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The shareholders and boards of AstenJohnson and Heimbach are in advanced negotiations to merge the Paper Machine Clothing and Advanced Fabric businesses of both companies. Together they employ over 3,400 employees globally, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The merger is subject to further due diligence and approval by competition law authorities and is expected to close in the second half of 2019. The Heimbach Technical Textiles and Filtration businesses and the AstenJohnson Eagle Nonwovens and Foss Performance Materials businesses will not be part of the transaction.

astenjohnson logoTogether, these companies share a history of family ownership that dates back well over 200 years. This common foundation will result in exceptional value and support for our customers globally. In addition, we believe this long-term orientation and ability to exceed customer expectations will ensure ongoing stability for employees worldwide. 

AstenJohnson and Heimbach have a lasting association as global partners in technology. There is a deep respect between these two companies, noted for their quality of people, inventive solutions and products. The combination of AstenJohnson and Heimbach presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide our customers in the pulp and paper industry with a unique world-class suite of products, services and solutions.  

As we get regulatory approval and move forward, we will provide our employees and customers with additional details regarding our next steps to unlock the value in this merger.

About AstenJohnson
AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of pulp & paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments, and nonwoven fabrics for filtration, automotive, cured-in-place piping and composites. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, it has a thorough knowledge of technical textiles and processes – and knows how to apply its expertise to help customers be more profitable. The company employs approximately 2,100 people. Its corporate headquarters is in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

About Heimbach Group
Heimbach is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of innovative products and services supplying Paper Machine Clothing to the paper industry. Their main expertise is in development, manufacture and sales of forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics and transfer belts for paper machines – worldwide. Nine production sites provide employment for a 1,300 strong work force. Their technologically advanced products come with comprehensive customer service and on-site technical support.

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AstenJohnson, the people who “wrote the book” on paper machine clothing, have done it again.

2017 04 19 071258The Second Edition of Paper Machine Clothing is being finalized for print and will be available in September.  Interested papermakers, managers, engineers, professionals, and students can pre-order a copy in advance at a discounted price during PaperCon 2017 (April 23-26) in Minneapolis or by visiting AstenJohnson’s website. 

Paper Machine Clothing, which builds on the excellent work in the first edition authored by a former AstenJohnson associate, Dr. Sabit Adanur in 1997, is a hardback 200+ page reference resource providing information about key papermaking topics as well as some of the latest technology available in paper machine clothing.  Practical guides for troubleshooting and properly applying machine fabrics are included throughout the book.

In brief, the book gives an introduction to pulp and papermaking technology and then covers the main processes of Forming, Pressing, and Drying in detail.  Design, manufacturing, testing, application, and service of paper machine fabrics for each machine section are explained in detail.

New features in the Second Edition include:

  • Includes international units
  • Chapter devoted to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Papermaking tips for forming, pressing, and drying
  • Chapter on paper machine auditing
  • Expanded troubleshooting section.

To see examples of Paper Machine Clothing, or to pre-order copies at a discount, visit AstenJohnson at PaperCon (booth 315) or browse to:  www.astenjohnson.com/papermachineclothing.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014 10:31

AstenJohnson acquires Eagle Nonwovens business

asten john logo ppwAstenJohnson, a premier supplier of paper machine clothing, filaments, specialty and filtration fabrics, and equipment for the paper industry, has completed the acquisition of Eagle Nonwovens, Inc. in the USA. 

Eagle Nonwovens is known for producing consistent, high-quality products and delivering them with fast service.  The company has also gained a reputation for creative problem solving by developing innovative needlepunch solutions for the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, filtration, and home furnishings industries. It manufactures products in its 170,000 square-foot facility in St. Louis, Missouri.  The plant utilizes state-of-the-art Dilo Systems production equipment with in-line calendering, heat setting, singeing, glazing, etc.  The facility is capable of processing more than 30 million pounds of synthetic fiber each year.

The Eagle Nonwovens business unit reports to Steve Polston, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AstenJohnson.  Gregg Badami, Founder of Eagle Nonwovens, will continue with the company throughout a transition period. 

“We are excited to welcome Eagle Nonwovens into our family of businesses,” says Dan Cappell, President and Chief Executive Officer of AstenJohnson.  “This is yet another opportunity to offer customers an array of high performance products, technical expertise, and innovative solutions. The workforce at Eagle Nonwovens is highly engaged and professional, and shares our commitment to Lean Manufacturing and Quality.”

AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments, paper machine equipment, and custom rebuild solutions. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, privately held AstenJohnson has a thorough knowledge of equipment and processes, with the expertise to help customers be more profitable.  The company employs more than 2,000 people.  Locations include a corporate office in Charleston, SC, and six manufacturing plants in the USA, three in Canada, three in Europe, one in China, and one in Thailand.  The company’s R&D centers are in Canada and Belgium.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Polston
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
+1 843 202 6259

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accuflow asten ppwGetting a paper producer to run a trial on a new press fabric is a big deal. If the fabric does not perform, production is lost, time is lost, and money is lost while the trial fabric is removed and replaced.

That is why the people at AstenJohnson were amazed at the reception that their new AccuFlow II press fabric has garnered by printing and writing grade producers. To date, 95% of the trials have resulted in new orders for the fabric. And amazingly, 65% of these orders have been received while the trial fabric is still on the machine.

“We knew that we had something good,” says Daniel Hédou, AstenJohnson’s global innovation leader for press fabrics, “but this is virtually unheard of. Usually, papermakers will not reorder a product until the trial fabric has come off the machine and has been fully evaluated.”

AccuFlow II is the newest addition to AstenJohnson’s press fabric portfolio. It shares some of the unique features of the original AccuFlow (like a patent-pending base design which gives it superior water handling abilities) and has the added ability to resist wear from abrasive fillers.

“Of all the seamed structure fabrics in the marketplace, we are the only ones laminating a two-layer with another two-layer product,” Hédou explains. “The fabric stays open on the machine, giving it exceptional water handling capacity.”

According to Hédou, mills running the AccuFlow II fabric have documented savings of over US$ 13 millon combined due to longer run times, reduced sheet breaks, and greater dewatering with less vacuum, which saves energy. To date, the fabric has been run on 17 different positions on paper machines.

The base for AccuFlow II, which is primarily designed for high-speed printing and writing machines, is manufactured using single monofilament and cabled monofilament yarns. This provides resistance to compaction, low flow resistance, high water handling capacity, and increased resistance to wear.

Further information is available here

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    AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments, paper machine equipment and custom rebuild solutions. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, our reputation is based on our steadfast commitment to understanding our customers’ goals, having a thorough knowledge of our customers’ equipment and manufacturing processes and knowing how to apply our expertise, products and services in order to help our customers attain their goals. Globally, we employ more than 2,000 associates and our corporate headquarters is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

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