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The New INVO® Coater from UMV Featured

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One of the latest UMV inventions is the INVO® Coater. Customers often have very limited space for rebuild and upgrades of existing coating units. Capital Expenditure constraints are also a common part of the reality for the lion part of our customers.


UMV has therefore designed and launched the compact and versatile INVO® Coater module.
“-Our guideline in this New Product Development has been that Minor Capex should give Major Effects, says Håkan Karlsson, Vice President Operations of UMV.

This short dwell application unit can be installed in pre-metering position or to meter directly on the web.

INVO® Coaters can run with grooved or smooth rod and of course with INVO® Tip, UMVs own patented and award winning metering element. 

INVO® Coaters come with a jet applicator that has UMV’s unique chamber design, ensuring uniform MD and CD distribution. The jet applicator rests on a support beam with special features assuring exact positioning and stability. 

INVO® Coaters can also be equipped with a profiling system.

Additional Info

UMV Coating Systems – Customized coating solutions

UMV Coating Systems AB is a member of the Mattsson Group. With roots in BTG and UMV Machinery, UMV Coating Systems AB has become a world-leading developer and supplier of innovative surface treatment technology to the coated paper and board industry, for new machine installations and rebuilds.

The UMV Coating Systems range of products and services includes all of the equipment and know-how necessary for complete coating solutions.

Apart from advanced equipment for single or double-sided surface sizing, pigmenting and coating, UMV Coating Systems AB takes responsibility for complete coating sections, including pre-study, design, manufacture, installation supervision, training and startup.

INVO® Tip is the latest of many unique products from UMV. Billblade was first. Developed in the 1960s, it was the first in the world to enable two-sided coating at one coating station. Soon after came Twin™ HSM to allow transfer roll coating of various paper and board grades.

Optimum coating profiles are the result of the ABC blade holderTwin™ ABCis compact and quality-coats two sides simultaneously – and now INVO® Tip, the energy-saving and production-boosting metering element for excellent fiber and print-quality coverage.

UMV has extensive knowledge and expertise gained from some 50 years in the business and more than 600 installations. Producers in the coated paper and board industry can come to UMV with complete confidence for top-of-the-line solutions coating systems, service agreements and consultation for optimized coating operations.

UMV Coating Systems
Industrigatan 7
PO Box 162, 
SE-661 24 SAFFLE, Sweden
Phone: +46 522 982 80
Fax: +46 522 983 23

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