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Camera housings: The importance of keeping internal components in optimal conditions Featured

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Water, moist, heat, dust and chemicals agents are among the most common elements that can potentially damage your WebVision hardware if not kept under control

papertecIn September we began a series of videos showing the basic hardware components in a Webvision system. We started with lights, continued with digital cameras and today we finish this series talking about camera housings.

Camera housings keep excessive heat, moist, water, dust and chemicals away from cameras, lenses and electronics; ensuring the proper functionality of all internal components and preventing premature failure and helping extend their life even when installed in the harshest mill environments. A proper scheduled maintenance is highly recommendable to ensure longer life of all the internal components. If you want to learn more about our service packages, please click here.

Over the years we have seen cameras and lenses installed in competitors' systems that were severely damaged due to improper camera housing protection, and several times we were asked to provide a solution to this problem. In most cases, our camera housings were able to accomodate all internal components from other brands without radically altering their original configuration.
Our extensive selection of well-engineered camera housings fit most vendors' cameras, lenses and electronic components; talk to us if you need a better camera housing solution and we will gladly assess your system. A final piece of advice: Check the condition of the camera housings and watch for signs of corrosion, damage or early wear. Problems detected at an early stage are less expensive to fix.

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If you missed the videos about lights and digital cameras, you can watch them on our website.
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Papertech's instructional video series is a useful resource tool to help you understand more about your WebVision system and increase its overall performance. The videos are designed for first time users but are also a great refresher for more experienced WebVision practitioners.

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By Chris Withers

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