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Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director: “More efficiency and less costs. This is the objective of customer service: help our customers in preserving over time the value of their capital asset”

Fabio Perini S.p.A. took part in MIAC, where during the convention “Towards Converting Tissue 4.0” Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director, disclosed the new company strategy and presented the best available technologies to enhance performances, quality and management of the production process.

“Industry 4.0 for our company has its own application even in customer service, –Gianfranco Agnusdei comments – a field where the use and analysis of production data, together with the technical expertise of Fabio Perini’s people, allow customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their lines. Digital services are not limited to lines and systems supplied by Fabio Perini, but they can be used on equipment by other producers as well."

Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service DirectorGianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director

Three years ago, Fabio Perini launched its Customer Service Portal, which has evolved becoming the customers’ digital touch point, with information on their installed base, the history of maintenance services, the suggested equipment modifications and a web shop for spare parts, placing orders directly online. Today the Portal becomes also the tool to activate and monitor line performance using two solutions, Tissue Data Cloud and Digital Shift Support.

The Tissue Data Cloud processes data based on a wide set of performance indicators, so as to offer the customer immediate visibility of the process critical points. Thanks to the Web Dashboard, the values of the line are re-elaborated easily and intuitively and available in real time for the production manager.

The second new feature is the Digital Shift Support, also activated from the Portal and available on the operator’s tablet. The Digital Shift Support is a smart application that collects, together with a minimal set of performance indicators, the production speed and the justifications of alarms by the operators.

“Up to now our path has been going through digitalization, from equipment alarm detection to production indicators analysis, so as to identify inefficiencies and be able to act on specific line sections. – Agnusdei goes on – But we at Fabio Perini are firmly convinced that no digital revolution can exist without the technical know-how accrued in our 50-years-long experience. Our Customer Service 4.0 is all about this: an extraordinary integration between technical expertise and the availability of data supplied by digital solutions”.

In fact, the availability of data and the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians will allow to supply a real Digital Audit and remotely detect causes, establishing in advance actions to solve issues. In this framework, even the Wearable Glasses find their place: in its new “goggle” version, this technologic solution for remote, real-time technical assistance is more ergonomic and performing, with 3D interaction and Augmented Reality. For this device, too, the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians is a key factor.

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The new platform of services and technical solutions that optimizes production efficiency, reduces operating costs and helps customers maintain the value of their production assets over time.

Fabio Perini chooses MIAC for the worldwide launch of digital solutions for Customer Service and the improvement of production efficiency, consolidating its role as a 360° business partner through the new dimensions of Industry 4.0.

If initially the Digital Tissue™ was aimed only for new installations, today, a few months after its launch, the most important innovation is that the suite of digital solutions can also be implemented for the installed base not only of all Fabio Perini customers but also of machinery from other manufacturers.

In this way, Customer Service becomes 4.0 where the use and analysis of production data, combined with the technical expertise of Fabio Perini's staff, allows customers to maintain the value of their capital assets over time and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the lines.

Here are the solutions presented in detail:

Tissue Data Cloud  

2018 10 11 084131

The data processing through different performance indicators gives immediate visibility to the customer of the critical points of the process. Through the use of a Web Dashboard, directly accessible from the Customer Service Portal of Fabio Perini, the data of the line are processed simply and intuitively. Thanks to the analysis of these values and the competence of the Company's technicians, it is possible to offer to customers a real Digital Audit that will allow, even remotely, to detect the causes of line malfunction and establish in advance the actions to solve them.


2018 10 11 084110

Two years after the launch of WEAREABLE - the technological solution for remote and real-time technical assistance - the MIAC 2018 becomes the stage for the worldwide launch of the new WEAREABLE GLASSES which becomes more ergonomic in the new "glasses" version and more performing (with the interaction of 3D and AR augmented reality).

Process control

Process control is a package of solutions and services that can now be installed not only on all new converting lines but also on an installed base already in production. Being able to measure the tissue web and the finished product and collect the data to transform it into useful information for production efficiency is now part of the complete Digital Tissue™ solution package launched last June at iT's Tissue 2018; a huge advantage for customers who will benefit from this solution to increase production performance, finished product quality and converting process management.

