                        S.TO.R.I.’s range of highly specialized services include predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, press roll revision and complete overhauling, dynamic balancing, upgrades and non-destructive examinations (NDE). For press roll overhauling, for instance, the company provides complete service packages, including inspection, repairs and spare parts.

                                                                                        Production capacity exceeds 450 components per year, of which suction press rolls and blind drilled press rolls account for approximately 40%, while the rest is made up of various rolls of tissue, paper and converting machines.                                                  

                                                                                        S.TO.R.I.’s client base is twofold. Toscotec-associated business accounts for approximately 20% of turnover and covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and South-East Asia. Italy-based paper mills and converting companies generate approximately 80% of turnover. Essity, Smurfit Kappa, Lucart, Sofidel, Wepa, Cartiere Carrara, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, Industrie Cartarie Pieretti, DS Smith, Renova, The Navigator Company are among its main customers. To this second client base, Stori provides maintenance for equipment supplied by any manufacturer. As a result, S.TO.R.I.’s expertise and experience encompasses a wide range of technical solutions designed throughout the years by all the main suppliers and it equips S.TO.R.I.’s experts with the ability to devise tailor-made upgrades for its customers.

                                                                                        • Toscotec
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                                                                                          A.Celli Paper presents the new shell in seamless steel for the Yankee Dryer http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7875-a-celli-paper-presents-the-new-shell-in-seamless-steel-for-the-yankee-dryer http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7875-a-celli-paper-presents-the-new-shell-in-seamless-steel-for-the-yankee-dryer

                                                                                          The Conference & Expo "Tissue 2018", organised by Tappi e Risi, has been scheduled again for this year.

                                                                                          It will be held at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center (FCEC) in Appleton (WI) - USA between the 2nd and 5th of October.

                                                                                          2018 09 21 065838

                                                                                          The event brings together top-level speakers and professionals in the world of "Tissue", and the Product Manager for the Yankee Dryer at A.Celli Paper will be taking part this time. Mr Clive Butler has prepared a speech on the patented iDEAL® FORGED_YD: the possibility of making the shell of the Yankee dryer out of seamless steel.

                                                                                          In addition to the obvious advantages of steel over cast-iron, the seamless shell has: high manufacturing quality, greatly reduced mechanical issues and maintenance, an undisputed increase in reliability, lower consumption, and enhanced operational safety. All these aspects will be covered during the conference.

                                                                                          An overview of the production process involved in making these shells of the Yankee Dryer will also be presented.

                                                                                          Please send an e-mail to request any further information.

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                                                                                          • acelli
                                                                                            no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 21 Sep 2018 06:57:44 +0200
                                                                                            Environmental sustainability: Fabio Perini S.p.A. obtains the prestigious ISO 50001 certification http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7873-environmental-sustainability-fabio-perini-s-p-a-obtains-the-prestigious-iso-50001-certification http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7873-environmental-sustainability-fabio-perini-s-p-a-obtains-the-prestigious-iso-50001-certification

                                                                                            Thanks to energy management the company has already saved over 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

                                                                                            Fabio Perini S.p.A has obtained the prestigious ISO 50001 certification for environmental sustainability. This milestone comes after a journey started in 2012 positioning Fabio Perini S.p.A. among the most cutting-edge companies in the converting sector and beyond.

                                                                                            2018 09 19 173647The company makes a formal statement of its focus on energy issue in the Energy Management System (EMS) document, where it officially commits itself to deploy human, financial and technologic resources to undertake a process of continuous improvement of its energy performances.

                                                                                            «In practice, what have we done? To start with – says Riccardo Signorini, Maintenance and Capex Manager of Fabio Perini S.p.A.– we deployed steps that can be defined “good housekeeping” such as switching off the overhead cranes at night and using our domotics to reduce waste of electric power and heating. Additionally, through the LSS methodology, we identified the best strategy for a more efficient energy management system, bringing Fabio Perini, as early as 2016, to be awarded the “Italia in Classe A”(Italy in A Class) prize by national Energy Agency ENEA».

