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TASOSYSTEM IS A SPECIALIST IN THE PRODUCTION OF MOTION REQUIRING EXCEPTIONAL PRECISION. Our core expertise involves the design and manufacturing of compact electromechanical motion components. We provide strong know-how in problem solving situations and R&D projects.

OUR CLIENTELE IS INTERNATIONAL AND MULTIBRANCHED. We have supplied our demanding customers for almost thirty years already with hundreds of thousands of precision mechanical products, for example for the paper, aviation and pharmaceutical industries around the world. Our goal is a satised customer and long-term co-operation.

TASOSYSTEM OY IS PART OF TASOWHEEL GROUP OY, an internationally active technology corporation with Finnish ownership that was established in 1979. Tasowheel Group’s two other subsidiaries are Tasogears Oy and Tasotikka Oy.

TASOSYSTEM DESIGNS, DEVELOPS AND MANUFACTURES ADVANCED ACTUATORS for slice, dilution, coating, moisture and steam adjustment, as well as separate equipment and demanding key components such as special valves and measuring equipment for the paper and other industries. Tasosystem’s adjustment controls ensure the best precision for motion adjustment in extremely demanding conditions.

TASOSYSTEM HAS DEVELOPED THE CENTURIO CONTROL SYSTEM to meet the control and adjustment needs of the process industry. Centurio helps improve production quality, productivity and occupational safety by transferring the
control of equipment to an efcient remote system.

INTEGRATED TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR RESEARCH EQUIPMENT. We provide effective integrated package solutions for biological and medical research institutes, including devices and gears for optical measurement and x-ray imaging. Tasosystem’s high-quality research equipment is designed and manufactured to ensure the dynamic precision of movement, extremely smooth movements and silent operation.

WE OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS ALWAYS HIGH QUALITY TOTAL SERVICE that encompasses precision and tne mechanical expertise, assembly operations, logistics management, network operations and innovative electromechanical R&D. Our technical production know-how covers precision mechanical motion parts, such as precision gears, worm gears, motion screws and transmissions, as well as the machining of demanding raw materials.

CERTIFIED QUALITY. Tasowheel Group, former Tasowheel Oy, was one of the best Finnish technology industry companies to be certied according to the ISO 9001 standard. We produce safe and guaranteed solutions whose effectiveness our customers and co-operation partners can rely on.

RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS. In order to meet the challenges of sustainable development, Tasosystem strives to take into consideration economic, social and environmental responsibility in all its operations. Responsibility has always been an integral part of the company’s business and management culture.

Tasowheel Group has been recognised on numerous occasions for its social responsibility and environmental management. Tasowheel Group’s environmental system is certied according to the ISO 14001 standard.

WE SEEK TO BE A LEADER IN OUR OWN FIELD. Our demanding customers challenge us to create innovative solutions with long lifetime. Modern production technology and a highly trained workforce are prerequisites for producing high quality comprehensive solutions.

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Hepolamminkatu 27 B
FI-33720 Tampere
Tel. +358 207 757 400
Fax +358 3 317 8111

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