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Monday, 18 April 2016 20:30

FITNIR Awarded Ten New Projects

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Ten New Projects Awarded with Pulp Mills in North America and Asia
On the heels of a successful 2015, FITNIR Analyzers continues to build on the momentum in 2016. With seven projects awarded in 2015 and already three in Q1 of 2016, it’s expected the activity won’t slow down anytime soon. “We are excited to announce five new projects in Canada, four in the U.S., and a tenth in Asia,” said Tom Sands, President of FITNIR Analyzers. “It’s gratifying to see our products contributing to the success of mills throughout North America and now expanding internationally.”

2015 11 10 091839Paper Excellence’s Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation was one of the three mills in North America that selected FITNIR’s fully automated, online FT-NIR analyzer. FITNIR Online provides more reliable, accurate and true measurements versus inferred measurements of traditional solutions. Integrating FITNIR Online into these mills will enable real-time monitoring of various unit operations for process optimization and control.

Skookumchuck Pulp, another Paper Excellence mill, is expanding its FITNIR Online system to now include the digester and chlorine dioxide generator. “We decided to go with FITNIR again after the success we had with our recaust analyzer installation for smelt dissolving tank TTA control, CGL trim control, and slaker and CE control,” said Roger Puar, Technical Manager at Skookumchuck Pulp. “Not only does the technology meet our needs, but we also received excellent service from the FITNIR team.”
Another repeat customer in eastern Canada selected FITNIR Benchtop in 2014 for liquor measurement, and then in 2015 chose FITNIR Kappa to measure the kappa number of wet kraft pulp to help control its digester operations. Also in 2015, a western Canadian mill was the first to implement FITNIR Kappa for dry pulp sheet applications. Their confidence in the unit led to the selection of FITNIR again in 2016, this time to analyze brownstock kappa.  And just recently, two other mills in the US opted for FITNIR Kappa to provide quick, consistent and accurate kappa number measurements via Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy.

Most noteworthy for 2015 is FITNIR’s break into the Asian market with a landmark project boasting FITNIR’s largest contract to date. Geared to commence installation this spring, the pulp and paper mill located in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia will use FITNIR Online to optimize its recaust and recovery processes via two analyzers and six field sampling stations.

About FITNIR Analyzers Inc.
FITNIR’s automated online, benchtop and kappa analyzers reliably measure complete pulp liquor compositions. Fast, frequent and accurate measurements drive control strategies that decrease process variability and environmental impact for improved efficiencies and profitability. Proven applications for the digester, recausticizer, recovery boiler, ClO2 generator, brownstock washer, and now kappa measurements for wet and dry pulp, FITNIR is the next generation of process analyzers. Visit

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