Ian Melin-Jones

Ian Melin-Jones

PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) has recently signed another contract for a delivery of  (4) new Intelli-Tissue® 1800 EcoEc Premium machines for APP, this time for Oki mill in Indonesia.

PMP is perceived by APP as a strategic partner in dynamic development and tissue market expansion. A partnership between both companies has become stronger due to a project for (18) Intelli-Tissue® 1600 EcoEc Premium lines for Rudong, China that will bring 620 000 t/a of high quality tissue.

logo pmp passionPMP Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc Premium technology corresponds well with a Sustainable Development Strategy of APP and guarantees achieving ultra low media consumption (total energy usage: steam & electricity as low as  1,74 MWh/t), while keeping premium quality of final product. PMP machines ensure efficiency higher than 95% which is in line with APP requirements.

PMP scope of supply for OKI mill include 4 new complete PMP Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc Premium machines with core technological components such as PMP Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox, Intelli-Former® Crescent Former, Intelli-Press® and Steel Yankee Dryer with Steam heated Hood. Scope of delivery also includes mechanical drives, steam and condensate system, dust removal system, mist removal system, lubrication system, design, erection, start-up & supervision.

This contract is going to be executed by two PMP Group divisions: PMPoland (Poland) and PM IB (China) to provide Optimum Costs Solutions as well as excellent communication platform.

Mondi, global leader in innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions, has been recognised in four product categories at the WorldStar Packaging Awards. The annual competition rewards the greatest achievements in packaging innovation and technologies worldwide, with a focus on both sustainability and end-user convenience. While the judging process was hosted in November in Indonesia, the Gala Awards Ceremony will take place at the interpack 2020 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

marketingei others logo 8795“Our guiding principle, ‘Sustainable by design’ is reflected in each packaging solution that has been recognised by the WorldStar Awards this year. It is very important to us to support all our customers to help with their bespoke packaging needs and assist them with reaching their individual sustainability goals," said Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

The winning Mondi products are:

  1. UpliftBox in the Household category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Grünburg
  2. DashV1Box in the Transit category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Ansbach
  3. Stabilization Box in the Other category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Bupak s.r.o.
  4. StripPouch in the Household category from the German cleaning products maker Werner & Mertz and Mondi Consumer Flexibles
  5. Protector Bags in the Transit category from Mondi Paper Bags and aPak, a Swedish Packaging dealer

Mondi´s vision is to contribute to a better world. It follows our customer-centric approach, "EcoSolutions", to support its customers to meet their sustainability goals.

“These awards underline that packaging can be part of the solution in protecting products, being fit for purpose while reducing material and transport needs. A fresh approach with reinvention and collaboration has shown we are at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions.” says Graeme Smith, Head of Product Sustainability for Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials. Mondi’s approach centres around three actions to optimise packaging choices:

Replace less sustainable products with solutions that help our customers fulfil their commitments, following our principle of paper where possible, plastic when useful.

Reduce the overall environmental footprint and the volume of raw material used through design, operational efficiency and material choices.

Recycle by developing fit-for-purpose paper and plastic packaging solutions that are designed for recycling.

Schoonbrood continued: “At Mondi, we have dedicated in-house design teams that work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver individual packaging solutions that add real value. We are proud that these teams have been recognised externally for their dedication to continuously find innovative ways to protect delicate goods in different shapes and sizes – while also being sustainable within transport and logistics.”

Further details on the award-winning packaging innovations

  • UpliftBox: The Mondi solution UpliftBox features swivel covers. Once moved during opening, the tractive force activates a mechanism that raises the lifting platform to the top of the box, creating an emotional experience for the end-user. Designed by Herbert Reitbrugger, Mondi Corrugated Solutions Grünburg.
  • DashV1Box: introduces a single standard packaging for automotive dash boards that has reduced processing costs by 31% and quality complaints by 80%. This sustainable solution uses 100% corrugated material. The unique ergonomics of the product made it difficult to find a one-fit solution, but DashV1Box meets all the demands. Different component lengths are accommodated by variable corrugated fittings. Designed by Marco Rammler, Mondi Corrugated Solutions Ansbach.
  • Stabilization Box: answers a dairy customer`s request for a stabilizing solution which would reinforce the whole pallet block and prevent boxes from shifting into the middle – at the same time not obstructing the airway that secures proper cooling for the delicate product. Eva Hrychová, Mondi Corrugated Solutions Bupak, developed this perforated interlay, made from three-layer corrugated board.
  • StripPouch: Mondi and Werner & Mertz’s innovative, 100-percent recyclable pouch leapfrogs sorting and recycling hurdles on the way to “true recyclability.” The new design features a complete mono-material (PE) also for the spout and cap. Detachable printed panels enhance the recyclate quality due to the ability to separate the decorative panels from the pouch after use. Designed by Mondi Consumer Flexibles.

