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Friday, 27 January 2017 07:41

Taison Group reconfirms A.Celli technology.

By early 2017, Shanghai Taison Pulp-Making (Group) CO., LTD. (Taison Group) and A.Celli Paper will be in cooperation once again. Taison Group ordered 4 of Tissue Rewinders from A.Celli to be installed in its Jiangxi mill site.

These new Tissue Rewinders have a 5600-mm format and aworking speed of 1000 mpm; they are equipped with 4 unwind stands, calendar, slitter system, winding system, dust removal system, etc. Just a year after the order of 3 Tissue Rewinders of the same model by Taison Group, this new repeat order is a further confirmation that A.Celli Paper is a reliable, expert and professional partner.

2017 01 27 073958

So far, A.Celli Paper has supplied 1 Tissue Machine Line and 14 Rewinders to Taison Group. The Tissue Machine Line, with its 2850-mm format and a design speed of up to 2000 mpm, is located in the Chongqing Tongnan mill and is running smoothly; 5 Paper Rewinders are located in the Zhejiang Haiyan mill; two 5800-mm Paper Rewinders are located in the Anhui Maanshan mill; three 5600-mm Tissue Rewinders will soon be installed in its Guizhou Chishui mill, and these 4 newly ordered ones will be installed in its Jiangxi Jiujiang mill in 2017.

Shanghai Taison Pulp-Making

Shanghai Taison Pulp-Making (Group) Co., Ltd based in Shanghai, China, is a large comprehensive international group enterprise integrating forestry, pulp-making, plastic packaging, timber processing, real estate and trading.

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In the fourth quarter of 2016, A.Celli Paper won the chance to cooperate with GuangDong ShaoNeng Group Co., Ltd.

For the first time, ShaoNeng Group ordered a Tissue Machine line from A.Celli Paper, the scope of supply including a stock preparation system, electrical & drive system, DCS & QCS, accessory equipment and the Tissue Machine itself, in a 2850-mm format and operation speed up to 1600 mpm. Capacity is up to 26,000 tpy.

2017 01 27 073729

This new Tissue Machine will be located in Nanxiong Shaoneng Group’s subordinate mill, Nanxiong Zhuji Paper Mill, as its TM02, using virgin wood pulp or bamboo pulp as raw material. During the offer process, after a thorough reference survey, internal discussions that deeply studied and compared all suppliers’ technical and performance capabilities and supplier reliability, Shaoneng Group executives chose A.Celli as its partner.

A.Celli Paper will adopt the most advanced technology and leading edge manufacturing process design to deliver this Tissue Machine line. This project is expected to be placed into operation in the second half of 2017.

GuangDong ShaoNeng Group

GuangDong ShaoNeng Group Co., Ltd. is a Listed Public Company based on renewable energy and investments in clean energy development. It was founded in June 1993, and since then, the development strategy of the company has been committed to investing in clean and renewable energy development.

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Earlier this year, A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service team installed and successfully concluded the upgrade performed on a tissue winder (combining winder AC820) from the 1980s with the startup of the machine.

The intervention, which entailed updating the machine’s motorisation with a sectional drive transmission and the addition of a new axial unwinder, allowed the customer to immediately increment production at the same technical-operating conditions, substantially reducing energy consumption at the same time.

2016 09 30 074733

A.Celli Paper worked in close contact with the customer and the teamwork yielded optimal results. Indeed, the solutions applied were designed in advance, tested and then shared with the customer’s work team. The new configuration kept into consideration the convenience of the operations to be performed on the one hand, and the needs of KCC Products Malaysia on the other, in order to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency in the shortest possible installation times, turning a thirty-year plant into a superbly operating and productive system.

The customer was very appreciative of the project, acknowledging the high level of professionalism of A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service team and its ability to always find functional, practical and intelligent solutions through engineering/design analyses, and always keeping the strategic-industrial demands of the individual customers in mind.

A.Celli Paper is capable of offering prompt & effective consultancy in-line with any type of investment and production demand.

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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 13:10

Extra[+]Core: a protagonist role in cardboard cores

Today, thanks to A.Celli Nonwovens’ Extra[+]Core, cores can be used several times, extremely easily and with clear advantages and savings for all those working in the field.

2016 08 03 130836

Extra[+]Core is a robotised system that allows re-using the cardboard cores employed in the production of large-sized rolls, once they have been previously accurately selected and retained suitable. Often, these large cores must be disposed of after the product wound around them is used up in the production process, and this has repercussions on logistics and on industrial costs. With the installation of Extra[+]Core, A.Celli Nonwovens solves these issues.

Extra[+]Core is a totally integrated and automatic system that entails taking the cores from a portable metal bin with a forklift, analysing and assessing them for suitability and then putting them back into the production process as needed.

