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Improved Metso IQ takes end product quality to a new level Featured

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Global market leader in quality control solutions introduces a number of new features

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Metso is now bringing a new Metso IQ quality control system with a number of new features to improve the paper making process and guarantee optimal end product quality.

New surface and structure measurements provide on-line information from porosity and fiber orientation to printability prediction.

The system also features a new optical caliper measurements based on blue-ray technology and color measurements for tissue to complete Metso´s unique nuclear-free tissue concept with Metso IQ Fiber measurement.

To offer wider scalability to various needs Metso also introduces the new Metso IQ Fixed Point C-frame and stand-alone Metso IQ Scanner. New measurements together with new multivariable quality controls and Metso IQ Profilers form the industry’s most complete portfolio of quality management solutions.

Metso IQ goes far beyond the traditional Quality Control System. As recognition of its capabilities Metso’s solution has been selected to replace a number of competing solutions during the last years, making Metso the global market leader in quality control solutions in 2012.

Metso IQ

Metso IQ is a combination of intelligent scanning, high-speed quality measurements, robust multivariable controls and the analysis toolbox unleashes a set of diagnostic capabilities that alert the operators to potential sources of problems and provides them with the necessary information online so they can run the machine better.

Jari Almi, Director of QCS, explains: ‘’ The Metso IQ solution provides value down the line, from raw material to finished product, allowing our customers to accurately optimize and ensure the optimal end product quality. This attention to detail helps paper makers reduce broke and provides raw material savings, resulting in considerable added value and a rapid return on investment across the entire lifecycle of the Metso IQ solution. At the same time, when the production process is truly optimized, the plant’s energy consumption will also be reduced creating additional savings in both monetary and environmental terms.’’

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