Protector Bags:  The paper-based, ‘envelope-like’ Protector Bags have increased efficiency, reduced workload and lowered overall costs to our customers by more than 70% for packaging and shipping door consoles. The lightweight, 100% recyclable bags also are sustainable by design – requiring less material, using paper instead of plastic, and halving the number of trips needed to move components from place to place. At the same time, the packaging process is now less strenuous for the people involved as closing the bags simple as sealing an envelope.

About Mondi

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, delighting its customers and consumers with innovative packaging and paper solutions that are sustainable by design. Our business is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. Sustainability is embedded in everything we do. In 2018, Mondi had revenues of €7.48 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.76 billion.

Mondi has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange (MNDI), and a secondary listing on the JSE Limited (MNP). Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007.

About the WPO:

WPO – World Packaging Organisation is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of packaging institutes, associations, federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

About the WorldStar Award categories:

  • Beverages: Packaging for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks including wine, beer and spirits
  • Electronics: Packaging of all electrical items
  • Food: All food packaging including fresh, frozen, dried or other
  • Health & Personal Care: Includes the packaging of cosmetics, toiletries, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral-care. 
  • Household: Includes the packaging of household items, toys, stationery, gifts, clothing, garden equipment and decorating 
  • Labelling and Decoration: The addition of content to a pack, which creates a unique or innovative appearance, function or communication.  This may include labels, sleeves, tags, coding/markings, etching, directly applied inks or by any other similar process.
  • Luxury: Includes seasonal and religious festival gift packaging and high-end products like perfume or jewelry that has the ability to "wow" the consumer
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical: Packaging of all medicines including prescription, over the counter and medical equipment packaging
  • Packaging Materials & Components: Any specific material or component, which creates a differentiating appearance, unique functionality or notable innovation that, enhances a pack's performance.
  • Point of Sale: End of aisle display units
  • Transit: Industrial (heavy duty) and distribution packaging – inter-company packaging and internet packaging
  • Other: Miscellaneous packs that are not included in any other category.

Since 2006, German tissue manufacturer WEPA Group has chosen Toscotec for all its hood rebuilds at various paper mills in Germany and Italy. These projects were all turnkey operations, where Toscotec supplied the complete package for the rebuild, from its engineering design, to the components supply, down to onsite dismantling operations, erection, commissioning and start-up. For these rebuilds, Toscotec developed a custom-made design of its hoods aimed to increase production and reduce energy consumption to a minimum; it engineered the nozzle boxes and customized the air system according to WEPA’s requirements, in order to achieve top operation flexibility in cross direction moisture control and better machine runnability. Overall, Toscotec supplied other hood and air systems to WEPA in Germany, France and Poland as part of the supply of new tissue lines. The following three projects are a selection of the rebuilds carried out from 2006 to 2019.  

WEPA Marsberg-Giershagen PM5 drying section rebuild.

2019 12 06 080740WEPA chose Toscotec for 7 custom-made hood and air system rebuilds on a turnkey basis. In 2006, WEPA Marsberg-Giershagen mill in Germany invested in the rebuild of the drying section of its PM5 and selected Toscotec for the supply of high-temperature hoods and its Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-15FT. WEPA believed in this new technology at a time when Toscotec had only manufactured a few TT SYD, and its innovative steel design had only just been introduced into what was a cast iron-dominated tissue market back then. Thirteen years later, WEPA has successfully installed another 6 TT SYDs and Toscotec has developed and implemented three successive product generations and sold over 220 steel Yankees worldwide, including 5,600 mm width and 22 ft diameter TT SYDs. WEPA’s foresight was proved right, for steel Yankees are now recognized as the new technological standard in the tissue industry at a global level.

