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    Reliable Innovation

    Cristini S.p.A. supplied the Pulp & Paper Industry for 100 years, since 5 generations.
    100% family owned, the Company distributes the product lines to more than 1000 customers, in 50 Countries worldwide.

    Our Research & Development has engineered innovative products, which have become important in the evolution of the Pulp & Paper Industry.

    Some of the technologies widely used nowadays, like the first seamed press fabric (US Pat no.569040, 1956), the first microwave consistency meter (2005), or the first spiral link fabric in corrugator belts (2004), have been introduced to the market for the first time by our Company.

    The high quality standards of Cristini's products have earned the appreciation and trust of many highly competitive markets.

    With production units throughout Europe and North America, the Cristini Group is a reliable partner for all Pulp & Paper Companies.


    The Company strongly believe in the constant innovation, coming by technology cooperation with universities, research centres of excellence, papermakers and paper machine builders.

    Cristini S.p.A has specialized in the design and application of advanced engineered fabrics that make high quality paper production possible. The combined experience of the Group is aimed at improving the competitiveness of its customers.

    The Group Mission can be synthesized in: "Continuous technological evolution of our plants and enhanced human resources operating on a systematic level".

    Afterall, Companies are nothing more than people and the day to day action they take.


    Developing engineered fabrics and diagnostic systems targeted to reduce energy consumption, we want to become the Leader in this field, contributing to reach the global targets in energy savings, economic sustainability and reduction of the GHG (Green House Effect Gases) emissions of our Customers.


    Our core values are passion for excellence, intended as love for well done, and ethics, intended as building long-term values through sustainability, transparency and the enhancement of people. We want to improve the quality of life of our employees, driven by passion in everything we do.

    Eco sustainability

    Responsability for the environment is a global concern, and Cristini S.p.A is committed to respect any and all regulations in this regard.

    Today, it is everybody's duty to combine product quality with respect for the environment. With this is mind, Cristini S.p.A has for many decades, used a closed wastewater recycling system, and chosen chemicals with the lowest environmental impact.

    Atmospheric emissions and GHG (Green House Effect Gas) are constantly controlled and reduced to meet government standars.

    Only by respecting nature today, will tomorrow's generations have the chance to enjoy it in the future.

    Giovanni Cristini
    Vice President Technology
    Cristini Diagnostic Systems

    S.A. Giuseppe Cristini S.p.A.
    Via Bombardieri, 5
    24020 Fiorano al Serio (BG) Italy
    Tel +39 035 715111
    Fax +39 035 711451 
    Company website
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    Impressive energy savings obtained with FiberScanFIX™ consistency meter!
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  • Diagnostic Systems

    Diagnostic Instruments allow paper machine running faster with better efficiency, thanks to accurate monitoring of the process.

    hp diagnostic system

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    Cristini forming fabrics suit the type of machine and the typical features of the paper produced.

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    Cristini press fabrics,in the forefront of innovation, help increase efficiency and reduce cost/ton

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    Cristini dryer fabrics contribute to reduce paper making costs through energy conservation.

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    Carrier Ropes

    Cristini offers a full line of carrier ropes and rope threading systems to cover extraordinary needs in terms of wear resistance.

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