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Metso’s OptiFiner Pro refiner wins innovation award Featured

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OptiFiner-Pro 1_optMetso is the winner of this year’s prestigious ‘Palme d’Or’ Innovation Award, given by ATIP, the French Paper Industry Technical Association, for its OptiFiner Pro refiner. ATIP awarded the ‘Palme d’Or’ Award to Metso in its innovation contest arranged in connection with the ATIP congress in October. Highly regarded in the European pulp and paper industry, the ATIP Innovation Award is selected by a committee consisting of Paper Mill Managers, R&D Directors, Technology Directors and Production Managers from the French paper industry.

Since its introduction in 2010, Metso’s revolutionary low consistency refining concept with the OptiFiner Pro refiner has established a totally new level of performance for low consistency refining. In conventional refining, fibers have to travel the full length of the refining zone and some fibers suffer excessive impacts leading to increased fines, weakening of the refined fibers and inefficient delivery of energy to the fiber. OptiFiner Pro feeds the pulp through the segments, evenly distributed across the bars directly in the refining zone where fiber treatment occurs. All the stock is treated evenly, providing a OptiFiner-Pro 2_opthigher refiner loadability and better energy efficiency. Documented results have shown that one OptiFiner Pro can replace two traditional refiners and deliver electrical energy savings of over 20 % with an improved or the same refining result as before.

OptiFiner Pro is suitable for all kinds of LC-refining applications including short hardwood fibers as well as recycled fibers requiring fibrillation at low refining intensities. Extremely compact and quiet running, three different capacity models are offered for maximum flexibility in installation and application. As well as energy and raw material savings, eliminating two refiners reduces maintenance and wear-part replacement costs, in one installation to half. 


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