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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 07:10

GloCell offers New software tools Featured

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GloCell tools and services have now been widely accepted in the global pulp and paper market. Thanks to our innovative and forward looking customers we are happy to announce new products and services that enable pulp, paper and board makers to effectively find the best cost vs. quality for the grades they wish to produce.

We have also updated our reference list that contains already some of the most important companies in our genre. There are also more to join in near future.

We have also started co-operation for on-line services with Metso Automation and on-going possibility of combining our tools with Savcor Wedge still remain.


SoftaCellTM is providing easy to use software for pulp and paper business. Our fiber and raw material optimization covers the whole value chain from plantation forests to complicated fiber based products like multi-layer cardboards.


Our approach is a project where the main  targets will be set jointly with the customer. The usual targets are around savings with the same quality or increased quality to produce added value for the customers.


In forestry we have delivered models about capability for wood users to pay for tree. In the models were included various sample mills and the optimal usage of wood in the regions selected.


In Pulp Mill product optimization the projects have included analysis of the benefits for pulp producers’ customers from improved pulps for different paper grades.


In paper making our references include furnish quality and cost optimizations for several paper makers. Projects have been done with paper manufacturers from specialty papers to common printing grades. We have just recently also done optimisations for board and other multilayer grades.


The typical savings are from 5 to 15€ per ton of paper produced, but even larger potentials have been shown.

Please check out the links that you are interested in below.


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List of other references

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