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Procemex Machine Vision Technology Highlighted in International Quality Congress

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The theme of the 60th International Quality Congress arranged in Helsinki in June was ‘Quality Enables Growth and Competitiveness’.   In its Sino-Euro Forum, the Finnish Procemex Oy Ltd’s web inspection and monitoring systems were highlighted in a case study which described a small technology company’s remarkable influence in the quality of paper production in China.

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Mr. Pekka Hemmi, CEO of Nordic Ventures Group, a panelist and speaker in the Sino-Euro Forum described the path of PROCEMEX in 15 years from innovative start-up to world market leader in paper and printing industry machine vision systems. The highest market share has been obtained in Europe and China, where the industry is setting the toughest technology requirements to suppliers, according to Hemmi.

The key of success has been continuous development of camera sensors, optical imaging and image processing solutions, and close cooperation with leading customers in Europe.  The tailor-made imaging systems help to secure quality and reduce down time in paper production.  By developing ever faster and higher resolution cameras with matching lighting solutions and low angle inspection, Procemex can today inspect wider range of surface quality parameters on-line.  With their patented pinhole cameras, Procemex has also been first to detect problems reliably in the harsh wet end conditions of the paper machine where most quality problems root from.

In conclusion, Mr. Hemmi noted that the Chinese industry would benefit even more if it would learn to utilize the know-how of the leading edge suppliers like Procemex rather than just buying equipment.  Instead of listing sanctions purchase agreements should also encourage suppliers to achieve excellent results. One way to improve quality and profitability in highly competitive paper industry is to make partnership agreements with this type of pioneering technology suppliers.

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