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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 12:30

Kleenex brings out new designs Featured

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Kleenex, a global pioneer in tissue manufacturing and widely-acknowledged for its soft tissues since 1923, has launched a range of new designs for its tissue boxes across the GCC.

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Inspired by the latest trends in interior design, the new range adds elegance to any home in the Gulf, and beyond.

The designs serve as a reminder to uncover the softness in the simple moments of each day.

The new range consists of five exquisite designs which are either completely new or are redesigns of some of our best-loved packages.

All of the designs emphasis Kleenex’s trademark superior softness which underpins the company’ pioneering role in tissue manufacture and is a key reason for consumers’ trust in and loyalty to the brand.

“The first variant is ‘Classique’ to which we’ve added a touch of silkiness in the design to echo the soft tissue inside,” said a press release.

It added: “Our second design is called ‘Arabesque’ which is a manifestation of authentic Arabian art mixed with modernity. The third variant is ‘Mosaic’ which reflects the artistic sense of Kleenex consumers. The fourth is ‘Décor’ and is an elegant design that suits a wide range of interiors. The fifth is ‘Garden’ which brings a natural feel to home settings complete with feelings of positivity and rejuvenation.”

Kleenex was awarded Product of the Year in 2013 in the facial tissue category across GCC for decor. A similar award was collected by Kleenex hand towels, which was launched in late 2012 and is for a category of bigger and thicker tissues.

Kleenex was also awarded a bronze trophy at the recently-held Dubai Lynx awards. At the ceremony in March, the ‘Arabesque’ design won the Packaging Design award and highlights the company’s focus on launching products that reflect the latest trends in home décor inspired by the artistically-rich oriental culture.

Adil Paracha, group marketing director GCC for Kimberly Clark, commented: “We are delighted and proud to win these three awards. They reflect our customers’ loyalty over many decades.”

Paracha added: “The idea for creative and innovative designs for facial tissue boxes was ignited by our ambition to provide our consumers with uplifting touches across their homes and underlined by extensive research among our consumers so we completely understood their needs.”

He said: “Launching the new designs is proof of the exquisite taste of our consumers — a taste that wins awards — and a desire that their tissue boxes fitted their aspiration to have the trendiest homes which ooze positivity and softness.

Paracha underlined the company’s desire to keep innovating: “Kleenex will continue to listen to consumer needs and we will not hesitate for a single moment to introduce products that keep our consumers uplifted.”

The new designs from Kleenex come as a part of a plan to innovate its products in line with research into the needs and expectations of facial tissue users.

This initiative runs in parallel with a second program to ensure Kleenex maintains its world-class standards in production, from raw materials to sterilizing, to safeguard the company’s position as the global leader in manufacturing facial tissues.

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