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    MoveRoll Oy is a global supplier of high-quality paper roll handling equipment. With know-how in compressed air systems and long experience in the pulp and paper industry, we have designed a unique and innovative concept that makes roll handling in paper mills easier, safer, and more cost effective. Developing new solutions that would revolutionize the industry has always been our main goal.

    MoveRoll collaborates successfully with global partners such as system integrators and sales partners. Listening closely to our customers' needs, MoveRoll has a strong focus on innovation and involves Nordic paper mills in product development. MoveRoll paper roll handling equipment is for example installed in paper mills in Finland, Sweden, the USA, and Brazil.

    MoveRoll Oy
    Pienteollisuustie 3 B
    06450 Porvoo
    Phone            +358 400 610 764
    E-mail            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    ISO 9001/2015 quality standards for MoveRoll production
    We are proud to announce that in February 2019 the manufacturing and assembly of MoveRoll products has been certified according to the ISO 9001/2015 standards.
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    MoveRoll deliveries continue to grow
    The year we left been a busy and successful year for MoveRoll. We have delivered a variety of different MoveRoll conveyor modules to several system integrators in North America, Europe and Asian markets.
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    MoveRoll Innovation changes the Paper Industry
    MoveRoll Oy, an innovative Finnish company, has invented a unique way to convey paper rolls. This new roll handling solution has dramatically changed the level of safety and energy consumption in paper mills. Now, MoveRoll is ready to launch the next, improved product generation.
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    North American customers choose MoveRoll
    “I am very pleased to see that our new and innovative technology has been very well received by paper mills and system suppliers in North America. Getting this kind of acceptance is a proof of the high quality of our products.” says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of MoveRoll.
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    MoveRoll Oy strengthens its organisation
    MoveRoll strengthens its organisation and appoints Jyrki Sairo as Head of Unit. Jyrki Sairo will commence his activities on 7.11. Jyrki’s foremost task is to serve as Unit Manager of MoveRoll Oy.
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    MoveRoll supports ReBuild Mexico 2015
    During PulPaper in Helsinki, Vince Maynard of Pulp Paper & Logistics told us about Joshua, his son. In April 2015 Joshua wishes to set off to Mexico together with a small group of other teenagers and help a poverty stricken family build their first basic secure home.
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  • Selected announcements from the Moveroll OY external Website:

  • MoveRoll offers innovative paper roll handling equipment including  pressure conveyors that utilize compressed air to move paper rolls. With MoveRoll® conveyor, the roll itself is the only moving part which reduces maintenance costs and material damages significantly. Installing MoveRoll conveyors is fast and easy since they can be directly mounted on flat factory floor – digging a foundation is not needed. Measurements have shown that, compared to traditional roll handling systems, MoveRoll products save up to 85 % in energy consumption. Furthermore, compared to the conventional way of roll handling, there is evidence that MoveRoll boosts the safety in paper mills to a whole new level. MoveRoll offers the following conveyor solutions:

    • MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor
    • MoveRoll Ramp Conveyor
    • MoveRoll Turntable Module
    • MoveRoll Centralizing Module

    During the last two years, MoveRoll has developed and launched a range of products that compliment MoveRoll® conveyor. MoveRoll® Bumper can be mounted into mechanical steel plates or walls and serves to take impact off paper rolls. MoveRoll® Zero Energy Receiver cushions paper rolls by means of an innovative pillow system and positions them safely and accurately on the conveyor. Compact in size and unique in design, MoveRoll® Kicker features safety, energy savings, ease of use, and  ease of maintenance.

    • MoveRoll Bumper
    • MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver
    • MoveRoll Kicker