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Wednesday, 08 January 2020 09:44

Willamette Falls Paper Company Launches reHARVEST™

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2020 01 07 191241

New sustainable paper line uses wheat straw pulp, a first in the U.S. coated paper industry

Willamette Falls Paper Company Inc. announces the launch of reHARVEST coated, envelope and offset, a paper product family made with 10% wheat straw fiber. The reHARVEST papers are domestically made, readily available and offered at a competitive price.

Recent process technology developments have enabled the production of high-quality papermaking fibers from wheat straw agricultural waste. What was previously removed from the field as waste or even burned is now collected, pulped into high-quality papermaking fiber and available for use in paper products. The pulping is done at a recently commissioned wheat straw pulping plant that generates zero effluent and zero solid waste. The use of this agricultural fiber reduces field burning and takes the pressure off forests. Finally, the wheat straw fiber has a lower carbon footprint and uses less energy than conventional wood pulping processes. The reHARVEST product family incorporates this agricultural waste fiber into 24# envelope, 60# and 70# offset and 80# and 100# gloss and matte coated paper grades while maintaining the key quality and performance specifications for which Willamette Falls Paper Company is known. The paper grades are available in web rolls and priced competitively for truckload orders in Q1.

“We are thrilled to be the first coated paper mill to offer non-wood grades made in the U.S. and sourced with local agricultural fiber, in this case, straw,” says Phil Harding, Director of Technology and Sustainability at Willamette Falls Paper Company. “Our long-term focus is sustainable papermaking and releasing reHARVEST is a huge step toward this goal. The use of agricultural fiber sources is a key part of our strategy.”

“Willamette Falls Paper Company facility, staff and external consultants are actively collaborating in their research and development, bringing this paper mill into the 21st century. Collectively, they are breaking down barriers for customers who have long hoped for these types of solutions to pulp availability in the manufacturing of commercial and industrial papers,” said Kris Grimshaw, Print Production Manager at Scentsy, Inc.

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