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Wednesday, 26 June 2019 10:30

James Smith joins Toscotec North America.

Toscotec North America, Inc. Green Bay, WI and Toscotec S.p.A. Lucca, Italy announced that James Smith has joined the group as Paper & Board Sales Manager for North America.

James Smith, Paper & Board Sales Manager for North AmericaJames Smith, Paper & Board Sales Manager for North America

James has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and more than 30 years of experience in the paper industry with various roles of technical and sales leadership for key industry players. These include Beloit Corporation for North America and Asia Pacific, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Paperchine and PMT Italia for the North American market.

James will actively contribute to Toscotec’s growing paper and board business in North America, catering to new customers in the U.S. and Canada.

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Cartiera Marchigiana selected Toscotec to completely rebuild the dryer section of its paper machine at Montelupone, Macerata, Italy. This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who has recently been entrusted with a turnkey rebuild project by Cartiera Cama, which has the same ownership of Cartiera Marchigiana. Thanks to the advantages of TT SteelDryer technology, the rebuild will boost PM1’s drying capacity and efficiency, without increasing the paper machine’s length.

Toscotec will supply a new frame for several dryer batteries included in the rebuild and 23 TT SteelDryers, designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, featuring bearing housings, steam fits and turbulence bars. The scope also includes stretchers, guides, doctors, canvas rolls and walkways, as well as an overhaul of the mechanical drives. The service package includes onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

 2019 05 20 163027

The delivery is planned in two phases, from July through December 2019. PM1 has a reel trim of 2,340 mm and produces core board and carton board from 650 to 1,200 gsm, using 100% waste paper.

Davide Bettanti, CEO of Cartiera Marchigiana, says, “Both for Cartiera Cama and for Cartiera Marchigiana we were looking to invest in the best available technology, because we rely on technological innovation to reduce the environmental impact of our mills. We placed two major orders together for our two production bases, because we want to ensure the same product innovation and quality upgrade across our mills, to ensure the flexibility we need to satisfy the demands of the market. Our expansion, in terms of production increase, must also go hand in hand with the rationalization of our energy consumption and with a significant efficiency boost. We have high expectations for the outcome of Toscotec’s rebuilds.”

Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s P&B Head of Sales, says “We are very pleased about this second order. Just like we are doing for Cartiera Cama, also for Cartiera Marchigiana we will design and implement the best solution, in order to deliver on the mill’s plans of production increase and energy use optimization.”

About Cartiera Marchigiana S.r.l.

Established in 1961 by Galbiati Giancarlo, Cartiera Marchigiana manufactures chipboard in sheets and laminated and printed cardboard, for a total capacity of 23,386 tons of cardboard in 2018, which is primarily absorbed by the board games and footwear sectors. Thanks to a strategic logistic position, almost 90% of its production is dedicated to the Italian market. Certified ISO 14001 since 2016, the company is focused on the reduction of its environmental footprint in the areas of water, paper and energy, using 100% recycled paper as raw material.


For further information, please contact:

Enrico Fazio, Head of Sales, Toscotec Paper & Board division, enrico.fazio@toscotec.com

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Cartiera Cama S.r.l. chose Toscotec for the complete rebuild of the dryer section of its PM1 at Lallio mill, Bergamo, Italy. PM1 produces core board and carton board from 650 to 1,200 gsm, using 100% waste fibres. The delivery is planned in two steps, in July and December 2019.

2019 05 03 135801Toscotec’s supply will be on a turnkey basis. It includes 29 TT SteelDryers designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, which will replace most of the mill’s existing cast iron dryers. Toscotec will supply the bearing housings, steam fits, joints and turbulence bars for the entirety of the dryer cans, as well as the new dryer section’s main components, including stretchers, guiding devices, canvas rolls and doctors. The scope also comprises mechanical drives for the entire paper machine.

The services package consists of onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

The rebuild will boost the mill’s production by more than 10%, only by increasing PM1’s drying capacity and maintaining the original machine length and the original number of dryers. An additional improvement will be the implementation of the silent drive concept, through the replacement of the existing gears. The simplicity of the silent drive solution drastically reduces maintenance costs and noise generation.

