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Trulli print shop increases productivity with Speedmaster XL 105 by 20% Featured

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For over a year now, the Trulli print shop in Vence has been using a Speedmaster XL 105 ten-color press with perfecting device. The press was ordered at drupa 2008 and was at that time the first press with this configuration in the whole of France.

trulli"We wanted a competitive, high-performance press that would enable us to set ourselves apart from our competitors and boost our potential. The productivity, quality, and user-friendly operation of our new XL have exceeded all our expectations," sums up Sylvain Trulli. He and his brother Julien Trulli are in charge of the print shop. "80 percent of our orders are produced at a constant speed of 15,000 sheets per hour. With automatic presetting of the format and paper thickness at the feeder, and transfers between the units, perfecting device and delivery, we can process a whole range of different substrates between 56 and 600 grams. In addition, automatic setting of the perfecting device means we can switch from straight printing to perfecting mode very quickly. This high level of flexibility has enabled us to tap into new markets. Makeready times have been halved, regardless of the complexity of the job. We have also been able to cut the amount of waste considerably. Despite the crisis, we have increased production by 20 percent within the space of a year," continues Sylvain Trulli.

Founded by Michael Trulli in 1980, the print shop now supplies publishing houses, agencies, insurance companies, art galleries, and mail-order companies. The company began using the first Speedmaster SM 102 ten-color press in France as early as 1999. This has now been joined by a second long perfecting press of the XL generation. The product portfolio ranges from magazines and art books to brochures and leaflets. The full-service print shop employs 22 staff and has annual sales of EUR 5 million. Its postpress operations use a Stahlfolder TH-56 with six buckle plates, fully-automated Stahlfolder TH 82-6 buckle plate folder, and Polar 137 XT Autotrim high-speed cutter.

The Trulli print shop has held the printing industry's "Imprim'Vert" eco-label since 2008. The company's two-story premises cover an area of 6,000 m2, with all peripherals for the machines located on the lower floor. "As a result, we can work in a clean environment with no odors and far lower noise levels. That generates very positive feedback from customers and staff alike," confirms Sylvain Trulli. "Our XL 105 operates with zero percent alcohol for all jobs. It is also equipped with the CleanStar air extraction system that removes around 80 percent of powder emissions, and an automatic ink feed system from large drums that enables us to use approximately eight percent less ink per year. 99 percent of our waste is recycled and reused," continues Trulli. The Trulli print shop is in the process of applying for the "1.2.3. Environnement" certificate, the third certification level of which corresponds to ISO 14001.

Sylvain (right) and Julien Trulli in front of the new Speedmaster XL 105 ten-color press that has exceeded all expectations in terms of quality, user-friendliness and improved productivity. With less waste and alcohol-free production, the press also helps to protect the environment.

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