2018 10 11 084007

The digital services offered are not only limited to Fabio Perini lines and systems but can also be used on machines of other manufacturers. Thanks to Körber Digital, the new Business Area of the Körber group dedicated to the development of digital solutions, it has been developed a new solution to collect data from any installed base.

In the Open House set up at the Fabio Perini plants in Lucca, it is possible to see the MYTIME line in operation with the patented "Punzoncini" technology for the production of an extremely soft kitchen towel product. Besides, the line is equipped with new upgrades of machinery (T.I.P. - Technical Improvement Program) that allow both the increase in production efficiency and the reduction of operating costs. In particular, a new fire-fighting system has been developed based on two fundamental elements: a guarantee of detection that minimizes false alarms (without the use of optical sensors, UV, IR, ultrasound that would suffer dust, areosol and movements of hot air masses) and a patented extinguishing system based on low-pressure "water mist" technology.

In addition, there are further T.I.P. such as the new glue filter and glue mixer, the reversible rotor to ensure a higher quality of log cutting and blade life up to 30% more and the new lotion applicator "Leonardo" able to deposit 99.9% of the lotion used on paper.

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Thanks to energy management the company has already saved over 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

Fabio Perini S.p.A has obtained the prestigious ISO 50001 certification for environmental sustainability. This milestone comes after a journey started in 2012 positioning Fabio Perini S.p.A. among the most cutting-edge companies in the converting sector and beyond.

2018 09 19 173647The company makes a formal statement of its focus on energy issue in the Energy Management System (EMS) document, where it officially commits itself to deploy human, financial and technologic resources to undertake a process of continuous improvement of its energy performances.

«In practice, what have we done? To start with – says Riccardo Signorini, Maintenance and Capex Manager of Fabio Perini S.p.A.– we deployed steps that can be defined “good housekeeping” such as switching off the overhead cranes at night and using our domotics to reduce waste of electric power and heating. Additionally, through the LSS methodology, we identified the best strategy for a more efficient energy management system, bringing Fabio Perini, as early as 2016, to be awarded the “Italia in Classe A”(Italy in A Class) prize by national Energy Agency ENEA».

Subsequently, Fabio Perini S.p.A. introduced led lights in the workshops, solar heating to obtain warm water in summer, solar films for the windows facing south and west and finally, one of the air compressors was replaced by a new generation model with inverter.

The results obtained are surprising: since 2015 the company has saved 12% power and 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

The energy management systems in accordance to the ISO 50001 standards make Fabio Perini S.p.A. a key partner for customers who rank sustainability high among their priorities, helping them in connecting their core business with this perspective.

«The ISO 50001 certification process has been a hard task for us all – explains Riccardo Signorini – but among all our values we also count the pursuit of a sustainable, profitable development model. It’s an exciting challenge as well as a duty. For the next generations as well as for ourselves».

“Obtaining the ISO 50001 certification is surely a prestigious milestone, but at the same time it is the beginning of a virtuous journey for Fabio Perini. This journey we have taken brought us to developing technical devices to be applied to our company’s products, aimed at optimizing energy performances, which at present represent an interesting plus for customers sensitive to sustainability, and a cutting-edge feature for the companies in our sector”, Alessio Galeotti, DNV GL Enterprise Customer Manager, commented.

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Fabio Perini S.p.A. obtained by the Customs Authority the award of the status of AEO F -– Authorized Economic Operator Full for customs simplifications and safety/security.

The AEO authorization grants Fabio Perini the recognition of its status of customs reliability, valid at European level (but internationally recognized); the appointment is the result of a process of adjustment of internal procedures and successful audits, carried out by the certifying body, of the regulatory requirements related to customs compliance, keeping of accounting records, financial solvency and safety/security standards.