The gas-fired hoods supplied to WEPA Marsberg-Giershagen in 2006 operate at 600-650°C and are equipped with low emission burners running on high-temperature combustion air. The energy necessary to heat up the combustion air is recovered from the air system itself through the use of heat exchangers. As a result, the advantage of low emission burners is twofold: one is the reduction of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon oxide (CO), and the second is cutting the overall gas consumption. 

WEPA Italia Cassino PM13 drying section rebuild.

In 2013, Toscotec supplied a hood rebuild to WEPA Italia Cassino in southern Italy. The German Group confirmed the Italian supplier as the turnkey supplier of its second hood rebuild based on the advantages of Toscotec’s technical proposal. 

Firstly, the project was completed according to schedule, in a record time of only 6 months from contract signature to start-up. Secondly, the engineering design was custom-made based not only on the machine specifications, but also on the installation logistics, in order to avoid opening up the roof of the machine building and renting external crane equipment. Toscotec designed and manufactured these double-width hoods in separate modules and consequently achieved a significant reduction of the installation time and costs. According to WEPA’s needs, in order to reduce machine down time and speed up the mill’s administrative procedures, Toscotec realized a particular layout where the air system was installed outside the building. 

In 2016, Toscotec also installed a TT SYD of 18ft diameter and 5,890 mm face length on the same machine. 

WEPA Leuna PM10 hood rebuild in 2019. 

For WEPA Leuna mill in Germany, Toscotec supplied the turnkey rebuild of PM10 hoods. 

As with WEPA Cassino, the Italian manufacturer was asked to factor in the installation logistics while developing the custom-made design of PM10 5,600 mm web width hoods. The advantage was that the hoods were carried into the machine building through its regular entrance and lifted using the building cranes. This reduced time and cost, as it avoided work on the roof and rental of external cranes.  

Toscotec completed the project on schedule within 7 days of machine down time, during which it performed the dismantling of the old parts, erection of the new ones, commissioning, and start-up. Achieving this required precise planning and the onsite assembly of key components before shutdown.  

Mr. Lars-Helge Peters, WEPA Leuna Mill Manager, said: “Inside the building we had to do a big crane job with evident space restraints, but Toscotec handled it very well. The start-up was perfectly on schedule, on Monday April 8th at 7 am. During the six months after the rebuild, we achieved two positive results: the first is a 3-5% reduction of PM10 overall energy consumption (gas and electrical power) and the second is the improvement of the moisture profile across all grades, from kitchen towel to toilet paper. Also, on this new configuration, compared with the old hoods, we observed an increased stability of the hood section and better runnability.” 

Successful outcome across 7 projects. 

The results of 7 hood rebuilding projects over 13 years have been consistently a reduction of gas and power consumption higher than the contract guarantees and a significant increase in the run-ability of the machine, both in terms of overall efficiency and cross direction moisture profile

Since their first drying section rebuild of 2006, WEPA and Toscotec began a fruitful cooperation that not only led to the successful completion of 7 hood rebuilds, but also to five complete tissue lines, three of which were turnkey supplies.  

On August 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) has signed a contract for a press part rebuild of PM#2 in Smurfit Kappa Morava Paper, Czech Republic. On September 2019, a new core technological component, PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press has been launched. This last 2 years have been very productive of projects for press part modernization or new press.

logo pmp passionPMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press technology is a connection of two main advantages – media consumption reduction and paper properties enhancement. This solution is attractive for papermakers all over the world. Yearly, PMP executes many of projects regarding press section for machines which produces more than 3 500 000 tons of paper per year. It is possible to increase production efficiency for even 40%, after PMP components implementation.

The main goals of project for Smurfit Kappa Morava were to increase production through speeding up the machine, improve runnability of press section and increase dryness after press.

After rebuild, the machine produces fluting and testliner in basis weight range of 100-170 g/m2 (main basis weight: 120 g/m2) from 100% waste paper. Maximum operating speed is 600 m/min. Sheet width at press section is 2650 mm and maximum nip pressures are:

  • 1st nip – 80 kN/m,
  • 2nd nip – 120 kN/m,
  • 3rd nip – 1250 kN/m.

