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New anionic surface sizing agent Basoplast® 450 P Featured

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2011-02-01 091658Since its invention by BASF, polymeric surface sizing agents (PSA) have seen many developments to reach their current performance levels. Recently, research, development and application specialists at BASF jointly completed their work on a new product for this established technology that allows papermakers to significantly improve on sizing costs. Traditionally, PSA for the liner segment used cationic polymers. This however limited the coloration to certain product ranges.

With Basoplast® 450 P, BASF introduces a new and highly cost- efficient PSA for the packaging segment. The product is suited for linerboard grades and complements BASF’s offer of anionic PSA in the graphical paper market. By replacing cationic PSA in packaging with Basoplast® 450 P, paper manufacturers now canadjust the desired coloration in the surface with direct dyes, which can provide a more cost-efficient solution than incumbent systems. Developing cost-efficient systems and solutions is built on the strengths of  BASF’s expanded portfolio after the acquisition of legacy Ciba. Direct dyes are sourced from BASF’s new plant in Ankleshwar, India.

In addition to the new opportunities for cost-efficient coloration, BASF’s new anionic PSA Basoplast® 450 P agent shows no foaming tendency or sensitivity to pH or starch type and can be used in both, size or film-press. It further has received food contact approval (BfR XXXVI, FDA 176.170, 176.180).

“With Basoplast® 450 P we offer the first anionic polymeric sizing agent able to compete against cationic polymeric surface sizing agents traditionally used in liner and board. We recently had various mill trials throughout Europe and in consequence are able to promptly launch the product in the market. But, this invention also required cross-divisional support through the know-how- and production Verbund of BASF, especially the Petrochemicals Division. It shows that BASF can be very successful if we act as onecompany,” says Dr. Frank Höfer, Vice President, Marketing Paper Chemicals Europe.

“Our consistency in research & development work, also on established product lines, has made this new market opportunity available. This example shows very clearly that even in mature applications, with lots of creativity and enthusiasm, our development specialists are able to find new and successful products with which we can help our customers to achieve their targets in performance and cost reductions," adds Dr. Thomas Stährfeldt, Vice President, Innovation Paper Chemicals.

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