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Kelheim Fibres GmbH

Contact Person: Matthew North
Street: Regensburger Straße 109
City: Kelheim
Postcode: 93309
Country: Germany
Phone: +49944199368
Email: Stefanie.Heigl@kelheim-fibres.com
Fax: +49944199568
Kelheim Fibres GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of viscose speciality fibres, combining more than 70 year’s of expert knowledge, the technical know-how of their staff and expertise in the practical application of cellulose chemistry. Kelheim Fibres continuously uses its capability to innovate and develop new products coupled with the flexibility of its production plant to focus on the manufacture of viscose fibres for highly demanding end uses and niche markets. While the company remains the most important supplier for the world's tampon industry, the focus of its product portfolio shifts more and more in the direction of new speciality fibres. Products Kelheim Fibres produces around 75.000 tonnes of fully biodegradable viscose fibres for a wide range of end uses every year. Although the fibres are all made of 100% environmentally friendly wood pulp, Kelheim’s viscose specialities remain a high-tech product with a consistent level of quality 365 days a year. Offering tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of different paper applications, Kelheim has established a position as an well-known supplier to the paper industry - Kelheim Fibres is already the sole manufacturer of short cut viscose fibres for paper applications in Europe. Although existing paper types can be improved and modified by the use of short cut viscose fibres, the R&D team in Kelheim is developing new fibres with even more functionalities which are specially designed to meet the needs of the paper industry. Kelheim currently offers five different fibre cross sections (round, flat/crenulated, flat/smooth, y-shaped, and hollow) which each deliver specific benefits in a range of end uses. The fibre dimensions, an be exactly designed to suit the further processing of the fibre and deliver the paper properties required. Kelheim offers fibre linear densities from 0,5-28 dtex (g/10.000m) and a fibre lengths for wet processes from 3 to 12mm. With its wide range of products Kelheim Fibres is an ideal partner for the paper industry. The already impressive list of fibres developed and optimised for the paper industry is completed by the ability to create individual, tailor-made solutions for the different needs of the various paper manufacturers.