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A Favini Video about the creation of paper from crushed ORANGES!!!

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The first and only ecological paper made using agro-industrial byproducts


In a 3-minute video available on YouTube, Favini tells the CRUSH story, the revolutionary and unique product which is reusing process residues from agriculture to make beautiful and high performance paper for luxury packaging and graphic design.

The video follows the story of citrus fruits from orchard to paper.  In Italy, the home of Favini, one million tonnes of citrus fruit are used each year to make juice.  Only 40%  is squeezed into juice, the remaining 60%  end up as “citrus mash”. This mash is used to make essential oils, bioethanol, pectin, candied fruit, tyres and many other products. The waste products from these processes is known as “depectinized mash”, which is generally dried, compressed and added to animal feed or for heating.

Favini uses  this “depectinized mash” to replace virgin pulps and other materials turning them into  high quality paper with a unique personality.  Each colour has a different touch depending on the type of raw material used.  The final product is a truly innovative ecological paper  substituting up to 15% of wood pulps and other materials using   residues from the processing of citrus fruit, kiwis, corn, coffee beans, olives, hazelnuts and almonds.

you can also watch the video below....

Additional Info


A company with a long history of innovation in paper manufacturing, Favini is a world leader in the market of industrial release paper and has significant market share in specialty paper with market leading products for the fashion, design and other luxury industries.

Favini has two manufacturing sites in Italy, near Venice and Milan, employing a total of 500 people and generating annual revenues of around €121 million (2012 figures).

Favini has always paid attention to ecology. In the 90s, Favini patented Shiro Alga Carta, eco-friendly paper made ​​from algae. In October 2012, Favini launched CRUSH, a break through paper made with by-products from organic products (corn, citrus and kiwi fruits, olives, almonds, hazelnuts and coffee beans) replacing as much as 15% of traditional wood pulps.

Favini’s entire production process is scrupulously ecological; the cellulose used comes solely from regulated, well managed crops and is whitened using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) methods. Both of Favini’s production facilities comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Since 2008, Favini is controlled by Orlando Italy, a turnaround fund which has enabled the company to enter a new phase of growth and development.

Favini Srl

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