2018 08 09 100946

The direct and indirect benefits provided by AEO have an immediate, positive impact on the whole international logistic chain operated by Fabio Perini and its customers, such as:

  • fewer document and safety controls
  • priority shipment treatment
  • better relations with Customs authorities
  • rapidity in procedures
  • fewer delays of shipments at borders, resulting in less time and costs and also less risk of theft and loss of goods, and of safety-related accidents

All this results in greater efficiency in customs procedures and, consequently, in the offer of customer services.

“The path to this achievement has been going on for about a year - said Paolo Sodero, Fabio Perini S.p.A’s responsible for Digitalization and Export Control Manager – involving almost all the company departments, and aligning all employees to this key world-class goal.”

This authorization, allowing the offer of better customer assistance, represents a major strength for Fabio Perini to keep its leading position in the global market of machinery for tissue production. In fact, Paolo Sodero commented: “Our Company is the only one in our sector to have achieved this type of authorization”.

In fact, as of today, the recipients of AEO F authorizations - excluding companies exclusively dealing in shipments and logistic and customs services operators – amounts to 400 companies, all representative of Italian excellence.

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Simec Group signs the agreement for the sale of the shares

Fabio Perini S.p.A. and NARA S.r.l. (Simec Group) have completed the transfer of all the investments in Engraving Solutions S.r.l. to Fabio Perini S.p.A. which already held 70% of the company's shares.

The consolidated industrial partnership between the two groups will remain active in the future for a better customer satisfaction and will continue to innovate following the needs of the market.

2018 07 27 101636

Engraving Solutions was founded in 2003 thanks to the union of intentions of Fabio Perini and Simec Group, a leader in the production of rolls with surface machining for different application sectors. Thanks to the know-how and technological excellence of the two companies, it immediately distinguished itself in the market for its ability to develop new designs and to support the customer in the study of engravings for embossed products in the Tissue sector.

More than 4,000 rolls already produced, the creation of over 12,000 embossing graphics solutions and 15 patents active all over the world, are the assets of Engraving Solutions. Currently, 20 employees work at the Lucca plant. Among the most successful products at the international level, we mention the Softop, PP-Evo, 4D, and Pixel.

"This acquisition is in line with our growth strategy 2025 and strengthens our positioning on the Tissue Area business market - says Oswaldo Cruz, CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A. - Engraving Solutions is an important and strategic resource for our tissue companies that will benefit from this consolidated experience and will be able to provide increasingly customized and innovative solutions to maximize the added value of our customers' finished products ".

“This experience - states Laura Della Torre, Member of the board of Simec Group - has made possible the exchange of knowledge between the parties involved and has enriched the background and the specific know-how of the sector. Simec Group has also been able to focus on other segments, strengthening its production assets and nowadays it is a leading company thanks to the wide range of applications available in its product portfolio”.

Fabio Perini S.p.A. with its five production sites in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it is the only company, on a global scale, capable of producing complete lines of tissue production, integrating converting and packaging, offering exceptional advantages in controlling the entire production process, optimizing performance, maximizing the quality of the finished product and reducing operating costs. An extraordinary value for customers who find solutions for their activities in a single partner.

The new way of interpreting Industry 4.0 has led Fabio Perini S.p.A. to define new solutions to manage the machines, lines, and production, processes, and activities that set the world of Digital Tissue™. All this helps to have intelligent structures that allow maximizing the production efficiency of the individual machines, the complete lines and even more the effectiveness of the production sites.

Today Fabio Perini companies have a total of 150,000 square meters dedicated to research, development, and assembly of machinery with the Bologna site exclusively devoted to packaging solutions. A total of around 1,100 employees, investments in R&D equal to 7% of annual turnover and 1,000 patents active internationally.

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Smart Solutions for integrating the processes of the tissue value chain presented at Valmet Tissue Making Days 2018

During Valmet Tissue Making Days 2018, Valmet, Fabio Perini and Elettric80 disclosed new digital solutions to implement the “ideal smart factory” resulting from the cooperation of three market leading companies.

The conference has been hosted since 1983 by Valmet, the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp & paper industries. This year Valmet has involved Fabio Perini, leading company in the converting & packaging industry, and Elettric80, specialized in creating automated solutions for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) as partners for the event.

