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Monday, 01 March 2010 19:49

Record Month for sales of Enessco

Feb. 2010 was a record month for Enessco Sales. More then ever before Enessco is being used not only in Tissue and Brown mills but in deinking plants for Newsprint......

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The Oil Skimmers Model 6V oil recovery system removes animal, vegetable and petroleum-based oils, fats, greases, and oily wastes that float on the surface of water. The unit removes as much as 100 gallons of waste oil per hour and decants it into a drum -- so efficiently that the recovered waste oil is virtually water-free. The Oil Skimmers Model 6V system is the dependable, cost-effective and uncomplicated solution for removing oily wastes from process and environmental applications.

model_6v1Many Paper Mills often have a problem with leaking seals on the bearings that are on the dryers. This is a pressurized lube system that is used to assure that the bearings are properly lubricated. If a leak occurs, it is impractical, and would be very expensive, to shut the mill down. Therefore they keep running until a scheduled maintenance shutdown, when the leaks can be repaired. During the waiting period, lube oil leaks and runs onto the floor and into the U trenches. By recovering the oil from these trenches before the water hits the water treatment area, the oil can be reclaimed and possibly be used as fuel for the boilers. Recovering the oil will also save on the water treatment costs.

How The Model 6V Works
Oil Skimmers, Inc. Model 6V oil recovery system removes waste oil by means of a specially formulated collector tube. Oil adheres to the outside of the closed-loop tube as it is slowly drawn across the surface of the water and into the oil skimmer.
The tube snakes over and around floating debris, adjusting automatically to changing water levels. The tube is drawn up into the oil skimmer and through scrapers that remove the oil. Then the tube returns to the water surface to collect more oil. The recovered oil flows into a collection container. The Model 6V system removes as much as 100 gallons of waste oil per hour; the recovered oil is virtually water-free.

The length of the collector tube is customized to meet individual specifications. Experienced representatives are available to survey customers' oil removal needs.

Engineered For Headache-Free Operation
The external parts of the Oil Skimmers Model 6V unit - the drive wheel, scrapers, and pressure blocks -- are made of high abrasion-resistant ceramic. Gearings are engineered to require minimal power and maintenance. Its thoughtful design and durable construction ensure the Model 6V system an operational life span of 15-20 years. Many units have been in service for more than 25 years and are still going strong.

The Oil Skimmers Model 6V oil recovery system has been designed to operate continually and unattended as it removes animal, vegetable and petroleum-based oils, fats and greases that float on the surface of water.
Mounting Equipment Options Increase Versatility

Prefabricated mounting packages further extend the Model 6V system's flexibility. These packages simplify placement of the system on pits, sumps, ponds, and open or closed tanks, thus eliminating costly operation.

The Model 6V system also can be outfitted with insulation and heating packages for cold weather operation.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. has thousands of its Model 6V systems and other oil recovery units in operation throughout the world, in a large number of industries. These include all types of food, oil, and chemical processors; steel and aluminum mills; the glass and metal container industries; nuclear, fossil, and hydro power generating plants; metal machining; and the rail and trucking service industries.

Model 6-V


• Closed loop collector tube floats on water surface
• "Collector Tube" performance is unaffected by any floating debris
• Tube easily floats up or down to changing water level.
• Gyrating action of "Collector Tube" breaks up oil crusts.
• Virtually maintenance free operation
• Unique anti-clogging design
• Cast metal housing and structural members
• High performance, quite-running motor
• Can operate unattended 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
• Up to 20 year operating life

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Oil Skimmers, Inc.
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Toll Free: 800-200-4603 | Ph: 440-237-4600 | Fax: 440-582-2759

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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 08:18

ANDRITZ acquires KMPT AG, Germany

andInternational technology Group ANDRITZ has signed a contract to acquire KMPT AG, headquartered in Vierkirchen, Germany, including its affiliates in England, France, Italy, China, and the United States.

The ANDRITZ ENVIRONMENT & PROCESS business area is thus strengthening its product offerings for solid/liquid separation. The acquired company has approximately 280 employees and generates annual sales of about 50 MEUR. It was agreed to not disclose the purchase price; the contract is subject to approval by the relevant authorities and is expected to come in force during the second quarter of 2010.

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