Scope of supply includes also design, manufacturing, pre-assembly, assembly on site and start-up supervision.

Furthermore after start-up, PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press reaches 55.72% of dryness after press (by 1000 kN/m, 150 g/m2).

Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS), a leading North American producer of coated papers, has just introduced a new promotion for its market-leading No. 3 coated paper, Influence®, titled 30 Years of Influence. Made for Life.

"Over the past 30 years, the Influence® brand has gained a solid reputation with printers because of its consistent quality and unparalleled pressroom performance, printability and runnability," said Verso President Mike Weinhold. "This reputation is largely due to the dedicated and proud Verso workforce that takes personal ownership in making and delivering a high quality product to our customers."

2019 12 04 212920

Influence® is designed to perform on web offset or rotogravure printing presses, is available in a variety of basis weights and finishes, and offered with chain-of-custody certification and recycled content. It is ideally suited for printing applications including publication covers, catalogs, magazines, brochures, direct mail and custom publishing that is targeted to a particular audience or type of consumer.

"Influence® is made in America's northern heartland at our Quinnesec and Escanaba mills in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and our Wisconsin Rapids Mill," said Verso Brand Manager Tim Nordin. "These central locations put us close to major Midwest printing hubs such as Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit, allowing us to service printers with better lead times, greater availability and faster deliveries."

Nordin adds, "Influence® is recognized for its optical properties and excellent surface gloss and smoothness, resulting in truer, more vibrant image reproduction and contrast. In addition, it heightens the sensory experience of print, giving it the touch, feel and eye-grabbing appeal you simply can't get with electronic media. Studies continue to show that print on paper is a highly effective way to reach people and is still a critical part of the marketing media mix. And we can all feel good about using paper because it's made from trees grown in responsibly managed forests, one of earth's most renewable resources."

For more information about Influence®, please visit www.versoco.com

About Verso
Verso Corporation is the turn-to company for those looking to successfully navigate the complexities of paper sourcing and performance. A leading North American producer of specialty and graphic papers, packaging and pulp, Verso provides insightful solutions that help drive improved customer efficiency, productivity, brand awareness and business results. Verso's long-standing reputation for quality and reliability is directly tied to our vision to be a company with passion that is respected and trusted by all. Verso's passion is rooted in ethical business practices that demand safe workplaces for our employees and sustainable wood sourcing for our products. This passion, combined with our flexible manufacturing capabilities and an unmatched commitment to product performance, delivery and service, make Verso a preferred choice among commercial printers, paper merchants and brokers, converters, publishers and other end users. For more information, visit us online at

The use of paper for packaging purposes is growing every year, due to its excellent environmental performance but also to the increasing demand related to e-commerce and delivery services. There is a strong expectation from consumers, brands and retailers to have recyclable packaging material. A packaging recycling rate of 85% is already achieved today and the paper value chain continues to improve.

2018 10 18 102805In order to achieve even higher recycling targets while expanding the functionality of paper based packaging, it is important to start from the design-phase, considering both the intended purpose as well as the end-of-life. The recyclability guidelines - developed by Cepi, CITPA, ACE and FEFCO, – give concrete guidance for designers to make sure functionality goes hand in hand with recyclability.

“Retailers and brand-owners exploring new fibre based solutions want to see their packaging back in the loop after use. With these guidelines the paper and board value chain gives the answer what this means and requires in practice. In this spirit Cepi co-launched the new alliance 4evergreen, together with more than 30 companies on 20 November. The aim of the alliance is to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in a circular and sustainable economy that minimises climate and environmental impact” said Ulrich Leberle, Raw Materials Director at Cepi.

In this context, the new European guidelines intend to become the go-to document to learn more about the implications of certain converting steps on the recyclability of used paper-based packaging. The signatories of the document hope they act as a source of inspiration for innovation and the introduction of new techniques. They are convinced that a widespread awareness among the value chain (including retailers and brand owners) can truly improve the recyclability of products. They are also convinced the guidelines will help meet national protocols and requirements and further close the circularity of our industry.

You can download a copy of the guidelines here.

