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Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance Unveils 2010 Forest Products Industry Technology Roadmap

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A new Forest Products Industry Technology Roadmap released today by the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance invites the global research community to engage in collaborative, pre-competitive research, development, and demonstration programs that will provide the foundation for deployment of new breakthrough technologies for the forest products industry.

The 2010 Roadmap outlines technology objectives and research needs in six areas of critical importance to the industry:

* reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,
* reducing fresh water consumption,
* increasing the supply of woody biomass for a variety of purposes,
* creating value from woody biomass in new ways,
* enabling new products and product features,
* and increasing recovery and recycling of waste products.

In addition, the Roadmap discusses how the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance will advance essential technology development programs that will benefit the industry.

“I look forward to the active role Agenda 2020 will have in achieving these critically needed results,” said Ron Brown, the Alliance’s Executive Director.  “We will implement the Roadmap by working with the industry to highlight priority needs and drive research progress, with government agencies to further national and societal goals such as energy security and job creation, and with academia to involve the best possible talent.  Together, we will execute research programs that address industry’s technology opportunities while contributing pathways to critical national objectives.”

The Technology Alliance promotes development of new technologies for the forest products industry as a special project of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA).

AF&PA President and CEO Donna Harman added, “The forest products industry is committed to improving the environment that makes our future success possible.  We have made great strides in our sustainability efforts so far, and we are committed to doing more. The 2010 Roadmap will help us achieve the breakthrough technologies needed to continue our progress while strengthening our leadership in the use of renewable energy and efficient manufacturing processes that are better for the environment and better for business.”

The 2010 Roadmap was developed by the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance, in partnership with The Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech, and with financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program.

An electronic copy of the 2010 Roadmap is available at

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