It has been three days of sharing ideas, technologies and market trends with the key tissue players and producers from all over the world.

From left: Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology, Valmet -  William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL – Kent Nika, Valmet and Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEOFrom left: Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology, Valmet - William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL – Kent Nika, Valmet and Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEO

The event theme, T-Evolution – Transforming Tissue Together, focused on the transformation of the business environment and how Industrial Internet and digitization are leveraging new strategies and solutions to satisfy the Customers.

Valmet, Fabio Perini and Elettric80 are three individual companies, part of a unique value chain. They work as separate entities but can at the same time be integrated into one System. They are individually strong, worldwide established companies, but can make the difference within a tissue factory meeting the customers’ needs.

“To continue to develop this industry we have identified and created new solutions with a more holistic approach. This is a proof that working together with our partners and utilizing the data from end to end can bring greater value for both the tissue industry and the development of new sustainable solutions” says Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology at Valmet.

“The complexity of the market - Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEO, comments – calls for cooperation between companies like ours in supplying customers with solutions enabling them to go beyond their business objectives: improve overall equipment efficiency, maximize production output, look after environment sustainability, focus on safety and optimize overall cost, as well as a general and transversal efficiency, attainable only through integration”.

"Elettric80 has totally changed the way of designing tissue factories, offering one of the most efficient and safe solutions available around the world that is able to respond quickly to customers’ needs and to changes in the market - says William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL-. The solutions by Elettric80 cover the entire value chain because they enhance the reliability and safety of the entire plant as well as of the entire business life cycle. The results are a significant increase in factory efficiency, total traceability of handled products, significantly reducing spaces, maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. We work in close partnership with our customers around the world to solve the logistical challenges of the tissue industry; we do not offer our customers a single product, but solutions that are tailor-made, scalable, modular and efficient.

Valmet, Fabio Perini, Elettric80: how process integration happens

Product optimization, throughout machine digitization, starts right at the beginning of our ecosystem. The journey of the fibres from pulp to a dried tissue sheet is long and every step of the journey is important.

Through the Valmet Advantage NTT machine all the parameters used to transform the fibers into a tissue web and the characteristics of the dried paper, are collected and controlled for immediate corrective actions. The wet end system is measured and controlled by a variation of different Valmet Analysers. Every centimetre of produced tissue is monitored for quality, by the Valmet DNA system, carrying all information on the jumbo roll’s excellence and flaws: chemicals used, softness and eventual damages.

The Advanced Balance Control system (ABC) provides optimal and automatic balance control of hood and air system for any production range, boosts productivity while minimizing energy consumption, allows remote control of the parameters and enables a direct connection to Valmet experts for remote diagnostics on the drying process.

When Jumbo rolls are stored and ready to be transformed on the conversion lines, an Elettric80 LGV Elephant system machine collects the right reel from the warehouse and takes it towards the Fabio Perini converting line. Elettric80’s Smart Decision Maker - the “decision making” logic that oversees all the logistic operations and material movements inside the factory- reads and collects all the information transmitted by Valmet.

The main systems by Elettric80 and BEMA, the second company specialising in the manufacture of products that perfectly complete the Elettric80 value chain, designed according to the tissue customer’s needs are: a wide range of LASER GUIDED VEHICLES (LGVs); WOODPECKER pallet control system; DRAGON palletizer; SILKWORM stretch wrapper; ROBOTIC LABELLER and SMART STORE warehouses. SMART BOX is a unique, sturdy, modular and extremely efficient solution. Within a 12m x 7.5m space, it combines palletizing, stretch wrapping and labelling in a flexible and compact layout. SMART BOX offers multiple advantages such as high efficiency, reduced accumulations, low maintenance costs constant over time.

The reel is automatically loaded on the new Fabio Perini Smart Unwinder (chuckless and crankless) with intelligent features, that allow to optimize manpower and prevent injuries.

The next step is embossing: the Fabio Perini CATALYST smart embosser can change both steel rolls in just 10 minutes, without an overhead crane, thanks to its exclusive technology. Saving time helps to improve production and optimize cost, confirming that “Less is more”. The Active Exchange System allows adding or removing the steel rolls from the warehouse while the machine is running, granting flexibility and versatility.

