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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 08:00

Mondi launches 2 new papers for the professional digital print market: Color Copy indigo and DNS® indigo Featured

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UFP_SP_CC_INDIGO_90_2375Today, global paper manufacturer Mondi launched Color Copy indigo and DNS® indigo after working closely with HP over the last year to develop the two uncoated indigo papers for Mondi’s growing digital paper portfolio. Within the field of professional digital printing technology, HP’s Indigo digital presses are quickly gaining prominence among the digital presses on the market.

Color Copy indigo and DNS® indigo received HP’s 3-star certification, which is the highest performance rating for HP Indigo digital presses and indicates the best performance in terms of runnability, fixing and blanket compatibility.

“Indigo technology is optimal for professional printers. During the paper production process a special primer is applied to the paper so HP’s ElectroInk will later adhere properly. This has another major advantage over papers that must be pre-primed at the printer’s – Color Copy indigo and DNS® indigo have an unlimited shelf life. Meaning that you will still achieve exceptional print results on an Indigo machine even if your paper is in storage for a few years,” explains Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.

The special primer guarantees 100% ElectroInk adhesion. The layer of the ElectroInk is also much thinner in comparison to other digital inks, which leaves the natural haptics of the paper intact – much like the offset lithographic process.

Characteristic of digital printing technology, HP’s Indigo presses facilitate flexibility in print applications. A smooth, premium paper that delivers high-quality full-colour print results, HP recommended Color Copy indigo particularly for photo books. Color Copy indigo still exhibits the brilliant colours, sharp print-outs and smooth feel of Classic Color Copy, making it a good choice for any graphic-based application.

The high whiteness level of DNS® indigo makes it a distinctive paper well-suited for high contrast text, graphics and colour printing on HP Indigo presses. Because of the contrasts achievable with DNS® indigo, it is recommended for high impact communication such as point of sale material, corporate stationery, company reports and brochures.

Visitors at this year’s Hunkeler Innovation Days had the opportunity to see and feel the qualities of DNS® indigo and Color Copy indigo. Both papers are part of Mondi’s Green Range and are FSC certified. Mondi’s complete digital printing portfolio consists of papers that are also part of Mondi’s Green Range of eco-friendly papers. All Green Range papers are FSC certified, bleached without chlorine, or 100% recycled. Please visit for more information on DNS® indigo and Color Copy indigo.

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