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Thursday, 14 January 2021 09:49

Futura builds on strong foundation in North America

Key appointments are at the heart of Futura’s initiative to strengthen its presence in North America, a market with many key customers, which already includes a significant proportion of Futura’s global references.

Joining the leadership team at Futura North America are Cristian Giuliani as General Manager and Kevin Barliament as VP of Sales. These talented professionals will strengthen Futura North America’s structure and help consolidate the company’s presence in this strategic market.

2019 10 07 171356“Our presence in, and commitment to, North America are very strong, and these appointments underline our long-term strategy to support customers and build on this position of strength,” said Futura CEO and President of Futura North America, Piero Ceccon. “North American tissue producers have proved willing to take full advantage of the technological solutions we offer, which has given us the confidence to engage even more closely with this part of the world.”

Cristian Giuliani has many years of experience in the hygiene industry and a strong engineering and product development background: “I am aware of the high expectations that the Futura brand creates in this market and in the world of tissue in general,” said Giuliani. “From the efficiency and performance achieved through our innovative converting solutions, along with the advanced integrated packaging systems developed in partnership with Plusline, we can now offer unique, high-performance solutions.”

Kevin Barliament said:” With over 20 years of experience in the converting industry and capital projects, I have seen equipment and customer expectations go through a massive evolution.  This movement started with equipment to meet the new market demands and quickly evolved into creative new support tools for an improved customer experience.  Futura is a leader in technology of equipment and customer support mechanisms for the converting industry. I am excited to join the Futura Team and look forward to supporting the continued growth of our customers in the North American Market.”

The strengthening of Futura North America’s structure consolidates certain activities in this region, while the parent company retains its central role in production and services. It ensures global coverage and support for the market-leading quality of technology which has defined the company since its foundation.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 21:54

Futura acquires Plusline

Futura, technological leader in creating and delivering tissue converting solutions, whose production value in 2019 was over 60 million euro, has finalized the acquisition of Plusline, a company active in ‘smart’ tissue packaging technology operative from its headquarters in Bologna.

Plusline is an innovative start-up company, launched a few years ago at the initiative of Bolognese entrepreneur Vittorio Gerri, with the aim of creating a new era of packaging technology that guarantees increased performance and integrated systems within the world of converting.

2020 10 14 215513

After a few months collaborating on the development of key systems and a unique, strategic and shared vision between their respective teams, Futura acquired a 100 percent shareholding of Plusline through the completion of a capital injection to support future growth.
“For Futura, Plusline represents the continuation of our strategic plan dedicated to the progressive and continuous improvement of the solutions we offer,” said Futura Chairman Fabio Boschi. “Solutions that, in line with the philosophy of our Founder Fabio Perini, are always created from the knowledge, passion and dedication of the people who work with them.”

Faper Group

The Group, founded by entrepreneur Fabio Perini, operates from its headquarters in Viareggio, Italy. Following its formative heritage in tissue equipment solutions and the iconic experience within the superyacht industry, today Faper Group, led by CEO Fabio Boschi since 2009, currently has interests in engineering solutions for tissue, sterilization equipment, real estate and start-ups.

The Group’s activities are rooted in the distinct DNA of its founder Fabio Perini and his concept of vision, invention and simplification. As he says: “Invention is the key to simplicity”.


Futura, part of Faper Group, is the brainchild of Fabio Perini, the man who changed the world of converting and instilled his vision in Futura: imagining the future and transforming it in technological solutions.

Over 17 years the spirit and vision that drives Fabio Perini has permeated the company, as has his ambition for Futura to be the most innovative company in the sector, which is ingrained in each and every team member.

Futura, led by CEO Piero Ceccon, works constantly to create tangible, sustainable innovation which will enable roll manufacturers the world over to improve the quality not only of their products but also their financial performance, thereby gaining significant competitive advantages.