Davide Bettanti, CEO of Cartiera Cama, says, “Sustainability is the keystone to our business. Today’s market is increasingly demanding in terms of environmental protection. At Cartiera Cama we invest in new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations, reduce our environmental impact and improve product quality. On this turnkey project we chose Toscotec, because we wanted to increase the production and efficiency of PM1, by relying on the best available drying technology. ”

Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s Head of Sales, says “It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with a family business such as Cartiera Cama, here in Italy. We had the opportunity to work with them many years ago and we were happy to rediscover during the negotiation of this project that we share the same traditions and vision on the importance of trust and relationships. We are confident that the rebuild will deliver on Cartiera Cama’s demanding green targets and, thanks to our solution with TT SteelDryers, we will increase the machine capacity.”

About Cartiera Cama S.r.l.

Established in 1966 by Galbiati Giancarlo, Cartiera Cama manufactures chipboard in sheets and laminated and printed cardboard, for a total capacity of 30,910 tons of cardboard in 2018, which is primarily absorbed by the cosmetics, board games and footwear sectors. It exports 60% of its production to the European market. Certified ISO 14001 since 2016, the company is focused on the reduction of its environmental footprint in the areas of water, paper and energy, using 100% recycled paper as raw material.


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Toscotec pioneered the manufacture of steel dryer cans in the 1960s, at a time when cast iron dryers still held a dominant market position. After many years of struggle between the steel and cast iron theories, Toscotec’s concept is now winning and it is being selected for many dryer section rebuilds around the globe. Toscotec Paper & Board division Head of Sales Enrico Fazio explains how and why.

What makes Toscotec’s dryer section rebuild solutions stand out on the global market?

Toscotec has been designing and manufacturing the dryer sections of paper machines since 1960. When the market, only relatively recently, recognized the advantages of the use of steel for the fabrication of dryer cans, Toscotec notably strengthened its leading position as the steel dryers supplier with the greatest experience in the paper industry. Higher energy cost accelerated this market change, causing the shutdown of many cast iron foundries. As a result, our competitors followed in our footsteps by switching to steel. In the last 5 years, we registered a significant sales rise that led to the manufacture of over 100 TT SteelDryers per year. In 2019, we reached the record-breaking figure of over 170 TT SteelDryers under construction in one single year. To this day, Toscotec has sold more than 1,500 TT SteelDryer across 5 continents since 1960. These are unmatched results at a global level. 

2019 05 03 110446

What are the advantages of steel vs cast iron?

Back in the 1960s at Toscotec, it all started from the idea that just like other pressure vessel it was manufacturing, such as water boilers, the dryer cans used in the paper industry could be fabricated in steel as well. To a company that was using steel for other heat transfer applications, it came naturally to apply this experience to paper machine dryer cans. The market did not welcome this innovation at first, the market being very conservative and because most people at the time believed that cast iron was the best material for papermaking applications. This myth was definitely debunked, especially recently.

In term of advantages, first and foremost, steel dries paper more efficiently than cast iron. Its mechanical characteristics are superior to those of cast iron and the construction codes of steel pressure vessels allow the reduction of the shell thickness, thereby achieving higher efficiency on the heat transfer to the surface of TT SteelDryers and to the paper sheet. The heat transfer coefficient of a steel dryer can be 5% to 10% higher than cast iron.

Secondly, for the same dimension, steel cylinders offer a higher drying width than cast iron. This is because the heads of TT SteelDryers are welded to the shell instead of being bolted into the shell as with cast iron dryers. This design allows the paper to get closer to the heads. As a result, given two cylinders of the same width, one in cast iron and the other in steel, the steel cylinder dries a wider paper sheet than cast iron.

Thirdly, there is no construction restriction on the diameter of TT SteelDryers. We can engineer and manufacture any diameter, based on the specific requirement of the project.