The Fabio Perini 179AX LOG SAW is able to change the Log Saw blade automatically, with no operator access inside the machine, thanks to its 5-slot warehouse feeding an automatic system that is able to change the worn blade in less than 3 minutes.

More than 80% of machine downtime saving and 100% Reduction of Operator Intervention, during changeover procedures, can be attained thanks to the Fabio Perini A6T Wrapper with the Trolley One Touch.

Throughout the whole production cycle, a factory is an assembly of complementary processes performed by different machines, each performing very unique activities. We may say that a factory, in many ways, is like an orchestra, each machine being like a musician creating its own sound, and all the coordinated sounds resulting in music.

The whole process is managed centrally by a single software platform developed by Elettric80, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics), which ensures a "direct link" between systems and production processes, and the optimal and effective management of all internal and external plant operations: from incoming raw materials to complete warehousing and shipping management.

Additional Info

  • About

    Valmet AB is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers. Valmet's strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers' processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

    Fabio Perini S.p.A. was born in 1966 in Lucca, Italian hub and world tissue production and converting technology center. Today, with its 5 production facilities in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it helps its customers stay competitive and grow thanks to complete production solutions for converting and packaging. Technology, globalization and ongoing, continuous investments in research have led the company to stand out internationally and to be acknowledged as a true excellence in the world of tissue.

    Elettric80 & BEMA were established in the 1980s and 1990s respectively, in Viano, in the province of Reggio Emilia. The two companies have introduced a new concept within the factories: the total integration of products and services, which causes a shift in focus from “line efficiency” to “factory efficiency”, thus offering the market quality and prompt deliveries. At present, Elettric80 and BEMA have a unique know-how, which is exclusive both software- and hardware-wise. They have installed more than 1,700 robotic systems and 4,300 Laser Guided Vehicles worldwide. Beyond their headquarters in Viano, Elettric80 & BEMA have set up branches in Australia, Brazil, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and the USA to provide their customers with service and support, not only remotely (24/7), but also on-site, guaranteeing constant efficiency over time.

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Complete turnkey tissue converting and packaging lines at competitive price and faster delivery times

  • For customers looking for complete line solutions, without much need of customization
  • Most cost-effective solution in the market with the right balance between technology, quality and price
  • Reduced lead time for production & installation

Fabio Perini presents to prospects and clients in Latin America its new family of products for converting and packaging of tissue paper: easy operation, high performance, technological excellence and reliability are the strongest points of MYPERINI family for manufacturers looking for production at speeds in the range of 450 to 800 m/min.

2017 10 16 074955

“These are standard lines, factory pre-configured aimed to be a smart solution. Simpler, though not less effective, with reduced delivery times”, said Dineo Silverio, Regional President. “With any of the MYPERINI lines, our clients have the flexibility to produce 1, 2 or 3 ply products, and make embossed and laminated rolls for retail or private label market.”, adds Claudio Muñoz, Americas Marketing Director.

MYPERINI lines are offered in several versions, all of them combining high technology, quality and safety. For converting, the family is comprised of 3 versions suitable for different production needs: an entry level line, the MySincro (450 m/min); a mid-level, the MyLine (550 m/min) and a high level, the MyTime (800 m/min). All the lines feature the possibility of completing the system by including the MyPack offer for packaging up to 200 packs/min and 20 bundles/min.

Fabio Perini is the undisputed global leader in the supply of equipment and services for tissue converting and packaging, and the only one with full-scale capabilities in South America. The ideal commercial partner for those looking for innovation, growth and distinctiveness.


Fabio Perini S.p.A. was born in 1966 in Lucca, Italian hub and world tissue production and converting technology center. Today, with its 5 production facilities in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it helps its customers stay competitive and grow thanks to complete production solutions for converting and packaging. Technology, globalization and ongoing, continuous investments in research have led the company to stand out internationally and to be acknowledged as a true excellence in the world of tissue.