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Futura Spa, technological leader in the tissue converting segment, announces a technical partnership with Plusline srl, a Bologna-based company created to offer advanced packaging systems. The aim is to introduce extraordinary innovations, including the radical “Together” solution.

"The Futura - Plusline technical partnership aims to develop game-changer concepts for production processes in line with our strategy and positioning ” said Piero Ceccon, CEO of Futura. “Thanks our joint design efforts, we will present “Together”, the new solution to convert logs into shelf-ready packs.

2019 10 07 171356

“Together is an integrated system which can be installed downstream of any existing or new converting rewinder line, not necessarily produced by Futura, thus opening opportunities both for setting up new plants, and for making existing lines extremely more efficient.”

"This partnership is very important to us and perfectly aligned with Futura and Plusline’s shared objectives. These are to develop cutting-edge technology projects and to trial innovations with the potential of being evolutionary for the sector," said Vittorio Gerri, CEO of Plusline.

“We have a team of technicians with a great deal of experience behind them, and an in-depth knowledge of the product and processes, who are working together with Futura’s engineers to create technological solutions capable of producing higher performance and a superior quality finished product“.

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JOI Hydro-Bond is a new technology from Futura which, for the first time in tissue converting, achieves perfect adhesion of tissue plies using water alone - no glue.

The technology is the result of months of experimentation at FuturaLab – Futura’s hub of innovation – and the results have been a revelation.

2019 03 15 084459

“There are no chemicals at play here,” says Futura’s Chief Technology Officer Giovacchino Giurlani. “Perfect adhesion of the tissue plies is the result of a combination of the uniform nip pressure of JOI’s renowned Zero Deflexion steel marrying roll, which evenly connects the plies using water to create permanence to the tissue-to-tissue bond which results.”

The technology has been tested and proven under real-life operating conditions, using a wide variety of toilet tissue, including conventional and structured. And thanks to collaboration with our customers, Futura has been able to verify the process in everything from warm and humid to cold and dry climates, using the varied local water quality available. The results have consistently confirmed the validity of Hydro-Bond even with 3 and 4 plies.

The end result is a product which is more hygienic and pleasant for the consumer to use, and more sustainable, from both an environmental and economic point of view. “The roll which results from JOI Hydro-Bond retains all its qualities, but is better thanks to what it is missing,” says Sergio Tonarelli, Futura’s Chief Sales Officer.

2019 03 15 084532

The production process without glue will provide increased output. Removing glue from the equation also means reduced contamination of the machine with the benefits which this brings. While glue represents a cost, the main impact is the efficiency-related savings in the process, which mean increased Overall Equipment Efficiency.

“Our task now is to continue sharing this genuine innovation with the industry,” says Tonarelli. “FuturaLab is going to be a busy place as we can now show tissue makers how JOI Hydro-Bond works with their specific paper.”

An open house demonstration to launch JOI Hydro-Bond will take place on Thursday 28 March 2019 at FuturaLab in Lucca.

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Monday, 26 June 2017 08:49

Futura announces new board and CEO

Futura enters its next stage of development with a new Board of Directors and the promotion of Piero Ceccon to Chief Executive Officer.

“Together with Faper Group President Fabio Boschi we have worked hard over the last few years to provide Futura with a strong and capable leadership, and we are now extremely happy to announce this important step in the company’s growth”, said Fabio Perini, founder of Futura, who has taken the position of Honorary President, with Boschi Chairman.

2017 06 26 084859From the left: Piero Ceccon, Fabio Boschi, Giovacchino Giurlani, Giulio Simonelli

The Futura board is completed by two other key managers: Giovacchino Giurlani, who oversees innovation and product development, working closely with Mr Perini and the rest of the team at FuturaLab; and Giulio Simonelli, who has been instrumental in implementing the highest operational standards at Futura over the years.

Ceccon joined Futura three years ago to head up the company’s international operations, overseeing sales of technology and the ProCare service division. During this time the Lucca, Italy-based business has seen particularly strong growth worldwide, including numerous Andromeda line deliveries through which Futura has asserted its technical leadership in the field.