                                                                                            Subsequently, Fabio Perini S.p.A. introduced led lights in the workshops, solar heating to obtain warm water in summer, solar films for the windows facing south and west and finally, one of the air compressors was replaced by a new generation model with inverter.

                                                                                            The results obtained are surprising: since 2015 the company has saved 12% power and 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

                                                                                            The energy management systems in accordance to the ISO 50001 standards make Fabio Perini S.p.A. a key partner for customers who rank sustainability high among their priorities, helping them in connecting their core business with this perspective.

                                                                                            «The ISO 50001 certification process has been a hard task for us all – explains Riccardo Signorini – but among all our values we also count the pursuit of a sustainable, profitable development model. It’s an exciting challenge as well as a duty. For the next generations as well as for ourselves».

                                                                                            “Obtaining the ISO 50001 certification is surely a prestigious milestone, but at the same time it is the beginning of a virtuous journey for Fabio Perini. This journey we have taken brought us to developing technical devices to be applied to our company’s products, aimed at optimizing energy performances, which at present represent an interesting plus for customers sensitive to sustainability, and a cutting-edge feature for the companies in our sector”, Alessio Galeotti, DNV GL Enterprise Customer Manager, commented.

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                                                                                              no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Wed, 19 Sep 2018 17:38:53 +0200
                                                                                              Valmet Advantage DCT tissue production line successfully started up at Velvet CARE's mill in Poland http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7871-valmet-advantage-dct-tissue-production-line-successfully-started-up-at-velvet-care-s-mill-in-poland http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7871-valmet-advantage-dct-tissue-production-line-successfully-started-up-at-velvet-care-s-mill-in-poland

                                                                                              Velvet CARE's Klucze mill in Poland has successfully started up a Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT 200HS tissue production line. As one of the largest and most modern tissue lines in Eastern Europe, it will help Velvet CARE to strengthen their position as a leader in tissue production in Poland, and Central and Eastern European markets.

                                                                                              "This is a most joyful milestone in Valmet's and Velvet CARE's 's joint effort to boost tissue quantity and quality of Velvet's production," says Hans Englund, Project Manager, Valmet.

                                                                                              "We want to ensure that our products meet the highest requirements in the homes of the Poles, every day. The reliable and efficient Advantage DCT technology from Valmet will help us accomplish that," says Artur Pielak, CEO, Velvet CARE.

                                                                                              2018 09 17 100209

                                                                                              "Just like Valmet, Velvet has its focal point set on future development," Marek Sciazko, Director of Klucze Mill, adds. "The Advantage DCT tissue making technology empowers that vision by setting the table for quality tissue grades fit for the future. We have already started to improve the cost efficiency of the production by changing the settings of the process and machine".

                                                                                              Valmet's Advantage solutions are designed to meet tissue producers' challenges of today as well as of tomorrow. Valmet has until today delivered 80 Advantage DCT production lines. The concept is well-known for its high efficiency and ability to manufacture most types of conventional tissue with the highest quality - making it a popular choice for tissue professionals worldwide.

                                                                                              Technical information of the delivery

                                                                                              Valmet's scope of delivery includes a complete Advantage DCT 200HS tissue production line with a design speed of 2,200 m/min. The machine is 5.6 m wide, making it one of the largest machines in the Central Eastern European market.

                                                                                              Stock preparation systems and auxiliary equipment were also included, and the machine is equipped with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. Furthermore, it features an Advantage ViscoNip, AirCap hood with Air system, WetDust system and a SoftReel. Valmet has also delivered basic and detailed mill engineering. An automation package including DCS (distributed control) and QCS (quality control) systems, was also a part of the delivery.

                                                                                              About the customer Velvet CARE

                                                                                              Velvet CARE is one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene products in Poland. The company was founded in 2013, but its roots go back to 1897. For the last over 20 years the Velvet brand has been a leader in the paper industry in Poland and is present in the homes of millions of Poles.

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                                                                                                no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Mon, 17 Sep 2018 10:03:24 +0200
                                                                                                BillerudKorsnäs strengthens its leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7869-billerudkorsnaes-strengthens-its-leading-position-in-the-dow-jones-sustainability-index http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7869-billerudkorsnaes-strengthens-its-leading-position-in-the-dow-jones-sustainability-index

                                                                                                BillerudKorsnäs leads the containers and packaging industry in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) based on its total sustainability score in 2018.