Finally, the fact that we do not use bolts and gaskets between the shell and the heads of the cylinder, eliminates any risk of steam leakage, which is quite typical of cast iron dryers.

How did the concept of TT SteelDryers developed over the years?

Toscotec has been innovating its technology incredibly over the years. Much R&D work has also been devoted to single equipment, such as TT SteelDryers, and thanks to this, we have made great progress in optimizing our manufacturing process, quality control and engineering design. For instance, we introduced a new design, where the dryer’s journals are bolted into the heads. This goes into the direction of cutting maintenance cost, because if you have a problem on one of the journals, you can easily replace it without changing anything else.

How has Toscotec P&B division been evolving in the last few years?

Toscotec’s P&B division registered a significant growth in the last 5 years. We significantly increased our sales revenues over this period. We owe it to the fact that the market recognized us as the leading manufacturer of dryer sections. We also provide dryer section rebuilds on a turnkey basis, the last order we received from Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin in France for a 6m wide machine is one such example.

These developments led to the addition of new resources in our technical and sales departments. Looking ahead, it is in our DNA to always embrace new challenges and raise the technological bar. We are currently developing the project of a larger and faster paper machine of 9m width. Looking into the future, we are working to further optimize the manufacturing process of TT SteelDryers. Toscotec made the strategic decision of manufacturing all its dryers cans internally, in order to control the entire construction process, from the supply of 100% certified materials, down to the final quality check of the cylinders. We can certify TT SteelDryers for any country in the world, in compliance with the National Board Inspection codes for pressure vessels, such as ASME, PED, TÜV, CSEI and JIS.

Which key markets are you targeting for P&B at present?

Definitely Europe and Latin America, our traditional markets. North America, where we are already developing a number of projects with top paper groups. We are also working to grow in markets where we see high potential for our technology.

You mentioned the experience you have with turnkey projects, what is Toscotec’s definition of turnkey?

Toscotec aims to be a solution provider and not only a machine supplier. If a customer requires a turnkey supply, we have the capability to design, manufacture and install complex technical solutions. So besides the  TT SteelDryer, we also make hoods, steam plant, sheet stabilizing systems, and automatic tail treading systems, just to name a few. We also provide services, like erection or/and erection supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.

The engineering design is completed by our technical department, both for complete paper lines and for rebuilds. Rebuild projects always require the highest level of customization, because they are truly tailor-made to the customer’s needs. 

Apart from the dryer section in which you are the leading supplier, what other technological solutions are you developing?

In order to become the leading supplier of highly technological rebuilding projects, Toscotec has also developed a series of advanced technological components installed in other sections of the paper machine, including the shoe press TT Xpress. Presently, we are installing TT Xpress with high linear nip load, up to 1,300 kN/m, and mini shoe presses with lower load capacity, up to 600 kN/m. We also provide the TT Transfer, i.e. cutting-edge solutions for tail threading systems using transfer belts.

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Skjern Papirfabrik A/S chose Toscotec for the complete rebuild of its paper machine’s dryer section at Skjern mill, Denmark. The delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. PM1 has a wire width of 3,200 mm and produces core board from 90 to 450 gsm using 100% recycled fibres.

Toscotec will supply a new frame for the entire dryer section and 19 TT SteelDryers, designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, and equipped with bearing housings, steam fits and turbulence bars. The TT SteelDryers will replace most of the mill’s existing cast iron cans. The scope of supply also includes: a new tail blowing system in the press section and new mechanical drives for the entire paper machine. An interesting feature of this project is the supply of blowing doctors, which will improve air circulation in the pockets. The services package consists of onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.  

2019 03 29 082607

The target of the rebuild is to increase the drying capacity by over 20%, without increasing the paper machine’s length, thanks to the advantages of TT SteelDryers and the higher steam pressure. The upgrade will also aim to improve the stability of the web run. The tail threading will increase the machine efficiency, thanks to the new tail blowing system in the press and new ropes system throughout the entire dryer section. As a result, Toscotec expects to boost both the efficiency and ease the run ability of the paper machine.

Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s P&B Head of Sales, says “This is Toscotec’s first paper & board reference in Denmark. We are happy to enter the northern European market, because it is very high-tech oriented. We are proud that Skjern mill chose our technical solution. Thanks to Toscotec’s advanced technology, the rebuild will meet the targets of the customer, maintaining the same machine length.”

Kurt Larsen, Project Manager of Skjern Papirfabrik A/S, says, “We are very much focused on the environmental sustainability of our mill. Toscotec’s technology will boost efficiency and production, as well as meet our targets of specific consumption reduction.”

For further information, please contact:

Enrico Fazio, Head of Sales, Toscotec Paper & Board division, enrico.fazio@toscotec.com 

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Papelera del Plata, part of CMPC Tissue Latam group, fired up a TT SYD-12FT supplied by Toscotec. The new TT SYD is installed on PM3 at Papelera del Plata - Zarate mill in Argentina. This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who in 2010 fired up another TT SYD at CMPC Tissue’s Industria Papelera Uruguaya SA in Uruguay. These TT SYD replaced two existing Steel Yankee dryers supplied by another manufacturer.

2019 01 25 103905

The new TT SYD-12FT features a diameter of 3,660 mm and a face width of 2,800 mm. The scope of supply includes Toscotec’s patented deckle insulation system, which allows for safe and practical application of the deckle insulation on the Yankee’s heads without any machining, the drive group, support and bearings, and the main components of the steam and condensate system. The service package included the engineering design, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance, as well as onsite training program. 

Simone Pieruccini, Toscotec’s Pressure Vessel Technical Manager, says “In order to meet the stringent delivery requirements of the customer, we manufactured and delivered the TT SYD in record time. From the project kick-off meeting to the notice of goods ready for shipment, it took us only 3 and a half months. Thanks to the good cooperation with Papelera del Plata, installation, commissioning and start-up were very successful and the TT SYD started performing well from day one.”

About CMPC

CMPC is one of the biggest pulp and paper producer in Latin America, with industrial operations in eight countries. Its products range from wood products, pulp, packaging paper and tissue and are marketed in 45 countries worldwide. CMPC uses fibres originating from sustainable, certified plantations and recycled materials, and has an annual tissue capacity of 700,000 tonnes.

For further information, please contact:

Marco Dalle Piagge, Sales Director, Toscotec Tissue division, Marco.Dallepiagge@toscotec.com

Gabriele Romanini, Area Sales Manager, Toscotec Tissue division,  Gabriele.Romanini@toscotec.com

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Toscotec has been awarded a contract by Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin in France to rebuild the entire dryer section of its 6m wire PM5 at Facture, Aquitaine, France.

2019 01 09 085930

Toscotec will rebuild the entire pre-dryer section of the machine, including 36 new TT SteelDryers with a diameter of 1.8 m, maintaining the same machine length of the existing 43 cast iron cans. The scope of supply includes 4 new TT Uniroll for the first battery. Toscotec will also rebuild the existing post-dryer section to improve the present design according to the new production rate, adding 2 new TT SteelDryers. The scope includes a rope-less tail threading system throughout the whole dryer section, an optimised tail transfer to the Film Press with a TT Ripper and TT Transfer (vacuum belt device) and an improved paper sheet transfer between press and dryer section. The main auxiliary systems will also be part of Toscotec’s scope, including the lubrication system, the hood with its air and ventilation system and the sheet stabilisation. The hall ventilation system will be also part of the package.

The PM5 produces White Top Kraft Liner with a reel trim of 5,500 mm, Toscotec’s rebuild will allow to increase machine speed up to approximately 900 m/min and will strengthen Smurfit Kappa’s position as the leading European supplier of White Top Kraft Liner.

The supply is on a turnkey basis and includes engineering, erection, commissioning, start-up assistance and training.

This new rebuild reaffirms Toscotec as one of preferred partners for the Smurfit Kappa Group, with which Toscotec has been working for the past 10 years on several projects, in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy and Austria.