The cores are taken by a 4-axes robot equipped with an intelligent head capable of checking the position of the cores and collecting them thanks to a vacuum system generated by micro-injectors. Once the core is picked up by the robot, it is positioned on a machine where it is checked for suitability, verifying dimensions and integrity. The cores that pass this test are automatically sent to the loading line; those that do not, are placed inside the discarded cores bin.

Extra[+]Core has several advantages, such as generating less waste thanks to core recovery and to the reduction of the quantity of new cores to be purchased, with consequent substantial savings in costs. Since it is completely automatic, Extra[+]Core does not require the presence of operators in charge of waste recovery and guarantees objective, repeatable and reliable checks on the cores. Additionally, it offers the possibility to create automatic reports useful in periodical industrial assessments, among which, savings and the ability to respect corporate recycling and recovery programmes.

We often say that everything boils down to the core, Extra[+]Core gives you the possibility of having more than one.

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Sonoco Alcore, a major player in terms of high quality, innovation and added value in the production of cardboard tubes and cores, has confirmed the supply of a paper rewinder from A.Celli Paper.

Sonoco Alcore is part of the international group Sonoco, retained among the most representative, dynamic and innovative global providers of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging and supply chain services.

2016 07 08 110746

The choice of A.Celli Paper as supplier of this paper rewinder earmarked for the Ciriè facilities, a town in the province of Turin (Italy), is the latest of many professional satisfactions for the Lucca company, part of the Celli Group. A renewed trust that rewards A.Celli Paper’s work and commitment aimed at developing high performance technology, flexible at the same time, flanked by continuously available, excellent service.

Together with the rewinder model AC842 in a format of 2700 mm and a production speed of 1200 m/min, the order also includes a complete product handling system (overhead crane – wagon – conveyor belts). Start-up at Sonoco Alcore’s Ciriè Paper Mill is scheduled for September 2016.

Sonoco Alcore
Sonoco Alcore delivers tube and core solutions and services to customers in the paper, film, man-made fiber yarn, metal and construction industries. Understanding the importance of tube and core products in the production process and delivering solutions and services that meet customers’ needs is one of the company’s strongholds. With a sales and technology group dedicated to every specific market, Sonoco Alcore possesses the knowledge and capabilities to identify and solve any issues.
Sonoco Alcore is part of Sonoco, a global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging and supply chain services. Sonoco Alcore is the acknowledged leader in high-quality, innovative, value-creating tube and core solutions.


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Friday, 01 July 2016 08:27

4 tissue rewinders for Lee & Man Paper.

A.Celli Paper has recently concluded an important agreement with the Chinese group Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited (“Lee & Man Paper”).

The Porcari-based company will supply four tissue rewinders to the Asian customer that has grown quickly in the course of the last twenty years, changing its status and going from a small company (founded in 1994) to a structured group listed in the stock exchange, with five facilities in China and some factories in Vietnam.

2016 07 01 082709

The order from Italy entails the supply of 4 tissue rewinders model AC882, in a paper width 5620 mm and a speed of 1000 metres per minute, two equipped with calendar. Two rewinders are designated for the Jiangxi Jiujiang facility, while the other two for the Dongguan Guangdong plant. Delivery date is scheduled for the end of the year.

The supply of these four machines will assure Lee & Man Paper an increment in performance and in the level of reliability. The Asian group, that has established itself as one of the most dynamic and farsighted players in the field, focuses on a continuous renewal process and one of constant growth capable of guaranteeing further business development and the pursuit of new goals. Scale economies, verticalisation and process integration together with the collaboration of excellent partners in terms of technology and innovation have allowed Lee & Man Paper to become what it is today.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 07:45

Acelli - We will participate at IDEA 2016

2016 04 12 074533

From 3 to 5 May, a A.Celli Nonwovens S.p.A. will participate at IDEA 2016, the most importantinternational event for 2016 in the world of nonwovens, organised and promoted by INDA (Association of theNonwoven Fabrics Industry).

IDEA is a must for anyone involved in nonwovens. An exhibition of technologies, conferences, and an innovationaward are the highlights of this trade show that every three years calls together the most brilliant minds in the field,hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of participants coming from all over the world, and lots & lots of… ideas!

The 2016 edition moves from its traditional venue in Miami, Florida, to the Convention and Exposition Center inBoston, Massachusetts.

A.Celli Nonwovens invites all visitors to its stand no. 1541, where it will be pleased to illustrate its broadproduction range and dedicated technical solutions: winding and rewinding lines, lines for packaging, palletizingand reel handling for nonwovens, printing technologies for different supports including nonwovens, PP/PE film andtissue in a wide range of grammages and much more.

A.Celli’s offer is completed by a reliable 24/7 post-sales service and by MySp@res®, the service born to be able toidentify, localise and request an estimate for what concerns all spare parts components.

