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Siemens expands its portfolio of current monitoring relays with IO-Link Featured

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iq linkThe Sirius 3RR24 current monitoring relay for IO-Link enhances the switching technology portfolio of the Siemens Industry Automation Division. The new Sirius 3RR24 monitors motors over the complete torque curve and is also dimensioned for current monitoring of the overall plant. The device detects load shedding, for example when a belt snaps, or motor overloads due to overloading of the driven conveyor belt or crane. Sirius 3RR24 also detects current imbalances, phase sequences, ground faults, as well as any cable breaks. The current data can be read off the device locally on a display. The current monitoring relay can be integrated into the load feeder without incurring wiring costs by mounting it on a Sirius 3RT2 contactor.

In addition to the autonomous monitoring function, measured values and data are transferred from the relay to the higher-level control over the IO-Link interface. This simplifies detailed troubleshooting and diagnostics. Communication over IO-Link also makes commissioning much easier. The Sirius relay can either be parameterized directly on the device, or from the PLC, which shortens commissioning especially in the case of repeated parameterization. If a device has to be replaced, the new relay will be parameterized automatically through data comparison with the parameter server. Work can then continue immediately after replacement, and no special knowledge of controllers or monitoring relays is required for replacement. This reduces the overhead involved in maintaining the plant.

Sirius 3RR24 expands the current portfolio of monitoring relays for IO-Link that monitor variables such as temperature, speed, power factors and even voltages. 

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