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Cenibra improves its competitive edge by using Metso’s new Control Loop Performance Solution Featured

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Cenibra, a major Brazilian pulp and paper producer, has reached significant improvements in process efficiency and in end-product quality by using Metso’s new Control Loop Performance solution at their mill – with annual 1.2 million tonnes capacity in two lines. ‘’Partnership with Metso in implementing this new solution has proved to be great asset for us in fighting rising costs and finding more ways to stay strong in a highly competitive environment,’’ says Cenibra’s IT director Ronaldo Ribeiro

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Being a cost-competitive pulp producer in Brazil doesn’t depend only on the good climate that helps trees to grow faster but also requires constant investments in new solutions to improve processes and reduce production expenses. This was Cenibra’s objective when it accepted a proposal from Metso to implement and test new Control Loop Performance Solution at their mill.

“We were curious to see how this new system would work, as we already had Metso’s Field Device Performance solution and Valve Health Predict service which could help us identify issues with valves, but we wanted to be able to see more,” comments Cenibra’s maintenance manager José Antônio de Oliveira

Multiple benefits

Metso’s Control Loop Performance solution is designed to ensure that the control loops are working optimally throughout the plant. A key factor for better production management, properly tuned control loops, will improve process efficiency and end-product quality.

Metso has had a control loop monitoring service available for many years. Earlier it was designed to be used with Metso's own DNA automation system. Now the new Metso Loop Monitoring system can be used with any automation suppliers' DCS system. The system is also able to connect with the Field Device Performance solution.

The benefits that the new solution offers to our customers are many. Manager Jani Honga explains: “The new system can also be connected with Field Device Performance component. By combining the components together, the accuracy of monitoring results will be significantly improved and more value generated. Control Loop Performance gives broader view from the point of process controls and Field Device Performance gives deeper insight to device performance.” 

Results right from the beginning

At the Cenibra mill, the new Control Loop Performance solution showed its ability and effectiveness already in the first steps of the project. ‘’Integration to other suppliers’ DCS system was solved quickly, and in the second week of work we were already collecting data,” explains Metso’s services coordinator Cristian Moraes who worked on the project full time.

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“We identified a process problem the root cause of which was not clear. With the new solution the problem could be identified and with the Field Device Performance solution we were able to detect a critical valve which was showing abnormal behavior. The valve was checked and the finding was that the supply air pipe to the positioner was slightly broken, and there was a leakage which caused the device not to perform optimally,” Moraes says.

According to Cenibra’s engineering and investment coordinator Luis Gonzaga Oliveira the project implementation went smoothly and Metso was able to easily integrate its systems with those from other suppliers installed at the mill. 

Matter of trust

Engaging a customer in a field test is a matter of trust. Cenibra’s team commented that making the decision to accept the proposal for testing the new solution was not problematic, as the company had a good relationship with Metso and knew that the project would be conducted by qualified experts. 

Metso’s Service engineer Matti Mustonen spent some months during the pilot period at Cenibra’s site.

“It was great to see the benefit of the new technology for the customer when I stayed at Cenibra’s site,” Mustonen tells.

‘’Being close to the customer doesn’t only mean seeing the customer’s daily actions but also a possibility to understand and observe the customer’s needs and wants better than ever before. The possibility to discuss face to face with the customer offers a first-class opportunity to embrace their needs and especially to fulfill those as well as possible,” says Mustonen.

Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S.A. (CENIBRA) is Brazilian pulp and paper producer. Cenibra’s first pulp line was started up in 1977 and the second in 1995. 

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