It gives us great satisfaction to be selected for such an important rebuild project by Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin. Thanks to the increased efficiency of the overall drying process, PM5 will significantly boost its capacity, and deliver actual energy savings, thereby cutting the mill’s energy billsays Fabrizio Charrier, Toscotec’s Area Sales Manager.

Mr. Bruno Tormen, Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin’s Mill Manager says: “At Smurfit Kappa, we offer our customers constant, secure and reliable quality thanks to our unrivalled standards. Toscotec’s design met our targets in terms of the dryer section’s performance and machine production increase. The high level of customisation of their turnkey solution was one of the deciding factors for our choice, along with the significant advantages of TT SteelDryers”.

The project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. 

Smurfit Kappa Group

Smurfit Kappa (SK) is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world, with around 45,000 employees in approximately 370 production sites across 35 countries and with revenue of €8.6 billion in 2017. SK is located in 22 countries in Europe and 13 in the Americas and is the only large-scale pan-regional player in Latin America.

Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin

Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin is one of the most important paper mills in Europe, producing Brown and White Top Kraftliner, all of which are 100% recyclable and are used for the packaging of industrial and food products. SK Cellulose du Pin is perfectly integrated with the local community and it proactively supports a number of social, cultural, educational and sports projects, particularly with schools and universities.

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Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has begun using four AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY tissue machines at its OKI mill, in South Sumatra, Indonesia, as part of a series of AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY tissue machines.

These four machines, included in a major contract between Toscotec and APP, started production ahead of schedule, in just 60 days between August 14th and October 14th 2018.

2018 12 06 090235

Thanks to the successful cooperation between APP and Toscotec, these eight start-ups have been completed over a total period of only 8 and a half months. The first two AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY machines were started up at Perawang mill in the first quarter of 2018, and the following six machines at OKI mill in the second and third quarters of 2018.

The eight AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY machines all have a paper width of 5,600 mm and an operating speed of 2,000 m/min. They feature a second-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer of 22 feet diameter, which represents the biggest diameter for tissue application worldwide. The energy saving design of the drying section relies entirely on steam, as the chosen energy source, including the steam-heated TT Milltech-DYH hoods.

Marco Dalle Piagge, Toscotec’s Sales Director, says, “The design of our PRODERGY machines is delivering the highest performance and energy efficiency currently available in the market. We knew that APP has very high standards when it comes to the environmental performance of its operations and production lines, with a focus on greenhouse gases and water footprint. We believe that Toscotec’s Energy Saving engineering design and advanced technology will make a significant contribution in this regard.”

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Lucart fired up an AHEAD-2.0S tissue machine and a TT WIND-H slitter rewinder supplied by Toscotec at its Porcari mill, Lucca, Italy.

The AHEAD-2.0S machine has a paper width of 2,850 mm, an operating speed of 2,000 m/min, with a production of 125 t/d. It features a shoe press TT NextPress, a second-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, gas-fired TT Milltech-DYH hoods, and a new pope reel, which preserves the sheet bulk through the accurate control of the jumbo roll winding pressure. The machine is also equipped with the dust and mist removal systems. In accordance with Lucart’s high standards of bulk and softness, the forming section of the AHEAD-2.0S machine is designed for future integration of TT S-Crescent technology.

2018 11 29 082844

The TT WIND-H slitter rewinder features a web tensioning control, an automatic tail feeding system and a core winding assist system.  

The scope of supply also includes the erection supervision, commissioning, start-up assistance and personnel training programs. 

This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who has been awarded a number of contracts by the Lucart Group since 2008, both in Italy and in France.

“Lucart is a strategic partner”, says Riccardo Gennai, Toscotec Sales Manager for Europe, “we have been working on gaining and maintaining their trust for over 10 years, on a range of rebuild projects in Italy and in France. The start-up of this first complete tissue line is a significant accomplishment. It strengthens our mutual long-standing cooperation, and Toscotec’s leading position in the Italian market.