For further information and/or to fix an appointment at the A.Celli stand, please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come and see us at stand number 1541

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The Italian Group, famous in Italy above all for its Regina brand, purchases a latest-generation tissue rewinder from the Porcari-based company. The machine is to be delivered to Sofidel UK, confirming full trust in A.Celli technology.

2016 04 01 090023

Sofidel, a world leader in the tissue production market for hygienic and domestic use with brands famous throughout Europe and present in seven states in the USA, has recently signed an order for a tissue rewinder from A.Celli Paper in Lucca, Italy.

The machine, a Mod. 865 shafted in a 3400-mm format, will be housed in Sofidel UK's Lancaster plant. Delivery is scheduled for the summer (July 2016).

Yet another confirmation for A.Celli technology, always capable of meeting the many different customer demands, answering the many production variables with flexibility and promptness.

Sofidel Group
Sofidel Group was founded in 1966 and is today one of the world leaders in the tissue paper production market for hygienic and domestic use: toilet paper, napkins, kitchen paper, handkerchiefs and tissues). Its best known brand, available in several countries, is Regina, which stands alongside other prestigious brands. From its headquarters in Porcari (Lucca), Sofidel coordinates the activities of 17 companies throughout Europe and the United States, which produce more than one million tonnes of paper each year and provide more than 5500 people with employment. The Group's daily business includes the creation of value based on a profound sense of respect for the world we live in. Because for Sofidel corporate social responsibility is an essential tool for promoting long-lasting and respectful development of environmental equilibrium and people's needs, today and in the future.

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Friday, 19 February 2016 11:59

Acelli at Tissue World New Orleans

From March 14 to 17, A.Celli Paper will be present at the Tissue World New Orleans show, taking place at New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, U.S.A.

Established since 1993, Tissue World is the leading global event series serving the tissue industry worldwide. With events in Shanghai, Istanbul, Milan, New Orleans and Sao Paulo it offers an integrated and intertwined platform consisting of exhibitions, conferences and a magazine providing an unmatched offline and online meeting place to do business, exchange ideas and learn, all year round.

ACelli Tissue World Americas 2014 25

A.Celli Paper will be pleased host you at booth number D380 (Hall G), to illustrate the latest novelties in system solutions for complete turn-key plants, in the production and rebuilding of tissue PMs and rewinders for tissue, flat papers and cardboard.
And of course, the reliable, 24/7 post-sales assistance service and MySp@res® – the innovative on-line spare parts management system – complete A.Celli’s presence at the show.

The event will offer technical conferences, seminars, debates and in-depth analyses on the developments and latest novelties in the field. Don’t miss your chance to attend!

For any further information and/or to fix an appointment at the A.Celli stand, please contact our Sales Director, Ivo Olibano at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come to visit us at booth number D380 (Hall G).

Download Floormap.

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The professionalism of A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service department has allowed the two rewinders at Interstate Paper Industries in Egypt (Indevco Group) to attain high performance levels.

The relationship between A.Celli Paper and the Paper Making Division of the international Indevco Group consolidates one success story after another. The upgrade interventions on their North African tissue plants have been completed. Thanks to the technical competence and the logistic-organizational skills of the A.Celli Paper staff, not only was the rewinder in Lebanon, at Unipak Tissue Mill, brought to new performance heights in October of last year, but also the two rewinders in Egypt, at Interstate Paper Industries, upgraded in November, attained new production levels.

2016 02 08 095654

A team from A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service department, in collaboration with the mill’s specialized personnel, replaced the two cutting units, updated the drive, the PLC system and mechanical transmission of the two rewinders, completing the intervention in just six days of machine downtime per plant. And so even the last two of the three machine interventions for the Indevco Group were accomplished with excellent results: once again with a minimum amount of production stoppage, zero complications and no delays! The customer was very pleased with the quality of the cut, the safety of the process, the ease of setting and precision of the new slitting system.
“The detailed attention to procedures shown by the A.Celli team at the paper mill and the company’s prompt availability to meet our needs and demands has made it possible to reduce the impact of machine downtime to a minimum during this intervention, and guaranteed the necessary increment in performance on these two rewinders. This confirms the optimal choice of a partner renowned and respected worldwide with whom, at every step, we consolidate an important relationship begun several years ago. These excellent results are of paramount importance to us because we are planning other initiatives aimed at enhancing the performance of our production systems, and knowing that we are not alone is reassuring”, stated Interstate’s Project Manager, expressing all his satisfaction and confirming his company’s trust in the supplier chosen. The experience was even more enriching thanks to the great spirit of collaboration that the A.Celli team and the customer’s maintenance team shared.

This is just the latest success story that confirms to what extent A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service department represents a strong and strategic part of the company that takes an active part in the objective of meeting every customer’s needs with a constant view towards technological excellence, even in the case of optimizing existing production lines.

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