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VISILAB - New generation of portable moisture analyzers - AK30 Featured

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NEW VERSION - New Generation of online Moisture Meters - AK40

Visilab has supplied products to the pulp and paper industry since 1985. The devices are portable moisture meters and on-line humidity meters based on infrared reflective technology.dscf0043

Selected specifications AK30:


• small, fits many applications and materials , paper, cardboard, textiles, filter material, wood chips, sawdust, bio fuel

• requiring small size of the measurement point, 10 mm diameter

• easy, you can take with you "everywhere"

• very wide measuring range 0% --- 70%

• can measure the rotating rolls,

• old data can be stored in the meter

• three LCD display to show trend curves, numeric data, Backlight

• Data can be examined in the display in graphical form, and statistics • Bluetooth wireless kopling PC, cable or extensive programs for the treatment of historical data on PCi7minidisplay

Visilab represented by Nipman Paper Technology in Scandinavia.

Robert Clayhills.


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