Elena Troia, Toscotec’s Tissue Division Project Manager, adds, “Lucart’s technical team helped us working out the best solutions tailored to their need. We worked together to achieve this ambitious goal. The shoe press, paired with the new pope reel design and the future integration of the S-Crescent, contribute all together to the increase of the paper bulk and the achievement of excellent paper quality.

Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart, states, “Our sustained growth is driven by careful investments. We set the highest standards for our suppliers when it comes to environmental protection. We selected Toscotec for the expansion of our Porcari production base, because over the past 10 years we learned from direct experience that their technology gives us a real energy-efficiency advantage. Another important consideration for this choice was tissue quality. This line will be dedicated to premium products, with higher bulk and superior hand feel.”

Lucart has voluntarily undergone an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the AHEAD-2.0S project, in order to improve the environmental performance of this new production line that replaced an existing MG paper machine. Toscotec has recently proved a strong commitment to its environmental performance, as in 2018 they renewed their ISO 14001 certificate and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration for the twelfth consecutive year.

About Lucart

Lucart, a leading company in Europe in the production of tissue products for daily use (toilet, kitchen, napkins, tablecloths, handkerchiefs etc.), airlaid products, and MG paper was founded in 1953 by the Pasquini Family.

The company's production activities are distributed over 3 Business Units (Business to Business, Away from Home and Consumer) operating in the development and sales of products with brands such as Tenderly, Tutto, Grazie Natural and Smile (Consumer area), Lucart Professional, Tenderly Professional, Fato and Velo (Away from Home area).

Lucart’s production capacity is 395,000 tonnes/year of paper on 12 continuous machines and 65 converting lines. Its consolidated turnover will amount to more than €450 million, with more than 1,500 employees in 10 production plants (five in Italy, one in France, one in Hungary and three in Spain) and a Logistics Centre in Italy. 

For further information, please contact:

Marco Dalle Piagge, Sales Director, Toscotec Tissue division, marco.dallepiagge@toscotec.com

Riccardo Gennai, Sales Manager Europe, Toscotec Tissue division, riccardo.gennai@toscotec.com

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On November 19th Vinda Personal Care (China) Limited started up two Toscotec supplied AHEAD-2.0M tissue machines in Xiaogan city, Hubei, China. With the start-up of these production lines, Vinda inaugurates its second production base in Xiaogan, located in the vicinity of its existing mill.

Both AHEAD-2.0M lines feature a second generation large diameter TT SYD, Toscotec’s shoe press technology TT NextPress and the energy-efficient TT DOES solution (Drying Optimization for Energy Savings). This new configuration will grant additional improvements of the finished product’s quality in terms of softness and basis weight uniformity, and an additional reduction of steam consumption. The two AHEAD-2.0M machines will increase the group’s annual production by over 60,000 tons.

2018 11 22 101541

Anna Wang, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Vinda International Holdings says, “This is what we count on when we work with Toscotec, our long-term partner: a successful start-up, on time and on budget. Vinda Personal Care (China) is a very strategic production base for the Group, we are investing on its operations and therefore we expect efficient performances and very low consumptions on these new Toscotec’s lines.”

Stefano Raffaelli, Toscotec’s Customer Care and Project Manager, comments, “We achieved an important objective today. At Vinda’s new Xiaogan mill, we started up the first two of Toscotec’s machines with advanced technological features in China. We also delivered on the mill’s requirement to start up both machines at the same time, thanks to the great coordination of Toscotec’s and Vinda’s teams during the entire installation and commissioning period. We continuously support Vinda’s growth with our most advanced technology. We are currently installing another two tissue machines at Xiaogan mill that will feature significant upgrades both in the forming and pope reel sections.”

Toscotec is installing other two tissue lines at Vinda Personal Care (China), scheduled for start-up over the next few months.

For further information, please contact:

Gabriele Martinelli, Sales Manager Asia & Pacific, Toscotec Tissue division, Gabriele.Martinelli@toscotec.com

Michael Zhao, General Manager of Toscotec Paper Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Michael.Zhao@toscotec.com

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