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Converting & packaging, rolls & folded tissue, embossing: the innovative solutions from the 3 companies that will be present for the first time together at the American exhibition.

Fabio Perini, MTC and Engraving Solutions, companies that belong to the Business Area Tissue of the international technologies provider Körber Group, present themselves at Tissue World Miami with their latest innovative solutions dedicated to converting and packaging machines of tissue rolls, folded towels and embossing rollers.

2018 03 20 122132“Tissue World Miami is one of the most important trade fairs in the tissue industry that brings together the main players of the sector. It is a key meeting place for us with our American customers”, emphasizes Oswaldo Cruz, Member of the Board of the Business Area Körber Tissue and CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A.. and –“Thanks to the newest member of our Business Area, MTC, who is a globally leading provider of solutions for folded and interfolded products, we now present ourselves with a complete technology portfolio dedicated to tissue that is unique in the market. With Fabio Perini we are a point of reference in converting and packaging, while with Engraving Solutions we provide innovative products and systems for the embossing”.

To illustrate the strength of this combined portfolio for customers, MTC also presents itself at Tissue World Miami with the corporate image of Körber Tissue.

“ Cruz continues: “We always put our customers at the center of our way of working: understanding their needs, offering innovative technology solutions and a focus on acting in the proximity of our customers with services offerings also playing a key part are just some our joint values which are now also emphasized by using the same look and feel.” same values that”.

For over 50 years Fabio Perini has been a point of reference for all players in the tissue industry due to the high rate of innovation and technology of its lines and integrated systems for the transformation and packaging of tissue for a wide range of products: toilet rolls, kitchen towels, industrial rolls.

MTC is globally leading in the development, production and commercialization of folding and interfolding machines for tissue products.

Engraving Solutions, founded in 2003, provides complete solutions for the construction of embossing rolls to maximize the benefit of the finished product.


Fabio Perini S.p.A. was born in 1966 in Lucca, Italian hub and world tissue production and converting technology center. Today, with its 5 production facilities in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it helps its customers stay competitive and grow thanks to complete production solutions for converting and packaging. Technology, globalization and ongoing, continuous investments in research have led the company to stand out internationally and to be acknowledged as a true excellence in the world of tissue.


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Stefan Kirschke was named the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Körber AG, effective December 14, 2017.

Stefan Kirschke succeeds Harald Vogelsang as Group CFO. Vogelsang left the Group on December 14, 2017, by mutual agreement. The Supervisory Board of Körber AG formally adopted this change at its meeting on December 14, 2017.

The Supervisory Board of Körber AG thus fulfilled Vogelsang’s request for a premature release from his current contract, due to personal reasons.

Stefan KirschkeStefan KirschkeRichard Bauer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Körber AG: “We are pleased that with Stefan Kirschke we were able to appoint an experienced internal finance expert to quickly fill this extremely important role within the Group. Mr. Kirschke was substantially involved in the realignment and the strong growth of the Business Area Körber Tissue in recent years. Thanks to his extensive expertise and his detailed knowledge and many years of reliable collaboration with all Business Areas, in his new role he will successfully continue the growth course of the Group together with the other members of the Group Executive Board. On behalf of the Supervisory Board, I would like to thank Mr. Vogelsang for the work he has done.”

Over the last few years, Stefan Kirschke has held various leadership positions within the Körber Group. Most recently he served as CFO in the Business Area Körber Tissue. Prior to joining Körber, Kirschke worked at the auditing firm Ernst & Young and held various management positions in the field of strategic brand consulting. Stefan Kirschke has a degree in Business Management from the University of Münster.

Successor to Stefan Kirschke in the role of CEO of the Business Area Körber Tissue will be Oswaldo Cruz. Cruz joined Fabio Perini Brazil in 1994 as a Sales Manager, and was appointed as Managing Director there in 2007.

Dineo Silverio, currently Head of Sales and Customer Service with Fabio Perini Brazil, was already appointed as the successor to Oswaldo Cruz as Managing Director of the company with effect on January 1, 2018.

