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Monday, 15 October 2012 17:44

Meech launches CyClean™ non-contact web cleaner Featured

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logoMeech International is using Labelexpo Americas as a launching pad for the latest addition to its range of web-cleaning products. The fourth in a comprehensive series of products, the CyClean™ is a compact, non-contact system with a clam shell design that is ideal for coating, labelling and laminating applications, and therefore further cements Meech’s position as one of the most versatile suppliers of web cleaning technologies.

“After extensive research into the market and recognising customers’ demands, we decided to design a web cleaner for our range that was based on a brand new technology”, says Business Unit Director for Cleaning Systems, Adam Battrick. “To my knowledge, no other web-cleaning company uses four different technologies for their systems, making us unique in this respect.”

CycleanDesigned in response to increased demand for high quality applications, the CyClean™ technology is based on fundamental aerodynamic and fluid dynamic principles. Combined, these deliver a very high cleaning level while requiring practically no maintenance.

“We worked closely with a third party specialist to ascertain that the air flow performance was at optimum levels in the product’s design,” comments Adam. “We are confident that the CyClean™ will offer end users the best cleaning experience for a web cleaner of its type.”

A double-sided blow and vacuum-based web cleaning system which flows contaminants into an inline filter unit, the CyClean is Meech’s first non-contact system designed especially for the narrow web industry and is suitable for both single and double-sided cleaning.

The new web-cleaner is composed of a cleaning manifold, 4x active static control AC bars and an Air Handling Unit (AHU). The AHU, which improves air flow efficiency and allows easy removal and collection of contaminants, also features an F8 grade washable “labyrinth” filter, which reduces the chances of premature blockage in the airflow system.

With specially designed slotted air chambers that direct a constant stream of air on both sides to maximise cleaning efficiency, the CyClean™ can remove 0.5 micron and with a small footprint that enables fitting into confined spaces, the need to extend the web path is completely eliminated.

The presence of ionising bars on entry and exit sides provide integrated static control and guarantee a thorough, long-lasting cleaning process. The bars neutralise all static charges on the web and ensure easy breakdown of the bonds holding contaminants to the web, whilst the risk of re-attracting contaminants to the cleaned web surfaces is also significantly reduced.

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