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We are proud to announce that in February 2019 the manufacturing and assembly of MoveRoll products has been certified according to the ISO 9001/2015 standards.

2020 03 23 150300

Quality management is very important for MoveRoll and the MoveRoll production. That is why the seven quality management principles customer focus; leadership; engagement of people, process approach; improvement; evidence-based decision making; and relationship management have already clearly been reflected in MoveRoll’s day-to-day operations before the ISO certification has been achieved.

“Managing the quality of our products and services is very important. The ISO 9001/2015 certification was an additional process to further improve our quality management standards as well as to better fulfill our customers’ requirements. There is no contradiction between striving to offer new innovative roll handling and following established quality standards. On the contrary, adhering to high quality standards and keeping the importance of quality for all processes in mind, we can ensure that our customers receive safe and reliable products”, says CEO Mikko Rantanen.

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Monday, 23 March 2020 13:58

MoveRoll deliveries continue to grow

The year we left been a busy and successful year for MoveRoll. We have delivered a variety of different MoveRoll conveyor modules to several system integrators in North America, Europe and Asian markets. We are delighted that both paper mills and system integrators have increased their demand for MoveRoll horizontal conveyors, Zero Energy Receivers and Braking Pads throughout the last year.

2020 03 23 152218

MoveRoll has also had a busy start on 2020 for MoveRoll. Over 35 conveyor modules have been already manufactured and shipped in period January – March. Our deliveries continue to grow Globally showing that the innovative technology developed by MoveRoll has made easier, safer and more efficient roll handling in paper mills. MoveRoll continues to cooperate with most reliable roll handling Partners. Our Partners are experts of roll handling who can offer tailored roll handling solutions for all different applications.

2020 03 23 152250

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Thursday, 24 May 2018 13:46

Meet MoveRoll at PulPaper 2018 in Helsinki

moveroll 564 120

We look forward to meeting you at PulPaper 2018 in Helsinki.  You can find us at booth 6c58, together with Uproval Oy, one of our System Integrator Partners.

PulPaper is one of the largest pulp and paper fairs globally. The theme of 2018 is “Visit tomorrow today”.  At the same time with PulPaper, the related exhibitions PacTec and Wood Expo will be held. The last edition of PulPaper took part in 2014 and attracted 453 exhibitors and 9428 visitors in three days.

PulPaper 2018 is held from 29 May  - 31 May 2018 at the Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki.

Opening Hours:

29.5.2018   9:00 – 17:00

30.5.2018   9:00 – 17:00

31.5.2018   9:00 – 16:00

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MoveRoll Oy has successfully completed a new winder deck startup in a Southern USA paper mill.This installation was made by our North America´s assembly partner Advanced Dynamics.

The full system consists of 20 MoveRoll horizontal conveyor modules with a total width of 7,5 meters and conveying length of 10 meters. In addition a MoveRoll Zero Energy receiver with same width as the conveyors was installed to ensure a gentle stopping of paper rolls into the next conveying device. This project has been MoveRoll´s first large scale winder deck application with three roll buffering places.

2015 09 18 073000

MoveRoll system was installed in the course of paper mill´s modernization the roll handling system. From a concrete floor with traditional roll stops, the paper mill has now an automated safe roll handling system. By completing the installation of MoveRoll horizontal conveyor, the paper mill not only has increased significantly the safety of its employees but it also improved the efficiency in roll handling process. Moreover, the system offers the possibility to store more rolls onto the winder deck and eliminates the need of an operator on that specific area. This lead to lower operational cost and fulfillment of new safety standards for the paper mill. 

If you are interested to see the winder deck completed system receiving and conveying the paper rolls please watch the video below


For more information please contact us:

MoveRoll Oy

Pienteollisuustie 3 B
06450 Porvoo

Phone: +358 400 610764
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014 07:22

MoveRoll supports ReBuild Mexico 2015

moveroll logoDuring PulPaper in Helsinki, Vince Maynard of Pulp Paper & Logistics told us about Joshua, his son. In April 2015 Joshua wishes to set off to Mexico together with a small group of other teenagers and help a poverty stricken family build their first basic secure home. The new home will be built from the foundation upwards only with basic hand tools. Design and structure of the new home will be simple to ensure that a group of unskilled people can complete the project in as little as five days.

joshTo cover the cost of the trip and building work each member of Joshua's group needs to raise over £1,300. Once the group's financial target of over £11,700 is met, the trip in April 2015 can happen.

The envisioned trip is part of the ReBuild Mexico 2015 project which is designed to provide practical help needy Mexican families while creating cross-cultural understanding for the participants. ReBuild is organized by Urban Saints UK and Amor Ministries in San Diego, California.

MoveRoll operates in a global environment, and we are aware of our social responsibility, both domestically and internationally. As a sponsor of PS Kemi Kings, we are giving something back to the local community of Kemi, which has been a big part of MoveRoll's development and success story. By supporting Joshua,we help him and his group improve the life of a family in Mexico, just across the border of the USA, which is currently one of our biggest markets”, says Mikko Rantanen.

