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The rebuild project in El Salvador for a major industrial group that has, for the time being, chosen to remain confidential, began in September 2014, when the machine was shipped from Italy to Central America. The start-up scheduled for April 2015, successfully completed with no delays, is doubtlessly a further piece in the mosaic of collaborations that A.Celli is compiling with the international group.

A Celli Paper Tissue Machine

The new A.Celli Tissue Machine represents a strategically interesting project through which the Italian technology supplier once again underscores its role as leading-edge partner in the field of Tissue Machines, the company’s core business. The long-standing competence, dependable reliability and technological excellence that have always distinguished the Group make A.Celli Paper the ideal supplier for every customer, whether Italian, European, Asian, large, medium or small, or international group.

This machine has a 2800-mm web width, a working speed of 1500 m/min and a production capacity of 65 tpd. It was designed to answer all the customer’s requests and demands in order to guarantee an enhancement in production level, assured by optimal performance and paper quality, with consequent improvement in the finished product. With this new Tissue Machine, A.Celli Paper offers the customer a leap forward in quality, aiming for important and ambitious production milestones in its quest to conquer an extremely particular territory such as Central America.

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A.Celli Paper has recently received an order for a state-of-the-art winder from Krishna Tissues Pvt. Ltd., located in Kolkata, India.

The paper rewinder, model AC842, is the foundational element in a new project for the production of 80-320-gsm testliner products that the company is undertaking. At an operating speed of 2000 m/min and a 5.600-m format, this machine represents a further milestone for A.Celli because it is the first paper rewinder in India bought from a European supplier and is scheduled to be delivered by summer 2015.

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This is another confirmation of this particular trend that generally characterizes the business market on an international level. Several operators are turning to top level partners in the quest for excellence and cutting-edge technology, continuing to place their trust also in our Country and in our capabilities. Expertise, technological preparedness, orientation toward research and development, safety standards and the quality of post-sales service are now more than ever becoming important elements choosing a supplier, and companies like A.Celli have an advantage in negotiations where the customer is looking for trust in their business relationship and a long-term relation that can make his or her company grow thanks to the most suitable choices.

Delivery of this new paper rewinder is scheduled for summer of this year. Once again, A.Celli Paper proved to be an expert, reliable and professional partner capable of walking side-by-side with the customer, building important relations. Together with Krishna Tissues, it developed a supply project that will allow the customer to attain important goals.

The Italian technological excellence of A.Celli Paper and its created-in-Italy design conquers the Country of the maharajas.

Krishna Tisse Pvt. Ltd.

Krishna Tissues Pvt. Ltd. Has been producing different varieties of paperboards to cater to the diverse segments of the Indian as well as the overseas market since 2005. The company’s strong expansion and experience makes it one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian paper board industry, exporting its products to various countries in South East Asia. The Paper board facility unit is located in Ghoraghata, 50 km away from Kolkata. The mill presently has a single board machine with a capacity of 90,000 tpa, but an increase in production is planned. Its main products are coated duplex board made with 100% recycled fiber.

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ACelli logoSold in April 2014 and installed a few months later, the new pope reel for the Tissue Machine at Kimberly-Clark Romagnano Sesia has met all production expectations and also underscored the partnership between the two companies. A.Celli Paper has demonstrated not only its level of technology and quality as a supplier, but also its professionalism and dedication to excellence.

The customer has stated its satisfaction with the product and with the post-sales service guaranteed by the A.Celli staff that meets their demands thanks to the technical support offered to answer the diverse needs of a production scenario.

We are very pleased”, states K-C Romagnano. “A.Celli was an optimal choice. Together, we developed the project since the very beginning and perfected it step after step. We scheduled tests at A.Celli’s Lucca plant and only after these in-depth trials was the pope reel shipped for installation at Romagnano Sesia.”A.Celli has demonstrated top level professionalism, confirming its abilities throughout every phase of the project, but it distinguished itself in the eyes of the customer above all during assembly of the new pope reel. “Our satisfaction was further confirmed by the strict respect of the amount of machine downtime imposed by us as well as expertise with which the A.Celli team has performed this delicate and complicated rebuild, in complete agreement with the stringent safety criteria adopted by the K-C Group”.

The replacement operation of the pope reel immediately gave positive results in terms of process: the tissue machine enhanced its performance, showed a clear improvement in paper turn-up efficiency and winding consistency and, consequently, a better finished product.

A successful technical intervention confirmed by optimal results!

Kimberly-Clark facilities in Romagnano Sesia 
The Kimberly-Clark facilities in Romagnano Sesia, located in the province of Novara, is K-C’s Italian production site and one of the most important facilities in Europe for tissue production. The Romagnano plant, founded in 1973, employs about 300 people and produces Tissue paper for the Scottex® and Kleenex® brands. The Italian market is considered strategic for Kimberly-Clark, who has made strong investments aimed at strengthening the company’s position. In 2001, it invested in the installation of a production plant that employed proprietary Kimberly-Clark technology for the production of the new Scottex® brand toilet paper, which allowed this product to significantly increment its bulk and softness. Kimberly-Clark is present on the Italian market also with the brands Kleenex® (handkerchiefs), Scottonelle® (toilet rolls) and Huggies® (baby diapers), as well as with the Scottex® brand, famous for its toilet rolls advertised by the Labrador puppy, kitchen towels, table napkins and handkerchiefs.
A.Celli Paper S.p.A.
A.Celli Paper S.p.A., an international company headquartered in Lucca, has been involved in the global paper machinery market for over 70 years, offering top of the range machinery and system solutions for complete turn-key plants from stock preparation to roll handling and packaging. A.Celli’s proven expertise in the construction and rebuilding of Tissue Machines, with daily production capacities of up to 260 tonnes, and rewinders for tissue, paper and cardboard differentiates the company for the high automation level on its machinery and its personnel’s technical knowledge and skills during installation and start-up, guaranteeing customers complete and expert support throughout the production process. Reliable, 24/7 post-sales assistance service and MySp@res®, the new solution for identifying, localizing and requesting on-line spare parts estimates, complete the company’s offer.
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