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The perfect design of viscose fibres for wetlaid nonwovens Featured

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In wetlaid nonwovens or paper applications, good bonding properties of the fibres bring advantages for the strength of the web. Due to their large surface area and their high flexibility, fibres with flat cross-sections display very good bonding properties - our Bellini fibre is an excellent example.

pic1The extremely flat and smooth structure of our Leonardo fibre with its width to thickness ratio of 40:1 and its extremely regular and flat fibre surface not only facilitates good fibre-fibre bonding; it also makes the fibre highly transparent, allowing for the production of wetlaid nonwovens and papers with improved transparency.

By the choice of the appropriate fibre cross-section, by chemical modification and by the selection of the right cut-length, our customers can achieve improvements in tensile strength, folding properties and other nonwoven parameters - and by adding Leonardo to our range of products we made the choice even wider for you. Don't forget: only small amounts of viscose fibres can improve your product significantly!



Different "Leonardo-Papers" were tested to ascertain the influence of the fibre's linear density (with a constant width to thickness ratio) on the physical properties of a paper.
Papers with 5% viscose fibres were tested to determine the influence of different fibre cross sections on the physical properties of papers.
What influence does the chemical modification of the fibre have on paper properties? The comparison of fibres with the same physical structure has shown, that the anionically activated fibre (Verdi) improves the tensile strength of the paper even more than the "normal" viscose fibre. 

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Kelheim Fibres is the world's leading producer of viscose speciality fibres. At our plant in Kelheim, Germany, we combine innovative technology with technical expertise and outstanding customer service.

Approximately 90,000 tons of viscose fibres are produced and tested in Kelheim every year - and are then used in a diverse range of end applications. Our high-quality fibres are exported to 44 countries on 5 continents.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We build and encourage development partnerships with our customers, using the pilot facilities available in Kelheim to develop perfectly customized fibre solutions. From high-tech clothing to hygiene products and speciality papers, manufacturers of a wide range of end products put their trust in our fibres. Through partnership with our customers we jointly develop the solutions to tomorrow's problems.

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