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Multi Umwelttechnologie AG has over 15 years experience with culture media for immobilising micro-organisms during the treatment of sewage water.

During this time, we have used almost every known carrier in many different large plants, types of sewage water and areas of application. The knowledge that we have gained as a result, along with the comprehensive data material, enables us to make a well-founded assessment of the specific performance data of the in some cases extremely different carriers.

Since Multi Umwelttechnologie AG was at no time linked to a particular supplier, we were able - on the basis of the operational experience gained - to undertake targeted optimisation either of the carrier itself or the process conditions. The emphasis here was on minimising operational problems arising from the weaknesses of "conventional" culture media that these days cannot be overlooked.

The thorough implementation of our requirements for an optimum carrier led to one result: the Mutag BioChip™. From our point of view, this is currently the "best available carrier" specifically for purifying types of sewage water that are difficult to treat.

More information is available at www.mutag-biochip.com

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