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Revolutionary innovation from Metso for Kraft Pulp Mill liquor cycle management Featured

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metra optThe new Metso Recovery Analyzer represents the latest generation of fully automatic titrators for chemicals recovery optimization. In addition to the well proven causticizing measurements, the new Metso Recovery Analyzer also features unique on-line reduction degree measurement technology which together with process optimizing controls enables more environmentally friendly operation, higher process throughput and maximum uptime and savings in cleaning chemical and fresh lime costs.

Using fully automatic real time sampling and standard titration methods, the new Metso Recovery Analyzer improves recovery boiler combustion and reduction efficiency. It consistently measures the absolute values of Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Sulfide, and Sodium Carbonate, in addition to Sodium Sulphate. It calculates Reduction Degree, Effective Alkali (EA), Active Alkali (AA), Total Titratable Alkali (TTA), Causticizing Degree (CE%), and Sulfidity (S%).

Multiple benefits for operations

Offering more environmentally friendly recovery boiler operation, the new analyzer measurements can be utilized in advanced recovery boiler process controls for dissolving density tank control, combustion air control and liquor burning optimization for improved and consistent chemicals reduction. The advanced diagnostics and remote assistance possibility ensure the analyzer uptime can be maintained at the highest possible level at any location in the world.

Better control of chemical recovery and causticizing efficiency provides consistent high quality white liquor for the digester, while improved process stability enables higher process throughput and maximum uptime with reduced scaling and fouling. Harmful over- and under-liming is eliminated and white liquor filters require less frequent cleaning, resulting in increased causticizing output, savings in cleaning chemical costs and reduced fresh lime consumption.

Built on years of experience

"What we have developed is genuinely new and revolutionary, the addition of the reduction degree measurement opens new potential for recovery boiler operation," says Jarmo Koskinen, Business Manager.

Built on years of experience gained with the earlier causticizing analyzer, the new device incorporates the most up-to-date technology with well tested techniques to cover the wider needs of the whole liquor cycle. Metso has paid special attention to the clear and informative interface providing basic measurement data for process operators, tuning and diagnostic information for E&I technicians and detailed measurement data for process development engineers via an Ethernet link.

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