Mikko PohjalaMikko PohjalaMikko Pohjala (M.Sc. Econ.) has been appointed Vice President, Investor Relations of Kemira Oyj starting from December 10, 2019. Mikko Pohjala transfers to Kemira from Citycon, where he has been working as Director, IR and Communications for the last two years. Mikko has previous investor relations experience also from KONE Corporation.

Mikko Pohjala will report to Kemira Oyj's Chief Financial Officer, Petri Castrén.

“We look forward to having Mikko on board. He is in a great position to continue and lead Kemira’s highly-regarded investor related work", says Petri Castrén.

For more information, please contact

Kemira Oyj
Petri Castrén, Chief Financial Officer

Tel.  +358 40 532 7639

Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries. We provide best suited products and expertise to improve our customers’ product quality, process and resource efficiency. Our focus is on pulp & paper, oil & gas and water treatment. In 2018, Kemira had annual revenue of around EUR 2.6 billion and 4,915 employees. Kemira shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. www.kemira.com

At the beginning of this week, international technology Group ANDRITZ welcomed a delegation of more than 25 experts from different mills and locations of the Mondi Group at its headquarters in Graz to discuss major technology trends and the latest innovations in the pulp and paper industries.

The various presentations given by representatives of ANDRITZ focused on mechanical pulping, stock preparation and recycled fiber systems, paper and board machines, rejects and recycling technologies, fabrics and rolls, and power boilers. ANDRITZ Automation experts demonstrated the capabilities of the Metris UX Digital Solutions by remotely monitoring the ANDRITZ Metris X control system installed at the Mondi paper production mill in Štětí, Czech Republic.

  Site visit of Mondi representatives at the stock preparation pilot plant at the ANDRITZ headquarters. © ANDRITZ Site visit of Mondi representatives at the stock preparation pilot plant at the ANDRITZ headquarters. © ANDRITZ

“It was a very interesting conference with a good mix of well-known proven technologies and latest innovations like the Vertical Screw Thickener, large steel cylinders, smart rolls, and solutions for digitalization. We collected some food for thought, and our teams are looking forward to more detailed technical discussions with ANDRITZ”, commented Lars Mallasch, Mondi Director Technology & Capex Corrugated Packaging.

The two-day event also included a guided workshop tour and a visit to the stock preparation pilot plant to get an impression of ANDRITZ’s manufacturing capabilities and R&D activities. “It was a great honor for ANDRITZ to welcome so many representatives of the Mondi Group here in Graz. This is a further proof of the excellent long-term partnership between the two companies”, said Wolfgang Lashofer, Manager of the Paper, Fiber and Recycling division. “

ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper is a leading global supplier of complete plants, systems, equipment, and comprehensive services for the production and processing of all types of pulp, paper, board, and tissue. The technologies cover processing of logs, annual fibers, and waste paper; production of chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, and recycled fibers; recovery and reuse of chemicals; preparation of paper machine furnish; production of paper, board, and tissue; sizing, calendering and coating of paper; as well as treatment of reject materials and sludge. The service offering includes system and machine modernization, rebuilds, spare and wear parts, on-site and workshop services, optimization of process performance, maintenance and automation solutions, as well as machine relocation and second-hand equipment. Biomass, steam and recovery boilers for power production, gasification and flue gas cleaning plants, systems and plants for the production of nonwovens and absorbent hygiene products, dissolving pulp, and panelboard (MDF), as well as recycling and shredding solutions for various waste materials also form a part of this business area.

Metso’s valve business, future Neles Corporation, will showcase the latest valve solutions for a sustainable future of the pulp, paper and bioproducts industry at the Paperex 2019 event, taking place December 3–6, 2019, at International Exhibition Cum Convention Centre in New Delhi, India. Meet Metso experts at stand 5102.

Global megatrends and increasing awareness of sustainable production and environmental performance are transforming the pulp and paper industry as we know it. They are driving the need for reduced emissions, decreased water and fossil-fuel consumption and for more efficient production processes. The pulp and paper industry is also leading the way in new innovations aimed at replacing unsustainable plastics, microplastics, textile fabrics and fossil fuels, for example. Metso is committed to helping the industry meet the growing and changing demands, and capturing opportunities presented by the new emerging bioproducts.