If you would like to find out how you can help the group to help a Mexican family build their first basic secure home, contact Vince Maynard via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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Valmet deepens its over 20 year's cooperation with Pesmel along its latest business reorganization. According to the signed cooperation agreement, Pesmel will act in the future as Valmet's exclusive contract supplier in roll handling, packing, and storing technology. Pesmel will take full responsibility of Valmet's roll handling and packing systems, R&D, manufacturing, and system deliveries. Valmet will continue roll handling and packing systems sales as part of its project sales under the Valmet brand; and Pesmel will start the sales of Valmet products as part of its project sales through its own sales channels under the Pesmel brand.

roll handling

Pesmel's organization and current product portfolio matches well with Valmet's roll handling business. Pesmel's strong engineering resources will set a good basis for the development of Valmet OptiWrap product family in the future. "Pesmel's first roll handling deliveries with Valmet technology are already going on," says Valmet's Paper Mills Business Unit President Kari Nettamo. Along with the responsibilities, key resources have been transferred to Pesmel's payroll.

According to Pesmel's President and CEO Tony Leikas, both parties see the deepened cooperation as a unique chance to improve their market position. "Together these companies form the strongest player in roll handling business with a wide product portfolio. Contract supplying is expected to increase the paper segment business and to also create new prospects for the TransRoll® high rise storage concept."

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 11:30

Orders for MoveRoll keep coming in

In the last months, we secured several orders for horizontal conveyors, turntables and centralizing modules. The orders will be shipped to paper mills in Texas, Ohio, and Georgia before the end of 2013.

moveroll figs ppw  

“I am very pleased to see that our new and innovative technology has been very well received by paper mills and system suppliers inNorth America. Getting this kind of acceptance is a proof of the high quality of our products.”  says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of MoveRoll Oy.

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Monday, 07 October 2013 13:33

North American customers choose MoveRoll

MoveRoll Oy has secured several orders from US-based customers

In the last four weeks, innovative roll handling equipment supplier MoveRoll has received several orders for horizontal conveyors, turntables, and centralizing modules. The orders will be shipped to paper mills in Texas, Ohio, and Georgia before the end of 2013.

“I am very pleased to see that our new and innovative technology has been very well received by paper mills and system suppliers in North America. Getting this kind of acceptance is a proof of the high quality of our products.” says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of MoveRoll.

moveroll figs ppw

MoveRoll has developed a patented pressure conveying system and supplies high-quality roll handling equipment on a global scale. For distribution, MoveRoll cooperates with Sales Partners and Assembly Partners.  With Georgia-based Sales Partner RTS Alliance, the company has developed a sales network for products and spare parts covering the whole of North America. Complex roll handling projects are handled by Assembly partners, such as Advanced Dynamics that lately received orders for two major systems including a variety of MoveRoll products.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013 09:00

MoveRoll Innovation changes the Paper Industry

MoveRoll Oy, an innovative Finnish company, has invented a unique way to convey paper rolls. This new roll handling solution has dramatically changed the level of safety and energy consumption in paper mills. Now, MoveRoll is ready to launch the next, improved product generation.

move 1

MoveRoll Oy, located in Porvoo, Finland, continues to innovate roll handling. During the last years thinking out of the box and engaging customers and end users in product development has become a second nature of the company. The results of this development work will be presented at PaperCon 2013 and Zellcheming Expo 2013. The new product range features a new generation of MoveRoll conveyors, new bumpers, and as special highlight zero-energy receivers. “We developed the receiver from zero, tested it in the field, and the results are excellent. Traditional systems consume up to 20 MWh energy annually. Our receiver does not need energy at all.” says MoveRoll’s CEO Mikko Rantanen.

At this point, there is already evidence that MoveRoll has started to change the way how rolls move in paper mills. MoveRoll’s patented pressure conveying system is well-tested and industry approved, and the company has customers and partners all around the world. Measurements have shown that, compared to traditional roll handling systems, MoveRoll products save up to 85 % in energy consumption. Feedback from the industry has it, that due to modularity and lack of moving parts, MoveRoll conveyors are flexible, robust, and easy to use. Compared to the traditional way of roll handling, there is evidence that MoveRoll boosts safety in paper mills to a whole new level. “MoveRoll is an amazing product! I have never seen a safer way to handle rolls in a paper mill or in my shop testing facility. The product complements our product line beautifully.” says MoveRoll customer Peter Hanna, President of Advanced Dynamics.

MoveRoll Oy is a global supplier of high-quality roll handling equipment. The company has a strong focus on innovation and involves Nordic paper mills in product development. This collaboration ensures that the innovation focus is always on issues, central for the paper industry, such as safety, energy consumption, productivity, and usability. “Developing new solutions that would revolutionize the industry has always been our main goal. We find fresh solutions to industry problems!” adds Mikko Rantanen.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013 08:30

Sales Partner Agreement with RTS Alliance

We are pleased to introduce RTS Alliance as our North American Sales Partner.

The new partnership will enable us to optimze our customer support as well as component and spare part services in North America. In future RTS Alliance will hold the spare part stock and sell certain other components to mills in North America. Randy Southin and his team of sales representatives have strong experience in the paper industry and are able to provide close support to paper mills throughout the USA and Canada.

“We are all very excited about co-operating with MoveRoll. I believe that this agreement with MoveRoll is the start of an excellent partnership and will offer our North American customers innovative products that will definitely revolutionize how they transport rolls in the paper mill” says Randy Southin, President & General Manager of RTS Alliance.

"RTS Alliance promote products and services that increase reliability, efficiency, and quality in paper mills. As a sales partner, they are the perfect match for MoveRoll. We will  benefit a lot from a better service level and closer relationships with end customers" adds Mikko Rantanen, CEO of MoveRoll Oy.

Like before, the system deliveries will continue via our Assembly Partners  which will include our products in their projects.

For more information about RTS Alliance, please check out their website:

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