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Metso's investment in QCS applications pays off with record-level orders Featured

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Metso IQ system deliveries have reached a record level. With proven successful installations over the years, Metso's market share has grown significantly to over 30%.

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When Metso introduced its first advanced architecture PaperIQ quality control system in the mid-1990s, the company set in progress a resolute course to be a major contributor to the stability and profitability of its customers' papermaking operations. More than 15 years later and with over 1,000 QCS scanners delivered, the long-term investment in QCS technology, engineering skills and application development has paid off handsomely.

New Metso paper, board and tissue machines are equipped with Metso IQ systems. However, the substantial growth in Metso system deliveries is coming from replacing the so-called legacy systems, many of which were installed over the past twenty years. Just over 40% of the Metso IQ systems recently sold worldwide have replaced systems originally delivered by other vendors. In North America, that replacement rate was near 50%. Other growth areas for Metso include the replacement of CD profilers and CD controls.

Metso has introduced many new system enhancements in recent years to improve the return on investment from new system installations and therefore encourage customers to update their QCS technology. The now-standard MD and CD multivariable predictive controls have provided better machine stability and bottom-line results. New developments in sensor technology include Metso IQ Laser Caliper, which has a major market share in SC paper and many other grades, and Metso IQ Fiber non-nuclear fiber weight measurement for tissue machines. More than 50 Metso IQ Fiber sensors have been installed. New imaging-based sensors for formation, fiber orientation and surface topography, as well as a new pressure-based porosity sensor, are recent additions to the measurement capabilities.

Metso IQ systems have also become easier and less costly to service than previous generations with the addition of extensive predictive maintenance diagnostics. This makes the total cost of ownership over the system lifespan considerably lower.

Metso feels poised to achieve even better results in years to come. "In order to achieve the same success this year, we have to be even more competitive with our product performance, with our total quality, and naturally with product costs. Our total offering and industry specific concepts, such as Pulp, Paper, Tissue and Board, show our expertise and help differentiate us from our competitors. It is going to be a hard competition, but both our offering and the company are in good shape for it," concludes Juha Koistinen, Vice President, Control & Measurement Solutions.

Metso IQ quality control system including high-level intelligent control applications optimize the cross machine performance for papermaking processes. It integrates process quality management, measurements and profile controls resulting faster startups and grade changes, reduced dryer breaks and better runnability with stable short circulation improving uniformity of the wet sheet. (

Metso IQ profilers provides effective profile management, improves production and runnability through to better paper quality and printing properties. Metso's profilers feature advanced self-diagnostics and compact designs for easy maintenance and installation. (

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