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With strongly growing sales and interest in its technology in North America, Futura is increasing its presence and its ProCare service support in the region.

2017 03 10 074534Futura North America, already well-established with its headquarters in Alpharetta Georgia, is to benefit from a further injection of expertise from Futura’s centre of operations in Lucca. Experts joining Futura North America in operations management and service support will add valuable resources to the local team for the startup of new lines and servicing of existing ones.

Futura has also, for the first time on American soil, set up a demonstration of its remarkable Duplex Coremaker and associated core accumulator in Alpharetta. Together they form a key part of the game-changing Andromeda converting technology. The Duplex demonstration joins the existing JOI Center at Futura North America, which is fully dedicated to embossing technology.

Futura Vice President of International Operations, Piero Ceccon, said: “North America is a very quality-orientated market, receptive to innovation, and with a Smart Manufacturing vision. As such there is a strong appetite for Futura technology and we run many successful lines in the region. Aspects such as high efficiency, premium finished-product quality and strong service support feature high on the list of requirements, and we are, and have proved to be, the ideal partner in achieving best integrated performance and significant competitive advantages.”

Futura is with its clients every step of the way, creating tomorrow’s converting solutions through its core values of continuous innovation, superior product quality, dedication to service and long-term partnership. Best integrated performance and significant competitive advantages guaranteed.

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Friday, 24 February 2017 05:02

Record year sees Futura build market share

Futura has had a record 12 months, increasing its market share for high-end tissue converting solutions worldwide. Futura’s breakthrough Andromeda technology was delivered to Europe and the United States while additional lines were started up for key clients in Europe, South America and Mexico.

2017 02 24 050140The same period also saw orders received and prospects developed from the Chinese market for Futura solutions.

“Thanks to its people, passion, values and strong customer relationships, Futura has been able to set new benchmarks in integrated performance and significantly consolidate its technological leadership,” said VP of International Operations, Piero Ceccon.

“Futura is well-prepared for its next growth phase, with significant investments already committed for 2017. These include important developments in R&D at FuturaLab in Lucca, and in global service both at the manufacturing headquarters in Lucca and the North America hub of operations in Alpharetta, Georgia.”

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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:22

Futura redraws the boundaries with Andromeda

2015 06 09 092909Andromeda is a complete new converting solution, two years in development at FuturaLab, which redraws the boundaries for tissue roll products converting for the benefit of customers.

The Andromeda Showcase at Futura during It’s Tissue, June 22-26, will represent an opportunity for the industry to understand why Andromeda is such a radical step changer, and to become closely acquainted with its details.

In all the key areas of process continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, safety, productivity, layout, manpower reduction and finished product quality, Andromeda sets a new benchmark.

VP of International Operations Piero Ceccon said: “Andromeda is clearly a better way to make roll products. Its innovations draw on the experiences and lessons of the past 13 years since Futura was born, and of the multi-disciplinary team at Futura whose knowledge and wisdom goes far further back than that.”

CEO Fabio Boschi added: “Andromeda represents the strong belief we have in the ability of technology to benefit our customers. It is about refusing to accept the status quo and having faith in the vision of dedicated engineers and designers.”

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Tuesday, 09 March 2010 13:00

Kasuga of Japan orders Futura converting line

Kasuga of Fuji, Japan has ordered a tissue converting line from Futura SpA of Lucca, Italy. Startup is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

This 2.9-m machine will produce top quality embossed toilet tissue in single- and two-ply. The line will feature two unwind stands, JOI embosser, trim cutter, log saw and core winder.

Kasuga aims to enhance productive efficiency with the new line.

Futura sales manager Carlo Berti said: "We have worked closely with Kasuga, and it is a great honour and responsibility to supply a line for such a high level producer. Our lines have an established reputation for quality and ease of use, and we are confident that this line will take Kasuga to a new level of reliability, and guarantee a superb quality finished product."

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