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Kemira introduces advanced polymer technology to solve stickies challenges in recycled paper and board

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Kemira’s new quick inversion polymer technology helps address one of the key concerns of recycled paper and board producers: stickies originating from tapes, glues, and labels used in recovered and recycled packaging material. 

The increasing use of recycled fibers in paper and board production brings unique challenges for the manufacturers. A common problem are the contaminants that are present in secondary fiber furnishes and can significantly reduce production efficiency and product quality.  

The new quick inversion polymers provide superior hydrophobic particle fixation and have proven success in improving machine cleanliness and with it, machine runnability and efficiency in both recycled linerboard and tissue grades. 

2020 12 17 132306“Our customers need solutions that are cost-efficient, easy to apply, and compliant with modern regulations, e.g. suitable to be used in food contact. These products are the result of significant research into the right molecular weight and charge to find the optimal fixation performance to control the stickies,” says Michael Wallace, Senior Manager, Wet End Applications at Kemira. 

The quick inversion polymers are multipurpose products. In addition to being an excellent fixative for stickies control, they work well as retention and drainage boosters, improving dewatering performance e.g. in high-grammage paperboard grades, and also help improve the efficiency of other functional chemicals, such as sizing, in the papermaking process. 

“Improved machine cleanliness enables an increase in machine speed even on lightweight grades, helps significantly reduce product defects, and extends e.g. forming fabric and dryer felt lifetime. Improved retention and drainage performance at the wet end of the machine further improves production efficiency and productivity for our customers.” 

Kemira’s quick inversion polymers are part of the KemForm™ Retention and Drainage concept, and the products are available under the FennoPol™ tradename globally. As user-friendly pump-and-go products, they do not require complicated or costly polymer make-down equipment at the mill site. This increases the cost-effectiveness of the chemical solution. 

“Efficient use of recycled raw materials requires particular chemistry expertise. By combining the high-performing polymer products with our advanced chemical injection technologies and digital solutions for monitoring hydrophobic particles and process performance in real-time, we enable optimized processes for our customers in the challenging recycled grades production,” Michael concludes.

For more information, please contact: 

Michael Wallace
Senior Manager, Wet End Applications 
Pulp & Paper Americas 
Kemira Chemicals, Inc. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learn more about Kemira’s quick inversion polymers

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