Together with Oswaldo Cruz, Markus Fröhlich (CFO) and Dr. Luca Frasnetti (CTO and COO as dual responsibility) will form the new management team for the Business Area Körber Tissue.

Oswaldo CruzOswaldo CruzMarkus Fröhlich currently serves as Director of Administration & Controlling at Fabio Perini. After earning his Master of Engineering Management degree, he began his career at Kugler-Womako, a company in the group’s former paper division. In 2011, Fröhlich became an investment controller at the former Körber Process Solutions. During this time, he also took part in the Körber Finance Program. As part of this program, he worked on projects at Fabio Perini Brazil before moving to Fabio Perini in Lucca in 2015.

Dr. Luca Frasnetti currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Fabio Perini in Lucca. He holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering and has been with the Körber Group since 2014. Earlier in his career, he served as a Global Electronic Technology Leader at Whirlpool Italy and most recently as Head of Technology and R&D at the Italian subsidiary of the Candy Hoover Group.

“I’m really pleased that our long-term succession and development planning has enabled us to appoint internal experts to fill these critical positions in the Business Area Körber Tissue. With their know-how and deep understanding of this special market, we are in the best possible position for additional growth in this business division. I wish the new management team every conceivable success!” said Stefan Kirschke.

About Körber Tissue

The Business Area Körber Tissue, which includes the brands Fabio Perini, Casmatic and MTC, is synonymous with innovation, state-of-the-art technologies, end-to-end solutions for processing and packaging machinery for toilet paper, folded tissue and paper towels. Cutting-edge offerings and a systematic customer orientation make the Business Area the technology and market leader in the sector.

About Körber

Körber AG is the holding company for an international technology group with approx. 11,500 employees around the world. The Group comprises leading-edge technology companies and more than 130 production, service, and sales entities.

At locations around the globe, Körber combines the benefits of a globally-present organization with the strengths of highly-specialized, flexible, medium-sized enterprises that offer their customers solutions, products, and services in the Business Areas of Automation, Logistics Systems, Machine Tools,

Pharma Systems, Tissue, Tobacco, Corporate Ventures and in the near future Digital Solutions.

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In perfect Industry 4.0 spirit, Fabio Perini S.p.A. presents the new Smart Machine 179AX: a log saw with 4 infeed lanes, unique in its kind, that allows fast & automatic blade replacement in total safety and without the need for operator intervention.

The machine is equipped with a 5-slot warehouse feeding an automatic change system of the worn blade in less than 3 minutes.

2017 10 17 071246

The blade change operation can be started up through a button from the OP or from remote control through All In One, if the log saw is part of a line equipped with this Smart Application.

The blades can be loaded in the warehouse without stopping the machine.

Additionally, the speed of the 179AX has been increased up to 270 cuts per minute and all adjustments for product change have been rendered automatic and can be stored in recipes, reducing operator intervention.

The quality of the cut has been optimized: the new grinding wheels geometry yields a higher quality of the blade edge, requiring fewer interventions for sharpening and thus guaranteeing greater blade life.

2017 10 17 071324

Reliability and ergonomics have also been enhanced by using timing belts instead of chains for pusher movement and by larger internal spaces that facilitate access for maintenance and cleaning.


Fabio Perini S.p.A. was born in 1966 in Lucca, Italian hub and world tissue production and converting technology center. Today, with its 5 production facilities in Italy, the United States, Brazil and China, it helps its customers stay competitive and grow thanks to complete production solutions for converting and packaging. Technology, globalization and ongoing, continuous investments in research have led the company to stand out internationally and to be acknowledged as a true excellence in the world of tissue.



Digital Tissue™ is Fabio Perini’s interpretation for the offer of predictive and self-learning systems with a view towards Industry 4.0 in Tissue. It is the instrument that helps Fabio Perini customers build ecosystems characterized by continuous improvement in skills, methods and information. A vision that aspires to be global, where every ecosystem can exist on its own but at the same time contribute to the global growth of the Tissue industry by creating a sturdy and reliable system where errors, loss of time and variability in product quality are overcome.

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