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Significantly improved efficiency: The new 900 series from Hoffman & Lamson

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With the "900" series, Hoffman & Lamson launchesa significantlyimproved, multistage centrifugal blower to the market. Design optimizations result in an increase in efficiency of upto 8 %.

The new "900" series wasdeveloped for optimum performance withdirectly coupled motors. Optimizations in the housing and theimpellers result in an increase in efficiency of up to 8 %,and thereforesignificant energy savings. Compared to other models, it is possibleto operate the blower without a gearbox, which considerably reduces the noise emissions of a system.

GDNash PR HL900series

The maximum compression pressure is 1.5 bar g. The "900" series is offered in 3 sizeswith which a volume flow rate between 8,000 and 67,000 m³/h can be achieved. A large numberof design optionsare possible here: Special coatings, alternative materials, oil and grease lubrication, special gaskets, coupling options and different drives. The multistagecentrifugal blowerdefined in this way is then manufacturedfor the individual application and according to the specified requirements.

The brands Hoffman®andLamson®stand for the world's leading manufacturer of multistagecentrifugal blowers. The blowers from Hoffman & Lamson are the ideal solution whenprocesses require a uniform pressure, pulsation-free flow and oil- free operation. This property is extremelyimportant for manyprocesses in a broad range of industries, e.g. for the ventilation, extraction,conveying of gases and fine dust or in drying processes.

About the company:

The NashDivision is part ofthe „EnergyGroup“ of Gardner Denver,Inc. Originating from nash_elmo Industries,the company is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid ringvacuum pumps, compressors and engineered systems. The brand ofNASH has over 100 years of experiencein manufacturing of liquid ring vacuumpumps andcompressors, the HOFFMAN & LAMSON brand is a manufacturer of multistagecentrifugal blowers. All three brands have a strong focus on Engineered Vacuum and Compressor Systems. Furthermore, the brand of Oberdorfer Pumps is part of the NashDivision. All brands have awide product portfolio and customers allover the world. Our Vacuum and compressorsystems have reliably operated fordecades in the oil & gas industry, chemical process industry, filter applications, pulp & paperproduction, electric power plants, refineries, wastewater treatment, generalprocess industries and many more applications. Professionalservice is available to keeppumps and systems running efficiently for decades.

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