                                                                                                The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices. Each year over 3 400 listed companies around the world are analyzed, the top 10 percent are included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. This year BillerudKorsnäs is the industry leader in the category Containers & Packaging and is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. BillerudKorsnäs achieves industry top scores for its climate strategy, customer relationship management, supply chain management and talent attraction & retention.

                                                                                                billkorlogo"Being named the most sustainable packaging company and, for the second consecutive year, one of the most sustainable companies in the world, is a great honor for us. Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do and with this position in the Dow Jones Index, we strengthen our position as a global driving challenger of conventional packaging solutions as well as working methods. This industry leadership is an excellent platform for our further pursuit of contributing positively to a sustainable future," says Petra Einarsson, President and CEO of BillerudKorsnäs.

                                                                                                BillerudKorsnäs sustainability work focuses on three areas: increasing customer value, responsibility throughout the value chain and contributing to a sustainable and bio-based society. In practice, that means to strengthen the customers sustainability work and competitiveness by developing smart packaging solutions based on renewable materials; to speed up the transition towards a sustainable and bio-based society by combating climate change throughout the entire value chain locally and globally; as well as to promote responsibility from raw material supply and production to recycling and provide engaging workplaces where safety, diversity and human rights are a priority.

                                                                                                From the RobecoSAM/Dow Jones report:

                                                                                                Containers and packaging companies are critical to the global economy and supply virtually every sector with tools to effectively protect, transport, market, and preserve their products for sale and use. Sustainable packaging continues to be a major industry trend driving innovation and differentiation. BillerudKorsnäs AB leads the Containers & Packaging industry in RobecoSAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment based on its Total Sustainability Score in 2018.

                                                                                                Read the full report: http://www.robecosam.com/images/IndustryLeader_DJSI2018_BillerudKorsnas_AB.pdf

                                                                                                About Dow Jones Sustainability Index
                                                                                                Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), launched in September 1999, is the first global index on how companies perform within economically relevant environmental, social and economic governance factors (ESG, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance). Annually, over 3,400 of the world's largest companies from developed and emerging markets are analyzed by RobecoSAM in cooperation with Dow Jones. www.sustainability-indices.com

                                                                                                • BillerudKorsnäs
                                                                                                  no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 14 Sep 2018 08:26:03 +0200
                                                                                                  Valmet maintains its position among the world's sustainability leaders http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7868-valmet-maintains-its-position-among-the-world-s-sustainability-leaders http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/european-news/item/7868-valmet-maintains-its-position-among-the-world-s-sustainability-leaders

                                                                                                  Valmet has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fifth consecutive year and thus maintains its position among the world's sustainability leaders. Valmet was listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices.

                                                                                                  valmet logoThe annual evaluation conducted by a Swiss investment specialist RobecoSAM comprehensively reviews the companies' performance with regard to social, environmental and financial factors. This year in total 317 companies are included in the DJSI World for 2018-2019.

                                                                                                  "Maintaining our position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is an excellent achievement for Valmet. It proofs that our systematic work to integrate sustainability into our business processes has been successful and we have improved our performance year by year. We will now continue this work by implementing our updated sustainability action plans for the next three years emphasizing amongst other things sustainable supply chain and our R&D work," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

                                                                                                  Valmet defined its sustainability agenda named Sustainability360º in early 2014. The agenda focuses on five core areas: sustainable supply chain; health, safety and environment; people and performance; sustainable solutions, and corporate citizenship.

                                                                                                  About the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

                                                                                                  The DJSI is a sustainability index family which includes the global sustainability leaders across industries. The company inclusion is based on a best-in-class approach, which means that the indices only include the top ranked companies within each industry. The index serves as a benchmark for investors who are committed to ethical investing and review companies' sustainability performance as part of their analyses.

                                                                                                  • valmet
                                                                                                    no-spam@pulp-paperworld.com (Ian Melin-Jones) European News Fri, 14 Sep 2018 08:22:38 +0200