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Major advertising campaign Satino Featured

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“After 2 1/2 years, it is high time to reposition Satino as a brand.” Commercial director Henk Bremer will manage the start of a major media campaign focusing on all aspects of our Satino brand, which is due to continue during the rest of the year.

“Satino Black has been the focus of our attention for almost 2 years because we wanted to create a powerful market position for this new and unique brand; as a result Satino has been slightly neglected. From now on – in fact we already made a start in April – we will provide strong support for the Satino brand in the Benelux.”

In 2013, Satino will be given its own clear and unique identity through a national campaign in the cleaning industry and facility management trade press. The advertising campaign will also be echoed in sales support material, new leaflets, on-line material and brand support programmes such as training courses for our customers. “This will be a refreshing and surprising campaign that will differentiate the Satino brand very clearly from our competitors”, says Henk Bremer.

More than 50% of our turnover falls under the umbrella of our Satino brand. This activity includes Satino Premium, Satino Comfort and Satino Basic and, for the last 2 1/2 years, Satino Black as well. Henk Bremer: “Satino has a very long history in our company and has won many customers, who have always remained faithful to the brand over the years. It is these faithful customers in particular whom we wish to support this year, as a token of appreciation, by increasing Satino's name familiarity.”

Satino Black has been very successfully launched as a brand. “It was logical to concentrate on spotlighting this clearly superior and potentially leading brand 2 1/2 years ago. That has been a great success. So now we want to give our Satino brand a boost, but without neglecting Satino Black of course; we will resume activities for Satino Black during the second half of 2013 and both advertising campaigns will run in parallel.”

Each year, our brands and the company generate almost a quarter of a million euros of free publicity. “That is an outstanding achievement”, says Henk Bremer. “As a company and as a brand, our name is constantly mentioned by the press, partly because we always do well in various competitions, particularly with Satino Black. So we have taken the bold step of starting up an advertising campaign for Satino, in spite of current trends - after all these are difficult times for many. Given time, both we and our customers will benefit, of that I am certain.”

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