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Specialized Measuring Equipment for Paper, Tissue and Board Helps Industry Shift to a Circular Economy

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Emtec Electronic reveals how its specialized measuring devices can be used to improve paper products, optimize processing and converting, and ultimately save costs and resources at the PROGRESS trade convention in Łódź, Poland, from September 22 to 24th.

Finding new ways to save resources and make the shift toward a more circular economy has become a topic of high priority among leading companies in the paper industry. The upcoming trade fair, “Progress 2021: Road to a Bioeconomy,” which takes place from September 22-24 in Łódź, Poland, focuses this year on how new technologies and innovations in the paper industry can move toward a more sustainable production cycle and more efficient use of resources.

In this vein, machine manufacturer emtec Electronic will be presenting its entire palette of specialized measuring devices for use in the production of paper, tissue, and board at the event. The German company focuses on developing technical solutions to common problems in paper manufacturing, such as the charge environment in the wet end of the papermaking process, gluability, printability and many more. Its products are often unique on the market and designed to optimize the paper production, converting, and testing processes.

2021 08 31 133840“Saving resources and minimizing waste during paper production and converting has long been a challenge for manufacturers,” says Alexander Gruener, emtec Global Marketing and Business Manager. “Now, with the growing concerns and calls for more sustainable practices, it’s become even more of a priority. Emtec devices offer companies ways to meet this goal by supplying specific knowledge of certain parameters before, during, and after production.” 

The FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer, for example, helps reduce the amounts of chemicals needed in the wet end by quickly and constantly measuring the exact zeta potential of the pulp fibers. Other emtec devices provide specific data regarding the amounts of chemical additives needed and the interaction of chemicals, leading to improved processes and more efficient resource use. Representatives from emtec Electronic and its partner MEWES Polska will be present throughout the Progress 2021 event to answer questions, provide live demonstrations, and explain each device in detail.

More information about the event, including the opportunity to register to attend can be found under https://progress2021.spp.pl/index-en.php.

About emtec Electronic

Emtec Electronic GmbH develops, produces and distributes worldwide testing and measuring devices for the detection of relevant processing properties of paper, board, nonwoven and textile materials. The portable measuring devices enable manufacturers and converters of paper, nonwoven and textile products for example, to control and optimize the manufacturing and converting processes during ongoing production. From the wet end to the final product, the application of the devices enables an efficient process to achieve and ensure the best possible quality with the least possible effort.

For 25 years, we have relied on innovative, highly specialized measuring instruments combined with a high degree of service orientation. Since the company was founded, we have been intensively involved in scientific cooperation with institutes and companies, further developing instruments for our customers and offering a broad network in over 80 countries from our Leipzig location.

For more information about emtec Electronic, please visit the website:


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