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Scott Naturals Dry Bath Tissue, Paper Towels, and Napkins Earn the Green Good Housekeeping Seal Featured

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Just in time for Earth Month, the Scott Naturals brand is proud to announce that its dry bath tissue, paper towels and napkins have earned the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, an emblem given by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute in recognition of a brand's demonstration of environmental responsibility across a wide range of criteria. Scott Naturals dry bath tissue, paper towels and napkins have met the Good Housekeeping Green Seal's environmental standard for paper goods based on recycled content and other factors.

"The Green Good Housekeeping Seal is widely recognized and respected among the industry and consumers alike, and we are proud to achieve this designation," said Alma Alejandro, Brand Manager for Scott Naturals. "With the Green Good Housekeeping Seal's limited warranty, individuals can take a small step toward a greener world by using these products."

The Scott Naturals dry bath tissue, paper towels and napkins are made with a blend of virgin material and at least 20 percent recycled material in products or packaging. This unique combination delivers both quality and environmental benefits. According to the Scott Naturals brand, if everyone in the US tried these Scott Naturals products for just four weeks, "we'd save over 2 million trees."*

"We introduced the Scott Naturals line of products to provide consumers with a green solution that not only benefits our environment, but also provides the quality of product that they have come to expect from the Scott brand," said Alejandro. "We have a proven track record of delivering consumer products that adhere to our stringent sustainability practices to ensure we are not only taking care of our consumers' needs, but also helping address the needs of our environment. This emblem validates our sustainable practices and commitment to our environment."

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluates products for its Green Good Housekeeping Seal based on ingredient and product safety, reduction of water use in manufacturing, energy efficiency in manufacturing and product use, packaging reduction and the brand's corporate social responsibility. If the products that earn this distinction prove defective within two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the item or provide a refund to the customer.

* Substituting Scott Naturals towels, napkins and bath tissue including recycled fiber over 4 weeks reduces virgin fiber demand. Reduced tree harvesting based on average U.S. household sheet usage and saving 17 trees per ton of recycled fiber.

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