2019 12 02 083924

At the Paperex 2019 exhibition, Metso welcomes visitors to discover more about its valve solutions that help to drive the processes in the pulp, paper and bioproducts industry towards improved efficiency, reliability and environmental performance. The selection at the event includes Metso’s latest valve solutions, e.g. the Jamesbury® EasyFlow offering with a complete suite of products designed to work together for the easy creation of automated valve assemblies delivering reliable, high-quality performance.

For more information about Metso’s offering for the pulp, paper and bioproducts industry: www.metso.com/renewal 

For more information about Metso at Paperex 2019: https://www.metso.com/events/2019/paperex-2019/

Metso has solid experience in delivering engineered performance and reliability to customers through its leading product brands Neles® and Jamesbury®. Additionally, Metso is one of the leading suppliers of intelligent valve controllers.

About future Neles Corporation

The future Neles Corporation is a well-known flow control solutions and services provider to the oil and gas refining, pulp, paper and bioproducts industry, chemicals and other process industries. Neles employs 2,900 people and it has operations in more than 40 countries. Neles’ unaudited carve-out sales for full-year 2018 were EUR 593 million (January-September 2019: EUR 493 million) and carve-out operating profit was EUR 83 million (January-September 2019: EUR 75 million.)

Neles Corporation is planned to be created in a partial demerger of Metso, in which Metso’s Flow Control business would become the independent Neles Corporation and it would continue Metso’s listing on Nasdaq Helsinki. Simultaneously, Metso’s Minerals Business would combine with Outotec to create Metso Outotec.

The partial demerger is targeted to be completed in the second quarter of 2020, subject to the receipt of all required regulatory and other approvals. The Extraordinary General Meetings of both Metso and Outotec approved the transaction on October 29, 2019.

Metso is a world-leading industrial company offering equipment and services for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources in the mining, aggregates, recycling and process industries. With our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our customers improve their operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase profitability. Metso is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki in Finland and had sales of about EUR 3.2 billion in 2018. Metso employs over 14,000 people in more than 50 countries.


Monday, 02 December 2019 08:22

Acquisition of BTG successfully closed

After all required regulatory approvals were received, Voith successfully closed on the acquisition of BTG on December 1, 2019. The Swiss-based company offers a high-value portfolio of optimized and customized solutions for a range of applications, primarily for paper manufacturers.

Voith logo“The acquisition of BTG is an important strategic step for Voith. With BTG and its portfolio that is highly complementary to our own products and services, we strengthen our position as a full-line supplier,” states Andreas Endters, CEO of Voith Paper.

The agreement for the acquisition was signed on September 19 between Voith and Spectris plc, the former parent company of BTG, for a total gross cash consideration of €319 million. BTG will remain entrepreneurial in nature and will operate under the established BTG brand. Therefore, Voith and BTG customers will be able to purchase via their existing sales channels as usual.

BTG supplies companies mainly in the areas of packaging, graphic papers and tissue. Its portfolio includes beds and rods for film-metering size presses, high-performance ceramic and cermet coating blades, and pulp and paper process control sensors and laboratory instruments. Moreover, BTG is a decisive partner in the digital transformation of the pulp and paper industry with its offerings in the areas of data analytics, automation and software.

“We are very excited with the acquisition of BTG by Voith. Together, we will have some tremendous opportunities to deliver more value to our customers, including integrated technologies, as well as Papermaking 4.0 and IIoT solutions. We are looking forward to joining forces with Voith. This will also present more opportunities for our employees going forward,” says Rob Crossman, BTG President.

About the Voith Group
The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has more than 19,000 employees, sales of € 4.2 billion and locations in over 60 countries worldwide and is thus one of the larger family-owned companies in Europe.

The Group Division Voith Paper is part of the Voith Group. As the full-line supplier to the paper industry, it provides the largest range of technologies, services, components and products on the market and offers paper manufacturers solutions from one single source. The company’s continuous stream of innovations takes papermaking to the next level and facilitates resource-conserving production. With its Servolution concept, Voith offers its customers tailored service solutions for all sections of the production process. Voith Papermaking 4.0 ensures that equipment is optimally connected, while the secure use of generated data enables paper manufacturers to improve plant availability and efficiency.

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